My Sugar Balance Supplement Review (2024) – Scam Or Does It Work?

It's time for my Sugar Balance Supplement review – which seems like a pretty good diabetes product:

  • based on a natural formula
  • its ingredients have some real diabetes benefits
  • pretty safe to use

However, this product seems to have a couple of complaints.

So are there any chances that Sugar Balance is a scam?

Or does it actually work?

Well, I tried to dig really deep into it – so that you can see the real truth about this product.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Sugar Balance.

Review Summary

Full Name: Sugar Balance by Natures Formula

Product Type: Diabetes/Blood Sugar Supplement

Best Actual Price: About $69/bottle

However, you can also get it with a significant discount ($49/bottle).

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

I advise you to avoid buying it from retailers, because of the fake versions out there.

The original product is only available on its official page.

Designed For: Balancing blood sugar levels – it helps with:

  • high glucose levels
  • insulin production and resistance
  • diabetes prevention

Shortly – it works for most problems related to high blood sugar.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Recommended?: Yes, it's a pretty effective product:

  • doesn't cause any serious side reactions
  • works pretty well in many cases
  • has a very strong herbal-based formula

However, it's not the very best diabetes supplement I know.

So if you want the best option, I advise you to take a look at this product.

But other than that – Sugar Balance remains a pretty good option.



What I Liked About It

  • Works through a different mechanism of action
  • Based on an original formula
  • All of its ingredients are herbal extracts
  • Works really well in a lot of cases
  • No serious side effects
  • Available in most countries
  • Free shipping for all orders


What I Didn't Like About It

  • No individual doses
  • Doesn't contain any vitamins/minerals
  • Requires 3 pills/day
  • Could be about $10 cheaper


Sugar Balance In A Nutshell

Shortly – this supplement makes a special diabetes product.

That's because it works differently than most of its competitors – which is surely an advantage.

It's based on a formula called “Plant Insulin”.

Other than that, it's a very safe supplement:

  1. Minimal rate of side effects.
  2. Very safe (but powerful) formula.
  3. No complaints about any adverse reactions.

As I said – it is indeed a bit pricey.

But if you go for a larger package, you manage to save quite a high amount of money.

And in terms of effect – Sugar Balance seems to do its job pretty well.

However, don't expect it to cure your diabetes.

But it can definitely have a great effect on your glucose levels.

So in terms of results, I would surely recommend it.

It's a great supplement all in all – so you should expect the best from it.




#1 – How It Works & Producer

Let's begin with some general things you should know about this supplement:

  • what makes it different from the rest
  • how exactly it works
  • who is its producer
1. How It Works

You can pretty much guess Sugar Balance's benefits from its name.

It's designed to balance blood sugar and reduce high glucose levels.

But it's its mechanism of action that makes it special.

It's based on a mix of ingredients called “Plant Insulin”. 

In this way, Sugar Balance doesn't impact insulin production directly – instead:

  1. It's designed to reduce fatty liver.
  2. Decreases the accumulated fatty acids existing around the liver.
  3. This excess causes too much insulin production in the pancreas.
  4. The extra insulin gets stuck inside the liver.
  5. Once the fatty acids excess is reduced, insulin production also decreases.

In other words, this supplement improves diabetes by improving the liver.

It's a totally different approach from most blood sugar supplements, to be honest.

But that's what actually makes it so special.

So Sugar Balance works in a very promising (and unique way).

Besides, its formula is created by a medical researcher called David Pearson.

2. Company Behind

This supplement is made by a brand called Natures Formula.

However – this brand specially produces it for a company called Buy Goods.

Now, both of these brands have a great reputation:

  • have been on the market for a long while
  • their products are very praised
  • offer a lot of contact details

Besides – both companies offer some very long money back guarantees.

For Sugar Balance specifically, there's a 180 days refund period.

Honestly – that's a very long time and it's the best proof that this product isn't a scam.

If it was one – trust me, it wouldn't allow you to get a refund for so long.


#2 – Ingredients (9 out of 10)

Sugar Balance has a very good formula overall:

  • combines several herbal extracts
  • all of its ingredients have diabetes studies behind
  • overall dose is pretty high

However – there are a couple of things I don't necessarily like about its composition:

  • no individual doses for each ingredients
  • no vitamins/minerals

Now – Sugar Balance's formula is by no means weak.

It's actually really good, considering its herbal-based composition.

Since I'm a big fan of herbs (as they usually have the best effect) – there's no way I could criticize it.

However, it's not the very best formula I have seen in a diabetes supplement.

That's because of the 2 reasons I mentioned above.

Still – let's take a closer look at the individual ingredients inside its Proprietary Blend (800 mg):

  1. Astragalus Root – has some major anti-diabetic proprieties. [1]
  2. Balloon Flower – maintains a healthy blood sugar and cholesterol.
  3. Eleuthero Root – reduces insulin resistance.
  4. Licorice Root – works great against inflammation and high glucose. [2]
  5. Lycium Berry – protects against nerve damage in diabetes. [3]
  6. Milk Thirstle Seed – decreases blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
  7. Shepherd's Purse Stem – it's a strong antioxidant.
  8. Schisandra Fruit – can inhibit blood glucose levels. [4]
  9. Solomon's Seal Fruit – might decrease high blood sugar.
  10. White Mulberry Leaf – can reduce high blood sugar in people with diabetes.
  11. Wild Yam Root – regulates blood sugar levels. [5]

All in all – Sugar Balance contains some amazing compounds against diabetes.

But as I said, its only downside is the lack of individual doses.

Its overall dose is indeed high, however.

Still – I might have rated its formula higher if it had some more detailed doses.

Even so, it still looks very good and promising.


Sugar Balance has a great formula all in all.

It's not the very best diabetes supplement in terms of composition – but it's far from weak.

So overall, it's a product I would recommend.

Considering its excellent herbal extracts, it should definitely be effective.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (8 out of 10)

Sugar Balance's capsules and dosage look pretty good.

1. Pills

As most diabetes supplements, Sugar Balance is formulated as vegetable capsules:

  • gelatin cover
  • average dimensions
  • brownish powder inside

Now – the point is that this kind of capsules are very easy to take.

Due to their regular size, swallowing them is pretty simple.

2. Dosage

This supplement requires quite a high number of pills per day (3).

According to its instructions:

  1. Take one capsule 3 times a day.
  2. Make sure you take it with meals.

Now – the results tend to be better if you space out the pills throughout the day.

That's why I advise you to follow the instructions from the label.

Still, taking 3 pills per day isn't extremely convenient.

So that's one of the downsides of Sugar Balance – but the product is worth it.



#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

Do you want to see how a supplement works? Then look at its customer reviews.

However, Sugar Balance doesn't have a lot of opinions on retailers.

But I did manage to find some real ones.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. What People Say

As I said, you can find this product on Amazon and other retailers – but not in their original version.

So the products sold there are pretty much fake.

And obviously – most of their Amazon reviews are also negative.

But there's no point including them here, since they're not related to the real product.

Now, Sugar Balance's original version doesn't have so many user opinions:

  • only sold on its official website
  • there are a couple of reviews listed there
  • but I have no idea how real they are

Basically – most brands list some positive opinions on their selling page.

But I don't usually trust them (unless you're actually allowed to leave your own review).

For this reason, I wouldn't really consider the reviews from Sugar Balance's official page.

Now – I did receive some feedback about this product from some of my readers:

  1. Most of them were pretty satisfied with how it worked.
  2. One person said he took it with his prescription drugs and noticed a fast improvement.
  3. Another reader claimed it really reduced her glucose levels after a few weeks.
  4. I didn't receive any review related to its side effects.

If I had any negative reviews, I would have surely included it here as well.

But so far – there wasn't any complaint of this kind.

So if you have any personal experience with Sugar Balance, you can email me and I will gladly include you feedback here.

But all in all, this product seems to be working really well.

At least considering the existing feedback.


Sugar Balance doesn't have a lot of user opinions (at least not its original form).

However – the feedback I have received is very positive.

So judging after its formula and results, this product should definitely work.

From this point of view, I would recommend it.




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

Sugar Balance looks great at this chapter.

Thanks to its herbal-based composition, it has a minimal risk of side effects.

In fact – I personally couldn't find any complaint about it related to side reactions:

  • no dangerous compounds
  • no exaggerated doses

Now, this product may not work amazingly for everyone.

But if you ask me, it should have some positive results in most cases.

However – it will surely not cause any major issues.

Since it has a very safe formula, it doesn't come with any risks of some serious adverse reactions.


#6 – Price (6 out of 10)

For its value, Sugar Balance is indeed a bit pricey,

It's definitely effective and it works – but its price could be about $10 lower, if you ask me.

1. The Exact Price

Like I said – Sugar Balance in its original version is only sold on the official page:

  1. Regular price is $69/bottle.
  2. If you buy several bottles at once, you can get a significant discount.
  3. The lowest price you can get is $49/bottle.
  4. Shipping is also free for all orders.

Now – $49/bottle is quite a decent price for a diabetes supplement.

Considering all the pricier alternatives out there, Sugar Balance isn't even that pricey.

But for its formula, it could cost about $10 less, in my view.

For instance, let's take my #1 recommended diabetes supplement (Striction D):

  1. Sugar Balance is slightly pricier ($49/bottle in the best case).
  2. On the other hand, Striction D has a much lower price ($19/bottle in the best case).
  3. Plus, it also has a better formula.
  4. It contains some more potent herbs than Sugar Balance.
  5. But it also contains the essential vitamins + minerals.

So compared to Sugar Balance – I would say Striction D is a bit more worth the money.

Sugar Balance could cost about $10 less and it would be perfect.

But even so – it's a supplement you can buy, from my point of view.

It's a really good choice overall (considering all of its aspects).

2. Worth Or Not?

It's pretty much worth it, if you ask me.

Like I said – I believe it could be a few dollars cheaper.

But compared to other products (that are way pricier and don't even contain half its ingredients) – Sugar Balance has a decent price.

So overall, I would advise you to give it a try.

Considering its ingredients and formula – it should definitely work.


Sugar Balance is the most affordable product out there.

But compared to others, it actually has a decent price.

So all in all – it's a product I would recommend.

It has a pretty good formula for the money – so you should be able to see an improvement after using it.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Here's how I would summarize my view on Sugar Balance in 3 ideas.

1. Unique Mechanism Of Action

This product doesn't work like most supplements from the market:

  • reduces fatty acids accumulation around liver
  • consequently decreases excess insulin
  • improves glucose levels

Basically – its special mechanism of action is definitely an advantage.

2. Herbal-Based Formula

One of the biggest advantages of Sugar Balance is its composition.

That's because its formula is entirely based on herbs:

  • really good effect on insulin production
  • no serious side reactions

So its ingredients look really good.

3. Pretty Safe

Sugar Balance doesn't have a high rate of side reactions:

  • no complaints
  • very few negative reviews in general

That's why I consider it a very safe supplement overall.

This makes it a great choice even in the long run.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Yes – it's worth it.

It makes a really good option overall – because of its features:

  1. Based on a unique mechanism of action.
  2. Contains several strong herbal extracts.
  3. Works really well in many cases.
  4. Doesn't cause any serious side effects.

As I said throughout this review – it's not a perfect product at all.

It's a bit pricey for its formula and it requires 3 pills/day.

But all in all, it makes a pretty good supplement.

Otherwise – it wouldn't allow you to ask for a refund for as long as 180 days.

So if you want to give Sugar Balance a try, I really advise you to do it.

Considering its formula, I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.




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Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

14 thoughts on “My Sugar Balance Supplement Review (2024) – Scam Or Does It Work?

  1. The best part of your review that remained in my head is the “I advise you to avoid buying it from retailers, because of the fake versions out there.” My friends have been mentioning Sugar Balance for a time now and I only got time last night to check it. Truth be told, there’s a lot of offers out there and it’s not even from its official website. Can I still avail of the discount or get its best price of $49 from $69? Thanks – Kylie

    1. Hi, Kylie! It’s always the best and safe to buy from the official and trusted website to receive original products. Yes, you can just click on the link on the red rectangular box on the review to avail the discounted price. I hope you’ll like it and have a nice evening!

  2. Hello everyone, Zachary here. Let me tell you about my personal experience with herbal-based supplements. Herbal medicines can be very beneficial for all types of diseases, and I promised to tell the world to avoid chemicals and let’s all go natural. Sugar Balance is not really herbal medicine even though you mentioned it on the pros that it has a lot of herbal ingredients.

    1. Hello, Zachary! The Sugar Balance is not a 100% herbal medicine but it contains some good herbal ingredients. In my view, Sugar Balance still has more advantages simply because it is thoroughly made, has a unique mechanism of action, and a lot more. You can always ask questions if you want. Have a nice day!

  3. Bonjour,
    My diabetes is rare and not the common you can see in the market. To be exact, I have Type 1 diabetes which is not the typical type you know. I was wondering if I can still take Sugar Balance and if it will be safe for me to take it everyday just like any vitamins in the market.

    1. Hi, Trevor! To be safe and free from any complications, I suggest you to consult your doctor first if you can incorporate Sugar Balance along with your other medicines for Type 1 Diabetes. I am hoping that your doctor will approve of it so you can get the benefits of it. Good luck!

  4. What makes this supplement better than eating healthy and cutting sugar? Balancing blood sugar is no brainer, you just need to eat the right food and cut the possible culprits that will cause high sugar in the blood. There was a time in my life where I was about to be considered diabetic because my blood sugar spiked high and was super near the unhealthy level. Sugar Balance is a nice supplement but you can save a lot and just be healthy.

    1. Hey, Helen! To answer your question, supplements, in general, are made to assist the body and to provide benefits that can’t be achieved just by eating healthy food. You can never go wrong with eating healthy always but it’s also okay to take supplements. I hope I answered your question and have a nice morning!

  5. I have a problem, I’m not into sweets but somehow, my blood sugar is still spiking up like CRAZYYYYYYYYYY. What am I doing wrong? Or what could be the reason for this crazy spike? My family has a history of diabetes so as early as my teenage years, I stay away from sweets and manage to eat healthy like rice, sweet potato, and the right amount of proteins and vegetables only. Promise, no ice cream, cake, candies, brownies (as much as I want to!), or milk tea. Should I start taking a supplement like this one? Hope you can give me several suggestions. TY!

    1. Hi, Maison! I’m sorry to hear about your blood sugar problems. You said you have a family history of diabetes so there’s a high risk that you’re prone to that too. If you ask me, rice and sweet potato could be the reason for your blood sugar spiking up. Rice has a high glycemic index so you might want to control and be careful of that. If you’re looking for a good blood sugar supplement, you might want to read about Striction D before trying it or you can consider more choices by reading about 8 Best Diabetes Supplements. Hope this helps!

  6. Love the review but how come it works really great when its formula only has an herbal proprietary blend? I will tell you my concerns:
    1.) It’s only herbal which we all know might not be super effective.
    2.) Proprietary blend can be very weak.
    3.) Isn’t it too expensive for the ingredients present (read 1 and 2 again)?
    I am not trying to discourage everyone. In fact, I am actually trying to convince myself that it’s a good purchase after all. Can you enlighten me more?

    1. Hello, Ms. Little Petite! If you ask me, Sugar Balance Supplement is a good product for those who aren’t looking for a very strong product. As you can see in the formula, it has a very low chance of causing side effects. Yes, the price can be very high but it’s really effective in many cases so it’s worth it. I hope I answered your questions.

  7. You really sold this product to me and I believe it is a good supplement to help regulate my blood sugar. I sort of agree with most of the ingredients mentioned but I don’t with others too. Oh well, you can’t really pick specific ingredients unless you go to a lab and customize your own supplement LOL. You really can’t have it all. Oh well, that’s a very crazy idea what am I thinking? Just being a joker I guess. So I just stick with the product with ingredients near of what I wanted. Anyways, I talk a lot but after reading your review, I had a problem which I don’t know if it’s only me (my old handy dandy personal computer) or if it happens to everyone.
    Well, the link to purchase doesn’t work. Try it for yourself.

    1. Hi, Chad! Usually, good supplements have the best combination of ingredients so expect that they can work wonderfully to address your body issues. Thank you for appreciating our review that led you to try the product. Rest assured that we don’t just say good things to just promote products, we base them on the real features they can offer. If you can’t access the product link, I suggest you to clear your browser’s cookies and caches and try again. I hope you can finally access the link after doing it. Let me know what happens next. Thank you!

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