My Review: Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 – Scam Alert Or Does It Work?

Is Bio Complete 3 A Scam Alert? My Review

It's time to review Gundry MD's Bio Complete 3.

This supplement is one of the most popular probiotics.

But does it actually work or it's just a scam alert?:

  • several potential side effects
  • unique ingredients
  • very expensive

So is this supplement really worth buying? Where can you buy it?

Well, I analyzed it in detail – so here's everything you need to know about it(+ video).

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Bio Complete 3.

Review Summary

Full Name: Bio Complete 3 from Gundry MD

Product Type: Probiotics

Best Actual Price: Around $70/bottle

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

It claims that its various versions from retailers are fake – but I pretty much doubt that.

I will explain why later on.

Designed For: Promoting a health gut lining:

  • improves digestive issues
  • reduces cravings and fatigue
  • increases general immunity
  • can also help with reducing weight (in some cases)

So it has the typical benefits of probiotics – but it's also a versatile one.

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended?: Not really even though it's a good pre/postbiotic.

But as a prebiotic, I would surely not recommend it:

  • pretty weak formula
  • very expensive
  • requires a lot of pills per day

Instead, I recommend you to go for a much stronger probiotic that also costs less.


What I Liked About It

  • Reputable brand behind
  • Unique formula based on trademarks
  • Great as a pre/postbiotic
  • Worked for enough users
  • Many authentic user reviews behind


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Only contains one probiotic strain
  • Pretty low dose of probiotics
  • Requires 4 pills/day
  • Enough unsatisfied users
  • Pretty high rate of side effects
  • Very expensive for its value



Bio Complete 3 In A Nutshell

Shortly, this supplement is unique because of its 3 blends combination:

  1. Prebiotics
  2. Probiotics
  3. Postbiotics

Now – it's a probiotic supplement, first of all.

But the fact that it also combines probiotics with their pre and post compounds is an advantage.

However, as a probiotic alone – Bio Complete 3 looks quite disappointing.

That's because its formula only comes with one bacterial strain (in a very low dose).

Besides, it doesn't always seem so effective as it claims.

In fact – it has many complaints on causing the issues it should actually treat.

Not to mention that it's one of the priciest probiotics out there.

It's true that its producer is a very reputable brand – so there's no chance that it's a scam.

But overall, it's surely not a product I would recommend.




#1 – Claims & Producer

First of all – let me give you some general things about this supplement:

  • how exactly it works
  • what issues it targets
  • who is its producer
1. Claims

As I said, Bio Complete 3 is a mix of 3 blends:

  • (the classic) probiotics
  • prebiotics
  • postbiotics

However – unlike most probiotic supplements, it claims to help with excess weight as well.

The explanation is simple – it reduces cravings.

Other than that, there isn't too much info about its promises.

Honestly – that's an advantage, as it's not that kind of product that claims to make miracles and actually does nothing.

So from this points of view, Bio Complete 3 looks pretty good.

2. Company Behind

Bio Complete 3's producer is a brand called Gundry MD:

  • very reputable overall
  • easy to get in touch with them
  • lots of details on their official page

Now – this company makes several other supplements and skin products.

And in terms of reputation and trustworthiness, it looks great.

That's why I'm completely sure it's not an actual scam.



#2 – Ingredients (7 out of 10)

Honestly – this supplement's formula looks pretty disappointing to me.

It does indeed contain 3 types of ingredients – but nothing else:

  • its probiotic has a pretty low dose (2 billions CFU)
  • only one bacterial strain

In other words, it looks pretty good both as a prebiotic and as a postbiotic.

But as an actual probiotic, it's pretty weak.

And since it's actually a probiotic supplement – its overall formula isn't amazing.

That's why I'm not a big fan of it at all.

Still – let's take each of its 3 ingredients by turn.

1. Tributyrin (as CoreBiome™)

This trademark ingredient is responsible for the “postbiotic part”.

And it's actually what makes this supplement unique – as not many products contain it:

  • it's a precursor to butyrate [1]
  • reduces general inflammation
  • can also boost immunity

Now – postbiotics are actually some last-step compounds.

Prebiotics feed probiotics, which generate postbiotics as a waste.

But despite being considered a waste, postbiotics are actually very helpful in terms of immunity.

In fact, their full benefits for human health aren't discovered yet.

However, they are surely helpful form (at least) some points of view.

2. Sunfiber®

As for this compound, it's the “prebiotic part” inside Bio Complete 3:

  • another trademark ingredient
  • soluble dietary fiber [2]

Now – this ingredient's #1 role is to feed good bacteria (probiotics).

Prebiotics themselves can also work if taken alone, as they feed your existing good bacteria.

However, in most cases – you probably have a lower level of good bacteria than normal.

That's why prebiotics are usually combined with probiotics.

3. Bacillus Coagulans (ProDURA®)

As you can guess – this is the actual probiotic inside Bio Complete 3:

  • helps with diarrhea and bloating
  • can benefit people with IBS/IBD [3]
  • reduces intestinal irritation

Now, this bacterial strain doesn't look bad at all.

But most probiotics contain well over 5 different strains (and at least 5-10 billions CFU).

While in this product – there's only one (and just 2 billions CFU).

So in terms of the actual probiotics, Bio Complete 3 looks pretty bad.

Honestly, its formula is very disappointing at this (most important) chapter.


Despite its great initial impression – Bio Complete 3 is not as potent as it seems:

  • great doses of pre/postbiotics
  • really low dose of probiotics
  • only one bacterial strain

So basically – as a prebiotic/postbiotic, this formula looks really promising.

But this supplement is designed as a probiotic.

And from this point of view, I consider it pretty weak.

So I wouldn't really recommend it, despite its good points.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (6 out of 10)

This product doesn't seem to look amazing from this point of view.

1. Pills

First of all – Bio Complete 3 is formulated as vegetable capsules.

Now, this kind of pills are usually pretty good – as they tend to be small and light.

But things looks pretty different in this supplement:

  • capsules are a bit larger than most
  • swallowing them isn't very easy

So they are definitely not the best when it comes to sizing.

2. Dosage

Bio Complete 3 looks very bad here as well.

That's because it requires 4 pills every day – which is a huge dose, honestly:

  • taking so many pills is quite uncomfortable
  • they are also quite large in size (unlike their claims)

Now – it's recommended to space these pills out in 2 series.

In other words, you should take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

Obviously, you can take them in a different approach, if you prefer.

But make sure not to take all 4 pills together – as you increase the risk of side effects.



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

In order to see how a product works, I always check its user feedback.

And Bio Complete 3 has a lot of authentic reviews from previous customers.

So let's analyze them in detail.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. Positive Opinions

First of all – this supplement is mostly sold on its official website.

It also claims not to be sold anywhere else, but Amazon does sell it:

  • producer is the same brand (Gundry MD)
  • formula is exactly the same
  • pills are identical in shape/color/texture
  • price is a little lower

For this reason – I'm pretty sure the product sold on Amazon is the original one.

Besides, it's sold on the official page of Gundry MD on Amazon.

If the seller was a scammer, I'm pretty sure it would have been rejected (Amazon is very strict with sellers).

Now, here's what you should know about its reviews:

  • user opinions are almost entirely positive on the official website
  • Amazon has lots of legit complaints

I typically avoid reviews from official websites, because they tend to be fake positive.

And honestly – this seems to be the case here.

That's why I will only consider its opinions from Amazon.

So here are the most common praises it received there:

  1. Some users say it really helped their digestion.
  2. Others claim their bloating improved a lot.
  3. A few others mention that it works really fast.

However, the negative part is a lot more interesting.

2. Negative Opinions

Surprisingly or not – most of Bio Complete 3's first page reviews are complaints:

  1. Many users claim it's a scam.
  2. Lots of people complain that it costs a lot but it doesn't work.
  3. Others even say their digestion actually worsened.
  4. Many others complain about side effects.

Now, Amazon has a lot of negative reviews on this product.

On the other hand – they are almost absent on its official page (which is quite obvious).

That's why I'm pretty sure these complaints are real.

If the product was actually so amazing – it would have far more praises even on Amazon.


Bio Complete 3 doesn't have an amazing user feedback:

  • lots of complaints on Amazon
  • only praises on its official website

In this case, there's no way I could believe the opinions from its official page.

So it may work for some – but it certainly doesn't work for many others.

That's why it's not a product I could recommend.




#5 – Side Effects (4 out of 10)

Bio Complete 3 seems to have some issues in terms of secondary reactions.

Again – all the complaints I found were on Amazon.

Its official page has absolutely no review about side effects, which is quite understandable.

Now, the side effects it seems to cause are pretty significant:

  • severe bloating
  • diarrhea
  • dehydrating

Ironically, these are actually some symptoms it was supposed to treat.

Instead – it seems to cause them directly (or even worsen them).

Obviously, that doesn't happen in all cases.

But I did find a pretty high per cent of users complaining about issues of this type.

That's why I would think twice before purchasing it – it just doesn't seem very safe overall.



#6 – Price (4 out of 10)

For a probiotic, Bio Complete 3 is extremely expensive.

It's true that it does contain some trademarks (which tend to cost more than regular ingredients).

But even so – its formula is not as amazing as to be worth so much.

1. The Exact Price

Now – this supplement is available on both its official website and Amazon.

Again, if you ask me, the version from Amazon is the original one (it simply looks identical from all points of view).

However, the price on Amazon is a bit lower:

  1. A bottle costs around $57.
  2. That's a one month supply.
  3. There are no discounts for larger quantities.

Now, I personally believe the brand doesn't recommend purchasing the product from Amazon because of its lower price.

Instead, the price is higher on the official website:

  • single bottle costs around $70
  • there are some discounts for larger quantities
  • but they are pretty minor
  • in the best case, you can get it for about $59

So basically – the price is about the same as on Amazon (but only for the largest supply).

But honestly, this supplement is extremely expensive (even at its lowest price).

Again, it does contain some trademark ingredients.

But as a probiotic alone – it looks very disappointing.

If it cost under $30, it might have been a good option.

But in this actual case – there's no way I could recommend it for this price.

2. Competitors' Price

I will only compare Bio Complete 3 with my #1 recommended probiotic.

I'm talking about Your Biology Gut+:

  1. Bio Complete 3 only contains one bacterial strain (in a low dose).
  2. Your Biology Gut+ contains 10 essential strains in some really high doses.
  3. It also combines prebiotics that feed the good bacteria.
  4. Bio Complete 3 costs $70/bottle normally.
  5. In the best case, you can get it for about $59.
  6. Your Biology Gut+ is cheaper at $64.999 as a standard price.
  7. In the best case, you can get it for about $39.

Now – between these 2 products, it's obvious that Your Biology Gut+ makes the better option. 

As I said, it's my top recommended probiotic.

So obviously – it makes a great choice in terms of quality/price.

But compared to Bio Complete 3, it has a better formula but it also costs less.

That's why I strongly recommend going for it.


Bio Complete 3 is very expensive overall.

It's true that it's a pretty valuable product (from some points of view).

But that doesn't explain its huge price – especially since it's pretty weak as a probiotic alone.

So I couldn't really recommend it.




#7 – FAQs

These are the common questions about Bio Complete 3.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What is the product designed for?

Bio Complete 3 has probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics.

So besides being a typical probiotic, it also has other benefits.

That includes helping with excess weight and reducing cravings.

2. How should you take it?

You should take 4 pills/day of Bio Complete 3.

It's up to you how you space it out in a day.

As long as you take a total of 4 capsules daily, it's your choice.

Just do not take it all together at once, to avoid the risk of side effects.

3. Are there any serious side effects?

Bio Complete 3 received complaints about the following effects:

  • dehydration
  • intense bloating
  • diarrhea

Those issues are considered serious because they are the symptoms it should treat.

So be aware that it can worsen your existing problems.

4. How long does one bottle last?

A bottle of Bio Complete 3 has 120 capsules.

So it's good for a month only (4 pills/day).

5. What are the bundles available for it?

You can get Bio Complete 3 in 1 pack, 3 packs or 6 packs.

Its regular price is $70 (from its official website).

But in the best case, you can get it for about $59.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here's how I would sum up my opinion on Bio Complete 3 (in 3 ideas).

1. Excellent Pre & Postbiotic

This supplement contains 3 types of ingredients, as I said.

And when it comes to its pre/postbiotic parts, it looks really good:

  • based on unique ingredients
  • its compounds are formulated as trademarks

So from this point of view – I would actually recommend it.

However, it's way too pricey for a pre/postbiotic – but in theory, it looks great.

2. Weak Probiotic

As for its probiotic part, Bio Complete 3 doesn't look as good:

  • only one bacterial strain
  • pretty low dose 
  • not versatile

Now – this supplement is formulated as a probiotic.

So you basically have to judge it from this point of view.

And to be honest, its probiotic formula is very disappointing.

3. Very Expensive

In terms of value, I doubt Bio Complete 3 is worth its current price.

It's one of the priciest probiotics I looked into, to be honest.

Now, it's definitely a legit product (and so its its brand).

But I personally would never pay so much on it, it's simply not worth it.



#9 – My Video Review



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Not really.

It's definitely not a bad supplement – especially as a pre/postbiotic.

But as a probiotic, I would surely not recommend it:

  1. Only one bacterial strain (in a low dose).
  2. Requires 4 pills/day.
  3. Seems to worsen digestive symptoms in some people.
  4. Very expensive overall

Now – Bio Complete 3 is definitely far from a scam.

Its producer is a reputable brand and the supplement itself is very legit.

But again, I don't think it makes the wisest option overall.

Why spend so much money on it when you can get something stronger for a lower price?

So what alternative do I recommend instead?

A product called Your Biology Gut+:

  • excellent formula with 15 different strains
  • has some really high doses
  • also contains prebiotics for a stronger effect
  • costs a lot less

If you ask me, Your Biology Gut+ is the best probiotic I know (in terms of quality/price).

That's why I consider it a much better option instead of Bio Complete 3.


1 –

2 –

3 –

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: March 12, 2024

34 thoughts on “My Review: Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 – Scam Alert Or Does It Work?

  1. Hi Olly! Not sure if you’re interested, but I can share my experience with Bio Complete 3. I had a cure of antibiotics for a stomach bacteria and my doctor recommended a probiotic after a few weeks, he said Bio Complete 3 is expensive but it’s a really good one so I decided to give it a try either way. My digestion and stomach pain have not improved, I actually had the impression they were getting worse after a week or so. That’s also the time when I started getting a chronic diarrhea, it wasn’t very bad but it happened daily so it started to bother me. I stopped using the supplement and a few days after I was actually getting better. It’s not a scam but it did not work for me, I’m thinking about switching to Probio-Lite, I read about it on your website and I really like its characteristics. From what I understand, it’s the type of probiotic I can use for months, right?

    1. Hello Jacob, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Bio Complete 3. The issues you experienced are very similar to those I read about in various reviews, so this product probably tends to cause them on a regular basis (more than other probiotics). So I think you made the right decision giving it up. As for Probio-Lite, I actually recommend it to you because it’s less concentrated but it contains the right doses. So it’s strong enough to work without causing any severe side effects. And yes, it can be used in the long run, because of its lower doses. Not to mention that it also helps with stomach issues (more than other probiotics), so it’s even more suitable for your case.

      If you decide to give it a try, please keep me updated on how things go. Hope this helps!

  2. My only thoughts about Bio Complete 3 is how could someone able take 4 capsules of a product with a very low potency? One bacterial strain, seriously? Not to mention the very high price of $70? If I buy this product, I just hope that it will work for the best or else I’ll cry my $70 out. Enough of that, I just need to release my opinion because I am looking for the best probiotic supplements and I come upon this article. After reading the price, I felt more constipated! Just kidding, your recommendation looks promising but I’ll do more research.

    1. Hi, Lyra! Some people are actually okay with taking 4 capsules in a day but for others, it’s too much especially if it’s weak. I understand that others might find that the effort is not worth it. The number of pills is a personal preference but the quality and the price is non-negotiable most of the time. I hope you’ll find the best probiotic supplement for your need. Goodluck!

  3. The quiz gave me Probio-Lite which is your #1 recommendation also. Is this a trick or something of a promotion? No hate, just curiosity. I have been taking a nice probiotic that is famous and available in the market but I noticed it’s no longer working because even though I’m diligent with taking it in its suggested use, it looks like it is no longer working. Last week my constipation came back again and mind you, it’s been gone for around 2 years. Could there be possibilities that my tolerance is not working anymore and I need something stronger?

    1. Hello, Tony! It’s so sad to hear that your go-to probiotic is no longer working. There are really instances where certain products will get eventually weak or your tolerance will change. The best answer to that question is to change to a slightly stronger product unless there is a more serious underlying problem in your body. IF that is the case, it’s better to consult a professional. Have a nice day!

  4. Where have I been all my life? Finally, a thread of probiotic supplements with easy top read discussions about their feature or pros and cons. But I got confused now as to what to try and what to avoid. For sure I will avoid anything with red color rating because it’s obviously not good for my body and soul. I appreciate your articles, but why do you really like Probio-Lite than Bio Complete 3? Looking forward to your answer.

    1. Hi, Jonathan! I would like to thank you for appreciating our reviews, you motivate us to do more. I prefer Probio-Lite more because it has better ingredients and a very good quality-price ratio. In fact, you can even get it at a discounted price. I hope I answered your question and have a nice day!

  5. I had diarrhea as a teenager, and go through stages where I have pain in my tummy, so it is very useful to find this treatment. I was not familiar with the supplement type because the only probiotic I know is in the form of drinks and yogurt for digestive pain, so will have a closer look at your recommendation and this one, Bio Complete 3.

    1. Hey, LineCowley04! I’m glad you came across this article and informed you that probiotic supplements exist. Go ahead and read some of our reviews about probiotics and I hope you find an interesting one for you. Have a nice day!

  6. I have taken 1 and a half bottles of this Bio Complete 3 and see no difference but my Dr said my stomach is not balanced and I don’t think any pill will help that. Or am I just taking the wrong supplement? That being said I am calling them for a refund because I paid a lot if that’s proven to be true.

    1. Hello, Oleta35! There could be a possibility that you haven’t found the probiotic supplement with the right strength for you. But there could also be a possibility that you need more than probiotics to solve your digestion problems. I suggest you to listen to your doctor more because he/she knows better. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Dear My Supplement Advice,

    I am writing this comment to tell and ask you some things. These are my thoughts about your article:
    – the chapters are helpful to understand the product
    – your recommendation looks good but will it work to everyone?
    – what could be the main reason of the company to produce very high price with a very low features?
    – do you get paid to review all the supplements in this website?
    – my age is 46, is it still safe for me to start a very strong probiotic?
    – do you personally know someone who already tried Bio Complete 3?

    These are my thoughts and no offense please. I just thought to blurt it out and leave you a comment.

    Thank you


    1. Hi, Mike! Thank you for reading our review and leaving good comments about it. To answer your question, Probio-Lite works in almost everyone that’s why it’s something I recommend. However, you can always ask your physician if you have other health conditions or if it is still appropriate for your age. Some products really have very high prices but low quality so it’s up to us to do our research and to choose the best product that’s worth our money. I don’t personally know someone but you can always check the authentic reviews from online marketplaces to see its performance. Lastly, we are not paid to do reviews for most of the products we feature here. I hope I answered your question and enjoy your day!

  8. Hi. I’ve been suffering from digestive discomfort since my mid-20s. That is for the last 40 years. When this problem first emerged I was living in the UK and I went to see a doctor for the pain I am feeling. I was given a very thorough examination. He explained what had happened and how he was going to fix it. Then he fixed it. I went for one or two follow-ups and that was it. About 20 years later I started having problems again and I started going to see another doctor. For the last few years, I have been seeing him regularly, and together with eating healthier meals, this keeps my stomach situation in check. I have not really tried dietary supplements to assist with this problem. I should try the supplements as the problem can only get worse as the years advance. Thanks, Andy

    1. Hello, Andy! I am quite shocked that you have been experiencing it for a very long time. Maybe you can search for good probiotic supplements and present them to your doctor so he /she can look for them and do some research. I can’t imagine your struggles and I hope one day everything will get better soon. You can add my recommendation (Probio-Lite) to the list you’ll show to your doctor and I hope it helps. Good luck!

  9. 58 dollars for this? No way, I never expected this because it was just given to me. If it is as you say then I guess I better switch for another one. I have been using this one and so far, I have no improvements whatsoever–maybe its as you say. Sure it does helped increase my energy level but what I need is to help me solve my digestive issue such as IBS which is you know, more important to me? Anyway, I’ll check out your recommended product. Thanks, Olly!

    1. Hi Mirmo, Angelica here! Thank you for sharing your experience and honestly? You are not the only one. As stated in the article and from the previous customer feedbacks, it cannot really be considered as a good probiotics as based on its composition and results. So when it comes to this, I recommend BiomeMD over everything because it has good composition, good price, and most importantly, good result. I’m sorry that you have had a not so good result with this but hey, at least it was given for free? Thank you so much!!

  10. Hey Olly, I get what you are saying but I really wont trade this for anything else. I wish you would change your rating and verdict on this because i swear that it works really well. I’ve been suffering from bloating all day and aside from that, i feel lethargic all the time. This is the only product that helped me. After taking it for several months already, I feel much much better. Hope you can consider this. THanks

    1. Hi Lorein, I’m Angelica and we totally understand–why give up something that perfectly works for you? We are glad that it worked out really great for you because we also recognize that not everyone is a one size fits all. It’s okay to have a differing opinion, what is important is that you are informed and aware of what you need and want. We really appreciate that you’ve shared your experience but sadly, it cannot change our verdict about it (unless there has been changes in the product itself) because we based our rating on different factors. Anyway, good for you that you are feeling better now!

  11. Hi, I didn’t see any improvements the first 3 months,I had a lot of problems with my Digest of system and yeast overgrowth, I have been taken bio complete 3 for six months and I have had a lot of good results, I’m glad I found this company, I was even having scaly skin and I have new skin now, among other problems.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks a lot for your insight on Bio Complete 3, I’m happy to hear it helped you. Congratulations for your patience, most people would not be willing to take such a pricey product for 3 months without seeing any results (and still continue to take it even so). In my opinion, it took quite a long time to start working, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, even though it’s not a bad product at all. But there are cheaper alternatives that work much faster, so that’s what I would probably go for. But in your case, I believe sticking to Bio Complete 3 is the best option, so thanks for sharing your personal experience with it.

  12. I’ve just about exhausted my first order of Bio Complete 3 .
    After using it for less than a week, two things happened;
    1) It literally CLEANED ME OUT! ( I called a CSR that recommended I cut back to two tablets a day )
    2) I began to feel much much better more energy, no sluggishness, I actually went Christmas Shopping with my wife and didn’t need my walking stick, but rather was able to keep up with her!
    I was so impressed that I wrote a glowing review.
    I’ve stayed on two a day for a couple of weeks now and my results were meh , this could’ve resulted from possible Omicron aka severe head chest and sinus cold.
    So this morning before deciding to re-order I read your review/recommendation which got me to thinking about a probiotic I took about 10 years ago called Natren’s Healthy Trinity, which claims to be The original probiotic formula that came over from Greece sometime back in the early 20th century and that is shipped cold because anything that sits on a shelf for a while even if it’s in a dark glass container loses its viablility .
    I was wondering if you have ever reviewed this product?
    Note; I am 73 years old with numerous health issues that if I were to tell you you would not believe me, but let’s just say they included HEP C, a liver Transplant, cancer twice open-heart surgery etc. not to mention IBS.

    1. Hi James, you have indeed a lot of health issues and I’m really sorry to hear you’re dealign with all of them at the same time, it must be really hard. Regarding Bio Complete 3, if it helped you so much, I really advise you to stick to it (but in a lower dose for maintenance, like the one you are currently taking). I didn’t make a review of Natren Health Trinity on this website, but I did take a look at it right now. It looks like a decent product, with a pretty good dose of probiotics (30 billion CFU in total) but it only contains 3 bacterial strains, from what I saw. It does have several satisfied users behind but it’s extremely expensive, if you ask me. Obviously, the decision is all yours, because both Bio Complete 3 and Natren’s product are on the pricier side. So if your budget allows it, you can go for any of them. Even so, if you want a wide choice of option, you can take a look at my list with the best probiotics I know. Hope this helps you!

  13. Before I put any verdict on this myself, can you help me understand what prebiotics is? This is honestly the first time I came across it and I am new to this supplement things. Bio Complete 3 is actually recommended to me by my older sister but since I found your review about it, it’s making me think twice. I love my sister but it is also important to take a professional’s insight.

    1. Hi Ross! Thanks for asking! Actually, if you can just click on this, you will find out more about prebiotics. This article will make it easy for you to understand what prebiotics is–a product necessary to keep your probiotics healthy! As for your insight, yes, it’s definitely better to look for other source of information too because there is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, we also recommend checking out BiomeMd which is one of the best probiotics out there. Hope this helps!


  14. Maybe the reason why they claim that retailer version are fake is because it has a lot of complaints. I also checked out the retailer and yes, it has the logo and name of its official manufacturer. Either way, I would not want to buy this and from this company too.

  15. The major selling point in the article I saw from Gundry MD was the help Butyrin can afford to gut repairs. This was ignored in your otherwise helpful review , but from a total approach, a notable lack.
    I also comment the same about Pre biotics -but know these are not always advised, as they can contribute to SIBO, in some cases.
    What is your singular take on the Butyric case that was made?

    1. Hi Trev, I totally understand your point, I actually mentioned in my review that tributyrin can reduce inflammation, which can improve gut recovery time in IBS and other conditions that involve gut damage. However, if you check some studies, you will see that they have some mixed results. What I mean is that tributyrin is indeed very helpful, but the doses currently used in supplements are not enough to make a difference.

      For instance, Bio Complete 3 contains 1000 mg of CoreBiome, which is standardized to 30% tributyrin. This means there are about 300 mg of tributyrin in this product, which is a better dose than in some products, but it’s still too low to make a huge difference. You can find some studies on this topic.

      So this ingredient is definitely great and it brings some extra points for Bio Complete 3, because very few products actually contain it. But it’s not going to make a huge difference at this dose – so its potency isn’t as high as that of certain probiotic strains.

      Hope this clarifies it!

  16. Stupid question given that I am here but what is even the difference between pre/probitics? It kinda sound just the same lol. Hopefully you can indulge me in this because I noticed how responsive you are to your readers.

    1. Hi Nemia! This question is not stupid at all and it’s really important to learn more about the importance of both pre/probiotics so here goes. Prebiotics is known as the food of the probiotics to ensure and maintain/increase the efficacy of probiotics in your body. On the other hand, probiotics are the good bacteria that provide microbial balance in the gut. To know more about this, visit our article about this two so that you can understand more about it. Thanks for asking because we are always glad to be of help.

      All the best,

  17. Now I’m confused. Others say its good but then I find this and now I do not know what product to take. It would be nice if the product can help with weight loss but prioritizing my digestive issues is more important. I cannot take any more days of feeling bloated. Help me please, Olly? Thank you!

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