Is StrictionD A Scam? My Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Safety)

Striction D Review

It's time for my StrictionD review – which is the best diabetes supplement I looked into:

  • very affordable in some cases
  • excellent ingredients
  • really strong effect

So is StrictionD a scam (as some people claim)?

Does it have any side effects or complaints? Is it safe to use?

Judging after its features, I would say that it's a blood sugar supplement I would recommend.

But I tried to dig really deep into it, so that I can answer all of your questions.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on StrictionD.

Review Summary

Full Name: StrictionD by Healthy Habits

Product Type: Diabetes/Blood Sugar Supplement

Best Actual Price: From $19-$23/bottle for the initial bottle (Currently discontinued)

It has a more complicated pricing – but you can get it for about $26/bottle on a regular basis.

I will give you more details about its pricing later on.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Its price is a lot lower than in any retailers (and it's also the original version).

Designed For: Blood sugar support – it helps with multiple issues:

  • high glucose and lipids levels
  • insulin response
  • high blood pressure

In other words – it's excellent for diabetes and its complications.

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10It's probably one of the best diabetes supplements

Recommended?: Definitely – it's a good product for diabetes:

  • based on the best versions of its ingredients
  • works extremely well in over 90% of cases
  • very well tolerated by most people
  • incredibly affordable

So it's one of the decent diabetes supplements you can find on the market.

However – it's currently discontinued so I suggest that you look for a much better and more effective alternative.



What I Liked About It

  • Excellent combination of ingredients
  • Based on a unique mix of substances
  • Its ingredients have the best versions available (trademarks)
  • Doesn't cause any serious side effects
  • Works extremely well for most users
  • Maintains blood sugar levels under control in most people
  • Supports weight loss and healthy weight management
  • A lot cheaper than most competitors
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Has a 365 days money back guarantee


What I Didn't Like About It

  • A lot of fake versions sold online
  • Original version is only available on its official website
  • Only sold in the US
  • Currently discontinued/Unavailable for purchase


Why It's A Good Diabetes Product

StrictionD makes the best diabetes supplements you can buy.

There are a lot of products out there – but it comes with some major advantages:

  1. A lot more affordable than most
  2. Much better mix of (unique) ingredients
  3. Lots of satisfied users behind

But its top advantage is that it has the best quality/price ratios.

Besides – it's not just a diabetes supplement only.

It also works great for cholesterol, slow metabolism and lack of energy.

So there is a product that can bring you all these benefits together – it's StrictionD.

But obviously, there isn't everything perfect about it.

Due to its popularity, there are a lot of fake versions sold online:

  • most are a lot pricier than the original
  • their formula is also a lot weaker
  • they have lots of complaints in retailers

For this reason – I advise you to stay away from the products outside StrictionD's website.

Instead, make sure to buy it from there and you will always get the original product.

Unfortunately, you cannot order this product outside the US.

So if you live in another country, I advise you to take a look at this similar alternative.

But other than these small issues, StrictionD makes an decent option.

So I would totally advise you to give it a try.




#1 – How It Works & Producer

Here are some general things you should know about StrictionD:

  • what makes it different from the rest
  • how exactly it works
  • who is the company behind it
1. How It Works

StrictionD's mechanism of action is entirely based on its formula.

Shortly – it supports (and improves) your body's natural response to insulin:

  1. Controls blood sugar levels.
  2. Increases antioxidant support.
  3. Lowers LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  4. Boosts metabolic function.

So unlike most diabetes supplements – StrictionD is also helpful for overweight people.

Most of the other products only reduce their glucose levels, but they have no impact on their weight.

On the other hand, StrictionD can also speed up metabolism.

Consequently, this leads to a faster weight loss and a healthier life.

Now – in terms of mechanism of action, this supplement seems really helpful.

It doesn't come up with any unbelievable claims.

Instead – it's solely focused on its real benefits.

And judging after its composition – I'm pretty sure it can follow its promises.

2. Company Behind

StrictionD's producer is a brand called Healthy Habits:

  • pretty good reputation
  • has been on the market for many years
  • offers several other health supplements

Now – there are several versions of StrictionD on the market.

But the original one is made by Healthy Habits.

All of the others have a different producer (with a more or less different name).

Still – in terms of trustworthiness, this brand is definitely authentic.

It also offers a 365 days money back guarantee – while most diabetes supplements don't offer any.

So I would say that it's safe to buy Healthy Habits' products.


#2 – Ingredients (9.50 out of 10)

StrictionD has an amazing formula overall.

If you ask me, I would say it's probably the best (among diabetes supplements).

That's the reason why it works much better than most of its competitors.

It's based on a unique combination that can't be found in any other product:

  • ingredients are extremely potent (but safe)
  • they come in the strongest versions available
  • their doses are very high

Now – because of its ingredients, it's StrictionD is not only helpful for diabetes/high blood sugar.

Instead, it also lowers cholesterol and improves metabolism and energy.

It's pretty hard to find all these benefits in one product.

But apparently, StrictionD's composition makes it possible.

Now – let's take a closer look at its active ingredients.

1. Ceylon Cinnamon (1000 mg)

Cinammon is known to work great against high glucose levels.

However – most diabetes products contain the regular form of this substance (Cassia Cinnamon):

  • it's rich in coumarin (which can be toxic) [1]
  • doesn't work too well for blood sugar

Now, this Cassia version is a lot cheaper and easier to find.

That's why most diabetes supplements contain it.

But StrictionD is based on the stronger (and original) form – Ceylon Cinnamon Verum. [2]

This version contains Type A polyphenols, which make it superior to its regular Cassia form:

  • improves beta cells hormonal response
  • boosts carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity
  • manages and reduces high blood sugar [3]
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • doesn't cause any side effects/toxicity

Obviously, this original form of Cinnamon (Ceylon) is a lot pricier – but its effect is totally worth it.

So it's the main responsible behind StrictionD's effect and higher quality.

2. Crominex3+ (400 mcg)

This ingredient is a special form of Chromium.

Crominex3+ is a trademark ingredient (a superior version of the original compound).

And according to clinical trials, it's the most effective form of Chromium from the market:

  • higher purity 
  • safer than regular Chromium
  • better effect on insulin sensitivity and glucose [4]

Besides, Crominex3+ can also reduce cholesterol and arthritis pain (as a bonus).

3. GlucoHelp (480 mcg)

You surely heard about Banaba – as it's one of the best herbs against diabetes.

Well, GlucoHelp is a patented purified extract of this herb:

  • can reduce glucose levels by up to 30%
  • reduces insulin resistance [5]
  • provides antioxidants

Now – this compound has several studies behind.

So it's clearly the most superior version of Banaba from the market.

4. Zinc (15 mg)

Many people with diabetes tend to deal with a zinc deficiency.

However, this mineral is actually essential for normal blood sugar levels:

  • improves beta cell secretion
  • manages high glucose levels

So even though its diabetes benefits may seem limited, zinc is crucial in this condition.

5. Thiamine (1.5 mg)

Like zinc, this vitamin also tends to lack in people with diabetes.

However, its effect is very important:

  • lowers blood sugar
  • maintains a healthy glucose level
  • improves energy and metabolism

Besides, thiamin has some clinical trials regarding its benefits in diabetes.

And as you can guess, its results are very promising.


Honestly, StrictionD has one of the best formulas from the market:

  • based on some amazing ingredients for diabetes
  • most of them come in a superior version
  • all have clinical trials behind

So in terms of composition, I would recommend this product.

Its formula is the best proof for its superiority.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (9 out of 10)

This supplement looks pretty good at this chapter as well.

1. Pills

As most diabetes supplements, StrictionD is designed as vegetable capsules:

  • pretty easy to swallow
  • average dimensions

Now – this kind of capsules tend to have a lighter color and no taste.

So in my view, this formulation is ideal for a diabetes product.

It's very easy to take even in the long run.

2. Dosage

This supplement follows quite a classic scheme here.

It requires 2 pills/day, which is a typical serving size:

  1. You should space out the pills throughout the day.
  2. Take one pill at breakfast and one at dinner.
  3. Make sure you take them with plenty of water.

Now – you could also take both capsules together.

But I personally recommend spacing them out, as the effect is more constant.

Other than that, StrictionD's schedule is pretty easy to follow.



#4 – Results (8 out of 10)

The best way to see how a product works is by looks at its previous users' opinions.

Now, StrictionD does have a lot of reviews.

But some of them were on the trickier side – and let me explain.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. What People Say

First of all – there are many versions of StrictionD sold online.

And as you can guess, most of them are fake ones.

The original version is only available on its official website.

So there's no point looking at its reviews on retailers:

  • most are related to a fake version
  • they tend to be quite negative as well

But since they're not about the original StrictionD, I won't include them here.

Now – this product does have some authentic reviews:

  • there are several on TrustPilot
  • there are also some on its official website (with a verified purchase)

Since you're allowed to write your own review as a real buyer – I trust the reviews from its official page.

If they were fake, they wouldn't allow you to leave your own opinion after you verify your purchase.

So here's what most users say about StrictionD:

  1. Most reviews are positive.
  2. Some users say it really helped their diabetes.
  3. Others state it reduced their glucose levels.
  4. I also found some praises about a lower cholesterol.

Other than this, I also received some positive experiences with StrictionD via email.

Some of my readers tried out this product and they were very satisfied with it.

So to me – these are some great proofs that it really works.

Just make sure to go for the original version – otherwise, it's quite useless.

The versions sold on retailers have a lot of complaints (and they also look quite different).

So stick to the original page and you should get the most of this product.


StrictionD has some very positive reviews from its users (for the original version).

So it seems to be very effective in most cases.

Considering its excellent ingredients, that's not a surprise.

That's why I would recommend this product – it really works.




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

One of the biggest advantages of StrictionD is its safety.

This means it's extremely well tolerated by most of its users.

Now – its formula is specially designed to prevent any usual side effects:

  • no liver toxicity (because it contains Ceylon – not Cassia Cinnamon)
  • no digestive issues (because it contains Crominex3+ – not regular Chromium)

Besides, this product can be combined with prescription diabetes drugs.

It doesn't reduce insulin levels dramatically (which could have been a danger).

Most of its ingredients are used in their best version in StrictionD.

That's why its side effects are extremely rare.

So it's one of the safest diabetes supplements out there.


#6 – Price (9 out of 10)

For a diabetes supplement, StrictionD has a really great price.

However – its pricing options are a bit different than those of most products.

But I will explain you in detail below.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – StrictionD's original version is only available on its official website.

That's why I don't advise you to purchase it from anywhere else.

However – it's currently discontinued so I'm pretty sure you can't buy one at the moment.

Now, I will still say that its official website pricing is pretty interesting.

First of all – it has 2 pricing options (with or without subscription).

Let's begin with regular purchases (no subscription):

  1. Standard price per bottle is $56.39.
  2. Price gets much better for larger quantities.
  3. In the best case, you pay $26.55/bottle.
  4. Shipping is free for all orders.
  5. The website sometimes has a special initial bottle offer (around $23 for the first bottle).

Now – I personally advise you to go for the regular purchase option.

If you decide to use this product in the long run, you can then sign up for a subscription.

But my advice is to buy it manually at first.

Regarding the subscription – it allows you to save about 25%:

  1. You can buy this product for about $19/bottle.
  2. Shipping is also free.

Anyway – all in all, StrictionD has an amazing price for a diabetes supplement.

Not to mention that it's actually a very high-quality one.

2. Worth It Or Not?

It's definitely worth it – considering its ingredients and quality.

Many regular diabetes supplements cost about $30-$40/bottle.

On the other hand, StrictionD:

  • is a lot cheaper than most
  • has a much better formula overall
  • works in a lot more cases

It's true that its price isn't the lowest if you go for one bottle only.

But try to keep an eye on the official website, as you can often find it at about $23/bottle.

You can also go for the largest supply (without subscription).

In this way, you end up paying the same minimal price per bottle.

So StrictionD is definitely worth it – a lot more than most diabetes supplements, actually.

But since it's no longer available, I suggest that you buy an alternative that works even better (Gluco Cleanse Tea).


This supplement has an excellent pricing for its quality.

So from this point of view – I would recommend it.

There are few products of this quality that are so affordable.

But since it's unavailable, I'm sure that you can still find a better option in the market.




#7 – FAQs

Let me share with you some common knowledge about StrictionD.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What are the main benefits of this product?

StrictionD claims to have the following benefits:

  • improves the body's natural response to insulin
  • speeds up the metabolism that leads to faster weight loss
  • balances blood sugar levels and increases antioxidant support
  • lowers high blood pressure and LDL cholesterol

It helps reduce glucose levels and it has an impact on weight.

2. How should you take it?

StrictionD suggests taking 2 capsules per day.

You can space out the pills throughout the day (1 for breakfast and 1 for dinner).

But you can also take both capsules together.

Just make sure you take them with plenty of water.

3. How long does one bottle last me?

A bottle of StrictionD is good for one month.

It has 60 vegetable capsules, which means it has 30 servings.

4. Can I use it with other supplements?

You can use StrictionD with other supplements.

It can be combined with prescription diabetes drugs.

But make sure to take them at different times in the day.

Do not take everything all at, in order to avoid the risks of side effects.

5. Are there any serious side effects?

So far, StrictionD is extremely well tolerated by most people.

Its formula is designed to prevent side effects (liver toxicity and digestive issues).

Also – it doesn't dramatically reduce insulin levels.

Overall, the chance of causing side effects is very rare.

6. What's the lowest price you can get for the product?

StrictionD's standard price per bottle is $56.39.

But if you buy the 180 days supply, it will be reduced to $26.55/bottle.

If you subscribe, you can save 25% more.

So you can buy this product for about $19/bottle.

However – keep in mind that the product is no longer available at this time.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here's how I would summarize StrictionD in 3 ideas.

1. Amazing Ingredients

In terms of composition, this product looks excellent:

  • contains the best available version of its ingredients
  • based on herbal extracts
  • has a unique composition

As I said, you cannot find this exact formula in any other product.

That's probably why such few supplements work as well as StrictionD.

2. Really Safe

Another advantage of this product is its safety:

  • doesn't cause the regular side reactions of diabetes supplements
  • can be used with prescription drugs
  • doesn't lower glucose levels dramatically

In fact, I couldn't find any complaints related to its side effects.

On the contrary, many people stated that it's really well tolerated.

3. Extremely Affordable

For a product of its quality, StrictionD is incredibly cheap:

  • can be bough for about $23 (with no subscription)
  • its lowest price is around $19/bottle (with subscription)

On the other hand, many basic supplements cost at least $35.

Not to mention that their ingredients don't even have 50% of StrictionD's potency.

That's why I consider it a really good deal.

But again, it's currently discontinued so be careful of the fake versions out there.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: It's worth it for sure.

It's the best diabetes supplements you can find at this point:

  1. Unique ingredients in their best existing formulas
  2. Very well tolerated with no side effects
  3. Works extremely well in over 90% of cases
  4. Also helps with weight loss
  5. A lot cheaper than most supplements

But most importantly – StrictionD has an excellent quality/price ratio.

If you ask me, it's probably the best one out there.

So it's a supplement I would definitely recommend, it looks great from all points of view.

Its only serious problem is that it's not available outside the US.

You can indeed find it in retailers – but the versions sold there are usually fake.

That's why I don't advise you to buy it outside its official website.

But since you can't purchase it at the moment – I advise you to check this similar alternative.

But other than that, StrictionD is one of the products I would recommend (if it's still available).


1 –

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Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 23, 2024

38 thoughts on “Is StrictionD A Scam? My Review (Ingredients, Side Effects, Safety)

  1. Hi Olly, my grandma tried StrictionD and she was satisfied. She doesn’t have diabetes but she’s overweight and her doctor said she was at risk when they had her latest tests, so she told her to lose weight or she will have to start medication close enough. She tried a lot, I even had her come with me at our local gym but the weight she lost wasn’t really worth the effort. I looked for a product that would help her lose weight while lowering her diabetes as well and I found StrictionD, now she’s been using it for about half a year and she has indeed lost some weight. Couple with exercising and a healthy diet, this product really worked for her, she had her blood tests done last week and the doctors said she was much better and not prediabetic anymore.

    1. Hello Thomson, thanks a lot for your feedback on Striction D and I’m really glad it helped your grandma so much. I really wish her the best and hopefully she will stay away from diabetes all her life.

  2. I’ve been looking for the best supplement for diabetes or for blood sugar level and your review is one of the many results google gave me, now I’m confused as to which one to use. Why did Striction D get a very high rating from this website? Just want to know if it’s worth my penny or just part of the whole of promoting affiliate products to make money?

    1. Hello, Bryan! We don’t promote products that are not good for the body. Striction D got a very high rating from us because as you can see on the review, it is better and excellent in a lot of aspects/categories. So I would say that it’s a real investment of your money. Thank you for leaving a comment and have a nice afternoon!

  3. are you responsible also for their customer service? my orders are taking a lot of time to arrive to me and i really need it now! i am now thinking it is a scam and i just want my money back! i thought it will be a good product for my blood sugar, is it really a good one or just part of the deal? are the ingredients really worth it to try?

    1. Hello, Marko! I’m not part of their company and even their customer service. I don’t think it’s a scam so maybe the shipping might be the problem. Since the pandemic started, the shipping of items, in general, took longer so it could be the reason. Striction D’s ingredients are excellent compared to other more expensive products out there so I hope you’ll give it a chance once it reached you. Hoping for the best and good luck!

  4. You mentioned it has 365 days money-back guarantee so does that mean I can try it for a whole year before I can finally say it is working or not working for me? I feel like it is ridiculous considering it only has 60 capsules which will be good for only 30 days. So you mean I have one year to have my money back a 30-day supply of Striction D! Not something to complain but I just find it uncommon lol. Anyways it is a good review and the product is very interesting so I will definitely consider it to the choices I will present to my physician. Thanks a lot xo Feliz

    1. Hi, Feliz! Honestly, I see the 365 days moneyback guarantee as a big advantage for you and your money. Also, it is sort of an assurance that the product is excellent if you’re going to think of it. Thank you for appreciating our review and I hope your physician will approve of it. Have a nice evening!

  5. Olly, this supplement has really changed my life! I was diagnosed with diabetes in early 2018 and my glucose levels would not go low despite taking medication. My doctor put me on 4 different prescription meds with no result, so he said I will probably have to prepare for insulin if my body doesn’t start responding in the next months. Several months later I started StrictionD, and my A1C is now 5.3 from 10.9, this is so huge! And if you think about it, nothing has worked so well before, not even close. I also exercises on a daily basis and try to eat as healthy as possible, but I used to do that since I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. So I think this supplement is the culprit behind my progress, it has saved me from becoming dependent on insulin!!!

    1. Hello Johnatan, thank you so much for your insight on StrictionD, I’m so happy to hear such great news from you. This supplement is indeed effective, but I would have never imagined it can actually lower glucose levels better than medication (especially when medication doesn’t work). This is surely a particularity of your case, as medication normally works for most people (especially if we’re talking about 4 different drugs). But I’m so happy you finally found something that works for you. I wish you the best!

  6. Hi Olly, I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and researching options. I am working on weight loss and improving dietary habits. I also have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I have two questions: 1) Would this product be safe to take with levothyroxine? 2) I’ve been monitoring by Blood Sugar levels and seem to always have high fasting levels in the morning. Would this product help with that do you know?

    1. Hi Sally, sorry to hear about your thyroid issues as well as your diabetes. Unfortunately, levothyroxine is a drug that tends to interact with many medicines and supplements, so it’s one of the few prescription drugs that I don’t necessarily recommend people to combine with many supplements. Now, there are small chances that it actually interacts with Striction D, but I still advise you to ask your doctor’s consent, because he is the one that knows your individual case best. If it wasn’t levothyroxine and something else – it would have probably been no risk of interaction. But as I said, this drug is very particular.

      Regarding your fasting glucose levels, I think there’s a huge chance that Striction D helps you. I didn’t even ask you, but you’re probably on some diabetes medication as well, right? Well, a high fasting glucose while being on some prescription drugs tells me that your medication don’t control your diabetes well enough. So in this case, adding a high-quality diabetes supplement (while staying on your medication as well) may actually help you with your glucose levels. Is your blood sugar also high after eating? What about 1-2 hours after you taking your medicines?

      Let me know your answers.

  7. What do you really get in return if you promote a product like this? Sometimes I wonder if everything online is still trustworthy or all is just for sales and connections. You can see it in my name, I am a chef and as much as I want to shy away from sweet food, it is part of my job to test and taste them. Do you really think Striction D can help me or are you one of the websites pretending to be a ‘review corner’ but it is only a disguise to do sales? Striction D sounds good but is it really legitimate in all aspects especially its effects?

    1. Hello, Chef JP! It may sound cliche but we promote supplements that we think are really good for your health. We do reviews to talk about the different features of a product to inform you. Rest assured that you can trust our reviews since we really do some research about a certain supplement and help you understand its pros and cons. To answer your question, Striction D has a lot of good features, especially its formula which contains an excellent combination of compounds not to mention the trademark ingredients it has. As you can see in the review, it really works very well for most users especially in maintaining a normal level of their blood sugar. So there’s really a high chance that it will work positively for you too. Hope this helps!

  8. could you please help me reach out to one of the blood sugar supplements companies i found on a facebook ad? i finally found out they are not the best and not really effective. i feel scammed because i spend a lot of money even my savings only to find out that i do not see any results at all. i wanted to invest my money in a better blood sugar supplement and i finally found striction d which i find a very good candidate and can potentially help me with my increasing blood glucose levels. but before trying out the product i need to get my money back and invest in the product. it is very hard to trust again and it is very hassle

    1. Hi, CamzCasiguran! I’m sorry to inform you that we have no means of reaching out to the blood sugar supplement companies you’re talking about. I’m sorry that you went through this and I hope it will not happen again. Thank you for appreciating our review of Striction D to the point that you consider it a good candidate. We wish that you can get your money back and invest it in better supplements. If you want to do more research before buying the right blood sugar supplement for you, you can check out our website’s category about Diabetes & Blood Sugar only if you have time. Good luck!

  9. Just wondering!! I have very high blood sugar levels, and just recently started using Striction D. Just wanted to know if it’s the best for high blood pressure too or if it works the same? Thank you for your advice and I am glad I stumbled upon your website and saw different products I hear from my friends and saw online. My wish is for you to review more supplements since they can come in handy in the future but it is still better if I will not need any more medicines at all because I will be healthier in the future. Thanks

    1. Hello, jopay! Striction D focuses on maintaining and controlling healthy blood sugar levels. It can also support weight loss and manages weight. In some studies, cinnamon can help with high blood pressure. However, if you want to focus on balancing healthy blood pressure, you might want to look for a supplement that really works for it. But I just want to say that a healthy blood sugar level has a major role in maintaining healthy blood pressure. So if you maintain a healthy blood glucose level then there’s a high chance that you will have to normalize blood pressure too. I hope I answered your questions somehow and thank you for the appreciation!

  10. just got my Striction D order. I am glad I did not get the by one get 1 free with auto ship from the other brand which overly bombards me with ads no matter where social media I go. I think it is part of the algorithm which I hate!!!!
    I got 1 bottle of Striction D instead even though it is not a lot, atleast I got a good one and will get ROI of the money I spend on it. What makes it even better is there are no strings attached! I have been battling with fluctuating blood sugar levels and I hope Striction D will finally be the best supplement for me. I will let you know how it will make me feel after consuming the very first bottle I got after reading this review.
    I found out my mother in law takes only 1 gel cap of another brand per day which is less than half the price and it is not working well. It is not always with the price, ey? I want to also know if you change the website link of Striction D? I just want to be sure to only get the original, say no to fakes!

    1. Hello, Amina! There’s nothing wrong with getting a bottle first to try. You can always get more when you really see improvement in your blood sugar. We are very excited to hear more about your experiences with Strcition D, let us know! If you ask me, not all affordable supplements are better, sometimes you also need to see the price and quality ratio. I don’t see the point of spending less if you don’t see any positive results at all. We didn’t change the website link. But just to be safe, you can get the original version of Striction D, by clicking this link. I suggest you to buy directly from its official website. Hope this helps!

  11. I have a friend who had taken traditional medicine and a diet plan from his older relatives to treat balance his High Blood Sugar and for some years now he looks normal. He drinks a lot of green veggie shakes and works out a lot. There are days when he also does fasting and just drink water for the whole day. From severe nausea and always being a sick guy Now he looks so healthy and enjoying a normal productive life. Praise God! If you do all of what he does, do you really need an additional supplement? Just my two cents.

    1. Hi, Henry! It’s good to hear that your friend is doing well health-wise. To answer your question, traditional medicine and such might not really work for everyone so most of them really need supplements to help them. If you ask me, fasting can sometimes be dangerous for people who have diabetes. Your blood sugar levels could go very low or also called hypoglycemia. I’m not saying that it can happen to everyone but you need to take note of that. Also, vegetables and fruits are helpful for the body but sometimes it’s not enough. Some healthcare professionals prescribe supplements so you can take that as a sign that they are very helpful. Hope this helps!

  12. Hello, are you sponsored by them to offer a discount? I want to use Striction D to lower my blood sugar but I am still having thoughts if I should really do it or not. My desire is to notice a reduction of 40 points in my blood sugar in just 2 months. Please do not tell me you are just endorsing a product and overhyping it which will turn out to do nothing thing for you, that will be such a sad and disappointing day if it will turn out to be bad. Do you have personal recommendations other than Striction D? That will be very much appreciated.

    1. Hello, Rommy! If you ask me, Striction D got a high rating because of its several amazing features. We don’t just give it praises simply because we just want to. If you look at its ingredients, it contains very helpful compounds to regulate blood sugar levels so it’s really a good sign that it will work positively. Other than Striction D, you might want to read and consider Glucofort, Gluconite, Sugar Balance Supplement, Altai Balance, Mellitox and Gluco Shield Pro or you might want to read about the 8 Best Diabetes Supplements (Review + User Guide) to help you achieve healthy blood sugar levels. I hope I answered your questions. Let us know if your final thoughts. We’re happy to hear it. Good luck!

  13. Hi There can i order striction d while living in south africa? if not do you know of a similar product in South Africa? Regards Herman

    1. Hello Herman, unfortunately, Striction D is only sold in the US. I also looked over Glucofort, which is my #2 recommended diabetes supplement and it’s sold in more countries than Striction D, but unfortunately, South Africa isn’t on the list. In fact, most of the supplements for diabetes that I know and that I reviewed on my website aren’t really sold in South Africa.

      What you can do is to look among the local supplements from the market of your country and find something that has some similar ingredients to Striction D (especially Ceylon Cinnamon, Chromium and maybe even Banaba or an extract of this herb). You’re not going to find something that has an identical composition, but you could find something with a few similar ingredients. If you find any product that seems fine but you’re unsure about it, you can send me an email or leave a comment here and I will check it out for you. Sorry I can’t help more.

  14. I currently take medication to control blood pressure and arrhythmia. My doctor does not want me to take any products that might work as a stimulant and speed up my heart. Are there any ingredients in this product that might interfere with blood pressure meds?

    1. Hey Patsy, Striction D doesn’t have a huge number of ingredients, as many other diabetes supplements do. So it’s pretty safe to use, especially when I comes to interactions, it doesn’t really interfere with too many drugs.

      Still, I wouldn’t necessarily advise you to go for it now (at least not until your blood pressure and heart issues get stabilized). In these cases, I usually ask people to get their doctor’s consent – but you doctor is already against any other drugs/supplements. That’s why I think it’s better not to take this supplement for now and stick to your prescribed diabetes medication only (I assume you have that). Once your blood pressure stabilizes, you can think about giving it a shot.

    1. Hey Learie, as far as I know, they’re not shipping it outside the US at the moment. Maybe you can try to find a supplement that contains at least some of its ingredients. If not, try to get one with Ceylon cinnamon (not Cassia or other versions, because it’s this Ceylon cinnamon that makes the difference).

      Sorry I can’t help more…

    1. Hey Manuel, yes, apparently they have some inventory issues and the product is not available right now, but it should be back in the next weeks. Keep an eye on our website or on the official website of StrictionD.

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