Is GlucoBurn A Scam? My Review (2024)

Is GlucoBurn A Scam? My Review

It's time to review Primal Labs' GlucoBurn – which is a diabetes supplement.

But is this product worth it?

  • Does it cause any side effects?
  • Are there are complaints about it?
  • Are its ingredients any good?

And most importantly – is GlucoBurn a scam or does it have any chances to be one?

Well, I analyzed it in detail – so I will give you the truth behind it below.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on GlucoBurn.

Review Summary

Full Name: GlucoBurn by Primal Labs

Product Type: Diabetes/Blood Sugar Supplement

Best Actual Price: About $60/bottle

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

It's also available on Amazon – but I can't guarantee it's the original product.

Designed For: Supporting insulin efficiency – it claims to:

  • stimulate insulin production
  • lower sugar absorption
  • increase sugar metabolism

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Recommended?: Not entirely – even though it's not a bad product at all:

  • ingredients could be better (and more varied)
  • not effective in a lot of cases
  • quite pricey for its value

I personally recommend a better supplement that has the best ingredients I looked into.


What I Liked About It

  • Based on 2 trademark ingredients
  • Contains potent substances against diabetes
  • Formula is decent (but could be much better)
  • Pills are quite easy to swallow
  • Available on retailers (Amazon)


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Only contains 4 active ingredients
  • Daily dosage is unclear
  • Enough unsatisfied users
  • Doesn't work in many cases
  • Price is a bit too high for its composition


GlucoBurn In A Nutshell

As you can guess from its name – GlucoBurn is a classic diabetes supplement.

This means it's designed to reduce:

  • blood sugar levels
  • insulin sensitivity

Other than that – it looks quite typical for a diabetes product.

But unlike other similar supplements, it's only based on 4 ingredients.

Besides, there's little info about its daily dosage – which is a problem.

Now –  all in all, it's a pretty good supplement.

But considering its value, I would say it's a bit expensive.

Plus, it doesn't have a lot of user reviews – but a high per cent of them are negative.

So even though it works in some cases, it doesn't work in many others.

For this reason, it's not among my top recommended diabetes supplements.

It's definitely not bad – but you can get some much better options (in terms of quality/price).




#1 – How It Works & Producer

To begin with – here are some basic things you should know about GlucoBurn:

  • its mechanism of action
  • what makes it different
  • who is its producer
1. How It Works

GlucoBurn has a pretty different mechanism of action:

  1. Blocks the conversion of complex carbs into sugars.
  2. Clears excess glucose from your bloodstream.
  3. Maintains blood sugar at a healthy level.


In other words, it mostly works by reducing carbs transformation into sugar.

Additionally – it stimulates insulin production from pancreas.

However, many diabetes supplements also boost insulin production.

So that's a pretty common technique.

Basically, what makes GlucoBurn different is that it reduces carb conversion into sugar.

Now – this looks like an amazing promise.

But in reality, it could only be a theoretical one:

  • many complaints about its results
  • formula isn't anything special

So GlucoBurn claims to work differently – but it contains about the same ingredients as most diabetes products.

That's why I doubt it works that well in reality.

But on paper, its mechanism of action looks really promising.

2. Company Behind

This supplement is made by a brand called Primal Labs.

At first sight, this company looks very reputable:

  • focused on creating healthy supplements
  • very professional website
  • a lot of contact info available

However, Primal Labs seems to have a couple of complaints (as a brand).

Even though I still consider it legitimate, it's worth taking a closer look at it before placing an order.


#2 – Ingredients (7 out of 10)

GlucoBurn's formula is decent – but it could be a lot better, if you ask me:

  • contains essential substances for diabetes
  • its main ingredients are herbal extracts

However, there are only 4 active ingredients in its composition.

Besides, their doses aren't the highest.

(But you can take several 2-3 pills/day, which solves the problem).

So all in all, GlucoBurn has a good formula.

However, it's far from the best diabetes supplement – in terms of composition.

That's why I have some mixed feelings about it.

Now – let's take a closer look at its 4 active ingredients.

1. GlucoHelp (3 mg)

This ingredient is a superior version of Banaba extract.

Banaba is a classic compound against diabetes, as you can find it in most supplements:

  • reduces glucose levels
  • decreases insulin resistance
  • improves insulin receptors sensitivity

Now, GlucoHelp combines this Banaba extract with Coroscolic Acid.

This mix is responsible for keeping blood sugar levels low and increasing insulin. [1]

You can also find it in other high-quality supplements.

So it's the best form of Banaba extract from the market.

2. GS4 Plus (50 mg)

You might have heard of Gymnema Sylvestre, which is another common ingredient in diabetes products.

Well – Gluco Burn contains a patented version of this compound (GS4 Plus).

All in all, it's responsible for insulin levels:

  • promotes insulin production
  • converts insulin into its active form
  • stimulates pancreatic function

Besides, this extract also has some clinical trials behind it. [2]

3. White Mulberry Leaf Extract (400 mg)

Here's another regular compound in diabetes supplements.

In terms of effect – it's the main responsible behind Gluco Burn's effect.

That's because it's the one that reduces carb conversion into sugars:

  • blocks the enzymes responsible for this conversion
  • clears glucose from your bloodstream
  • maintains a healthy blood sugar level [3]

Now, Gluco Burn's version of this herb contains DNJ (which is a glucose inhibitor).

4. Alpha Lipoic Acid (20 mg)

Last but not least, this is another classic ingredient against diabetes:

  • it's a very strong antioxidant [4]
  • boosts glucose metabolism
  • promotes overall health

Now, Alpha Lipoic Acid is great as a general health booster.

However – it also has a great effect against high blood sugar levels.


All in all, Gluco Burn's formula is far from bad.

It's based on classic ingredients against diabetes (in some strong versions).

However – there are only 4 ingredients in its composition.

So even though it's not bad at all, it's far from other supplements.

That's why I wouldn't necessarily recommend this formula.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (7 out of 10)

Here are the main features of GlucoBurn's capsules.

1. Pills

Like most diabetes supplements – GlucoBurn is formulated as vegetable capsules.

For this reason, its pills look quite regular:

  • average dimensions
  • gelatin cover
  • easy to swallow
2. Dosage

This supplements looks quite questionable from this point of view.

According to the label – its serving size is one capsule.

This means you need to take one pill per day.

However – some reviews and previous users state you can take 2-3 pills per day:

  • one bottle contains 90 capsules
  • a bottle is typically a monthly supply

Now – the problem is that I couldn't find any info about GlucoBurn's back label.

So there's no official info about its recommended daily dose (which is pretty weird).

Also – the doses for one pill aren't very high.

For this reason, taking 2-3 capsules per day would make sense.

However, I cannot really tell for sure.

So you can only find out the best dosage if you purchase the product and check its real label.

That's pretty frustrating –  as 99% of all supplements give out their recommended dosage on their website.

Still, GlucoBurn makes a (negative) exception here.



#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

If you want to see how a product works, you should look at its user feedback.

Now, GlucoBurn does have a couple of reviews online.

But its previous users are not the most satisfied ones.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

First of all – this supplement is sold on both its official website and on Amazon.

Now, the version from Amazon seems to be the original one:

  • seller is Primal Labs
  • there are other supplements from the same brand available

But even so, I cannot guarantee it's the authentic version.

Still – I decided to analyze the reviews there, since it's probably the real product.

Now, there are only a few user reviews – and they are quite mixed up.

But let's take a closer look at the positive ones:

  1. Some say it controlled their blood sugar levels.
  2. Others state it works really well combined with diabetes medication.
  3. A few mention it's really helpful for high glucose levels.

Again – there were pretty few reviews for this product.

So the overall number of satisfied users wasn't very high.

For this reason, I cannot give you a larger view on the experiences of GlucoBurn's satisfied users.

2. Negative Opinions

Despite its few reviews, GlucoBurn has a lot of complaints here:

  1. Some users state it's absolutely useless.
  2. Others claim it didn't help them at all.
  3. A few others say it's too highly praised for what it can really do.

Again – there are very few opinions on this product.

So it's hard to judge it based on less than 20 reviews.

But all in all – its existing reviews are quite mixed up, so it's far from an amazing product.

It does work in some cases, but it doesn't work in many others.


GlucoBurn has both positive and negative experiences.

But as a per cent, it has quite a high number of complaints.

So even though it's effective in some cases – it also doesn't work for many people.

That's why it's not necessarily a product I would recommend.




#5 – Side Effects (8 out of 10)

Since it has very few user reviews, GlucoBurn doesn't have a lot of info about its potential side effects.

Still, I don't consider it the safest diabetes supplement:

  • pretty high dose of GlucoHelp
  • several patented ingredients

Now, don't get me wrong – this product isn't dangerous either.

But some of its doses are quite high and certain ingredients come in a concentrated version.

Now – it may not cause any issue in a lot of users.

But in my view, it has a higher risk of side effects than most diabetes supplements.

However – I don't want to use this as a reason for not recommending it.

It's true that it has very few user reviews – but none of them complain about side reactions.

So it's not as dangerous in reality.


#6 – Price (6 out of 10)

GlucoBurn isn't the priciest diabetes supplement out there.

However, it's far from those affordable ones as well.

But for its value – I consider it quite expensive.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – this product is sold both on its official page and on Amazon.

Still, I cannot guarantee that Amazon's version is the original one.

For this reason – let's analyze its price from the official website:

  1. A single bottle costs $59.99.
  2. You get a discount if you buy at least 3 bottles at once.
  3. For a 6 months supply, you pay around $45/bottle.
  4. You can also sign up for VIP auto-refill (some kind of subscription).
  5. In this case, you pay between $54 and $41 for a bottle (depending on the quantity).

As in all cases, I don't recommend going for a subscription from the start.

If you decide you want to use this product for the long run – you can subscribe at one point.

But I don't advise you to do it before seeing how GlucoBurn really works.

Other than that, I consider it rather expensive:

  • only contains 4 ingredients
  • formula isn't as impressive as in other products

Don't get me wrong – GlucoBurn is a valuable supplement that works in some cases.

But I simply don't consider it to be worth that much.

That especially when there are so many better options out there.

2. Competitors' Price

I only want to compare GlucoBurn with my top recommendation for diabetes.

I'm talking about Gluco Cleanse Tea:

  1. GlucoBurn has a decent formula with 4 active ingredients.
  2. Gluco Cleanse Tea probably has the best formula from the market.
  3. It contains the most potent ingredients for diabetes (both herbs and vitamins/minerals).
  4. GlucoBurn costs $60/bottle normally.
  5. In the best case, you ca get it for about $45.
  6. Gluco Cleanse Tea comes at $69/pack as a standard price.
  7. In the best case, you can buy a bottle for about $49.

Now – in terms of quality/price, Gluco Cleanse Tea is clearly superior to GlucoBurn.

It has a much better formula and its price is way lower.

Not to mention that its results tend to be much better.

For this reason, it's a way better deal overall.


Considering its quality, GlucoBurn is a bit expensive.

It's definitely not a scam – but it could cost at least $10 less.

That's why it's not my top recommended blood sugar supplement.




#7 – GlucoBurn In 3 Ideas

Let me summarize my view on GlucoBurn in 3 ideas.

1. Trademark Ingredients

This supplement's formula may not be the best from the market.

But it surely stands out because of 2 patented ingredients:

  • GlucoHelp
  • GS4 Plus

Both of them are some improved versions of the original compounds (Banaba and Gymnema leaves).

So their are definitely the best part about this product's formula.

2. Mixed Reviews

GlucoBurn doesn't have an impressive user feedback:

  • pretty few user opinions
  • a high per cent are negative
  • few of them are very detailed

So its customer reviews are pretty mixed up.

But judging after the number of its satisfied users, it doesn't work in a lot of cases.

3. Could Be Cheaper

Consider its value, this supplement could cost a lot less.

That's because its formula isn't the most impressive one.

Plus, for a product with only 4 ingredients – it's extremely expensive.

So even though it works in some cases, I consider it a bit pricey.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Not completely.

It's definitely not a bad product at all – but there are some things I didn't like about it:

  1. Formula could be a lot better.
  2. Daily serving size is unclear.
  3. Doesn't work in many cases.
  4. Price is a bit too high for its current value.

Now, I personally don't consider GlucoBurn a scam.

It has a lot of good points – especially regarding some of its ingredients.

But all in all, I personally would not go for it as a first choice for diabetes.

So what would I recommend instead?

There's another product that makes the best diabetes supplement I know (Gluco Cleanse Tea):

  • best formula from the market 
  • based on the most important 5 ingredients for diabetes
  • excellent results in most users
  • also helps with weight loss

Compared to GlucoBurn – it costs about the same, but it has a much better value.

That's why I recommend Gluco Cleanse Tea to everyone looking for a high quality diabetes product.

All in all, it's simply the best one I looked into.


1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 19, 2024

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  1. My 90 year old husband ordered this without my knowledge. It was a surprise to me when it arrived and he seemed confused about what he’d ordered. There was a return label in the box and we processed the return slips. So sad we still don’t have any news about the courier. My husband bought it on Amazon but we are not sure if it is the very official one, I just hope we are not being scammed by other sellers who sell rip-off supplements which can be very dangerous to us. Or else it will be a BIG SCAM and we’ve lost almost $1,000 without experiencing balanced blood sugar. So sorry to rant here but I want to tell people to BE CAREFUL OF THE SELLERS ONLINE BECAUSE SOME OF THEM ARE VERY BAD.

    1. Hi, Awesome Ethel! GlucoBrun has an official shop on Amazon and you can buy it from its official website. However, we can’t deny that there are other sellers online that also sells rip-off of some products. I hope everything will go well with your return processes. I suggest that next time you buy from its official website if you want to be sure of the product’s legitimacy. Good luck and thank you for reminding our readers to be careful of the sellers online.

  2. would you please email me your phone number or email address because i have a lot of questions to ask you especially about my deteriorating health that is connected to my blood glucose. i am not quite comfortable exposing it all in this comment section because of the judgment of the people online. i am also afraid of going to the doctors because they might not appreciate what i am feeling right now and worst may laugh at me. please my blood glucose is not in the rightt place right now hoping you could suggest good products after talking to you privately thanks

    1. Hello, Ira! It’s very understandable that some people are not comfortable sharing their problems online. But unfortunately, we can’t just share our phone numbers with anyone. The good thing is that you can send us an email that’s posted on our Contact page. You can see it at the bottom of the website. Also, I hope that you’ll finally find the courage to consult the doctors because they are trained to diagnose a patient and they will give you almost all of the information you need. No pressure but it’s one of the right things to do especially since you mentioned that your blood glucose is not in the right place right now. Hope everything is well and don’t hesitate to email us. Be safe!

  3. Lately, I always feel tired and always thirsty. Are those symptoms of high blood glucose levels? I am currently overthinking because what if it’s more than that? Should I go to the nearest doctor before trying any supplement or is it okay to start a blood sugar supplement right away? I sort of like the features of Glucoburn it looks like the best in the market unless you know something way better. The more recommendations the better!

    1. Hi, Mikayla36! Being thirsty and tired could be the symptoms of high blood sugar levels. However, we can’t conclude that right away so it’s still better to get your blood sugar checked to be sure of the exact condition you might have been in. But if you have a history of high blood sugar levels, then it could be the reason for the symptoms you mentioned. I suggest that after you get your blood checked, also ask your doctor if there is a need to take a blood sugar supplement. If you’re looking for some great blood sugar supplements, you might want to read our review about Gluco Cleanse Tea, Striction D, Glucofort, Gluconite, Sugar Balance Supplement, Altai Balance, Mellitox and Gluco Shield Pro. You might want to read about the 8 Best Diabetes Supplements (Review + User Guide). Good luck!

  4. Thank you for a very detailed review about Glucoburn and the questions in my mind were answered already. Except for one, can I take it with other supplements like powdered collagen and skin whitening capsules? I just want to make sure to avoid unnecessary reactions in my body and side effects. I’m not the healthiest person on earth so I feel like there is a need to take all the supplements in the world to make me feel healthy and live longer. What is your thought? Is this the only one you recommend? Thanks

    1. Hi, Tonyo! Thank you for appreciating our review of GlucoBurn. We’re so glad we answered the questions in your mind. To answer your other question, yes, you can take powdered collagen and skin whitening capsules. Just make sure to not them all at once. I suggest that you should take them at different times of the day. However, if you want to be sure because you mentioned your health, it’s safe to ask your doctor about the supplements you are taking. If you’re looking for the best blood sugar supplement, you might want to check Gluco Cleanse Tea. Let me know your thoughts after reading it. Hope this helps!

  5. What is the matter with you people???? JUST SAY GLUCOBURN DOESN’T WORK AND LET’S MOVE ON WITH LIFE!!! I don’t understand, do you want to sell it or do you want us to be disappointed with it? I’m not mad I just want to see the point. I’m looking for a good maintenance supplement for my blood sugar and I thought this is the one for me. So does it really work or not at all?

    1. Hello, Miss_Lita! The intention of this review is to list down each feature worth mentioning about GlucoBurn. As you can see, we listed the pros and cons of the product for you to know what’s the real deal behind it. If you read the chapter about the results, it’s effective in some cases but it also doesn’t work for many people. So that’s why I recommend a better blood sugar supplement that I know will really work. I suggest that instead of wondering if GlucoBurn will work for you or not, try looking for other supplements first with more superior features. I believe you can easily compare them with GlucoBurn and you can narrow down your choices into at least 3. Hope this helps!

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