My Review: Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula (2024) – Really Works?

It’s time to review Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula, which is a pretty weird diabetes product.

So is there any chance that it's a good supplement actually?

Not really, if you ask me:

  • low doses for its overall formula
  • pretty high price
  • can cause a blood sugar spike

So let's find out if it's really worth the penny or not.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula.

Review Summary

Review Pure Health Blood Sugar FormulaFull Name: Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula by PureHealth Research

Product Type: Diabetes/Blood Sugar Supplement

Best Actual Prize: Starts at $45

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Supporting healthy blood sugar levels – and not only:

  • balances glucose levels
  • stabilizes cholesterol
  • boosts mood

So it's not just a diabetes supplement – but one with more benefits (according to its claims).

My Rating: 5 out of 10

Recommended?: Not quite – I found some cons about it:

  • high pricing
  • pretty weak formula
  • slightly low doses

I urge you to look into another alternative that makes the best diabetes/blood sugar supplement I know.


What I Liked About It

  • Several beneficial ingredients inside
  • Comes with an informative website
  • Various bundles options
  • Easy to take (one pill/day)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Weak formulation compared to similar products
  • Low doses of some ingredients
  • Very pricey for its value
  • Causes side effects in some cases
  • Very few authentic reviews



Blood Sugar Formula In A Nutshell

Review Pure Health Blood Sugar FormulaIn my view, Pure Health's supplement is pretty decent at first sight.

It contains several promising compounds in its formula.

However – I found several red flags about it:

  • pretty low doses for some ingredients
  • causes the opposite reactions in other people
  • slightly weak formulation
  • very few honest reviews
  • quite pricey for its quality

Now – one of the good features about it is its convenience.

It only requires a capsule per day (preferably with a meal).

But it also needs to be taken for the long-term (for best results).

As for its pricing – it comes at $45 for one bottle.

It's not the lowest price out there, given its features.

Lastly – some previous buyers experienced the opposite effect.

In other words – instead of getting a decreased blood sugar, they experienced an increased one.

This can be very dangerous, to be honest.

That's an extra reason why I'm not a big fan of Pure Health's supplement.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Here's some info you should know about Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula:

  • how it works
  • the producer behind
  • what health problem it treats
1. How It Works

Blood Sugar Formula has quite a lot of promises on its website.

It states to contain “17 premium quality natural ingredients.”

The purpose of these compounds is to help lower blood glucose levels.

But there are several additional promises, that include:

  • improves glucose sensitivity
  • balances blood sugar levels
  • normalizes cholesterol levels
  • supports healthy blood vessels
  • restores renal functions
  • promotes immunity
  • supports heart health

In addition – it's also non-GMO, vegan and gluten, dairy and soy-free.

If you ask me, these are a lot of promises from a product.

Also – it's the longest list of benefits I have seen so far.

In my opinion, products with lots of varied promises tend to follow very few of them.

So their quality is pretty bad overall.

In short, they don't look very realistic.

That's exactly I'm not too impressed with Pure Health's supplement.

The following chapters will prove if it's all true or not.

2. Company Behind

The company behind this product is PureHealth Research.

I checked out its official website and here's what I found:

  • several contact info available
  • offers products for fungus, brain, heart and weight loss
  • also sells a lot of products for overall health

So far – this brand seems quite reliable and it doesn't look like a scam.

It does have a few complaints from BBB about the fees and emails.

But this doesn't say much, since there are no major complaints about the results.

So I would say you can safely buy from this brand.


#2 – Ingredients (7 out of 10)

As I mentioned, Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is a promising product.

However, its formula doesn't seem too impressive.

It's based on 3 types of ingredients – which are specific for diabetes products:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • herbal blend

Now – the set of ingredients is good, but their doses are not that high.

Still, let's take a closer look first at the substances inside it.

1. Essential Compounds

Firstly – here are the main vitamins and minerals from this product:

  1. Vitamin C – lowers elevated blood sugar [1]
  2. Magnesium – manages blood sugar levels in people with diabetes [2]
  3. Vitamin E – helps prevent type 2 diabetes [3]
  4. Zinc – has a beneficial effect on insulin resistance [4]
  5. Manganese – regulates blood sugar and helps people with diabetes [5]
  6. Chromium – improves insulin sensitivity [6]
  7. Vanadium – reduces blood glucose level to normal [7]

Again – the dose of some of these compound is on the lower side.

So if you ask me, I consider it pretty weak.

It's simply that the formula could use some higher doses overall.

2. Herbal Blend

Now – the herbal blend is specifically called Blood Sugar Blend.

It's mostly composed of herbal extracts:

  1. Ceylon Cinnamon Bark – controls blood glucose levels in the brain [8]
  2. Licorice Extract – has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect [9]
  3. Berberine HCL – reduces the risk of heart disease
  4. Alpha Lipoic Acid – provides antioxidants and fights free radical [10]
  5. Cayenne Pepper – helps control blood flow
  6. Bitter Melon – acts like insulin to help lower sugar levels [11]
  7. Guggul – promotes weight loss and blood sugar levels [12]
  8. Yarrow – has wound healing and anti-bleeding properties [13]
  9. Mulberry – helps control cholesterol and obesity [14]

Remember that all of these ingredients are listed together in a blend.

So don't expect to get the maximum benefits of each compound.

That's because they are probably in some lower quantities (like the ingredients above).

Still, the combination of all these substances is indeed helpful.


To summarize, Pure Health's product has a lot of ingredients.

All of these compounds are good, but the formula doesn't look very potent.

So it's not something I recommend, since there are better options out there.



#3 – Pills & Dosage (8 out of 10)

Let's discuss some features of the Pure Health's supplement.

1. Pills

If you ask me, here's how I would describe the product.

First of all – it's designed as gelatin capsules:

  • light brown/dark green powder inside
  • clear capsule cover
  • slight herbal scent

Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula looks like a normal herbal supplement.

2. Dosage

One good thing about Blood Sugar Formula is how to use it.

Its serving size is pretty low, as it only requires taking 1 pill/day.

Also – it's better to take it with meal and water.

Now – it's also recommended to take it for long-term.

Overall, I would say that Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is quite easy to use.

That especially for people who already have prescription medicine/s.



#4 – Results (4 out of 10)

Now – Blood Sugar Formula has very limited reviews.

I'm talking about the authentic ones (which are outside its official site).

That's not a good sign, since you can't really tell how it worked for other people.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. What People Say

To avoid giving you some biased points, I shy away from the reviews from its website.

So I chose the honest reviews on Amazon instead.

If you're curious, here are the insights of its previous buyers:

  1. Most said their blood sugar levels were reduced to normal.
  2. Some noticed some weight loss action.
  3. Others received incomplete products.
  4. A few experienced the opposite results or even side effects.
  5. There are also buyers who noticed no changes at all.
  6. The rest said it's not worth buying or that it's just a waste of money.

The overall rating of Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is 3.7/5 stars.

Honestly – I expected this number to be even lower.

My reason is that there aren't too many positive comments about it.

Also – the reviews there are not really varied.

So I'm pretty sure its claims are far from the truth.


Overall – Blood Sugar Formula is not a bad product.

Most of its reviews are about weight loss and lowering blood sugar levels.

However, it's not good enough to grant all its claims.




#5 – Side Effects (5 out of 10)

Review Pure Health Blood Sugar FormulaNow – I did find some side effect complaints.

Honestly, that's quite surprising for Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula.

That's simply because it has very limited customer reviews.

So out of all of its reviews – there's quite a high percent of complaints about its side reactions.

Here are the adverse effects experienced by some people:

  • increased glucose levels
  • diarrhea

Now – I still consider one of these issues to be serious.

If you ask me, the increased blood sugar level is dangerous.

After all, we're talking about people dealing with diabetes (not with any other health condition).

So you might want to take note of that.

That's why Pure Health's product doesn't seem the safest out there.


#6 – Price (4 out of 10)

Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is definitely expensive.

Considering its other features, it's not the best option.

1. The Exact Price

The best price for Pure Health's product is on Amazon.

Fortunately – there are several bundles and packages available:

  • A bottle costs $45
  • 3 bottles cost $178
  • 6 bottles cost $230
  • Free shipping (on selected dates)
  • 10% or 15% discount upon subscribe and save

Also – to give you an idea, a bottle costs $69 on the official website.

So you can save big if you plan to buy on Amazon.

In my view, it's still not the fairest price – since this product doesn't seem to work fast.

Also, there are not enough reviews to prove that you're paying for a good product.

And judging after its complaints, it's not very safe either.

So it's far from a product I would recommend.

2. Competitors’ Price

If I were you, I would surely go for a better alternative.

I'm talking about a product called Gluco Cleanse Tea which is my #1 recommendation:

  1. Gluco Cleanse Tea's ingredients are varied and unique.
  2. The formulation is the best among diabetes/high blood products.
  3. Pure Health contains several promising compounds too.
  4. But the formula is weaker, because of the lower doses.
  5. Gluco Cleanse Tea can be bought for only $49 (normal price is $69).
  6. Pure Health costs $45 for a bottle, but there are several bundles.

In my view, Gluco Cleanse Tea offers some much bigger discounts.

Plus, its quality is superior – not to mention its much better features.

That's why it remains the best diabetes/blood sugar supplement (in my view).

Compared to Pure Health's product, it's clearly above.


To sum it up, Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is quite pricey.

It's still a decent product, but it costs too much (considering its value).

So I don't really recommend it and I suggest you to look for better options.




#7 – FAQs

Listed below are the most asked questions about Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What is this product made for?

Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is a product for diabetes and blood sugar.

Here are its major promises:

  • lowers and balances blood glucose levels
  • improves glucose sensitivity
  • boosts immunity and heart health
  • normalizes cholesterol levels

It also claims to restore renal functions and healthy blood vessels.

2. How do you take this supplement?

Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is pretty easy to take.

It recommends taking only one capsule per day.

Also – it suggests that you take it for a long term to get the optimal results.

3. How long does one bottle last?

A bottle of Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula contains 30 vegetable capsules.

So it's good for a one-month use.

But that is only if you follow its suggested serving size.

4. Are there any serious side effects?

There are some complaints about this product.

So here are the adverse reactions experienced by previous buyers:

  • diarrhea or digestive problems
  • elevated glucose levels

So you should be careful if you are aiming for lowering your glucose levels.

5. What's the best price for the product?

Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula has several bundles available.

You can get the best price on Amazon.

The standard price of it is $45 per bottle.

But you can get it for as around $38 per bottle (bundle of 6).

An additional discount will be given if you subscribe to its monthly delivery.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here are my summarized views on Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula.

1. Weak Formula

Blood Sugar Formula contains a lot of ingredients:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • herbal blend

However – the doses are lower (compared to other products of its kind).

It can still help, but it's not super potent and fast.

2. Limited Honest Reviews

Now – I don't like the fact that it has few authentic reviews.

I'm talking about the ones from online retailers.

I don't really trust the ones from its official websites, since they are usually biased.

So Blood Sugar Formula seems a bit questionable to me.

3. Quite Expensive

If you ask me, Pure Health's product is pricey:

  • one bottle costs $45
  • long-term use is necessary
  • price is high for its quality

Now – it costs a lot more than what its features can offer.

So it's not the best option you can find in the market.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Review Pure Health Blood Sugar FormulaShort answer: Not quite – it's not a failed product, but it has some disadvantages:

  1. Very few honest reviews
  2. Can cause a spike in blood sugar
  3. Pretty high price tag
  4. Ingredients have lower doses than other products

If you ask me, Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula is a decent product.

It contains several compounds, but in some lower doses.

So it still works – but not as good as others. 

Even so, it's up to you whether you want to give it a shot or not.

However – I have a very good option for you, it's my #1 recommendation.

The product is called Gluco Cleanse Tea:

  • Ingredients in their excellent and superior forms
  • Recommended by many previous buyers
  • Excellent effect against high blood sugar
  • Reasonable priced

If you analyze it, it's cheaper than Pure Health's product overall.

And in terms of features and quality/price, it's superior.

So I suggest you to get Gluco Cleanse Tea instead, it's the best option.

That especially if you really want to get the best value for your money.


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Written by 

Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 19, 2024

8 thoughts on “My Review: Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula (2024) – Really Works?

  1. Thank you so much for your review of Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula. I was eyeing this product because I heard good comments from people online. You mentioned its doses are low doses so does that mean it will not work anymore? Do I need to take more than what it prescribes to get the strong dose that I needed so do I need 2 pills instead of 1?
    oh nevermind, I saw one of the side effects is the increase in glucose levels. Who would like that? The goal is to lower blood sugar levels right? now I’m confused with this product. Can you please just give me other supplements that won’t make me confused and is actually good? Thank you again.

    1. Hello, Orly! Thank you too for appreciating our review of Pure Health Blood Sugar Formula. If you ask me, low doses don’t mean that it won’t work anymore or at all. Honestly, it can still give effects but don’t expect it to be very potent and work very fast. So you might need to wait for a very long time to see results. Also, I don’t suggest that you take more than the suggested dose which is 1 capsule per day just to speed up the results. It doesn’t really work that way because it can be potentially dangerous and can lead to overdose. If you ask me, I strongly recommend that you try Gluco Cleanse Tea. It’s way better in almost all features that’s why it’s a good investment. You might also want to check out Glucofort, Gluconite, Sugar Balance Supplement, Altai Balance, Mellitox and Gluco Shield Pro. You can also read our 8 Best Diabetes Supplements (Review + User Guide). Hope this helps!

  2. Quick question, do I need to quite sweet treats in order to control or lower my blood glucose levels? So does that mean I won’t be able to eat desserts or drink my go-to drinks for like the next one hundred years? I don’t think I deserve that struggle for life. Can you give me advice and some recommendations if you are willing to? I am overthinking about this because I got my blood glucose checked yesterday and it turned out to be very high than usual. It is like the world is falling in front of my eyes when I saw the results. I know, I might need to really stop the sweets just to live longer but what is sad to be alive. I was just thinking how am I supposed to enjoy the holidays again when I see all my friends and family munch cakes, ice creams, cookies, or even smoothies? Might as well just drink a lot of water and pretend not to see them eating sweets. Sorry for the long drama, I am just sad because of my blood sugar results yesterday.

    1. Hello, Tonton! If you ask me, you should take everything in moderation. Everything in excess, especially sweet food or drinks can be dangerous to the body. It can affect your normal blood sugar levels. You don’t need to quit desserts or drinking good beverages for life because that will be very sad too. It’s so sad to hear about the results of your blood glucose. It must be very devastating and disappointing on your part. But the good thing is, there is a lot of food nowadays that contains no or less sugar which can be enjoyed by people with diabetes or high blood sugar levels so it’s still not the end of the world. However, just make sure to check the ingredients and stay away from artificial sweeteners because they can also be bad for the body. Just be devoted to taking your prescription medicines (if you have any) or blood sugar supplements to help you with your case. Hope this helps!

  3. Greetings mysupplementadvice. I would like to ask if I need to know the level of my blood glucose before taking this medicine. Or is it safe to start taking it before even knowing my blood sugar? I wanted to start taking a blood sugar supplement because lately, I’ve noticed my high intake of foods with high sugar. It was one day my brain clicked and made me realize that I think I am too much and I need to stop. I did online research about the symptoms of high blood glucose and I am embodying them right now. Is Pure Health Blood Sugar the best blood sugar supplement you know? Can you give me other products you know?

    1. Hi, Negi! Do you have a history of high blood sugar levels? If yes, then you can take a blood sugar supplement to help you maintain and achieve normal blood sugar. But if not and if you feel like you’re experiencing the symptoms then you should start taking a supplement. Also, you might want to get your blood glucose levels checked to confirm your case. Honestly, Pure Health Blood Sugar is not the one I recommend and you can see the reasons why in this review. If you want an excellent blood sugar supplement, I suggest that you try Gluco Cleanse Tea. Hope this helps!

  4. When my blood glucose started interfering with my daily life, it always bother me every damn day. I remember going to the hospital when I was around 23 years old cuz my body feels tired and my vision started to get blurry and my weight dropped horribly. A nurse came to the waiting lobby and said sorry there are no doctors here. so I had to go back home. My body still feels a lot of symptoms and I felt so uncomfortable that night so I turned to the internet where I searched for the condition accurate to my symptoms. I am 25 years old now and I was diagnosed to have very high blood sugar and also insulin resistance. My doctor advised me to take several prescription medicines as well as some supplements. But I wanted to shift from supplements to herbal medicines like oils and blending vegetable concoctions. Do you think I should do it? What could be the potential danger of shifting to that routine? It was advice from a friend and he convinced me to do it.

    1. Hello, Hilaria89! I’m so sorry to hear about your very high blood sugar and also insulin resistance. If you ask me, I suggest that you follow the advice of your doctor and stick with prescription medicines and supplements. Just remember that they asked you to do that for a very good reason and that is to make you healthy. Most especially in helping you maintain normal blood sugar levels. So yes, stick with what your doctor advised you to do. Changing to herbal medicines can potentially harm you more because they might not target what your body needs. Honestly, it may result in even higher blood sugar and insulin resistance because these problems can be left untreated. Hope this helps!

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