My Nerve Renew Review (2020) – Scam Alert?

My Nerve Renew Review (2020) - Scam Alert?

It’s time for my Nerve Renew review – because this supplement is my #1 recommendation for neuropathy:

  • strongest formula from the market
  • really high doses
  • lots of users who swear by it

But considering its high price, are there any chances that it is a scam (in terms of cost)?

Or is it really worth all that?

Well, here’s the truth behind it and why it’s my top pick for nerve pain (+ video).

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Nerve Renew.

Review Summary

Full Name: Nerve Renew by Life Renew

Product Type: Nerve Pain Supplement

Best Actual Price: About $70/bottle 

You can also get it for about $50 with auto-shipping or if buying several bottles at once (more on this later on).

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Designed For: Neuropathy and all kinds of nerve pain:

  • reduces pain and burning
  • decreases and prevents numbing
  • eliminates sensitivity

In other words – it’s effective for most nerve problems.

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10It’s one of the few products I rated that high

Recommended?: Definitely – it’s the best supplement for neuropathy:

  • best ingredients from the market
  • huge rate of success in terms of relieving nerve pain
  • many satisfied customers
  • free of the side effects of classic medication

So if you ask me, it’s totally worth buying (despite being a bit pricey).


What I Liked About It

  • Excellent ingredients in high doses
  • The only supplement with 4 essential ingredients for neuropathy
  • Only 2 pills/day
  • Effective in most cases of nerve pain (according to its users)
  • Lots of satisfied customers behind
  • No serious side effects
  • You can get your money back for the last order up to a year


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Shipping isn’t free in most cases – about $7
  • Pretty expensive (though more valuable than its actual price)
  • Some complaints about spammy emails



Why It’s My #1 Recommendation For Neuropathy

As I already said – I consider this supplement as being the best product for nerve pain.

Why exactly?

Well – I have 4 major reasons why I recommend it.

1. Superior Versions Of Ingredients – that’s available for its vitamins B1 and B12:

  • the forms from Nerve Renew have better absorption
  • this decreases the pain much better 

2. Higher Doses – 2 ingredients come in higher quantities than in other products:

  • methylcobalamine
  • several vitamins

3. No Side Effects – compared to classic drugs, Nerve Renew doesn’t cause any secondary reactions.

It has almost no complaints on side effects – which tells a lot.

4. 1 Year Guarantee – it’s one of the few products that refunds you without any questions.

Besides, you can ask for a refund up to a year from your order.

But obviously – you will only be refunded for your last order (not the others).

Still – Nerve Renew isn’t a very cheap product.

But considering the value of its ingredients, it actually has a low price.

So if you can afford it for a few months (at least), I totally recommend it.



#1 – Claims & Producer

First of all – I want to give you some general facts about this supplement:

  • how it helps
  • how exactly it works
  • who is its producer
1. Claims

Nerve Renew promises to be “a nerve pain breakthrough”:

  • 3x greater bioavailability
  • superior forms of ingredients
  • several clinical trials behind

To be honest – I personally believe it is indeed a breakthrough product (considering its features).

And as I already mentioned, it is superior to most supplements of this kind.

So from this point of view – it actually does what it claims.

2. Company Behind

This supplement is made by a brand called Life Renew.

I personally have never heard about this company before – but apparently:

  • it only produces one product (Nerve Renew)
  • it’s focused on finding the best solutions for nerve problems

Now – there are some clear contact details on its official website.

The company is based in Idaho and there’s a full address.

So considering you can get in touch with them quite easily, I’m would say it’s a trustworthy brand.


#2 – Formula (10 out of 10)

This is probably the biggest advantage of Nerve Renew.

That’s because it has the best type of formula among all neuropathy supplements I looked into:

  • superior forms of classic ingredients
  • very high-quality compounds
  • faster absorption

In fact – Nerve Renew contains about 4 essential ingredients for neuropathy.

On the other hand, most supplements contain 1 or 2.

That’s what makes it the best product I know.

Now – let’s take a closer look at its 5 main ingredients.

1. Benfotiamine (300 mg)

This is one of the substances that makes the difference in Nerve Renew.

That’s because it’s a key ingredient (in terms of effect):

  1. It’s an improved version of vitamin B1 (essential for nerve pain).
  2. But it has a 3x better bioavailability/absorption. [1]
  3. It’s also less toxic.

Now – vitamin B1 (thiamine) is extremely helpful against nerve pain.

But the problem is that it’s eliminated very fast (due to its very poor absorption).

On the other hand, Nerve Renew is based on benfotiamine – which is an improved version of thiamine.

It has a much better absorption and consequently, a much stronger effect.

2. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (150 mg)

This ingredient is an antioxidant with amazing proprieties when it comes to nerve pain:

  • reduces pain and stinging [2]
  • fights oxidative stress

Now – oxidative stress is the #1 cause of nerve damage (which leads to consequent pain).

So antioxidants are essential in this condition.

Since R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is a very strong one, it’s exactly what a nerve pain sufferer needs.

And there’s more:

  • most supplements contain the S-Alpha form
  • that is much cheaper but also much weaker (in terms of effect)

So the R-Alpha version from Nerve Renew is a lot more superior.

3. Proprietary Blend (43 mg)

That’s a mix of some potent herbal-based ingredients.

Their #1 benefit is that they decrease inflammation and reduce consequent pain:

  1. Feverfew
  2. Oat Straw
  3. Passion Flower
  4. Skullcap Root

4. Vitamin B12 (2000 mcg)

This vitamin is essential for treating nerve pain properly:

  • decreases pain and burning sensations
  • reduces sensitivity
  • promotes nerve regeneration [3]

But once again – Nerve Renew contains an improved version of this vitamin.

I’m talking about methylcobalamine (while most supplements contain plain cyancobalamine).

Compared to cyancobalamine – the methyl version has a superior absorption and a stronger effect.

5. Additional Vitamins

These compounds are not as important as the previous 2 vitamins (B1 and B12).

However – their effect also adds up:

  1. Vitamin D – has an excellent effect for preventing nerve pain.
  2. Riboflavine – it’s essential for nerve health.
  3. Vitamin B6 – it’s helpful for healing current nerve damage.


Summing up, Nerve Renew has an excellent formula.

That’s the main reason why it’s my #1 recommended neuropathy supplement:

  • better ingredients than any similar products
  • some compounds come in superior versions
  • great doses overall

So in my opinion, it’s the best formula you can get.


#3 – Pills & Dosage (9 out of 10)

Here’s what you should know about Nerve Renew at this chapter.

1. The Pills

The biggest advantage of Nerve Renew’s pills is their design:

  • formulated as gelatin capsules (not as tablets)
  • much lighter consistency
  • no sour taste
  • really easy to swallow

Now – many neuropathy supplements are formulated as tablets (which are really thick).

That makes them quite hard to swallow, especially on the long term.

So compared to that – Nerve Renew is really easy to take.

2. The Dosage

This product has another good point here:

  • only requires 2 pills per day
  • you can take them in the morning and evening
  • it’s also up to you if you space them out or not

Now – a serving size of 2 pills/day is actually quite comfortable.

Lots of similar products require 3 or more capsules daily.

That’s why taking 2 a day isn’t very hard.


#4 – Results (9 out of 10)

The best way to see if a product works or not is by looking at its customer feedback.

And that’s exactly what I did with Nerve Renew.

I checked out its Amazon reviews (because those are known to be real).

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews (not promotional ones).

1. Positive Opinions

Nerve Renew has an average rating of 3.8 stars on Amazon.

That’s not a huge number for a product of its quality, to be honest.

However – you will see that most of its negative reviews aren’t actually related to its effect.

On the other hand, most users gave it 5 stars out of 5:

  1. Many praise its effect for relieving nerve pain.
  2. Some say it starts working really fast.
  3. Others claim they could notice a big improvement very soon (1-2 weeks).
  4. A lot of users say it is the best nerve pain product from the market.
  5. Many of them claim it helped more than similar products.

Basically – most positive reviews gave it the maximum grade.

This means the biggest part of its users were very satisfied.

And considering it has lots of repeated customers – it’s quite obvious it’s really effective.

2. Negative Opinions

As I already said – Nerve Renew does have a couple of complaints as well.

But here comes the interesting part.

Almost all of them are related to price, shipping or customer service:

  • very few negative reviews on the product itself
  • almost no user complains that the supplement doesn’t work

Now – most negative reviews complain about:

  1. Very expensive price
  2. Auto-shipping problems (and cancelling)
  3. Spammy emails from the company

If you ask me, these aren’t some major concerns (as long as the product works).

However – you can prevent them by buying the products manually or by unsubscribing to its company’s emails.

It’s pretty easy in the end.


Overall – Nerve Renew has a very good customer feedback:

  • many positive reviews related to its effect
  • few complaints in general
  • most of its negative reviews aren’t related to the product/effect itself

So from this point of view – I would totally recommend this supplement.

It’s definitely the best neuropathy product from the market.



#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

One of the biggest advantages of Nerve Renew is that it doesn’t cause any serious side effects.

That’s why it’s an excellent alternative to classic medication:

  • its main ingredients are vitamins + herbs
  • these cause side effects extremely rarely
  • even when the do, the reactions are very easy

On the other hand – classic pain relievers are a lot more dangerous from this point of view.

They cause severe stomach problems very often.

That’s a major reason why Nerve Renew has such a high rate of satisfied users.

It has almost no complaints on side effects.

And even if it did cause some secondary reactions – they can be prevented by taking the pills while or after eating.


#6 – Price (8 out of 10)

That’s the worst part when it comes to Nerve Renew.

However, its price isn’t as high as it seems at first sight. Here’s why.

1. The Exact Price

First of all – Nerve Renew’s best price is on its official website.

However, its final price depends on 2 factors:

  • the quantity you buy
  • whether you go for auto-shipping or not

In other words – here’s how much you should pay on it (depending on these 2 factors):

  1. 1 Month Supply: $69 (+$7 shipping)
  2. 3 Months Supply: $147 (around $49/bottle) + shipping
  3. 2 Week Trail: Only shipping ($7)

Basically – you get the chance to test out this product for free and get the 2 week version, paying only the shipping.

But here’s the trick:

  1. You can only order the 2 week trail if you sign up for auto-shipping.
  2. This means you will automatically be shipped (and billed) a new supply in 15 days.
  3. However, this is going to be a regular bottle (1 month supply).
  4. Also, its price is $49/bottle (just like in the 3 months supply offer).

So basically – you can’t order the trial bottle without joining the auto-shipping program.

This is the “price” you have to pay.

Now – Nerve Renew claims you can cancel the auto-shipping anytime.

However, many brands using this strategy make it hard for you to quite (see Heal-N-Soothe).

That’s why my advice would be to order the products manually.

If you go for the 3 months supply – the price is the same as with auto-shipping ($49/bottle).

So I would say that’s a much better choice (in my opinion).

2. Competitors’ Price

At first sight – Nerve Renew seems way more expensive than most neuropathy supplements.

That’s because there are plenty of products under $40 on Amazon.

However – their formula is much weaker than Nerve Renew.

And there’s one more thing.

Considering the value of its ingredients – Nerve Renew should cost more than double:

That’s why its price isn’t as high as it seems.

Its actual value is much higher – so you end up paying a lot less getting these ingredients in one supplement.

Plus, you’re also taking only one pill (instead of 6 separate ones).

In my opinion, it’s worth the higher price in these conditions.


Nerve Renew does seem very expensive at first sight.

But in reality – it is worth this higher price:

  • its ingredients’ value is almost double than the price
  • much better composition than similar products

It’s true that it is still quite hard to afford.

However, if you go for the 3 months supply – you end up saving $20 from the start (which is a decent amount).

So that’s my personal recommendation.



#7 – Availability (9 out of 10)

This supplement in available in 2 main sellers:

  1. Its official website
  2. Amazon

Now – I know Amazon is the more comfortable option for most people, but here’s the issue:

  • price is much higher there
  • there is no discount (not available for $49/bottle)
  • out of stock very often

On the other hand – its official website looks much better at all of these chapters:

  1. Price is better with auto-shipping/a larger quantity.
  2. Regular price is also slightly lower.
  3. In stock almost all the time.
  4. Money back guarantee.

So I personally recommend going for the official website because the price (and the other features) are much better there.


#8 – Nerve Renew In 3 Ideas

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on this supplement.

1. Best Ingredients From The Market

As I said – Nerve Renew has by far the best formula among neuropathy products:

  • contains 4 essential nerve pain substances
  • based on strongest herbs for this issue
  • really high doses overall

Plus – the value of its ingredients is much higher than its full price.

So you’re making a great choice going for this formula.

2. Very Satisfied Users

This supplement has a very positive feedback in general:

  • lots of 5 stars reviews
  • many repeated customers
  • many praises overall

It obviously has some negative reviews as well.

But most complaints aren’t necessarily related to the product itself.

So in terms of effect – it has a very positive feedback from its users.

3. 1 Year Refund

Nerve Renew is one of the few supplements that allows you to get your money back as late as 1 year after.

However – you will only get a refund for your last order (not for all of them).

Still, this strategy is extremely fair and helpful for people who only want to try it out.

So it’s worth trying even only for this reason.


#9 – My Video Review


My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Totally worth it.

Nerve Renew is actually the very best neuropathy supplement I know:

  1. Better ingredients than any other products.
  2. Lots of satisfied users behind.
  3. Extremely effective against nerve pain.
  4. No side effects (the opposite to classic drugs).

Now – it’s true that it’s also quite pricey at first sight.

But the actual value of its ingredients is more than double than its price.

So buying them separately would be much more expensive than that.

That’s a major reason why I recommend Nerve Renew (despite its high cost).

I always prefer paying the least for a quality supplement – but in this case, no other product compares to Nerve Renew.

For this reason – if you want the best effect, I strongly recommend this product.




1 –

2 –

3 –

Written by 

Olly is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

14 thoughts on “My Nerve Renew Review (2020) – Scam Alert?

  1. I am currently using Nerve Shield Plus for Neuropathy. I have been taking it only 4 weeks. At least the sharp pains i was getting especially at night have gotten much less. I only bought 3 months worth to see if it really worked. It is expensive for me, but I did not know what else I could use that worked so I tried it. My cardiologist says could not see anything wrong with it. I take a lot of meds so was trying to find something more natural. Did not want to turn to pain medications. The neurologist did not suggest anything except chemical pain meds. I am 80 years old and a diabetic for 40 years. Just happy to be alive. Can you suggest something that will work and is much cheaper. I would appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for sharing your experience with Nerve Shield Plus, I’m glad to hear it’s helpful. The problem is that this kind of neuropathy supplements tend to be very expensive. And even though Nerve Shield Plus isn’t among my very top picks, the best neuropathy supplements I know have about the same price. Nerve Renew is the best example. It costs $69 normally but you can get it for $49 in the best case, if you buy a larger supply. That’s what I think you did with Nerve Renew, because it has a similar offer. So if $49/bottle is hard for you to afford (which is totally normal, it would be hard for me to afford too), I don’t know what to recommend you because stronger products have the exact same price.

      The only possible remedy going through my mind is turmeric. It’s normally recommended for inflammatory pain, but I know many people who used it for neuropathy and were very satisfied. So it might work, but I cannot guarantee as I would in case of a classic neuropathy supplement. Anyway, turmeric is much cheaper so you might want to give it a try. Here’s a list of the top rated turmeric products I know, it might come in handy.

      Once again, my top suggestion would be to go for a potent neuropathy product like Nerve Renew, but unfortunately, it costs the same as Nerve Shield Plus. So if you really can’t afford that on the long term, you might give turmeric a try, since it’s much cheaper, and see whether it helps or not. Please keep my updated with your case. Best wishes!

    1. Hi William. It’s not really my product, I’m only giving out my opinion on it, I’m not selling it or anything. But to answer your question, for a product to work you need to take the recommended dosage. For Nerve Renew, it’s 2 pills/day. So yes, you have to stay with this dosage if you want to see what it can do.

  2. I had already purchased Bio Soothe Pro when I came across your site. I compared its ingredients on the bottle with the ingredients on Nerve Renew’s label, which is on your site. The ingredients appear to be the same. I was considering ordering Nerve Renew after seeing your opinion on Bio Soothe. But after comparing the labels, I was kind of confused about the difference. Please give me your opinion on this. Thanks, Stan

    1. Hi Stan! I could not find the full formula of BioSoothe Pro, but I did manage to find 4 of its ingredients. And I can tell you that those 4 ingredients can’t be found in Nerve Renew, so there’s no way that these 2 products have the same ingredients. You could try sending me a picture of BioSoothe Pro’s label, but I am sure the ingredients inside it are not the same as those from Nerve Renew.

      1. Olly, Sorry it took me so long to respond to your email. I sent you a picture of the complete ingredients on the Bio Soothe Pro bottle for comparison thanks for your response. Stan

  3. i’ve been using nerve renew for several years, and it hasn’t stopped the “spread” across my foot or helped at all. nerve pain in my hands keeps getting worse as well. by the way, i don’t believe you are not selling it. my supply just ran out and i will not “RENEW”

    1. Hi David, I’m really sorry to hear about your issues and that Nerve Renew hasn’t done anything about it. Just wondering, have you visited any doctor? I surely do not recommend supplements as an alternative to medical treatment, so my main advice is to see a doctor. Supplements are designed additionally to prescribed treatment normally. I’m also wondering, have you tried any other product/supplement besides Nerve Renew?

      By the way, I’m not selling it – nor I am selling any supplement on this website. I am simply reviewing products and choosing a couple which I consider best from every category. Hope this helps!

  4. My son had surgery four week ago on a vein in his leg to remove a tumor and now has severe pain, burning and numbness in his foot and the Doctor said was nerve pain, the Doctor want him to get off the Oxycodone which was not stopping the pain and he is taking gabapentin but his pain is horrible, what would you advise me to get for him, i sure would appreciate your help!

    1. Hi Veachel. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s pain but at this point, I would not recommend him any supplement. First of all, what is his age? This kind of supplements are not recommended to children under 18, so if that’s his case as well, they are a big no. Also, a supplement will most likely not solve his pain since classic drugs did not (they have a much stronger effect). So my advice would be to talk to his doctor and test several alternatives, there should be one that works even a bit. Just make sure he’s on a prescription treatment instead of a supplement. He can also add a supplement to his daily products, but I would not recommend it at this point (they tend to be very pricey and they might not help, so for now I would only stick to the drugs). Trying another drug would be the best thing for your son right now, it’s all about finding the suitable one for this pain. Sorry I can’t help more but there’s no point spending your money on something that might not work right now.

  5. My wife has terrible nerve pain on her spine midway up her back that someimes radiates to the neck. All the pain I read about is for people with pain in the feet or legs Does Nerve Renew help with back nerve pain? Thank You

    1. Hi John, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s problems. Is she following any prescription treatment first of all? That’s definitely my top recommendation and the first aspect she should look into. As for your question, Nerve Renew and all neuropathy supplements are designed for all sorts of nerve pain, not just leg pain (this is by far the most common so that’s why you see it mentioned so often). So she can try a supplement additionally. Also, heat therapy could also help her for a moment (especially when dealing with severe pain). She can use a hot bottle or a classic heating pad to reduce the pain intensity for a while.

      Hope this helps and best wishes to your wife.

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