My OsteoMD Review (2024) – Is It A Scam?

My OsteoMD Review - Is It A Scam?

It's time for my OsteoMD review – which makes the best product to rebuild your bone density.

That's why it makes my top recommended bone supplement:

  • based on some unique ingredients
  • several clinical trials behind
  • lots of previous customers that swear by it

In fact, OsteoMD contains by far the best ingredients for bone density.

That's why it's the best option out there.

But is there any chance that it's a scam? Definitely not.

So let me show you why – in the following lines.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on OsteoMD.

Review Summary

Full Name: OsteoMD by 1MD

Product Type: Bone Supplement

Best Actual Price: $49/bottle

You can also get significant discounts for it (you can even pay $37/bottle).

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

It’s also sold on retailers, but the price is much higher.

Designed For: Increasing bone strength – it helps with:

  • rebuilding bone density
  • improving bone structure and strength
  • increases fracture recovery time

It's excellent for most people over 50 (as most of them deal with low bone density).

My Rating: 10 out of 10 – One of the best supplements I have ever looked into

Recommended?: By all means – it's by far the best bone supplement from the market:

  • specially designed to boost bone density
  • works extremely well for most people
  • over 85% satisfied users
  • doesn't cause any side effects

So if you want a high-quality product for your bones, OsteoMD is the best you can get.

*Note: At the time I'm writing this review, OsteoMD is only available in the US/Canada. If you live in a different country, contact me at and I will check if there's any trustworthy seller in your country.



What I Liked About It

  • Excellent ingredients with studies behind
  • Based on a unique and very potent formula
  • Some of its ingredients are superior versions
  • Best formula from the market
  • Recommended by several specialists
  • Designed to increase bone density and health
  • A lot of previous users that swear by it
  • Doesn't cause any side effects


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Daily dose is 3 pills
  • A lot more expensive on retailers 
  • Not the cheapest supplement out there
  • Only available in the US & Canada



Why It's My #1 Recommended Bone Supplement

OsteoMD has some major advantage over all of its competitors.

That's why I can easily consider it “the best existing bone supplement”:

  1. Improves bone density like no other product
  2. Has several clinical trials behind
  3. It's recommended by many specialists
  4. Doesn't cause side effects on any regular basis
  5. Has lots of satisfied users

However – its excellent effect is because of its unique composition.

It combines trademark ingredients, a superior form of calcium and vitamin D.

The final result? It can increase bone density and prevent future fractures.

Obviously – don't expect it to be a miraculous remedy.

But compared to all of its competitors – it's way superior.

That's what it makes the best option you can take for your bones.




#1 – How It Works & Producer

Here are some basic things you should know about OsteoMD:

  • how exactly it works
  • what problems it's mostly effective for
  • who is the company behind it
1. Claims

This product's #1 feature is that it's specially formulated against bone loss:

  1. Improves bone density
  2. Enhances bone mineralization
  3. Boosts calcium absorption

Honestly – that's the secret to healthy bones.

However, most supplements out there claim to do the same for your body.

So why is OsteoMD any better? It's all because of its formula:

  • based on 2 trademarks with many studies behind
  • contains a superior form of calcium
  • also includes Vitamin D

To be honest, that's the ideal combination for a real bone improvement.

And the best proof is the huge number of praised this supplement has.

So in terms of mechanism of action – OsteoMD is probably the best out there.

2. Company Behind

This supplement's producer is a very reputable brand – 1MD:

  • extremely professional company
  • lots of high-quality supplements in their portofolio
  • holds close collaborations with several specialists

In fact, most products made by this brand have a huge rating on Amazon (or other retailers).

That's the best proof that they're so effective.

So don't worry – this brand has absolutely no chance to be a scam (nor its products).

On the contrary, they have an amazing quality.


#2 – Ingredients (10 out of 10)

As I said – OsteoMD has by far the best formula among bone supplements.

That's because it's the only one whose ingredients are specially targeted against bone loss:

  • based on clinically tested substances
  • its ingredients come in superior versions
  • combines all essential bone substances

Again, this is definitely the secret behind its amazing effect.

And its formula is the main reason why I recommend it.

So let's take a closer look at its main compounds.

1. MenaQ7® Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is essential for bone density:

  • redirects calcium from arteries to bones
  • prevents blood clots caused by calcium
  • improves bone density [1]

However – vitamin K2 is pretty hard to absorb on its own.

That's why OsteoMD contains a superior version of it (MenaQ7).

It's a trademark ingredients and the best type of vitamin K2 out there (in terms of absorption).

So it definitely makes the difference when it comes to calcium's proper use.

2. Calzbone®

This ingredient is an extract from Veldt grape.

This herb has been used for centuries for bone health – so it has a very strong effect.

Besides, OsteoMD also contains a superior version of this herb – Calzbone:

  • increases bone density by as much as 17%
  • reduces fracture healing time [2]
  • has several studies behind

In other words – it's excellent when it comes to restoring bone health.

3. Calcium Hydroxyapatite

What makes OsteoMD stand out is the type of calcium it contains:

  • less dangerous than the regular ones [3]
  • doesn't cause blood clotting

In other words – this version is directed straight to your bones.

On the other hand, most forms of calcium end up in the arteries.

That's why calcium supplements have a higher risk of blood clots (in the long run) and a basic effect.

So that's exactly why this hydroxyapatite version is superior.

4. Vitamin D

Unfortunately, very few calcium supplements combine it with vitamin D.

However – its effect on bones is a major one:

  • boosts calcium absorption [4]
  • also improves bone density
  • decreases the chances of falling out

Besides, most people lack vitamin D (because it's made through sun exposure).

So OsteoMD comes in with the right amount – in the ideal combination.


All in all, OsteoMD has the best existing formula from the market:

  • combines all essential bone nutrients
  • its ingredients are clinically tested
  • can improve bone health tremendously

Besides – you can't find this mix of ingredients in any other product out there.

So if you want the best for your bones, this product is what you should look into.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (8 out of 10)

Here are the top features of this product at this chapter.

1. Pills

OsteoMD is formulated as the classic vegetable capsules:

  • transparent cover
  • brown to yellowish powder inside
  • average dimensions

So all in all, swallowing these pills shouldn't be too difficult.

Besides, they have no aftertaste, which is another plus.

2. Dosage

This supplement has quite a high serving size (3 pills/day).

Now – the label recommends taking all 3 capsules together.

That's pretty easy, in terms of convenience (compared to spacing them out 3 times/day).

However, swallowing 3 pills at once isn't very easy.

So that's one of the few downsides I found about this supplement.

But even so – it's a price I would be willing to pay, given its effect.



#4 – Results (10 out of 10)

If you want to see how a product works, you should look at its user feedback.

And OsteoMD looks great from this point of view.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. Positive Opinions

First of all – this product is sold on both its official website and several retailers.

Now, I rarely consider reviews from official pages.

But in this case, they really seem to be authentic:

  • everyone can leave their own review (after a verified purchase)
  • there are both good and bad opinions

However – this product has an average rating of 4.7/5 stars, which is totally normal for its quality.

Besides, it has about the same number on Amazon.

Still – since these reviews are known to be real, let's take a look at them:

  1. A lot of users claim it improved their bones tremendously.
  2. Others say it's the best bone product they ever tried.
  3. Some stated it helped them recover faster after bone surgeries.
  4. Others claim their bone health improved a lot.

Basically – the user feedback is extremely positive.

And considering how effective this product is, it doesn't come as a surprise.

2. Negative Opinions

OsteoMD has a couple of complaints as well, which proves its reviews are written by real people.

However, most of them are related to issues like:

  1. High price
  2. Poor product packaging
  3. Misleading label

Now – judging after these complaints, Amazon may not be selling the original version.

At least not in all cases.

That's why I advise you to buy this product only from its official website.

But in terms of effect and results, I couldn't see too any complaints.

So OsteoMD seems to be working for a very high percent of users, which speaks for itself.


This supplement has a lot of satisfied customers overall.

In fact, I would say that over 85% of its users rated it 5/5 stars.

So to me, that's the best evidence that it's extremely effective.

And honestly, that's an extra reason why I recommend it.




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

One of the best things about this product is that it's free of side reactions.

Out of over 700 reviews on Amazon, it has absolutely no complaint of this type.

In fact – many 5 star reviews actually state that it didn't cause them any side effect.

Considering its strong formula, that's an even bigger advantage:

  • treats and repairs bone problems
  • doesn't cause any other issues

Now – I do recommend taking the pills on a full stomach.

That's available for all types of supplements (not only bone ones).

The reason is because pills can irritate your stomach and cause you some cramps.

They're surely nothing serious – but why deal with the pain when you can avoid it?


#6 – Price (8 out of 10)

OsteoMD is definitely not the cheapest supplement out there.

But compared to others – it's a lot more worth the money.

So let's take a closer look at its pricing options.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – this supplement is sold on its website and several retailers.

However, the price in retailers is much higher – and there are no discounts.

For this reason, I strongly advise you to buy it from its official page.

Now – there are 2 pricing options (with/without subscription):

  1. Standard price with no subscription is $49.99.
  2. In the best case, you can get a bottle for about $41.
  3. Regular price with subscription is $46/bottle.
  4. In the best case, it costs around $37/bottle.

Honestly, I don't necessarily recommend subscriptions (for safety reasons).

But in this case – it's surely not a matter of safety, as the brand is very trustworthy.

However, you don't save a lot of money by going for a subscription.

That's why it's totally up to you.

Still, I do advise you to get multiple bottles at once – as the price is a lot better.

Whether you also subscribe or not, it's your choice.

2. Worth Or Not?

OsteoMD is totally worth it – especially when compared to other products:

  • superior ingredients
  • better combination of substances
  • higher absorption
  • much better effect

It's true that its price can be a little high.

But most bone supplements cost about the same – and they don't do even half.

So why not go for this OsteoMD and see a real improvement in your bones?


This supplement is totally worth buying (despite its pretty high price).

However, you're actually saving a lot in the long run.

That's because you don't need any additional bone supplement or product.

It's strong enough to do its job all alone – so what could you wish for more?




#7 – FAQs

Let's summarize the frequently asked questions regarding OsteoMD.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What is the intended purpose of this product?

OsteoMD is a supplement to effectively combat bone loss.

It works by enhancing bone density, boosting bone mineralization and increasing calcium absorption.

These factors are vital for maintaining healthy bones.

Unlike similar products, its distinct formula is based on superior forms of vitamin D and calcium.

Additionally, it includes two trademark ingredients supported by several studies.

So that makes OsteoMD arguably the best choice for supporting bone health.

2. Is it safe to combine it with other supplements?

Certainly, you can incorporate OsteoMD alongside other supplements in your routine.

However – it's best to avoid taking them simultaneously.

So instead, I advise that you space them out throughout the day.

By doing so, you can minimize the possibility of experiencing any adverse reactions.

3. What are its recommended usage instructions?

The recommended serving size of OsteoMD is 3 pills per day.

Also – it suggests taking them all together at once.

While this might seem inconvenient, the results make the effort worth it.

4. Are there any adverse reactions associated with this product?

According to over 700 reviews on Amazon, OsteoMD didn't receive complaints in this regard.

Actually – a lot of five-star reviews specifically highlighted the absence of any side effects.

So considering its potent formula, it didn't cause any alarming issues at all.

But as a general precaution, it is advisable to take the pills with a full stomach.

This is applied to all types of supplements to prevent potential stomach irritation and discomfort.

5. What are the pricing details of this product?

OsteoMD offers two pricing options based on your subscription preference:

  • Standard price without a subscription is $49.99 (can be as low as $41/bottle)
  • Regular price with a subscription is $46 (can be reduced to approximately $37/bottle)

It's important to note that purchasing directly from the official website will give you the best deals.

Simply because the retail prices are higher and discounts are not typically offered in those outlets.



#8 – OsteoMD In 3 Ideas

Here are the most important facts you should know about this product.

1. Works For Real

Among all bone products I looked into, this is by far the most effective:

  • lots of users that swear by it
  • excellent customer feedback
  • several studies that back up its ingredients

In fact, I have seen very few complaints about its effect.

So it really seems to work in a huge percent of people.

2. Specially Designed For Bone Density

What makes this supplement so powerful is its formula:

  • designed to reduce bone loss
  • can improve bone structure dramatically
  • improves bone recovery time

In fact, its ingredients can speak form themselves.

Since they can make miracles for your bones, they're everything you need for this problem.

3. No Side Effects

One of the most impressive things about OsteoMD is its safety:

  • no complaints about secondary reactions
  • some users even point out that it doesn't cause any

Most powerful supplements also have a higher rate of side effects.

But that doesn't seem to be the case here.

On the contrary, this product is extremely gentle – despite being very effective.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: It's 100% worth it.

It's by far the best bone supplement you can find on the market:

  1. Amazing ingredients with clinical studies behind.
  2. Formula is designed to boost bone density.
  3. A lot of previous users swear by it.
  4. Has lots of positive reviews and praises.
  5. Doesn't cause side effects on a regular basis.
  6. Price could be a lot higher for its value.

Now, there are very few supplements I can praise so highly.

And I'm not talking about bone supplements alone here.

In fact, OsteoMD remains one of the most effective health supplements all around.

When it comes to bone health, it's by far the best.

So if there's a product that can help you, it's definitely this one.

I haven't found anything better – despite analyzing all bone supplements out there.




1 –

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4 –

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

32 thoughts on “My OsteoMD Review (2024) – Is It A Scam?

  1. My sister has a frail bones. I think her bones and joints are really weak as she easily feels the chill and collapses suddenly for no particular reason. We have tried other products but cant seem to find the perfect one for her.

    1. Hey McKnight! I’m sorry for your sister but has she consulted with her doctor yet? I think the best course of action is to do so. Of course, we trust this product (which is why we recommend it) but for safety reasons as well as to help your sister and family, consulting and understanding more the cause is more advantageous at this point in time. Hopefully, your sister gets better soon. If your doctor gives a go for this product, I think it may do wonders for her (the benefits are as stated above).


    1. Hi Dian, as far as I know, it’s soy-free, there’s absolutely no mention about it on the label.

  2. No mention of magnesium.
    Could you please check on that?
    I appreciate your article. Going to try it.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Charlotte, I don’t consider magnesium such a major culprit for bone problems. A deficiency in this mineral is mostly responsible for muscle cramps (especially at night) and sometimes joint pain, but it’s not that related to bone health. It’s surely helpful (as all minerals are), but I don’t consider it a vital ingredient in a bone supplement (as calcium is, for example). That’s why I didn’t insist more on magnesium in this article or in any other product review. Hope this clarifies it.

  3. Mona’s Question:
    My dilemma is taking a supplement with added calcium, coupled with my having managed years with stage 2, now recently bordering stage 3 kidney disease?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mona, in this case, I really advise you to get your doctor’s consent before going for any supplement (but especially for one that contains calcium). That’s because a calcium excess can cause kidney stones. The chances for this to happen in a healthy person are extremely low – but in someone dealign with kidney disease, the risk is higher. That’s why asking for your doctor’s content is essential, even if you’re not taking a supplement that contains calcium. He will probably have your calcium levels checked before anything.

      Hope this helps and sorry that I can’t give you a more clear answer, but your doctor is the best one to answer in this case.

  4. I have been seeing this product everywhere. I’ve been feeling like my bone’s getting weak due to old age. Definitely, I’ll ask my doctor and get back to this. I’ll even ask him about it because I really like how you broke it down for me. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hey Saab, Angelica here. Please talk with your doctor about OsteoMD and get his/her opinion. Maybe you can mention the things (most specifically the label/ingredients) stated in the article so you can clarify if it’s okay for you to use. We should value our health, especially in our old age because in exchange for the wisdom we acquire is our youth. Anyway, we really appreciate your comment and hopefully, you find the right product for you because health is wealth.

  5. Hey Olly, I like how you made the content of your article easily understandable but I am still unsure of the perfect rating? I would really like it if you can give me some of its competitor just so I can really see its edge compared to others. My aunty has problem in her bones and joints so I would definitely recommend her the best because she’s all I’ve got…

    1. Hey Arnel, thank you for the praise. It means a lot that there is someone that can appreciate our hard work. Actually, as unbelievable as it seems, this product is really one of the best of the best in the market. Unfortunately, we have yet to compile the best products for bone health in the market. Its price for its quality is really something rare. For now, you may opt to checkout this webpage containing some of our reviews of the popular products for bone health. Hopefully, this can help answer you as to why we have high evaluation of this product (especially when compared to its competitors). I’m sorry for you aunty and I can only imagine the feelings and emotions you must be going through. I’m praying for your aunt’s health and I’m pretty sure she really appreciates you and what you are doing for her.

      Best regards,

  6. what I don’t understand is why you recommend this product if, reviewing its calcium dose, it is only 25% per serving of 3 casuals, which is what they recommend, how can this help if the dose for people my age is more than 1000mg, I I would like you to give me an honest answer, I was taking algaecal but it is very costly and I still do not see results and how will I see them with this product if the amount of calcium is even less, another thing that worries me is that my father suffered from calcification in the arteries, is this product safe, and will it deposit in my bones and not in my arteries? It is sad that one can no longer look for an honest review of a product, without a monetary interest being involved in said comments and recommendations, the truth is that I no longer know what to believe or what to use for my osteoporosis that continues to deteriorate my quality of life, hopefully and sincerely you want to help me and be honest with me, thank you

    1. Hi Soraya, sorry to hear about your issues and I’m sad to hear you don’t trust any reviews out there. I read reviews from other websites quite often and I somehow agree with you, there are lots of promotional reviews out there, but there are some legitimate ones as well.

      So typically, a review that is fake and it’s only trying to push a certain product will never say anything bad about the product it promotes – only some excellent facts that are usually not true. On the other hand, it will only say bad things about other products (even if they also have some good features as well, but they will tend to hide them). So if a review gives out both the negative and the positive side about a product, it’s usually trustworthy. Not in 100% of cases, but in most.

      Getting back to your questions, as I said in the review – OsteoMD comes with the best form of calcium available, which is actually found in extremely few supplements. Calcium hydroxyapatite has a much better absorption, meaning that a much higher per cent of calcium is absorbed (compared to regular supplements). Besides, it also contains vitamin D, which again – many bone supplements don’t include in their formulation, ironically. So this increases calcium’s absorption even more. But one of the main reasons why OsteoMD’s dose of calcium isn’t higher is the exact problem you mentioned – because calcium tends to deposits in the arteries, so it increases the risk of blood clots that a lot of calcium supplements have. So that’s probably what OsteoMD’s producers tried to avoid by this.

      Now – since its calcium has a much better absorption, I agree that they could have included a higher dose. Most likely, it wouldn’t have any effect on arteries. But I can’t really tell you why they didn’t go for a higher dose. Even so, in terms of composition, OsteoMD is way better than pretty much all bone supplements I know, so I think it’s worth getting over this lower calcium issue. Hope this helps!

  7. Hey! I’m not really in the us/canda but I’m really interested in this. I’ve been feeling like my bones are not in good health lately and I can feel some symptoms of weakness and fragility. I’m scared I might develop osteoarthritis.

    1. Hi Felipe! I’m Angelica and thank you for your trust in our article. If you have any query and if you are really interested to buy, contact Olly through so she can be able to help. We are not a paid advertisement but it is solely because we saw the capability of this product. Honestly, if you can just see the other reviews, we seldom give high rating–much less a 10/10 rating. If you are worried about developing osteoarthritis, I think referring to this tips is in your best interest. Remember that OsteoMD is more of a supplement for bone health and not joints.

  8. Thank you for these reviews. I was going to try AlgaeCal again and was checking reviews when I came across your input. My osteoporosis has gotten progressively worse over the years whether I take calcium supplements or not. Still searching. Is this product vegan and does it contain strontium? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello there, simply taking calcium alone won’t necessarily improve osteoporosis, you need to take a mix of ingredients that would all improve your bone health. AlgaeCal is not a bad product at all, but I simply prefer OsteoMD because it has a couple of better features overall. So if you have to choose between these two, I recommend going for OsteoMD. It’s great for increasing bone density a lot more than most similar supplements – and if you read my review in detail, you surely understand why. So I think it’s the best supplement for your osteoporosis. If I ever look into one that is more suitable for this condition, I will let you know, but I doubt there would be any that is even close (in terms of formula, price and effect).

      Regarding your questions – it doesn’t contain any strontium and it seems to be vegan (judging after its active and inactive ingredients). Hope this helps you!

    1. Hey Hermie, take it as the label recommends, all 3 pills together. There’s no special note about taking them before/after or while eating, so from my experience, I would say you should take them either while or right after eating.

  9. Hi Olly!, I’m Cindy.

    I just read your article review and it was excellent! I just started taking AlgaeCal, but after reading your article I decided to start taking OsteoMD. I want to ask you a couple of questions. 1. How fast can a person see results using OsteoMD? I read where you said AlgaeCal is slow working, and I definitely want a product that is not slow working. 2. I am also taking AlgaeCal Strontium along with AlgaeCal Plus, which is suppose to aborb the products nutrients into the cells of the body at a faster rate is my understanding, which in turn builds bone faster is my understanding. Do you think that a person should take Strontium along with OsteoMD? Is there really any reason to when taking OsteoMD?

    Thank you for your expertise!
    I look forward to your response,
    Cindy O’Neill

    1. Hello Cindy. I’m so happy to hear my review was helpful!

      1. Yes, AlgaeCal is weaker than OsteoMD in terms of formulation, this is why it tends to work slower. Still, I cannot tell you how fast OsteoMD would work in your case because it depends a lot on the condition of your bones. The better shape they are in, the faster their recovery. So if you have some osteoporosis or some serious bone issues, you may see an improvement after 2-3 months, but it would probably be a small one, so you would have to take the supplement for at least half a year (and probably in the long run). Still, I believe you would see some faster results with it than with AlgaeCal.

      2. Regarding strontium, I know a lot of doctors recommend it for increasing bone density, but I found some contradictory studies about it. So I’m not sure if it’s worth taking. However, if you already bought the product, you can take it until you finish the bottle. There’s no reason to stop it when you’re taking OsteoMD, but I’m not sure there’s a reason to take it either. So I don’t know if it’s going to help much, because OsteoMD has a pretty good absorption on its own and it’s formulated in this way. So if you already have a bottle of strontium, you can take it, but you should probably not spend your money on a new bottle (that’s what lots of studies say).

      Now, as you already bought AlgaeCal, my advice would be to finish the bottle and go for OsteoMD afterwards. I’m only saying this so that you wouldn’t have spend your money in vain on AlgaeCal, but it’s definitely up to you. If you can switch to OsteoMD, I advise you to do it, I consider it much better than AlgaeCal overall.

      I really hope this helps you and if you ever have any other question, just let me know!

  10. So glad I found you Olly I definitely will look into this product Osteo MD do you know if it causes kidney stones this type of calcium I do tend to get oxilate ones

    1. Hi again Laura. That’s actually a big advantage of the calcium version OsteoMD contains – it’s much better absorbed, so the risk of kidney stones, blood clots and any other regular side effects is almost inexistent. That’s why it’s a much better option over others.

  11. Hi! I’ve sent you some queries in the email you’ve written above because I’m really just worried about my health. I’m not really comfortable posting about my condition so I would really like it if you are able to reply to my message. It’s only now that I am able to find a person like you online that seems credible and friendly enough to answer questions without being bogus. Thanks and have a nice day!

    1. Hey Rosalie! We truly understand and it’s perfectly okay if you don’t want to post it in public. We appreciate that you see us as a people that is credible and worthy of your trust. We’ll be sure to reply on your queries and do the best that we can to assist you no matter how small it may seem. However, please do note that we are not in any way connected to the company so we are also just communicating what we found based on experience and research. Thank you so much!


  12. Hi Olly. I was put on 70 mg of the generic form of Fosamax and after only 1 dose I have experienced severe side effects. I’m interested in OsteoMD. I’m on 1100 mg of calcium, as well as vitamin D. If I take OsteoMd should I stop those supplements? I have 2 very small kidney stones that are monitored by my Urologist and I’m concerned that if I continue to take the calcium it could cause more stones or enlarge the ones I have. I will be talking to my PCP about OsteoMD because I really don’t want to take anymore of the traditional medicine, because all of them have side effects. My osteoporosis is pretty bad, but I really need something that won’t cause side effects. I don’t mind if it takes a long time to have an effect, because the no side effects are important to me.
    Any help you can give me is much appreciated.

    1. Hi Melisa, sorry to hear about your osteoporosis and about your bad experience with Fosamax. My grandmother has been taking it for many years and she tolerates it really well, so it’s probably a matter of luck.

      First of all – does your urologist know that you take calcium + vitamin D? And if yes, did he recommend this combination? Depending on the version it comes it, calcium can indeed worsen kidney stones because it adds up there. But 1100 mg per day is a safe dose, so it shouldn’t affect your kidney stones. Besides, in your case, the benefits are a lot higher than the risks, because you absolutely need calcium, given your condition.

      Regarding OsteoMD, it does contain calcium (and in a superior version actually, so it’s directed straight into your bones instead of your arteries, kidneys or any other organs where many other forms of calcium end up in). However, the dose from OsteoMD is only 325 mg, which is a lot less than what you’re taking. So even if you take OsteoMD and your calcium supplement together, you would only get 1425 mg of calcium per day, which is completely safe.

      As for vitamin D, OsteoMD does indeed contain a high amount, but this vitamin isn’t too dangerous when taken in high amounts. For instance, excess calcium does cause some side effects, but that’s not the case of vitamin D. Besides, most of us are deficient, so a lot of people take 2000-4000 UI of vitamin D per day on a regular basis without any issues.

      So overall – you can absolutely combine OsteoMD with your Calcium supplement. You can also take an extra vitamin D supplement, it’s not completely necessary but it will definitely not hurt you. So you can give up vitamin D if you want, that’s what you need to remember, but taking it won’t have any negative impact on your bones.

      Please keep me updated with how things go. Hope this helps!

  13. Hi Olly. Thank you for your reply and explanation.

    I just read your reply. I have seen an osteoporosis specialist and told her about natural supplements that help osteoporosis. Sadly I’m one level away from having severe osteoporosis so my condition is too severe for a natural remedy. She explained that she usually tries to do a holistic approach, but according to my bone density it would take way too long and it might not help at all.

    I could probably take this product along with the medication she has prescribed for me. And I might discontinue the vitamin D once I’m finished with it or not. I will think about what you advised. Again thank you for your time, efforts and advise.

    Take care and stay safe.


    1. Hi Melisa, thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear about these bad news but it’s good that you’re starting the treatment, no matter how late it is. It could certainly be later than this.

      I strongly recommend following your doctor’s advice and taking all the drugs she prescribed. You can definitely take OsteoMD additionally, but it’s essential to take all the medicines recommended by your doctor. I would love to hear about your future progress, so please keep me posted.

      All the best for you!

  14. Have you heard of OsteoMD worsening those with kidney stones? I have osteoporosis and several kidney stones so I’m not sure what to do. I would like to start osteoMD if it won’t grow my kidney stones. I’m taking a stone breaker herb supplement right now

    1. Hello Melissa, I would say that OsteoMD is a lot safer than other bone products when it comes to kidney stones and that’s because of the hydroxyapatite version of calcium it contains.

      As you read in the review, this version is superior to regular forms of calcium because it goes “straight to the bones” instead of being redirected to your kidneys, arteries, etc. So there’s no risk of kidney stones, as it would be with other bone supplements that contain calcium. This is actually one of the main reasons I recommend this supplement instead of others. Even though it is a bit pricier, its formula is really worth it in terms of safety and effect.

      Besides, it’s a good idea to keep taking that stone breaker supplement, this would prevent any kidney stones that can form for any other reasons.

      Hope this helps!

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