5 Best Mono Diets For Weight Loss (Results & More)

Let's talk about the 5 best Mono Diets for weight loss.

What are they real-life results? Do they actually work?

And are they really the primary choices to help you lose weight?

Well – we're going to answer that in this article.

So if you're curious about this diet, this article is everything you need.

Note: This article includes references and studies on Mono Diet.

Mono Diets For Weight Loss (In A Nutshell)

Just like other dietary approaches, the Mono Diet comes with several restrictions.

Well – here are the things you should remember about it:

  • is a diet that consists of only one food (or beverage)
  • the duration depends on the exact version of this diet
  • the prominent effect is weight loss
  • has more potential side effects than benefits

Basically, this diet requires you to eat one single food over and over again.

Now – I  mentioned below the popular versions of Mono Diet:

  • apple
  • lemon
  • potato
  • egg
  • banana

In addition – the goal of this diet is to give your digestive system a break.

This is related to processing a wide variety of foods that you consume on a normal day.

Ideally – the diet should be followed for only a week (according to most of its advocates).

But despite its short duration, it can potentially mess up your overall health.

To be exact, it can cause nutrient deficiencies (due to food elimination).

Also – it can even disrupt your blood sugar levels and  gut microbiome.

So if you really think about it, it's not worth trying because of its possible risks.

Since you only eat the same food throughout the diet, it's expected to lose some real weight.

But honestly – you will most likely lose it in an unhealthy way.

You can always lose weight in more balanced way.

So with that – if you want to still try the Mono Diet, do it at your own risk.

But it's always better to consult a healthcare professional first, to know if it's right for you.



What Is Mono Diet?

As usual, we will first talk about the basic details of the Mono Diet.

So here are some of the few things you should take note about it:

  • recommends only one type of food or beverage
  • its duration depends on the type of mono diet you follow
  • claims to offer several health benefits, especially weight loss
  • there are several food choices you can stick to

In addition, the idea behind it is to limit the variety of foods you consume.

In that way, your digestive system will have a break from processing a wide range of food.

Now – judging after its name itself, mono means “single” or “one.”

In short, this diet requires only one type of food or beverage for a specific duration.

Overall – even though it sounds easy to follow, it's still considered a restrictive diet.



How Long Does Mono Diet Last?

I've mentioned previously that the Mono Diet should only be followed for a period of time.

Honestly – there's no specific number of days when following the diet.

But usually, here are the common durations of the regimen:

  • 1, 3 to 5, 7 or 21 days
  • 2 to 3 weeks
  • one month or longer

So it really depends on the advocate/promoter or the type of food you use in this diet.

However – limiting your diet to a single type of food or beverage is obviously not healthy.

It can lead to several side effects, such as nutrient deficiencies.

But overall – the Mono Diet is not ideal for an extended period of time.



Mono Diet's Top Benefits For Weight Loss

Just like any type of diet with restrictions, the Mono Diet also claims to provide several benefits.

Some of them include improved energy levels and mental clarity.

But it's well-known to promote weight loss, due to its benefits [1]:

In reality – you will obviously lose some weight if you eliminate a lot of food groups from your diet.

That especially if they are high in carbohydrates, fats and calories [2].

So that's basically how the Mono Diet became popular with people aiming to shred off excess weight.

Again, its goal is to give your digestive system a break from processing a lot of foods.

In that way, your body can be cleansed from the possible toxins that have built up over time.

However – there are limited studies regarding its efficacy and safety.

With that, it also comes with health risks that we will discuss below.



Mono Diet's Biggest Side Effects

Again – like any type of special diet, the Mono Diet is also prone to causing side reactions.

That's not a surprise, since this diet only allow one food/drink.

So with that, let me give you the possible side effect of following this diet:

  • nutrient deficiencies due to the consumption of a single type of food/beverage [3]
  • rapid and unhealthy weight loss due to a drastic reduction of calorie intake [4]
  • slowed metabolism because of very low-calorie intake (decreased resting metabolic rate) [5]
  • weakness and fatigue due to the lack of essential nutrients in the body [6]
  • digestive/gut problems [7]
  • muscle loss and decrease body strength [8]
  • psychological effects (such as food obsession) [9]

In addition, consuming only one type of food can lead to dissatisfaction and boredom.

Honestly – there's no doubt the Mono Diet is a risky dietary approach.

The mere fact that it's not a balanced diet is already a sign that it's not ideal for overall health.

It can't supply the needs of the body to function correctly.

In short, you're not receiving a balanced range of nutrients – which can cause health problems.

Overall – there are more potential risks than benefits in following this diet.

With that, let's discuss below some common examples of the Mono Diet.



#1 – Apple

Firstly – we're going to talk about the Apple Mono Diet.

Allowed Food: varieties of apples (can be eaten fresh or steamed)

Duration: 3 to 5 days, but some people do it for longer periods

Benefit/s: According to its claims:

Now – some advocates of this diet recommend around 5-6 apples daily.

Well, an apple is rich in nutrients like phytochemicals, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals [10].

But since it's not a sustainable approach to nutrition, it's not enough for your body.

Sure, it's not a long-term type of diet – but even for a short duration, it can mess up your health.

For example, it can lead to fluctuation in blood sugar levels, which is quite dangerous.



#2 – Potato

The second example is called Potato Mono Diet.

Allowed Food: potatoes (a very small amount of salt and pepper can be added)

Duration: ideally around 3 to 5 days, but other people follow it for longer

Benefit/s: Here are its effects on the body, on paper:

Firstly – the diet suggests the consumption of 2-5 pounds of potato per day.

But the amount depends on a person's activity level and body weight.

Now – it's not really recommended to follow the diet for an extended period of time.

That's because potatoes are high in starch, which can also affect blood sugar levels [11] (as opposed to its claim).

Overall, potatoes (in a normal diet) are not that dangerous and they are even part of a balanced meal.

However – eating only potatoes all day for almost a week is a different topic.

There's a risk of developing type 2 diabetes (excess consumption) [12].

So overall – this type of diet can do more harm than good.



#3 – Banana

In general, Banana sounds good – but Banana Mono Diet is a completely different experience.

Allowed Food: fresh and ripe bananas

Duration: 3-7 days (typically) but others follow it for more than a week

Benefit/s: Banana Mono Diet promises to provide the benefits below:

  • improves mood
  • boosts energy levels
  • supports better gut health
  • helps with weight loss

In addition, the recommended serving of bananas in this diet is 6-8 bananas every day.

Firstly – banana is well-known to provide potassium, fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients [13].

But again, consuming it alone (without other nutrient-dense food groups) is totally useless.

Obviously – it's not enough to provide all the necessary nutrients for your body.

Sure, one of the goals of the Mono Diet is detox and cleansing.

But you can still achieve that while following a balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle routine.



#4 – Eggs

Now – another example is called Egg Mono Diet.

Allowed Food: eggs (cook without other fats/oils, salt and pepper in minimal amounts)

Duration: around 3 to 5 days, but some people choose to follow it longer

Benefit/s: Just like other types of Mono Diet, it also has some claimed benefits:

  • helps with satiety
  • promotes muscle building
  • supports digestion and weight loss
  • improves energy levels

Additionally – the suggested daily amount is around 6-8 eggs.

I want to say right away that following this dietary approach can increase cholesterol levels.

That's because eggs are high in cholesterol, so it's not recommended to overeat them [14].

Again, high levels of cholesterol can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease [15].

Overall – adding eggs to your diet is normal, but having them as the only food is not sustainable.



#5 – Lemon

Lastly – we're going to quickly give an overview of the Lemon Mono Diet:

Allowed Food: Usually, it comes with a recipe:

  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 300 ml water
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

Duration: 10 days for most people (others do it longer)

Benefit/s: So here are the benefits of the Lemon Mono Diet:

  • promotes detoxification and gut cleansing
  • helps with weight loss and maintenance
  • boosts immune health and energy levels
  • improves skin's overall health

In terms of frequency, the mixture should be consumed 6-12 times daily (depending on calorie needs).

Now – lemon water is popular for people who want to lose weight and cleanse/detoxify [16].

That's because it's believed that it can flush out the toxins in the body.

Overall – it's good to include it in your daily routine (like every morning before breakfast).

However, revolving your diet solely around it can cause drawbacks.

In fact, this type of approach won't actually lead you to long-term weight loss [17].

So it's still better to follow a balanced diet and consistent physical activity.



Final Conclusion

Firstly – Mono Diet consists of only one type of food/beverage to be consumed daily.

So in this article, we talked about its most common versions:

  • Apple Mono Diet
  • Potato Mono Diet
  • Banana Mono Diet
  • Egg Mono Diet
  • Lemon Mono Diet

In addition, the duration of the diet depends on the food you go for.

Some do it for a week, while others do it for even months.

Lastly – the serving size of foods varies depending on your everyday activities and needs.

Now, the top benefit of this dietary approach is weight loss.

Well – that's quite obvious, since this diet will require you to eliminate a lot of food groups.

However, losing weight through this dietary regimen is not sustainable.

The lack of nutrient-dense foods (even for just a week) can take a toll on your health.

This could lead to more side effects than benefits.

Honestly – you can find healthier alternatives that will help you manage your weight.


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