Is Gluco Shield Pro A Scam? My Review (2024)

It's time for my Gluco Shield Pro review – which is a natural diabetes supplement.

So is it any effective?

At first sight – things look very promising about it:

  • really well tolerated
  • works in a lot of cases
  • pretty popular option

But are there any chances that Gluco Shield Pro is a scam?

Well, I will give you all the details in the lines below.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Gluco Shield Pro.

Review Summary

Full Name: Gluco Shield Pro by Buy Goods

Product Type: Diabetes Supplement

Best Actual Price: About $69/bottle

You can also get it for about $49 (but more on this below).

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

It’s also sold on retailers, but 99% of those products are fake.

Designed For: Maintaining optimal blood sugar levelshere's what it can do:

  • reduce glucose levels
  • improve insulin resistance
  • promote general health

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Recommended?: Pretty much yes – it's quite a good product:

  • based on a natural formula
  • contains a variety of nutrients/herbal extracts
  • works pretty well in many cases

Still – it's not the best diabetes/blood sugar supplement I looked into.

If you want my top recommendation, check out this alternative that costs just the same.


What I Liked About It

  • Unique formula with varied ingredients
  • Based on both nutrients and herbal extracts
  • Only requires one pill per day
  • Works pretty well in a lot of cases
  • Doesn't cause any regular side effects
  • Available in several countries besides US
  • No fake versions sold on retailers


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • No dosage for its herbal extracts
  • Pretty expensive for its quality
  • Very few real user experiences outside its official page



Gluco Shield Plus In A Nutshell

Gluco Shield Pro is definitely a very natural supplement.

This feature is also visible in its mechanism of action:

  • reduces blood sugar using herbal ingredients
  • doesn't contain any synthetic compounds
  • really easy to tolerate

But despite its great features, it's not the best diabetes supplement I looked into.

Still, that doesn't make it less valuable.

So all in all – I would say it's better than 75% of the existing products.

Its biggest downside is its price, which is quite high for its value, if you ask me.

But if you afford giving it a try – I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

So Gluco Shield Pro remains a great option for people on a larger budget.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Here are some general things you should know on this product:

  • what makes it stand out
  • its mechanism of action
  • the company behind it
1. How It Works

Gluco Shield Pro is so special because of its natural formula.

Shortly – it promises to reduce high blood sugar naturally, using:

  • vitamins/minerals
  • herbal extracts

Since it contains some classic substances against diabetes, it surely follows its claims.

In other words, this product has a pretty simple mechanism of action.

It works based on natural ingredients – which are the reasons behind its success.

So from this point of view, it's totally recommended.

2. Company Behind

This supplement is made by a brand called Buy Goods.

Now, this company is behind many health supplements (with a high quality):

  • extremely reputable brand
  • lots of contact info available
  • many satisfied customers

However – Gluco Shield Pro's formula was created in a smaller facility.

But because of its great results and success, Buy Goods purchased the recipe from the original producer.

That's why it's currently the only legitimate producer of this supplement.

Other than that, Gluco Shield Pro comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

If it wasn't a legitimate product, it wouldn't allow such a long refund period.

So it's a trustworthy supplement.


#2 – Ingredients (8.50 out of 10)

Gluco Shield Pro's formula looks amazing at first sight:

  • based on classic diabetes nutrients
  • contains both vitamins/minerals and herbs
  • all ingredients have studies behind

However – what I personally don't like about it is its dosage in herbal extracts.

That's because all herbs are listed out as a blend.

There are no individual doses – so you can't really tell the quantity of each compound.

Still, that's a problem you can find in most diabetes supplements.

But things look even worse in Gluco Shield Pro's case.

That's because its blend doesn't even have an overall dose.

In other words – you can't even tell the final quantity of its herbal mix.

That's the only thing I dislike about it.

But even so – let's take a closer look at its active ingredients.

1. Vitamins/Minerals

This supplement contains a multitude of essential nutrients.

But here's what they can do in terms of blood sugar:

  1. Thiamine (6 mg) – a deficiency is associated with diabetes. [1]
  2. Riboflavin (6 mg) – has some strong antioxidant proprieties.
  3. Niacin (14 mg) – can reduce high glucose and cholesterol.
  4. Pyridoxine (4 mg) – can improve diabetes symptoms.
  5. Biotin (150 mcg) – controls blood sugar levels. [2]
  6. Panthotenic Acid (5 mg) – may improve high glucose levels.
  7. Calcium (13 mg) – decreases the risk of diabetes.
  8. Magnesium (12.5 mg) – helps manage high blood sugar.
  9. Zinc (12.5 mg) – has a positive impact on diabetes. [3]
  10. Potassium (12.5 mg) – is involved in insulin production.

Shortly, the list of nutrients inside this supplement looks pretty good.

Their doses aren't the highest, that's true – but that's not a major issue.

2. Proprietary Blend

This is actually a mix of several herbal extracts.

And as I said – the combination itself looks pretty good.

But the major problem is the hidden dosage (even for the overall blend).

Now, let's take a closer look at the top herbs inside this blend:

  1. Rhodiola – protects against diabetes complications. [4]
  2. Lutein – reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
  3. Ashwagandha – can lower blood sugar levels. [5]
  4. Chamomile – prevents against future complications.
  5. GABA – can improve insulin sensitivity.
  6. Passion Flower – can reduce high glucose levels.
  7. Oat Straw – reduces chronic inflammation.

There are about 15 different herbal extracts in this mix.

However, the 7 above are the most important ones.


Gluco Shield Pro has a pretty good formula overall.

However – its herbal extracts doses are completely hidden, which is a downside.

But other than that, its composition looks really promising.

So I would probably give it a try. 




#3 – Pills & Dosage (10 out of 10)

Gluco Shield Pro looks really good at this chapter.

1. Pills

First of all, it's designed as vegetable capsules.

This is the format used by most diabetes (and not only) supplements.

That's because it's really easy to swallow:

  • pills are small to average
  • they have no aftertaste
  • they are covered in gelatin
2. Dosage

This supplement looks really good in terms of serving size as well.

That's because it only requires one capsule a day.

In terms of schedule, that's very easy to follow and convenient.

So you will have a very easy time taking Gluco Shield Pro.

That's why it has a big advantage at this chapter.



#4 – Results (5 out of 10)

The best way to find out how a product works is by looking at its customer reviews.

But Gluco Shield Pro has a very common problem here.

That's because it has a low number of real user feedback.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. What People Say

Basically – this supplement isn't sold on any 3rd party retailer.

It's only available on its official website.

So there isn't any way to get it via Amazon/Walmart (not even as a fake version).

Now, that's a both good and bad thing:

  • you will always get the original product
  • no real user reviews available

It's true that there are some user experience on the product's official page.

But as usual – I tend to avoid this kind of opinions, simple because they're usually biased.

Still – in this case, I have no choice.

So it's up to you whether you trust them or not – but here's what previous users say about this product:

  1. Some state it really helped their diabetes.
  2. Others claim their health improved a lot since they've been using it.
  3. A few mention it works great with medication.

Again – I can't guarantee that these opinions are completely real.

That's completely up to you to decide.

But considering these experiences, Gluco Shield Pro really works.

And given its formula, I also believe it should help you (any single bit).

It's definitely not the very best diabetes supplement I looked into, that's for sure.

But it's definitely not a weak product either, on the contrary.


Gluco Shield Pro doesn't have too many real user opinions.

Since it's only sold on its official page – that's completely normal.

But overall, I consider it a pretty effective supplement.

Though it's not my top recommendation, I believe it makes a pretty good option.




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

This supplement doesn't seem to be having any serious issues here.

That's because its formula isn't very concentrated:

  • nutrients are on the average side
  • herbal extracts are probably on the lower side

So it's not the strongest diabetes supplement out there, that's for sure.

And even though that's a downside – it's also the reason why it's pretty safe.

It has no complaints on side reactions.

It's true that it has very few reviews overall, so this might be an explanation.

But considering its formula, it's definitely a very safe supplement.

So if you need a product that will surely not cause you any side effect, Gluco Shield Pro is perfect.

All in all, it's really easy to tolerate.


#6 – Price (6 out of 10)

Gluco Shield Pro isn't very pricey for a high quality diabetes supplement.

But considering its formula, its price is rather high, in my view.

That's why it's a pretty expensive product overall.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – this supplement is only sold on its official website.

So there's no way to get it from retailers (not even in a fake version).

Now, here's the pricing from its official page:

  1. A single bottle costs $69.
  2. You get a discount for larger quantities.
  3. In the best case, you can buy this product for about $49/bottle.
  4. Shipping is free in all cases (in the US only).
  5. However, the product is eligible for international shipping.

Now – considering its value, Gluco Shield Pro is quite expensive.

That's because its formula isn't very impressive (in terms of dosage).

If you ask me, it would probably be worth around $40/bottle – not more.

This is why I'm quite disappointed by its price.

Don't get me wrong – it's not a bad supplement at all.

But for its overall features, I consider it too expensive.

2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare Gluco Shield Pro with my top recommended diabetes supplement.

I’m talking about a product called Gluco Cleanse Tea:

  1. Gluco Shield Pro has a decent formula.
  2. However, its herbal extract doses are hidden.
  3. Gluco Cleanse Tea probably has the best composition from the market.
  4. It contains the best ingredients for diabetes (both herbs and vitamins/minerals).
  5. Besides, it also contains several trademarks.
  6. Gluco Shield Plus costs $69/bottle normally.
  7. In the best case, you can get it for about $49.
  8. Gluco Cleanse Tea is priced at $49/pack (in the best case).

Now – Gluco Cleanse Tea is way better in terms of ingredients, user feedback and results.

Not to mention that it has the same pricing, so it's clear that it would make a much better option.

Gluco Shield Pro is far from bad, that's for sure.

But compared to Gluco Cleanse Tea, it's surely weaker overall.


Gluco Shield Pro could cost about $20 less, given its ingredients.

So its pricing isn't very fair, if you ask me.

It's a good supplement overall – but it's quite expensive for its value.

That's why I would go for a better alternative that costs the same.




#7 – FAQs

Here are the commonly asked questions about Gluco Shield Pro.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What health issues can it address?

Gluco Shield Pro mainly focuses on lowering high blood sugar levels naturally.

The inclusion of important substances that are effective against diabetes can support this claim.

To be exact, it contains essential vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. 

Also – its mechanism of action is pretty straightforward.

It relies on the potency of its ingredients to help manage the blood sugar levels.

2. What are the simplified user instructions?

The recommended dosage of Gluco Shield Pro is 1 pill per day.

It's really up to you to choose the time of the day that you want to take it.

So just make sure to not consume more than what is suggested to avoid possible side effects.

3. Can it be taken with other supplements?

Certainly, Gluco Shield Pro can be included in your supplement routine alongside other products.

However – it's recommended to consume them at separate hours.

This is to minimize the possibility of adverse effects or interactions between the supplements.

4. Does it cause any secondary reactions?

Based on the reviews, Gluco Shield Pro appears to be a safe supplement due to its balanced formula.

Sure – it may not be the most potent diabetes supplement available.

But its moderate nutrient content and herbal extracts contribute to its safety profile.

Overall – Gluco Shield Pro is considered a low-risk product and pretty tolerable.

5. How much is this product?

You can only get the legit version of Gluco Shield Pro on its official website.

The price details from there are as follows: 

  • single bottle is priced at $69
  • the best possible deal is approximately $49/bottle
  • it offers free shipping within the US

Additionally – international shipping options are available.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my view on Gluco Shield Pro (in 3 ideas).

1. Decent Formula

In terms of ingredients, this product isn't the best out there:

  • average doses in vitamins/minerals
  • hidden doses in herbal extracts

Now, the formula looks really promising overall.

But its hidden doses in herbal extracts is something I personally don't agree with.

That's the only thing they should really improve.

2. Easy To Take

Gluco Shield Pro's biggest advantage is its really low serving size:

  • only requires one pill per day
  • formulated as small capsules

So it's a very easy to take product – which is very convenient for most people.

3. Could Cost Less

As I said, considering its formula – Gluco Shield Pro could be cheaper.

Its price is the same as that of high quality diabetes supplements.

However, its quality is not the same.

That's why I consider it quite pricey for its value.

In my view, it could easily cost $10-$20 less for every bottle.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Pretty much worth it.

Just keep in mind that it's not the best diabetes/blood sugar supplement out there.

But other than that, it's a pretty good product:

  1. Based on essential nutrients/herbs for diabetes.
  2. Only requires one pill/day.
  3. Works pretty well in many cases.
  4. Extremely safe overall.

As I said – it's far from perfect.

But unlike most high quality supplements, it doesn't deal with fake versions and unauthorized sellers.

It's only sold on its official page, so it's definitely the authentic product.

And all in all – it makes a pretty good option for diabetes.

Considering its ingredients, you should clearly see a small change with this product.

So if you're curious, you should definitely give it a try.




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Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 19, 2024

10 thoughts on “Is Gluco Shield Pro A Scam? My Review (2024)

  1. First is I want to thank you for this review of Gluco Shield Pro because I’ve been looking for a very detailed review about it that contains the different things I want to know about it. For a long time, I’ve been taking a diabetes supplement from brand ****** well it was looking very good at first but after years, it doesn’t look like it’s working anymore. Really don’t know if they changed the formula or if I got immune to it. Is it even possible that a certain supplement will make you immune to it to the point that it doesn’t work for your need anymore? If so, then does that mean that I need to change to new supplements every once in a while? If that’s the case then I really can’t find a steady product for me for life. I don’t personally have a problem with the product’s price as long as it will work in maintaining my healthy blood sugar levels.

    1. Hello, Ion! Thank you so much for appreciating our review of Gluco Shield Pro. If you ask me, there could be a chance that the formula could be changed or you need a more potent supplement for your condition. To answer your question, you don’t need to change supplements from time to time, you just have to find one with a very consistent formulation or even if it does, the company should make sure that it changes the product formulation for the better and not to change it to weaker ingredients or doses. Hope this helps!

  2. What’s the difference between Gluco Shield Pro and the alternative that costs a lot less you mentioned in the review? Forgive me but I don’t see the point of hyping up a product and then suggesting other supplements instead because it’s making me confused now since I don’t know what to buy anymore. What do you really recommend between the two like your #1? My sugar is going a little bit high and I am determined to start taking diabetes supplements because I don’t want to wait for a very long time because it may get super worst if I let it pass by. What could be the reason? I didn’t change my lifestyle I just eat Asian food and well, guilty of some desserts too but not always.

    1. Hello, Sandrine! If you ask me, Gluco Cleanse Tea has a better formula than Gluco Shield Pro. Not to mention that its price is just right for is superior qualities so it would make a much better option, in my view. But that doesn’t mean Gluco Shield Pro is a bad product, actually, it’s also a decent supplement. The purpose of this review is to give you an alternative and to give you another good choice other than Gluco Cleanse Tea. To answer your last question, I suggest you to take food with a high glycemic index in moderation or avoid it if you can. Hope this helps and let us know what product you want to try!

  3. I spent 30 years working on the problem. Want to know what the problem I am talking about is? Well, it is HIGH BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS. All caps because it’s making me frustrated. A group of people offered many different types of products for people who need help with the same problems and same system discomfort. The product works by combining homeopathic medicine, aromatherapy, and food therapy or diet plan. They said the mixture of these three things delivers a better and more effective form of relief than any other over-the-counter or prescription product that you can purchase, even from your local drugstore. I believed them but I DIDN’T SEE ANY IMPROVEMENT AT ALL. I wasted a lot of time because they got me with their flowery words. Good thing is I didn’t spend a lot of money but the effort, I could have done other effective things to lower my blood glucose levels. Finally saw this review I’m still thinking if I should try it or not but I am still learning more about trying it. Ty, I’ll update you!

    1. Hello, Yeyet! I’m so sorry you get to experience high blood glucose levels for 30 years. If you ask me, homeopathy, aromatherapy or a diet plan might not be very helpful in all cases. Some people might find it effective but some cases need more than that so that’s why supplements are better for maintenance. Go ahead and take your time in learning about Gluco Shield Pro. I hope you’ll like it and yes, keep us updated!

  4. Gluco Shield Pro really does work. It uses important ingredients that have a proven track record for helping with blood sugar. The ingredients that they use are all-natural herbs and important vitamins with some minerals. I don’t really consider them super harsh chemicals and there is nothing frightening about the product. Years back, my go to treatment with almost everything I felt bad in my body is active herbal medicine ordered from a powerful traditional healer and somehow gave me relief but not for everything. Until I read online that some of these herbal medicines could be unsanitary during preparation and can potentially introduce microbes into your body. After that awakening article, I opted to choose real supplements instead. Gluco Shield Pro was one of the first few supplements I tried and so far so good. Is this the only one you recommend or do you have anything else?

    1. Hi, sishy kitty! I’m so glad to hear that Gluco Shield Pro really works for you. Sad to say that some preparations of herbal medicines can be unsanitary but I’m not saying that it’s applicable to all of them. If you ask me, it’s still better to choose supplements because they are formulated in a lab and produced in a sanitized environment. So there’s a high chance that you will get a clean product, free from contamination. Lastly, I recommend that you try Gluco Cleanse Tea or you can expand your choice by reading our 8 Best Diabetes Supplements (Review + User Guide). Hope this helps!

  5. Maddy here! I just want to share my real experience with Gluco Shield Pro. I was on my way to the pharmacy to look for a good diabetic supplement. It was kinda a rush trip since I am a busy person. Working, taking care of my children, and doing some house stuff as usual. Finally, I found some time to do a quick run and take care of myself too by getting a good supplement. Believe it or not, I have no exact supplement in my mind I just thought that whatever the lady at the counter gives me then that’s it. Suddenly, I saw my high school classmate along the way and we had a very quick catch-up I told her my task for that day. She suddenly suggested Gluco Shield Pro because it’s the one she’s using. So she told me to go home and just order online and then wait for it to come. It saved some time because I do not need to go out which means I have more time for my priorities. At the same time, it really works! So hitting two birds with one stone. Try it guys!

    1. Hello, Maddy67! I think it was destined for you to see your high school classmate along the way because that might be the sign that you really need Gluco Shield Pro. Also, it’s very helpful that you talked with someone who used Gluco Shield Pro. Simply because you will have an actual testimony from a person who actually tried it and that gives you an assurance that it’s really working. I’m very glad to hear that you liked the convenience of ordering and choosing Gluco Shield Pro. I believe that for a busy mom like you, you need an effective and more efficient product so that you’ll have more time for yourself and for your family. Hope you have a great day!

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