My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) – Safe & Does It Work?

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

It's time for my PhenQ review, which is a weight loss product you absolutely have to try.

That's because it makes the best way you can lose weight (safely):

  • amazing results in over 90% of its previous users
  • a lot safer than most weight loss products
  • no major risk of side effects
  • really affordable price

But how does PhenQ work? And how fast?

Well, get ready to lose some pounds much quicker than you expect!

So let me explain to you why you absolutely need to start using this supplement.

Note: This review is based on my personal expertise & research on PhenQ.

Review Summary

Full Name: PhenQ by Wolfson Brands

PhenQ ReviewProduct Type: Weight Loss Supplement

Best Actual Price: $69/bottle

In the best case, you can pay around $37 for one bottle (more on this below).

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its Official Website

All the other products sold on retailers sell a fake version.

Designed For: Losing weight safely, without any health complications.

It allows you to lose weight by fighting the 5 main triggers of weight gain – including:

  • slow metabolism
  • cravings
  • fat accumulation

It's the only product that targets all these weight gain causes.

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10 – My top pick among weight loss products

Recommended?: Totally – it's the best weight loss supplement I know:

  • worked for a huge per cent of users
  • doesn't cause the serious side effects (of other products)
  • doesn't put your health at risk

It's not a product that can melt your weight overnight (I don't even advise you to try anything like this).

Instead, it allows you to lose weight safely and gradually.

So if you want something that works without any health risks, PhenQ is what you need.

How To Get It Cheaper

Here's a way to get this supplement for about $37 per bottle, instead of $69. 

  1. Go on its official website (see link below).
  2. Use code FIRST10 to get 10% off for your first order.
  3. Choose the “3 + 2 free bottles” pack.
  4. In this way, you pay for 3 bottles and also receive 2 for free.

If you do the math, this means around $37 per bottle – which is almost half from its standard price.

That's why you're making a way better deal going for a larger quantity.



What I Liked About It

  • Works much better than most weight loss alternatives
  • Targets 5 main causes of weight loss
  • Increases metabolism and reduces cravings
  • Promotes a much safer weight loss (than most supplements)
  • Based on a unique mix of ingredients
  • Overall formula is very strong but gentle
  • Some of its ingredients are trademarks with clinical evidence behind (α-Lacys Reset)
  • Excellent results in most of its customers
  • Lots of satisfied users that swear by it
  • Many real experiences and testimonials (including before/after pictures)
  • Low rate of side effects
  • Price could be much higher (considering the quality)
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Pills are larger than in most supplements (you can cut them in half)
  • Original version is only sold on the official website
  • Some fake versions sold outside its official page
  • Not the cheapest option out there


Why I Recommend PhenQ (For Weight Loss)

Shortly – PhenQ makes the very best weight loss product I know.

So if you want to lose weight effectively (but still safely), it's your best bet.

But why exactly do I recommend it?

I would say there are 4 things that make it special over the rest:

  1. Targets the 5 most important causes of weight gain.
  2. Has over 320K satisfied users behind.
  3. Doesn't melt weight super fast (which would be very dangerous).
  4. Is based on clinically tested ingredients.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Still – PhenQ's #1 advantage is by far its huge satisfaction rate.

Trust me, when there are so many people swearing on a product – it's clear that it's doing the right thing.

And if you study PhenQ's ingredients and mechanism of action, you can see why.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

There are so many weight loss products that are a huge risk for your health.

They cost a lot and they surely work (really fast, actually).

But you end up suffering from some serious issues afterwards.

PhenQ is at the opposite end:

  • allows you to lose weight gradually (but safely)
  • doesn't affect your overall health
  • is really well-tolerated in most cases

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Now, don't expect it to work if you sit on your couch all day long, eating fast food.

Instead – try to eat healthy and move around (as much as you can) or even exercise.

In this way, you can surely get the best results with PhenQ.

But other than that – it makes the best way to lose weight correctly (and safely).

If that's what your goal is – you absolutely have to give it a try.

I can guarantee you won't stop using it afterwards!




#1 – How It Works & Producer

Let's begin with some general facts about PhenQ:

  • how exactly it works
  • the types of weight loss it targets
  • the company behind it
1. How It Works

In terms of mechanism of action, PhenQ is way better than any other weight loss product.

That's because it targets weight loss in 5 different ways:

  1. Burns fat and excess weight.
  2. Reduces fat accumulation and stops fat cells from growing.
  3. Decreases cravings and promotes fullness.
  4. Boosts metabolism and energy.
  5. Reduces extra fatigue and keeps you motivated.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

In other words – it fights the 5 main triggers of weight loss.

And trust me, 85% of people gain weight because of one of those 5 causes.

Since PhenQ can treat that, you can really lose weight with it!

Most supplements promises to make miracles – but they can't make you lose even 5 pounds in reality.

But PhenQ shows you exactly how it works from the start.

So it's extremely transparent and legitimate.

That's why I trust this supplement so much.

It works in a unique (but powerful way).

So there's no surprise so many of its previous users swear by it:

  • over 190K satisfied customers
  • huge per cent of repeated users
  • very low refund rate

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

In fact, PhenQ does come with a 60 days money back guarantee.

So you're all covered, in case you don't like the product.

But its refund rate is under 1%, which shows how amazing this supplement is.

Trust me – if people refunded it often, it wouldn't give you a 60 days guarantee.

So that's another proof that it works really well.

All in all – if there's a legit product that really works for weight loss, it's surely PhenQ.

2. Company Behind

This product is made by a very popular supplement brand – Wolfson Brands.

This company owns several smaller health brands:

  • Bauer Nutrition
  • Crazy Bulk
  • You+ Tonics

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

The number is much higher overall, but these are some of the most famous ones.

Now – Wolfson Brands is a very reputable company:

  1. Specific address is given out.
  2. A lot of contact info is available.
  3. Online/phone chat is also possible.

But most importantly – this brand has no real user complaints, but a lot of praises.

In other words, it has a very high satisfaction rate overall.

That's why you can buy PhenQ (and all of its other products) without any worries of getting scammed.



#2 – Ingredients (9.50 out of 10)

Honestly, PhenQ has the best composition among all weight loss supplements.

I'm saying that after looking into over 75 different products.

But PhenQ is the only one that targets several causes of weight gain (5 to be exact).

And that's all because of its incredible formula:

  • based on several trademark ingredients (superior versions of the original compound)
  • some substances have clinical studies behind
  • its ingredients are backed-up by real trials
  • all compounds are natural extracts/herbs

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Now, most weight loss supplements don't give out their entire formula.

And in case they do – you can usually see that it's really basic.

But PhenQ is very transparent about its full composition.

And guess what? It's really impressive and strong.

So its formula is the #1 responsible behind its amazing weight loss effect.

Anyway – let's take a closer look at its 7 active ingredients.

1. α-Lacys Reset

This ingredient is probably PhenQ's top compound.

It's a trademark substance – which means it's a combination of unique ingredients:

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  2. Cysteine
  3. Magnesium

However, α-Lacys Reset doesn't combine the classic versions of these 3 substances.

Instead – it uses their superior versions, that were specially formulated for:

  • increased absorption
  • higher concentration
  • stronger effect
  • lower risk of side reactions

Now – how exactly does α-Lacys Reset help weight loss?

  1. Boosts metabolic response and speed.
  2. Triggers natural thermogenesis.
  3. Reduces appetite and cravings.
  4. Promotes recovery after exercise.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

But those aren't just mere promises.

α-Lacys Reset actually has a clinical trial conducted specifically on it (alone). [1]

And compared to placebo, it decreased weight and body fat significantly.

So it's a miracle-making ingredient when it comes to weight loss.

Too bad that PhenQ is the only supplement out there using it.

But besides α-Lacys Reset, it also contains 6 other ingredients with some major weight loss benefits.

2. Capsimax Plus Blend

Capsimax makes PhenQ's main blend of herbal extracts:

  1. (Capsimax) Capsicum Extract
  2. Caffeine
  3. Niacin
  4. Piperine

The first two compounds have some strong slimming benefits.

As for Niacin and Piperine – they increase absorption and effect rate.

That's the reason why these 4 ingredients were formulated together in a blend.

The overall effect is much better than if it only contained the weight loss boosters alone.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Now, the entire blend leads to some major results in weight loss:

  1. Boosts body thermogenesis.
  2. Increases natural fat-burning process.
  3. Speeds up metabolic rate. [2]

Capsimax also has some clinical evidence behind. [3]

So its amazing weight loss benefits aren't anything new.

3. Nopal Cactus Fiber

This ingredient's main goal in PhenQ is to improve satiety.

That's because it's rich in fiber, so it allows you to feel full after having less food (than usual).

But there's more when it comes to its benefits:

  • reduces fat accumulation
  • binds to dietary fat molecules
  • removes those molecules from your body (through normal digestion) [4]

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Besides, Nopal Cactus also helps with cravings.

So you end up eating less and feeling fuller (without craving for sugars or carbs).

If you ever tried losing weight before, you surely know how helpful this approach it.

If you could only feel full without eating much!

But Nopal Cactus is actually known for this benefit, so it can actually do that in reality.

4. Caffeine

There's one major advantage caffeine has for weight loss.

It boosts natural thermogenesis and metabolic speed – in other words:

  • promotes burning fat excess (for energy) [5]
  • increases weight loss
  • reduces the amount of calories absorbed

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Besides, it also increases energy and reduces fatigue.

So it's another really useful ingredients for losing weight safely (and effectively).

5. L-Carnitine Fumarate

If you tried losing weight before, you're surely familiar with this substance.

That's because it offers a very easy way to lose weight:

  • turns excess fat into energy stores
  • your body starts burning fat (instead of carbs) for energy [6]

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Many gym coaches and nutritionists recommend L-Carnitine, because its effect is amazing.

It's really easy to take and it's very well-tolerated.

Besides, since it's associated with all these other helpful ingredients in PhenQ – its effect is even better.

6. Chromium Picolinate

This mineral is one of the best remedies against cravings. [7]

That's because it does a great job reducing your cravings for:

  • sugars
  • carbs
  • unhealthy foods

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

It surely doesn't make miracles on its own.

But it doesn't even have to – as it's associated with many other more powerful substances in PhenQ.

7. Calcium

As far as I know, this ingredient is quite a recent addition in PhenQ.

Last year's version didn't contain any calcium – which is why you won't see it mentioned in most reviews.

Now, calcium doesn't have some major weight loss benefits.

But here's what some recent studies say:

  1. Many people dealing with weight gain are deficient in calcium.
  2. A normal amount of calcium prevents weight gain.
  3. Potentially, it could even boost weight loss.

Now – don't expect calcium to make any miracles on its own.

But since a deficiency is so easy to prevent, why not do it?

So this ingredient makes PhenQ even more potent.


All in all, PhenQ has by far the best formula I have seen in a weight loss supplement:

  • targets 5 most common causes of weight gain
  • based on some really strong ingredients
  • certain compounds are clinically tested

So if there's a product that can really help you lose weight, it's surely PhenQ.

It's not me saying this, it's the huge number of satisfied users it has.

Plus, it mechanism of action is the best proof that it really does what it promises.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (7 out of 10)

Let's talk about how you should take PhenQ here.

All in all, it's really simply and convenient to use.

1. Pills

PhenQ's tablets are probably its biggest downside, if you ask me.

That's because they're not extremely easy to swallow (compared to other products):

  • quite large
  • no gelatin cover
  • not the most pleasant taste

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Don't get me wrong – PhenQ isn't that hard to take.

It's simply that I'm not a big fan of its pretty large pills.

They're formulated as tablets – not as capsules (as in most cases).

So the best thing you can do is to cut them in half and take both pieces together.

That would make things a lot easier in terms of swallowing it.

Other than that – it's a unique supplement and its pills' design prove that.

2. Dosage

In terms of how you should use it, PhenQ is really easy to take:

  • serving size is 1 tablet
  • you need to take 2 tablets daily
  • for best results, take each capsule with breakfast and lunch

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Now – what I love about this product is that it gives you some clear instructions about how to take it.

Very few weight loss supplement do that.

So in most cases, you end up guessing the best way to use it and take it randomly.

But PhenQ gives you some clear recommendations:

  1. Try to avoid taking any pills at night.
  2. That's because of the caffeine inside them, which may keep you awake.
  3. That's like having coffee at night.

Instead, it recommends you to take it at breakfast and lunch.

You can also have coffee throughout the day, so no worries from this point of view.

The amount of caffeine inside PhenQ isn't that high to give you palpitations or anything similar.

So other than its large tablets, this supplement is easy to take.



#4 – Results (9.50 out of 10)

The main reason why I recommend PhenQ is because of its strong effect.

So in terms of results, it has lots of people that swear by it.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. Positive Opinions

First of all – I found lots of testimonials about PhenQ.

And the good part is that most of them are written by previous users and they include pictures.

So here's what most users say about this product:

  1. Many claim it helped them lose weight better than other supplements.
  2. Some state they tried many products throughout their life, but PhenQ worked much better.
  3. A lot of them recommend associating it with exercise and a healthy diet.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

Now, most people say that PhenQ helped them with:

  • belly fat
  • overall weight gain
  • cravings and appetite

In fact, these are all among PhenQ's promises.

So according to these experiences, it actually does what it claims.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

However, don't expect it to make miracles while you sit on your couch and eat fast food.

Most users say they saw the best results while exercising and eating healthy.

So if you combine these changes with PhenQ, the results are definitely the best out there.

Otherwise – I don't recommend giving this product a try.

It won't miraculously melt your weight while you eat junk food all day long.

2. Negative Opinions

Like any legitimate supplement, PhenQ also has some complaints.

But its negative reviews are really minor (compared to those of similar products).

So here are the most common complaints it has:

  1. High price
  2. Results don't appear in a few days
  3. Doesn't work great unless you exercise

Honestly – all of these complaints are partially true.

PhenQ is on the pricy side (for supplements in general, not for weight loss supplements).

But a lot of weight loss products cost a lot more and don't do anything.

So trust me, PhenQ is a lot more worth it than 90% of all weight loss products out here.

As for its results – they are indeed not instant:

  • only scams can make you lose weight in a few days
  • but they also put your health at serious risk

In fact, experts don't even recommend losing more than 5 pounds/month.

A higher amount would be unhealthy and very dangerous.

That's why I like PhenQ's slower (but healthier) approach.

It's also true that it doesn't make miracles on its own.

So if you really want to see some results, exercising and eating correctly are a must.

If that's too much for you – then you're clearly not ready to lose some weight.


PhenQ has so many previous users that swear by it.

It has a lot of testimonials and detailed experiences (with before/after photos).

So it's clear that it's a very effective supplement in terms of losing weight.

Just don't expect it to work while eating junk food and laying in bed all day long.

If you want to see its best results, you have to work a bit on your own!




#5 – Side Effects (8 out of 10)

For a weight loss supplement, PhenQ is surprisingly well-tolerated.

PhenQ ReviewThat's probably because of its really safe (and transparent) composition.

Now – weight loss products usually cause a huge number of side reactions:

  • severe diarrhea
  • headaches and nausea
  • dehydration
  • palpitations

The problem is that these issues are a lot more severe when they're caused by weight loss products.

What do I mean?

Well, weight supplements cause a more severe diarrhea than brain supplements, for example.

That's why you need to be extra careful with them.

But PhenQ is a lot safer in terms of side reactions:

  • very few complaints at this chapter
  • low rate of adverse effects overall

It can cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches or similar issues – but a lot less than other weight loss products.

Just make sure to avoid taking it at night (due to its caffeine dose).

It can keep you awake for longer than usual.

But other than that – you shouldn't experience any serious issue.

Try to take it on a full stomach and you shouldn't get any digestive issues.



#6 – Price (8 out of 10)

At first sight, PhenQ may seem on the expensive side.

But compared to most weight loss supplements, it's not really so.

Anyway, let me explain you in detail what exactly I mean.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – PhenQ is only sold on its official website.

I did find in sold in a few other places, but they were definitely some fake versions.

So if you want to buy the (original) product, you absolutely have to go for its official page.

Now – let's take a look at its full pricing:

  1. Single bottle costs $69.99.
  2. There's a discount for larger quantities.
  3. The most popular pack (2 + 1 free) costs $46/bottle.
  4. For the largest pack, you pay around $42/bottle.
  5. You can also use the code FIRST10 (if you purchase within the first 10 minutes).
  6. In this way, you get 10% off for your order.
  7. The final price is about $37/bottle, which is super low.

My PhenQ Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Price) - Safe & Does It Work?

As I said, PhenQ's price doesn't seem the lowest out there.

But if you're familiar with weight loss supplements, you surely know they tend to be rather pricey.

For example – $60/bottle is an average price for a weight loss supplement.

But unfortunately, most of those products do nothing in reality:

  • some do help you lose a lot of weight super fast
  • but they usually cause some major health issues as well
  • others don't make you lose any pounds

On the other hand, PhenQ is actually very effective in terms of weight loss.

So judging after its benefits, its price isn't even that high.

Besides, it also offers free shipping worldwide.

Most supplements don't even ship outside the US.

But PhenQ covers all your shipping fees in any country you live in, which is a major advantage.

2. Worth Or Not?

Yes, it's worth it – especially when compared to most weight loss alternative.

It costs about the same, but it actually does a lot more.

So you're not spending your money in vain (as it's the case with other products):

  • allows you to lose weight gradually
  • doesn't cause some serious health issues
  • doesn't melt your weight overnight (which is dangerous)

Among all weight loss products I know, PhenQ is surely the best.

So in terms of quality/price, it's a lot more worth it than most alternatives.


PhenQ is indeed not the cheapest supplement out there.

But for a weight loss product – it actually has an average price.

And compared to others, it really does its job (in terms of weight loss).

Plus, it doesn't even put your health at risk (as others do).

That's why it makes my top recommended weight loss supplement.




My Verdict – Is It Worth It?

Short answer: Definitely.

PhenQ ReviewAfter looking into more than 75 weight loss products, PhenQ is the best one I found:

  1. Targets excess weight through 5 different mechanisms.
  2. Fights several causes of weight gain.
  3. Works by reducing weight and decreasing appetite.
  4. Based on an excellent formula (according to trials).
  5. Effective in a huge per cent of cases.
  6. Really well-tolerated by most people.
  7. Could be a lot pricier for what it offers.

Now, PhenQ is surely not perfect.

Its pills are a bit large and it doesn't melt excess weight while you sleep.

So it actually works best if you follow a healthy diet and try to exercise (as much as possible).

However, your results are much better if you combine healthy eating + exercise with it.

It helped so many people throughout the years.

And as you saw above, it's not just me saying this (look at the before/after pictures).

So if you want to lose weight safely and for real – PhenQ is your best bet.

As long as you associate it with exercise and healthy eating, you will surely get rid of your extra weight.

Trust me, it's the best way I found!

You will only regret not having tried it earlier!




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Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: January 13, 2023

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