My Review: ProJoint Plus (2024) – #1 Supplement Against Joint Pain

My Review: ProJoint Plus (2021) - #1 Supplement Against Joint Pain

It's time to review ProJoint Plus – because it's my favorite product for arthritis:

  • strong ingredients
  • high rate of success (for pain relief)
  • one of the best prices on the market

So at this point – it's the best supplement you can get against your joint pain.

If you want something that will treat your pain from the inside (not just temporary) – that's what you should go for.

But what lies behind it?

Well – I analyzed each of its aspects in the lines below, as well as in a video.

Review Summary

Full Name: ProJoint Plus by Vita Balance

Product Type: Joint Pain Supplement

Best Actual Price: $29.95/bottle.

However – you can only get it for $19/bottle (see details below).

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website.

It's also available on Amazon (in certain countries) – but it costs a lot more.

Plus, it's most likely not the original version, so I don't recommend getting it from there.

Designed For: Decreasing joint pain (its #1 goal).

But it's effective for pretty much any joint problem:

  • stiffness
  • lack of flexibility
  • weakness and so on

It also works for preventing future problems (keeping cartilages/joints healthy) – especially those caused by aging.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Recommended?: For sure – it's the best joint supplement you can get:

  • great value for the money
  • best formula on the market
  • really low price for the quality

So it's a product that is worth the money at any time (a lot more than any other, actually).


How To Buy ProJoint Plus Cheaper

Here's a way to get this supplement for about $19 per bottle, instead of $30. 

  1. Use my code FIVE$61404893 to get 5% off.
  2. Go for the “3 + 1 free bottles” pack.
  3. In this way, you pay for 3 bottles and also receive 1 for free.

If you make the calculations, this means around $19 per bottle – which is a really low price.

That's why it's a lot more worth buying a larger quantity than a single bottle.



What I Liked About It

  • Excellent formula and ingredients
  • Contains gelatin pills, which are easier to swallow (compared to the tablets from most similar products)
  • Each ingredient has studies behind
  • Effective for joint pain, stiffness, cartilage damage, etc.
  • Lower price than most of its competitors
  • Discounts offered for larger quantities
  • Reliable producer


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Only ships in about 25 countries
  • Shipping isn't free for any order
  • Shipping fees are quite high for non-US orders
  • Mostly available on its official website


Why It's My #1 Recommended Joint Supplement

If you ask me – ProJoint Plus is better than most joint products:

  1. Contains the strongest (and more rare) form of glucosamine.
  2. Its formula is the best one you can find.
  3. Treats the actual cause behind the pain (not just the symptoms).
  4. Significantly lower price.
  5. Pills that are smaller and easier to swallow.

Not to mention that it works for most joint problems (especially those related to cartilage damage).

In fact – it's one of the few products that will treat your pain from the inside.

So it's not only a short-term remedy, as most supplements are.

And honestly – I could not find any other joint product with such a high quality/price ratio.

That's why, in my view – it's an excellent supplement.

For this reason, I would recommend it at any time.




#1 – What It Is & Claims

Before I start analyzing this product – I want to give you a few general details about it.

What it claims to do, who is the company behind, etc.

1. Claims

ProJoint Plus summarizes its promises in this affirmation:“Healthy joints, healthy life”. 

In other words – it claims to:

  1. Improve joint health with natural ingredients.
  2. Decreases consequent pain through its healthy formula.
  3. Supports cartilage and joint mobility.

To be honest, these promises are true:

  • its formula is indeed based on natural compounds
  • the ingredients can do what the label claims

Basically – this product improves joint pain/health using some classic (but natural) ingredients.

It doesn't claim any unbelievable thing – not even that it's the best joint supplement on the market (as many products do).

So this tells a lot about its integrity, if you ask me.

2. Company Behind

ProJoint Plus is produced by a company called Vita Balance.

I have reviewed some other products made by this brand (see Turmeric Curcumin Plus).

And at this point – it's one of my favorite supplement producers:

  1. Many quality products behind.
  2. Most of its products contain classic (and strong) formulas.
  3. Many of them have the exact ingredients as similar products.
  4. However, their price is a lot lower.

Basically – Vita Balance's products contain the standard formula for a certain condition.

You can find this formula in other products as well.

However, the ones from Vita Balance are significantly cheaper.

That's why I'm a big fan of this brand. 

It brings on quality products for a lower price than its competitors.



#2 – Formula (10 out of 10)

As I mentioned before – ProJoint Plus has a very classic formula:

  • ingredients known for their positive effect on joint health
  • each has studies behind
  • dosages are also very good

Now – you can find this exact same formula in several joint products.

Since it's a classic one, many supplements use it (because it's known to be effective).

But there's one thing that makes the difference – the form of glucosamine.

I will give you more details on this below, but basically – ProJoint Plus contains a superior version, which is pretty rare.

But back to its ingredients – I would divide them in 3 groups (based on their effect):

  1. Cartilage Compounds
  2. Inflammation Compounds
  3. Anti-Oxidant Compounds

So let's take a closer look at each group.

1. Cartilage Compounds

This category includes 2 ingredients:

  1. Glucosamine Sufate (1500 mg)
  2. Chondroitin Sulfate (150 mg)

Both of them have the same goal – to improve cartilage health:

  • repair and re-build damaged cartilages [1]
  • prevent them from wearing (due to aging)
  • increase their flexibility [2]

What I personally love about this formula is the form of glucosamine it contains (the sulfate).

This form has more clinical evidence behind and a much stronger effect.

On the other hand – the most supplements contain the HCl form.

This one doesn't have too many studies behind (and most of the existing ones have neutral results).

However, the HCl form is much cheaper – so the brands end up having a lower production cost.

But in terms of effect, those products are clearly not as potent.

So ProJoint Plus has a major advantage at this chapter.

2. Inflammation Compounds

This group mostly contains herbal ingredients, which are meant to decrease inflammation:

  1. Boswellia Extract (200 mg)
  2. Turmeric (150 mg) [3]
  3. MSM (25 mg) [4]
  4. Bromelain (25 mg)

As these ingredients decrease the inflammation – they should also decrease the consequent pain.

Their dosages aren't huge, but there are 4 different ingredients.

So the overall effect is going to be much stronger that way.

3. Anti-Oxidant Compounds

There are only 2 ingredients in this group:

  1. Quercetin (25 mg)
  2. Methionine (25 mg)

Their #1 goal is to prevent future joint damage:

  • fight oxidative stress
  • prevent damage caused by aging
  • have some anti-inflammatory proprieties


All in all – ProJoint Plus has the best formula on the market.

It's definitely not the only one using these ingredients (and quantities).

But compared to its competitors – it has some better versions and a much better price.

That's why it's a supplement I strongly recommend.

In terms of ingredients – it's totally worth buying.



#3 – How To Use It (9 out of 10)

Here's what you should know about this product's pills and schedule.

1. The Pills

Unlike most glucosamine supplements – ProJoint Plus doesn't contain thick tablets.

In fact, its pills are created as gelatin capsules:

  • easier to swallow
  • lighter weight
  • smaller dimensions

Basically – the pills have a transparent gelatin powder and yellowish to brown powder inside:

(2020) Review: ProJoint Plus - My #2 Recommendation For Joint Pain

This kind of capsules are a lot easier to take compared to regular glucosamine pills (tablets).

So you shouldn't worry too many about this if you decide on ProJoint Plus.

2. The Schedule

Things are not as excellent at this chapter.

ProJoint Plus requires taking 3 pills per day – which isn't very comfortable.

Still – spacing the pills out isn't a must.

So if that's easier for you, you can take all 3 together (or 2 at once and 1 later on).

The effect is the same no matter how you took them, so it's up to you.



#4 – Results (8 out of 10)

In order to give you an unbiased view on this product – I tried to look at what people say about it.

I mostly analyzed previous customers' opinions (those are the most relevant).

Note: I only included authentic reviews (not fake/promotional ones).

1. Positive Opinions

ProJoint Plus' #1 problem is the lack of reviews:

  1. There are many of its official website.
  2. However, I tend to avoid that kind of reviews (in products in general)
  3. There are only about 5 reviews on Amazon, which aren't relevant

Now – I could find a lot of general reviews on this supplement.

But most were written by people who only tried to promote the product (false positive reviews).

So none of them had actually tried it or looked at previous users' opinions.

For this reason, I tried to dig deeper into the reviews from ProJoint Plus' official website:

  • all of them are rather positive
  • very few real complaints

However – you're allowed to write your own review (once you verify your purchase).

This means the brand is honest and allows all real users to leave a review.

That's what makes me trust the reviews from its official website.

Still – it's up to you if you decide to trust the official website's reviews.

I personally would, but it's your choice.

2. Negative Reviews

As I said – ProJoint Plus' official website doesn't have any seriously negative reviews.

But there are about 3 complaints on Amazon:

  1. One person says it didn't help much.
  2. Another one claims it relieved the pain, but not completely.
  3. There's another complaint saying it didn't work.

Obviously – there are also some positive reviews outside these complaints.

But it's all about the negative side right now.

And even though this product clearly doesn't work for everyone – 3 complaints is too little to tell.

So the number is quite irrelevant.

That's why I couldn't call it a bad product judging after only 3 negative reviews.

Plus – some sources say the version sold on Amazon is not the original one.

And honestly, that's totally possible.

This is why I wouldn't count on those reviews too much.


ProJoint Plus has mostly positive reviews in general:

  • people say it relieved their pain
  • some claims it's the best product for stiffness
  • many praise its really low price

However – it's up to you if you trust them, as most of these reviews are on its official website.

On Amazon – the few opinions you can find are quite mixed up. 

But if you ask me, this product fully deserves its good reputation (in terms of effect).




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

ProJoint Plus doesn't have any real complaints about secondary reactions.

Now – this is totally normal, since it has few customer reviews.


  1. Glucosamine supplements rarely cause side effects.
  2. Its own dosages aren't way too high.
  3. This formula is considered quite safe overall.

So if you ask me – there's nothing to worry about when it comes to side effects.

At most, this product could cause nausea/stomach cramps.

But this usually happens when taken on an empty stomach (and only in some people).

So if you experience these issues – try taking it after eating.

This should decrease or even eliminate the problems.



#6 – Price (9 out of 10)

That's one of the biggest advantages of this supplement.

It one of the very cheapest joint product on the market – and for sure the cheapest quality one.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – the best place to buy ProJoint Plus is on its official website.

I'm saying this in terms of price:

  1. A bottle costs $29.95 normally.
  2. Price gets better if you buy a higher quantity at once.
  3. When buying 4 bottles, you get each for about $19.
  4. Shipping also costs around $5.

Now – at $19 per bottle, ProJoint Plus has an excellent price.

Considering its great formula, it's even more worth it.

I personally don't know too many similar supplements that costs so little.

That's why it's an excellent choice in terms of quality/price.

  1. Joint supplements require a longer time before starting to work.
  2. You need to take a product about 1-2-3 months before seeing results.
  3. That's why you have to think in advance (if you afford a certain product for 3 months or not).

For this reason, I actually consider ProJoint Plus as a great long-term joint supplement.

2. Worth Or Not?

It's definitely worth it.

I tend to be very critical towards the supplements I analyze and look into.

But when it comes to joint pain supplements, ProJoint Plus is clearly the best one I came across.

Even though it has a much better formula than many products – it's also cheaper.

That's somehow an irony (but a positive one).


In terms of price, ProJoint Plus is an excellent choice:

  • the best quality/price on the market
  • great value for the quality

That's why I strongly recommend it.

Given all its strong features, it's definitely worth all the money.




#7 – FAQs

Let's focus on typical questions regarding ProJoint Plus.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What is the primary purpose of this supplement?

ProJoint Plus aims to enhance joint health and alleviate pain related to it.

It takes pride in its natural ingredient blend and overall formula.

With that, it claims to effectively support cartilage and promote joint mobility.

2. What are the usage directions of this product?

The usage instructions for ProJoint Plus are quite simple.

It recommends a daily intake of 3 pills.

It's up to you whether you take them all at once or space them out.

3. Does one bottle provide a month's supply?

One bottle of ProJoint Plus contains 60 capsules.

Also – the suggested serving size is 3 capsules per day.

With this dosage, one bottle provides only a 20-day supply rather than a full month.

4. Can it trigger potential side reactions?

ProJoint Plus has not received significant complaints, especially when it comes to causing adverse reactions.

Generally – glucosamine supplements, like ProJoint Plus, are not risky for health.

But nausea or stomach cramps may occur in rare cases, as is common with any supplement.

5. How much does this product cost?

The normal price of ProJoint Plus is $29.95 for a single bottle.

However, purchasing four bottles or more reduces the individual cost to about $19 per bottle.

Additionally – the shipping cost is approximately $5.



#8 – Availability (7 out of 10)

This is probably one of the biggest problems of ProJoint Plus.

First of all – it's mostly available ONLY on its official website:

  • not sold in local drugstores/pharmacies
  • not available on Ebay, Walmart, etc.
  • you can find it on Amazon (but for a higher price)

Actually, I don't recommend buying it from Amazon because you can't get a discount for larger quantities.

Besides, there are high chances that it's not the original formula.

But that's not all.

ProJoint Plus' official website doesn't ship worldwide.

Actually – you can only buy the product in about 25 countries.

Besides – unless you're from the US, shipping isn't standard.

This means that for other countries, International shipping rates are applied (it costs around $11-$15).

That's not very pleasant for non-US residents, to be honest.



#9 – ProJoint Plus In 3 Conclusions

Here's how I would sum up my opinion on this supplement (in 3 ideas).

1. Quality Ingredients

In terms of formula – ProJoint Plus is excellent:

  • strong compounds in high quantities
  • studies behind for each ingredient
  • substances that work great together

As I said – there are many supplements containing this exact formula.

This is a proof of its effectiveness. 

However, it's the price that makes the difference.

2. The Best Prices

Basically – this product is cheaper than most competitors having the same formula:

  • standard price is $30/bottle
  • discounted price is $19/bottle (when buying more bottles)

This makes it cheaper than 95% of its competitors.

There are some that cost less (but they also contain the weaker form of glucosamine).

That's why ProJoint Plus could be considered as having the lowest price among joint supplements.

3. Shipping Issues

Obviously – it's not all perfect about this product.

And its main problem is shipping:

  • only available in about 25 countries
  • shipping costs around $5 in the US
  • in other other 24+ countries, it costs around $11-$15

So unless you're from the US, shipping rates aren't the best ones.

That's the only major drawback I could find about this product.



#10 – My Video Review



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Certainly – it's the best joint products I know:

  1. Strong formula based on quality ingredients.
  2. Compounds are very effective (several studies behind).
  3. Helpful for most joint problems (from pain to stiffness).
  4. Uses gelatin pills instead of thick tablets.
  5. One of the best prices on the market.

It's definitely not a perfect product – since it's only shipped in about 25 countries.

But in terms of quality/price, it's a great choice as a joint supplement.

In terms of effect, it will surely work for you, since its formula is very potent.

That's why ProJoint Plus is a joint supplement I would strongly recommend anytime.




1 –

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4 –

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

12 thoughts on “My Review: ProJoint Plus (2024) – #1 Supplement Against Joint Pain

  1. I’ve seen this supplement reviewed by many people who have nothing to do with medical field. All the say is that it’s the best and no explanation. So I really want to thank you for doing a long analysis on it, you convinced me that it’s good for some real reasons and I love that I could hear a clear explanation. Its price is indeed an advantage, especially as other products have the same ingredients and cost more.

    But please tell me this. I saw you recommend another product for arthritis because you say it’s cheaper and sold in more countries. If I’m the in US, would you still recommend that other product or this one (Projoint Plus)?

    1. Hi Emman. I know ProJoint Plus has lots of reviews on the Internet and I pretty much agree with you – most of them only state its general facts (the ones mentioned on its official website). Instead, I try to analyze every supplement properly and explain my readers why it is better/worse than another one.

      So I’m really glad you enjoyed my analysis on ProJoint Plus, this motivates me to go on with my reviews.

      As for your question, my top recommended glucosamine supplement is called Joint Support + from Nuzena. It’s extremely similar to ProJoint Plus, especially in terms of formula. But overall, it has some minor advantages that make the difference:

      – about $4 cheaper (for the largest pack in both)

      – free shipping on orders above $50

      – you can pay any order in installments

      – it can be shipping in any country

      Now, you said you’re living in the US. So which of these 2 would be a better choice? Well, it pretty much depends on your budget. But I would say Joint Support + from Nuzena. If you buy more than one bottle, shipping is free while ProJoint Plus doesn’t offer free shipping for any order. Plus, it also allows you to pay in 4 monthly installments (ProJoint Plus doesn’t). 

      But in terms of ingredients and effect, both are equal. So it’s totally up to you which you want to pick. Hope this helps!

  2. Tried it with great hopes, as my use of Nature’s larder has been much more successful than the modern poisonous drugs. Nothing changed, but I’m not blaming this product, more the graceful sideways curve of my spine, and the sluggish progress of blood in my arteries, which diminishes the delivery of essential nutrients to the troubled areas.
    After much research, I have concluded that enzyme treatment is required, to counteract the bodies natural reduction in enzyme production with age.

    1. Hi Ralph, thanks for your feedback. I’m not very sure I understand what product you had best results with, so giving some clear facts would be very useful. Either way, thanks for letting me know how ProJoint Plus worked and I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have any better results with it.

  3. My twin sister has been using this product since forever. We are now 67 year old and life has never been better for me though I have only started taking this last month compared to her. On the side note, do you have any other recommendation for my back pain? Getting old really brings much joy and agony at the same time. I would really be thankful if you can give me some suggestions or tips as I have recently heard from the radio about the danger that medication can give–especially for old people like me.

    1. Hi Analissa! I aspire to have the same perception as you as I grow older haha. It’s nice to know that this product is working great for you. As for some suggestions and tips for your back pain, I highly recommend that you check out this 7 steps guide in relieving back pain. But since I don’t know if its just your back or your lower back specifically, you can also opt to look at this easy guide for lower back pain relief. As for your concern with medicine, I believe that you use it right and as instructed, nothing will go wrong. After all, it is formulated to be safe for consumption. Anyways, I think adding these steps to your health regimen will ease your pain.

  4. I have been playing basketball since I was a kid but lately, I can feel my knees throbbing and my hands getting stiff. Not to mention, I also feel some weakness when standing up. I really love basketball and I can’t give it up. If I purchase ProJoint Plus, do you think it can help me? I have already taken a look at other supplements and I can say that this is really the cheapest and looks legit. Please, I am only a student and don’t really have the means to buy the expensive ones.

    1. Hi Harold! I do understand your situation since I myself had been in your situation once too–not enough money for everything. But nonetheless, I think that going to the doctors would be a much better option since they are the expert. But if you decide to buy ProJoint Plus, it would help as a pain relief and reduce the stiffness because of its ingredients. Also, following this guide may also help you. You can find there some natural or at least easy steps to ease the pain and stiffness. I really hope that you get better soon.

  5. Is this really better than most? I have been scammed quite a few times already by products like this so I have some reservations. While I am not rich, I do believe that higher quality products–ones that works equates to a higher price. To be honest, I am using one right now but the cost is really hitting our finances hard. Hence, I am on a mission to find a better alternative. I came across this from your youtube channel and has since been thinking about purchasing one. What are the chances that this will work?

    1. Hi Joel! Of all the supplements that we have encountered and tried, ProJoint Plus is one of the products that gives the best effect at a reasonable price. I can say that this is not a scam as I have tried it myself already. While I do believe that for the best you have to invest, I don’t think it should be that costly and this product is an example of that. I can relate with you as I myself have tried many things too all for purchasing “the one”. As for the chances of it working, a lot of people had already given feedbacks that it works. Many are satisfied and it can be considered as a tried and tested product already. On the other hand, if you are still unconvinced, you can take a look at these products too to help you in your mission. I wish you all the best and may you find the product that best fits your needs. Thank you!

  6. I have a knee that has little or no cartiledge and i have been taking Move MD -IMD Nutrition and then i switched to Arthrozene which I just finished and went back to Move MD which seems to be better –

    I know you like ProJoint +! with Move MD I take one capsule a day, with ProJoint + i need to take 3 a day. Which is better – would love for you to respond to me!

    1. Hey Gary. I also answered you via email, but I will also leave the answer here, in case anyone else also has this question.

      I consider ProJoint Plus to be above MoveMD because of its composition – especially because of its glucosamine and chondroitin. But let me also tell you why I don’t like MoveMD too much:

      1. It lacks cartilage rebuilders that are essential if you’re struggling with loss of cartilage (which also seems to be your case). Glucosamine sulfate combined with chondroitin sulfate are the best at this chapter, but MoveMD doesn’t contain any of them.

      2. Its main ingredient (Boswellia extract) only improves inflammation, not cartilages, so it doesn’t fix the root cause of joint pain. Most people suffering from joint pain have osteoarthritis (which is caused by damaged cartilages or even cartilage loss in more severe cases, like yours). The bone to bone friction leads to inflammation, which then leads to pain.

      What Boswellia does is to reduce this inflammation, thus improving the pain (partially). But it doesn’t repair the cartilages (like glucosamine + chondroitin do), so the problem is basically untreated. That’s why I personally don’t recommend joint products whose main ingredient is Boswellia, Turmeric, Devil’s Claw or any other anti-inflammatory unless the person has rheumatoid arthritis, whose main cause is joint inflammation. Instead, I do recommend joint supplements whose main ingredients are glucosamine and chondroitin and that also contain anti-inflammatory herbs additionally (like ProJoint Plus).

      3. Its collagen doesn’t do much. Studies haven’t found collagen supplements to be extremely successful for joint pain, simply because collagen isn’t absorbed too well. Part of it is indeed absorbed, so it may help – but again, it doesn’t rebuild cartilages, like glucosamine and chondroitin do.

      4. Hyaluronic acid is mostly helpful if injected directly into the joint. In order to be helpful when taken by mouth, the quantity has to be at least 200 mg. MoveMD and most joint supplements with hyaluronic acid only use 25-50 mg, which is way too little. This is why I rarely recommend supplements with hyaluronic acid, because they are usually useless.

      Concluding, the reason why I recommend ProJoint Plus over MoveMD is because of its glucosamine + chondroitin combination. They are the best ingredients for rebuilding cartilages, not anti-inflammatory herbs, collagen or hyaluronic acid.

      You can combine ProJoint Plus with MoveMD, because their ingredient categories are pretty different (except for Boswellia, but that wouldn’t be a problem). But overall, if you only want one, I feel like ProJoint Plus is still a much better option in terms of formula.

      Hope this helps and all the best for you,

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