My Gluconite Review (2024) – Scam Or Worth The Complaints?

It's time for my Gluconite review, which is a 2-in-1 diabetes and sleep supplement.

But are there any chances that it's a scam?

What about its user complaints?

Well, I would say that Gluconite is a really safe product:

  • excellent mix of ingredients
  • really strong (and fast) effect
  • formulated as powder

But let me give you all the details behind it in the following lines.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Gluconite.

Review Summary

Full Name: Gluconite by Claro Nutrition

Product Type: Diabetes & Sleep Supplement

Best Actual Price: About $69/bottle

You can also get it for $49 – but more on the later on.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

It's also sold on retailers in various versions – but none of them is the original one.

Designed For: Blood sugar and sleep support – it helps with:

  • boosting metabolism
  • reducing insulin and food cravings
  • improving sleep quality

It's probably the only 2-in-1 diabetes and sleep supplement.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Recommended?: Definitely – if you're dealing with both diabetes and insomnia:

  • works really well for both issues
  • it's extremely easy to take (powder)
  • doesn't cause any major side reactions

So it's a product I would definitely recommend for people suffering from both conditions.

But if you're only suffering from one – you should rather try Gluco Cleanse Tea (for diabetes) or Sleep Support Plus (for sleep).



What I Liked About It

  • Excellent mix of ingredients
  • Contains substances for both sleep and diabetes
  • You only have to take it once a day
  • Formulated as powder (not as pills)
  • Extremely safe
  • Affordable for a 2-in-1 product


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Original version is only available on its official website
  • Lots of fake versions on Amazon (and other retailers)
  • Original product doesn't ship worldwide
  • Company behind doesn't have any official website
  • No real user opinions


Gluconite In A Nutshell

Basically – Gluconite is a 2-in-1 diabetes and insomnia product.

This means it lowers blood sugar, while improving sleep quality as well.

In fact – it's the only product of this kind from the market.

But other than that, there are a couple of things that make it special:

  1. Works best at night (while the user sleeps).
  2. It's made as a soluble powder.
  3. It's extremely easy (and comfortable) to use.

However – its benefits all come with a price.

And because of its great effect and popularity, Gluconite is dealing with several fake versions.

That's because lots of weird brands created their own version of this product:

  • ingredients are totally different (much weaker)
  • prices are about the same or lower
  • labels are almost identical

Out of these fake versions, some are even designed as capsules.

But remember that the original Gluconite is a powder.

There are also a couple of fake products formulated as powder (but with some totally different ingredients).

For this reason – always buy Gluconite from its official page.

At least if you want the original product (that really works).

Other than that – Gluconite is a great option for people dealing with both sleep issues and diabetes.




#1 – How It Works & Producer

First of all – here are some general things about Gluconite:

  • how exactly it works
  • what makes it so special
  • who is the company behind it
1. How It Works

Firstly, Gluconite stands out from the rest because it's a 2-in-1 product:

  • improves diabetes and blood sugar
  • supports better sleep

Now – it's also special because of its mechanism of action.

That's because it works best as night, through its “powerful accelerator”:

  1. Reduces high blood sugar.
  2. Speeds up metabolism.
  3. Decreases insomnia and poor sleeping habits.
  4. Increases sleep quality.

In other words – it works best while you sleep.

That's why I consider it a “night” diabetes supplement.

So it's the best supplement for people with diabetes who also struggle with insomnia.

Besides, it's not designed as pills – but as powder (which is easier to take).

Now – as a diabetes product alone, it's not necessarily my top recommendation.

That's because there are some better options for diabetes alone (Glucofort or Gluco Cleanse Tea are the best examples).

But it's definitely my top pick for people with both high blood sugar and insomnia.

Why use 2 different products for these issues when you can use only one?

2. Company Behind

Gluconite is made by a brand called Claro Nutrition.

Now – the problem with this company is that it doesn't have an official website:

  • address and phone number are available
  • there's also a customer support number
  • company is located in Nevada

This brand makes several health supplements.

However, each product has its own official website (and it's sold there).

There's no general website with all the products made by this brand.

To be honest, that's a bit suspicious.

Still – Claro Nutrition doesn't have any complaints on websites like BBB or TrustPilot.

And judging after the user reviews I found about it, it seems totally legitimate.


#2 – Ingredients (9 out of 10)

Gluconite has an excellent formula overall:

  • contains both vitamins/minerals and herbal extracts
  • its ingredients have studies behind
  • its mix of compounds is unique

Now – you cannot find any other product with these exact ingredients.

But given that Gluconite is designed for both diabetes and sleep, that's not a surprise.

Again – in terms of diabetes, it doesn't have the best formula out there.

And that's also available if you judge it as a sleep supplement alone (Sleep Support Plus is much better).

But as a 2-in-1 diabetes and sleep product, its ingredients are excellent.

Now – I'm going to divide them in 2 groups:

  1. Diabetes Ingredients
  2. Sleep Ingredients

In this way – you can understand their exact benefits and effect.

However, keep in mind that most of them work for both diabetes and sleep.

So even though they are listed in one category – they also belong to the other one.

But let's take a closer look at the formula.

1. Diabetes Ingredients 

This group includes most of Gluconite's ingredients.

Let's take the vitamins and minerals first:

  1. Vitamin A – improves insulin production in the pancreas.
  2. Vitamin C – lowers high blood sugar levels after meals. [1]
  3. Zinc – reduces fasting glucose and cholesterol levels. [2]
  4. Vitamin D – lowers average glucose levels.
  5. Vitamin K – improves insulin sensitivity and reduces diabetes risk.
  6. Chromium – reduces insulin resistance and lowers glucose levels.

As I said – some of these ingredients are also beneficial for sleep.

Chromium decreases trouble sleeping and vitamin D improves sleep quality.

Now, let's take a look at the most important herbs for diabetes inside Gluconite:

  1. Hibiscus Powder – reduces insulin resistance and blood pressure. [3]
  2. Stevia – maintains glucose levels constant.
  3. Hops Flower Powder – lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.
  4. White Willow Bark Extract – can prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Just like the vitamins above, these herbs can also benefit sleep.

Both Hibiscus and Hops boost sleep quality and reduce fatigue.

2. Sleep Ingredients

Gluconite also contains some ingredients that work much better for sleep.

They also have some diabetes benefits – but their effect is much stronger when it comes to sleep:

  1. Chamomile Flower Powder – it's an antioxidant with a strong calming effect. [4]
  2. Passionflower Flower Extract – can relieve insomnia and anxiety.
  3. Tryptophan – improves sleep by increasing melatonin production.
  4. GABA – creates a calm mood and induces sleep.
  5. Melatonin – is a natural hormone that control sleep cycle. [5]

As you can guess – some of these substances can also help lower glucose levels.


All in all, Gluconite has an excellent formulation.

It contains a wide variety of ingredients – for both diabetes and sleep.

Again, it's not the best formula for a specific issue (diabetes/sleep).

But for a person dealing with both problems, it's absolutely perfect.




#3 – Consistency & Dosage (10 out of 10)

Gluconite is a pretty special supplement from this point of view.

1. Consistency

What makes this product so special is that it's not formulated as 99% of diabetes/sleep supplements.

That's because it's designed as a powder:

  • can be mixed with foods/drinks
  • really easy to take
  • no pills to swallow

However, this powder form is only available for the original version.

That's because there are a lot of Gluconite versions out there formulated as pills.

Keep in mind that they're not the real ones.

If you want to make sure you get the original product – always buy it from its official page.

Now – there are lots of users who avoid taking pills.

If that's your case as well, Gluconite is absolutely perfect.

It's one of the few diabetes/sleep products formulated like this – so it has a huge advantage.

2. Dosage

Gluconite also has a very easy to follow schedule:

  • serving size is 1 scoop/day
  • you can take it with water or mix it with foods/drinks
  • make sure to take it before bedtime

Now – you only need to take this product once daily, which is very convenient.

Plus, you have to take it before bedtime – which is once again really easy.

So it looks perfect from this point of view, if you ask me.



#4 – Results (5 out of 10)

Gluconite doesn't look amazing at this chapter.

That's because it doesn't have any real user reviews outside its official page.

And if you read some of my other reviews – you probably know that I count a lot on other experiences.

Note: I only consider authentic reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. What People Say

As I said – the original version of Gluconite is only available on its official page.

There are indeed several forms on Amazon:

  • none of them have the same producer as the others
  • some are designed as capsules, others as powder
  • Claro Nutrition's Gluconite (the original) isn't available there

In other words – there's no point analyzing the reviews from Amazon.

That's because none of them is related to the original product.

Besides, all of those products mostly have negative reviews.

So it's obvious that they don't work and that they're not the original versions.

Now – Gluconite does have some user opinions on its official page:

  1. All of them are positive.
  2. Most users are highly praising the product.
  3. There's no negative issue or complaint.

Honestly – I can't really tell how authentic are those reviews.

For this reason, I won't focus too much on them – since they have a lot of chances to be biased.

That's why I couldn't find too many real user experiences with Gluconite.


Gluconite has a real problem when it comes to user reviews.

The original version is only sold on its official page – so there are very few reviews outside that.

For this reason, I can't really tell how it works in reality.

Still – judging after its ingredients, I would say it does work pretty well.




#5 – Side Effects (9 out of 10)

Since it has very few user reviews, it's obvious that Gluconite doesn't have any complaints here.

However – I consider it a pretty safe supplement overall:

  • decent doses
  • no controversial ingredients
  • mild formula

As I said before – it's not the strongest supplement for diabetes/sleep.

It works well for both, but it's a combination of milder ingredients.

So there's no risk of sedation or a sudden drop in blood sugar.

For this reason – if you have a mild form of diabetes/insomnia, it's perfect for you.

It's not strong enough to cause you any serious issues.

But on the other hand – it's strong enough to handle your problems correctly.

So I consider it really safe overall.


#6 – Price (7 out of 10)

Honestly, Gluconite is a pretty pricey supplement at first sight.

But keep in mind that it can improve 2 different conditions.

So it's not that expensive anymore, if you look at it that way.

1. The Exact Price

Like I said – Gluconite's original version is only available on its official website.

There are indeed several other forms on Amazon – all for a lower price.

But again, none of them is the same as the original.

Just check their ingredients and you will see that they are much weaker.

Now – let's check Gluconite's pricing on its official page:

  1. Standard bottle costs $69 (it's a monthly supply).
  2. You can get a much better price for larger quantities.
  3. For a 180 days supply, you pay around $49/bottle.
  4. Shipping is free for anything above one bottle.

Honestly – many high quality diabetes/sleep supplements cost about the same.

It's true that Gluconite doesn't have their amazing formula.

But those other supplements can only treat one condition.

On the other hand – Gluconite is suitable for 2 different health problems.

So instead of paying for 2 different products – you pay a few dollars more for one.

Isn't that a really good deal, honestly?

2. Worth Or Not?

Considering all of its features, Gluconite is clearly worth it.

Like I said – you can have 2 problems solved with only one product.

Besides, its overall price is much lower than if you paid for 2 different products.

That's why I really recommend it.

If you're dealing with both diabetes and insomnia, it's everything you need.


Gluconite may not seem like the cheapest supplement out there.

But given that it's a 2-in-1 product, it's more than affordable.

So I really advise you to give it a try in this case – it's definitely not a waste of money.




#7 – FAQs

Now – let's quickly list down the common inquiries about Gluconite.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What is its primary purpose?

Gluconite has a unique 2-in-1 goal and that is to improve blood sugar/diabetes and sleep quality.

Its specific mode of action works optimally during nighttime through its “powerful accelerator.”

So with that, here are the potential effects of the product:

  • boosts metabolism and sleep quality
  • lowers high blood sugar levels
  • reduces poor sleeping routines and insomnia

In short, its approach makes it beneficial for individuals experiencing both diabetes and sleep disturbances. 

2. How do you use this product?

Firstly – Gluconite is a powdered supplement that you only need to take once daily.

All you have to do is blend 1 scoop with water or your favorite foods/drinks.

 Also – it's designed to be taken right before bedtime.

So it can effortlessly fit into your nightly routine.

3. Is one jar enough for 30 days?

Yes – one jar of Gluconite will ideally last you a month.

As long as you use the scoop that comes with it.

Additionally, just make sure to follow the suggested usage instruction which is only one serving daily.

4. Can it trigger any side effects?

Gluconite is considered a safe supplement due to several reasons:

  • moderate doses and mild formulation
  • absence of controversial compounds

Its gentle but still effective approach makes it less risky for one's health.

5. What is the price of this product?

Take note that the original version of Gluconite can only be found on its official website.

With that, the standard price of one jar is $69.

But the price can be reduced to $49/bottle if you opt to get the 180-day supply package.

Also – it offers free shipping (for more than 1 jar) and a money back guarantee.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here's how I would sum up my view on Gluconite (in 3 ideas). 

1. Original Formula

This supplement contains a unique mix of ingredients:

  • sleep boosters
  • substances that lower blood sugar

Since Gluconite works for 2 different issues, it contains some very varied ingredients.

That's what makes its composition extremely original.

In fact – it's the only supplement from the market with a similar formula.

2. Formulated As Powder

Another unique feature of Gluconite is that it's not designed as a supplement.

Instead – it comes as a powder than can be dissolved into water.

That's a major advantage for some people:

  • easier to take
  • no large capsules

Besides, you only need to take it once a day (before bedtime).

3. 2-In-1 Product

Gluconite may not be the strongest diabetes product or the best sleep booster.

However – it helps both conditions in a milder form.

In fact, it's the only 2-in-1 product for insomnia and diabetes.

That's why it's perfect for people suffering from both.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Yes, it is – it's a great option for someone dealing with both diabetes and insomnia:

  1. Excellent composition with original ingredients
  2. Really easy to take (powder)
  3. Doesn't cause any major side effects
  4. Reduces blood sugar
  5. Improves sleep quality

Now – as I said, it's not the very best diabetes or sleep supplement.

So if you're only suffering from one of these issues, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

It's simply not worth it completely, as a diabetes/sleep supplement alone.

In this case – I would recommend you either Gluco Cleanse Tea (for diabetes) or Sleep Support Plus (for insomnia).

But if you're dealing with both problems, it's definitely the best option out there.

So it's up to you and your own needs.




1 –

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Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 19, 2024

10 thoughts on “My Gluconite Review (2024) – Scam Or Worth The Complaints?

  1. My wife’s average blood sugar level was 13% when we started a year ago it is now down to 7.2%. It is still very high but at least we saw an improvement. Yes, my wife takes other diabetic medications but we couldn’t afford insulin for well over the past few years and my wife was put on disability. Our income changed dramatically and we got a better insurance program and were able to afford insulin. But for over a year this was a major factor in her medications and I was shocked her A1C dropped we went on a faithful regime of her taking her Gluconite daily and checking sugars and her A1C is lower in just 6 months. Thank you for this product I will be ordering more for the next year’s worth because it worked for my wife very well.

    1. Hi, Gideon! I’m glad you found a way to support your wife’s medication. It’s good to hear that Gluconite works for her because it means that you found a good supplement to invest in. I hope you continue your routine because it looks like it’s working really great for your wife. Wishing you both more happy and healthy days ahead.

  2. I have invested and got scammed in the past, and the story is horrible because it made me super stressed. Please stay clear of these scammers and if you have lost the money I hope you can still get your money back. The good thing is a friend referred me to this product and I have high hopes for this. I have to admit I am still afraid of spending money on a product again because there is still a fear the same misfortune will happen to me again. Sometimes, I think I should just look for natural remedies which can be found in the garden or I can grow in the garden. Do you think natural remedies can help me lower my blood sugar? I am looking for the best herbs I can just plant in the garden to lower my blood glucose.

    1. Hello, Mia! I’m so sad to hear about your past experiences. If you ask me, natural remedies can help but don’t expect a lot of improvement. I’m saying this because good supplements or carefully formulated teas are almost always backed by studies to really target the problems in our bodies. So in that case, you will be assured that it can really give special benefits. Also, you can get more essential ingredients from good supplements or carefully formulated teas so you might want to consider that. Some good herbal ingredients that can help you control your blood sugar can be found in Gluco Cleanse Tea. I hope this helps!

  3. It’s all a scam!!!!! Glyconito is a scam!!!! I invested 1,750 US dollars to buy myself a supply for the long term. I did get the products but half of them are expired and the rest are opened!!! I contacted the people whom I ordered it but WOW I got blocked by them do not buy this!!!! so they never got back to me anymore and I was so desperately in need of help to recover all the money back to me. I am really sure now Glyconito is very bad for your health all they want is to sell many things but they only send you bottles of low quality. I wanted to get my blood glucose levels down but instead, I feel like I am getting sicker after what happened. Glyconito is not good don’t buy it trust me!!!

    1. Hello, Jelai! I’m sorry to hear about the scam you went through. Unfortunately, this product is called GLUCONITE and not Glyconito. I hope they will contact you and give you your money back. Please be careful with the products you online next time. Good luck and hoping for the best.

  4. I truly believe natural ways are the way to go for many diseases that are out there. I’m lucky to find a good blend of fruits and vegetables to lower my blood sugar. I truly believe big Pharm is making killing huge profits off medications to the point that they reach other countries to sell their products. Paying more than 10 dollars for shipping besides the product itself is too much giving you a total of hundred dollars in the end. One medication was over 700 and another 382 a month so 1100 a month compared to vegetables and herbs in the fresh market. I chose this technique and I’m grateful I did. Why don’t you make a review about herbs only and give us a diet plan or a schedule to blend and take them to lower our blood sugar? Are you not a fan of natural remedies?

    1. Hello, Small! I’m happy to hear that fruits and vegetables helped you in terms of lowering your blood sugar levels. To answer your question, As of now, we do reviews for supplements because we wanted to highlight that supplements are good for the body too. Also, we want to help and give the readers helpful information about the supplements before they try them. Natural remedies sound good but I think we also need to take advantage of the advancement in science, especially its role in promoting a healthy and sound body. Hope this helps!

  5. Good day, I tried Gluconite. Used it for a month, taking it at least 1x per day, making sure to remember it before I go to sleep. There were still no significant results. I bought 3 bottles in case it actually worked after finishing all of them. However, why do I feel like it won’t give me the results I wanted? Should I wait more time to see my A1C go down to normal? I was not charged shipping when I received the product so it is a good thing I guess. So if you want to try it and see if it works for you, you should know they won’t charge you a shipping fee for more than 1 bottle. One less problem to worry about spending on it but remember too that one month is not enough to see the difference. I will update you again if I see improvements with my A1C, as of the moment mine is still between 6.6 to 7.

    1. Hi, Andrew! Thank you for sharing your experiences with Gluconite. If you ask me, most supplements don’t work as early as 1 month because you need to wait for your body to respond to their mechanism of action. Hopefully, you can see better results in the long run which is not far from happening since it’s a good supplement. I’m so happy that you don’t need to spend more on the shipping fee which can be very helpful for those who are on a budget. We are happy to hear more from you in the following weeks. Good luck with your journey!

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