My Review: Nuzena Joint Support + (2023) – #1 Recommendation For Arthritis & Joint Pain

It's time to review Nuzena Joint Support +, because this product is my #1 recommendation for:

  • osteoarthritis
  • joint pain due to aging
  • cartilage damage/tear

For this reason – I consider it the very best joint supplement on the market.

  1. Excellent formula
  2. Lowest price possible
  3. Installments payment possible

So what could you ask for more?

Well – if this didn't convince you, here's my detailed analysis of this product (+ video review).

Review Summary

Full Name: Joint Support + by Nuzena

Product Type: Joint Pain Supplement

Best Actual Price: $30 per bottle (standard price).

You can buy it for:

  • either $20/bottle (one month supply)
  • or up to $15/bottle (larger quantities)

I will explain how to do this below.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Nuzena's official website

Designed For: Decreasing joint pain caused by:

It also works for supporting joint and bones in health people.

In other words – it works for pretty much any joint problem (especially if it involves pain).

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10 (Highest rated product from this category)

Recommended?: Definitely – it's the very best joint supplement I know:

  • great formula with strong ingredients in high dosages
  • LOWEST price on the market
  • you can also pay in monthly installments

Out of all glucosamine supplement I looked into, Joint Support + is the best one.

That's why it's my top recommendation in this category.


How To Buy It Cheaper

Here's a way to get Nuzena's Joint Support + for almost $15 per bottle, instead of $30. 

  1. Use my code NUZENA10 to get $10 off.
  2. Go for the “4 + 3 free bottles” pack.
  3. In this way, you pay for 4 bottles and also receive 3 for free.

If you make the calculations, this means around $15 per bottle – which is cheaper than any other glucosamine supplement I know.

That's a main reason why this product can save you a few dollars.

In case $15 is too much – you can pay the price in 4 equal monthly installments.



What I Liked About It

  • Strong ingredients in high dosages
  • Clinical evidence behind (in all compounds)
  • Pills are smaller than in most glucosamine supplements
  • Works for most joint problems 
  • Lowest price on the market (when buying several bottles)
  • Installments payment also available
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Ships worldwide
  • Trustworthy brand behind


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Very few authentic opinions about it (except those on its official website)
  • Not available in many retailers


Why It's My #1 Recommended Joint Supplement

Of all glucosamine products I looked into – Nuzena's products is the best.

I'm saying this for 4 reasons:

  1. Best price for the quality (up to $15/bottle).
  2. Monthly installments payment available.
  3. Strongest formula on the market.
  4. Effective for most joint problems.

So I personally don't know any better glucosamine supplement overall.

Now – I'm not saying Joint Support + is the only quality product.

In fact, there are (at least) 3 other products containing the exact same formula as it:

  • ingredients and dosages are the same
  • price is different
  • the others cost over $30 per bottle
  • they don't have such a low price when buying more bottles together
  • none offers installments payment

Basically – if you want a strong formula for the lowest price, Nuzena's product is the best pick.

If you don't care about paying some extra dollars, the others are perfectly fine as well.




#1 – What It Is & Claims

First of all, I want to give you some general info about this product:

  • how it helps
  • what it promises to do
  • who is its producer
1. Claims

Nuzena's supplement doesn't make any unbelievable promises (as many products do).

It doesn't even claim to be the best joint supplement on the market.

Instead – it only mentions what it can really do:

  1. Increases joint mobility and flexibility.
  2. Decreases consequent pain. 
  3. Repairs damaged cartilages.
  4. Relieves joint inflammation.
  5. Supports healthy joints and cartilages.

Basically – it's excellent for most joint problems.

And even though it doesn't claim to be the best, its features speak for themselves.

It actually offers the same formula as other products – but for even $20 less.

Besides – it also has a unique feature.

It's probably the only joint supplement that offers installments payment.

This means you can get it for as little as $7.50/month (4 months installments).

2. Company Behind

This supplement's producer is a brand called Nuzena.

Though it has a wide variety of supplements – it's not extremely popular on the market:

  1. Not very involved in advertising.
  2. Focused on creating high quality products for less money.
  3. Its products have a much better price (than its competitors).

But overall – Nuzena has an excellent reputation (judging after its reviews).

It doesn't have a page on BBB – which means there are no unsolved complaints.

So in terms of customer satisfaction and trust, it's awesome.

And as I said – most of its products contain the exact same formula as more expensive ones (made by more famous brands).

However, Nuzena's products are way cheaper.

That's why I strongly recommend its products.



#2 – Formula (10 out of 10)

Nuzena's product has the best ingredients for joint pain – if you ask me:

  • classic ingredients inside
  • all compounds have clinical evidence behind
  • high dosages
  • excellent combination overall

Honestly – it's not the only supplement with this exact formula. There are a few others.

But out of these, Nuzena's product has by far the best price.

Now – I would divide its ingredients in 3 classes:

  1. Cartilage Re-Builders
  2. Anti-Inflammatory 
  3. Antioxidants

So let's analyze each one closer.

1. Cartilage Re-Builders

This group is essential for people suffering from osteoarthritis/cartilage damage.

These ingredients manage to:

  • repair the damage
  • build new healthy cartilages
  • reduce future tear/damage

Nuzena's supplement contains the top 2 cartilage re-builders:

  1. Glucosamine Sulfate (1500 mg) [1]
  2. Chondroitin Sulfate (150 mg)

Though glucosamine does most of the works – it works best when combined with chondroitin. [2]

Besides – this supplement uses the strong form of glucosamine (the sulfate).

Most products contain the HCl, which has less evidence behind and weaker results in studies. [3]

2. Anti-Inflammatory

This class is meant to reduce the inflammation caused by cartilage damage:

  • also decreases pain
  • joints become more flexible

In this supplement – there are 4 anti-inflammatory ingredients:

  1. Boswellia Extract (200 mg)
  2. Turmeric (150 mg)
  3. MSM (25 mg)
  4. Bromelain (25 mg)

All of them do the same thing (in different intensities).

Turmeric is the strongest in terms of inflammation and Boswellia is pretty close. [4]

But overall – since it associated 4 major anti-inflammatory, this supplement's power should be really high.

3. Antioxidants

There are 2 substances in this group:

  1. Quercetin
  2. Methionine

Both of them have antioxidant proprieties – which means they fight joint aging and damage.

In other words, they're excellent for preventing future joint problems.

Besides – they also have anti-inflammatory powers (but not as strong as the previous 4).


Nuzena's product has an excellent formula:

  • all ingredients have real joint benefits
  • clinical evidence behind
  • high dosages

As I said – I consider this exact formula as being the best on the market.

You can also find it in other products – but for lower prices.

That's why I strongly recommend this supplement from Nuzena.

In terms of ingredients – they couldn't be better.




#3 – How To Use It (9 out of 10)

Up next – I want to give you some details about Joint Support +'s pills and schedule.

1. The Pills

This supplement has a major advantage here.

It uses gelatin capsules – unlike most glucosamine products, which use tablets:

  • gelatin pills are a lot easier to swallow
  • they also have smaller dimensions

So Nuzena's product is probably the only glucosamine supplement that uses gelatin capsules.

And this is a serious advantage (especially if you hate thick pills – as most of us do).

Other than that – this supplement's pills are quite nice:

  • very easy to swallow
  • average dimensions
  • pretty similar to turmeric pills (in size)
2. The Schedule

Like most glucosamine supplements – Joint Support + requires 3 pills per day:

  • you can take them at any time
  • it's up to you if you space them out or not

I personally recommend spacing them out (or at least taking them in 2 rounds).

But it's completely up to you.

After all – the effect is the same, whether you take them together or not.

Anyway – Nuzena's product is really easy to take overall.

Just make sure you take 3 pills a day (not 1 or 2).



#4 – Results (8 out of 10)

At this chapter – I tried to look at other people's opinions on the product.

In this way, you can see a real perspective on this product.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews (not promotional/fake ones).

1. Positive Opinions

This supplement is mostly sold on Nuzena's official website.

That's why it was really hard to find 3rd party reviews (I could only find promotional ones).

The product is also available on Amazon – but:

  • there are no reviews
  • offer is not as good as on Nuzena's website

So as I said – I could only find some reviews on Nuzena's official website.

Normally – I tend to avoid those reviews (they're usually biased and most have 5 stars).

However, Nuzena's website allows you to leave your own review (as long as you have a purchase in your account).

For this reason, I'm pretty sure those reviews are legit:

  1. There are only 5 reviews for this supplement.
  2. All users are pretty much satisfied.
  3. Some say it really helps with stiffness.
  4. Others claim it decreases their joint pain.
  5. A few also praise the possibility of paying in installments.

So overall – 5 out of 5 customers are satisfied.

It's up to you if you want to trust these reviews or not.

But considering the fact that you're allowed to leave your own review, I pretty much trust them.

2. Negative Opinions

Nuzena's products are quite new on the market.

For this reason – I couldn't find as many reviews on them as I wanted.

As for the complaints, I couldn't find too many either.

This supplement is far from perfect – but for now, it doesn't have too many straightforward complaints.


This supplement doesn't have a bunch of review online (since it's quite new).

But the existent ones are mostly positive.

So in terms of customer satisfaction – I really recommend Nuzena's product.

It's the best joint supplement in terms of quality/price, if you ask me.

At least I don't know anything better.




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

Since I couldn't find many reviews on this supplement – it's obvious I found even less about its side effects.

Actually, I couldn't find any complaint at this chapter.

However – I personally consider this supplement as being extremely safe:

  1. Its main ingredients rarely cause side effects.
  2. Dosages are under the maximum limit.
  3. Few complaints on similar products.

Basically – glucosamine supplements aren't famous for producing side effects (as turmeric ones are).

For this reason, they're considered quite safe overall.

Still – if you want to make sure, here's what you should do:

  • Always take the pills after eating.
  • Try to space them out throughout the day.
  • Swallow each pill with plenty of water.

But overall – you shouldn't experience any major side effect from this product.



#6 – Price (10 out of 10)

As I said before – Nuzena's products have way better prices than their competitors.

That's a major reason why I recommend this joint supplement.

In terms of price – it's above any other joint product I know.

1. The Exact Price

Joint Support +'s best price is on Nuzena's website:

  1. Standard price is $30 per bottle.
  2. You can use the coupon above to save $10 (for any order).
  3. Shipping costs $5 for US and around $14 internationally.
  4. However, it is free on orders over $50.
  5. Besides, the supplement itself is cheaper if you buy more bottles at once.

In other words – you can get a bottle for around $15.

Tell me another supplement of this value that has such a low price.

I don't really know any because I doubt there is one.

But that's not all. This is probably the only joint supplement that offers installments payments:

  • you can pay in 4 months instead of one
  • price begins from $7.50/month
  • it depends on the number of bottles you buy

Anyway – in case you can't afford paying the full price, installments are a brilliant option.

Too bad no other supplement brand offers this possibility.

That's a main reason why I recommend Nuzena's supplement.

2. Worth It Or Not?

If you ask me – this supplement is totally worth it (more than any other joint product).

$30 per bottle isn't the lowest price ever, but it's affordable.

Still – getting it for $15 per bottle is an excellent deal.

Considering the value it has – this price is more than a bargain.


In terms of price – Nuzena's Joint Support + is the best joint supplement I know:

  • great price for the value
  • cheapest than any competitor
  • installments payment available

$30 per bottle might not seem that cheap – but $15 does.

That's why I advise you to buy several bottles at once (lower price + free shipping).

But other than that – I strongly recommend this supplement.

It has the best value for the quality.




#7 – Availability (9 out of 10)

Nuzena is a pretty new brand (it doesn't have over 10 years behind).

For this reason – its products are mostly sold on its official website.

But there's more:

  1. Some are also available on Amazon.
  2. They cost several dollars more.
  3. You can't use any coupon/discount that works on Nuzena's website.
  4. No discounts when buying larger quantities.
  5. You can also find 1-2 sellers on Ebay offering Nuzena products.

Now – that's mostly available for Nuzena products in general.

Specifically talking about the Joint Support + – it's available on both the official website and Amazon.

But as I said, Amazon's offer is pretty basic.

That's why I recommend going for Nuzena's website – it has more advantages:

  • lower price for higher quantities
  • you can use the coupon above
  • installments payment available
  • free shipping over $50




#8 – Joint Support + In 3 Conclusions

Here's how I would sum up my opinion on Nuzena's product (in 3 ideas).

1. Great Formula

In terms of ingredients – this supplement looks perfect:

  • formula based on essential joint compounds
  • back up with clinical evidence
  • high dosages in all ingredients

I actually consider this formula as being the most suitable for joint problems (including pain).

There are several products containing this exact same formula.

So it can't be a coincidence.

The only difference is that they're a lot pricier (despite having the same composition). 

2. Installments Payment Available

This is a major advantage of Nuzena's product.

Compared to most joint supplements – it the only one allowing people to pay in monthly installments:

  • price starts at $7.50/bottle
  • duration is 4 month
  • overall price isn't any cent higher

Basically – even if you pay in installments, the final price is still the same.

The few brands allowing installments payment end up charging you almost double in the end.

That's why Joint Support + has a clear advantage here.

3. Best Joint Supplement I Know

In terms of quality/price – this product is surely the best one in its category:

  • excellent formula
  • low price for its actual value
  • cheapest supplement with this formula

Still – if you want to get the best price for this product, my advice is to get several bottles at once.

In this way, you get free shipping and up to $15 per bottle.

I personally don't know any other joint product that costs so little – so it's a great deal.



#9 – My Video Review




My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Definitely worth it.

It's the best joint supplement I know at this point:

  1. Excellent formula with strong ingredients in high dosages.
  2. Pills are easier to swallow than in other products.
  3. Lowest price on the market.
  4. You can also pay in installments if necessary.
  5. Free shipping on most orders (over $50).
  6. Works for most joint problems (from pain to stiffness).

It's surely not a perfect product.

It contains the exact same formula as several other products – but for a lower price.

So compared to most of its competitors – it's superior at this chapter.

Plus – the others don't allow installments payment (which is a big advantage).

That's why I strongly recommend Nuzena's Joint Support + as the best joint supplement I know.

If you want a quality product for a decent price, this is the best choice.




1 –

2 –

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4 –


Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: January 6, 2023

12 thoughts on “My Review: Nuzena Joint Support + (2023) – #1 Recommendation For Arthritis & Joint Pain

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees and this supplement has helped a lot with the pain. I’m only using it for a little over a month, so it’s too early to see its effect. But I can tell my pain lessened a lot and I’m expecting it to get even better in the future. Many thanks for your recommendation and for giving out the discount. I paid like $15 and a few cents for a bottle and that’s awesome, it saved me some money for several extra bottles. Thank you for your advice, Hannah

    1. Hello Hannah, I’m really happy to hear Nuzena’s supplement has been helping you so far. You’re right, one month is too early to tell, but if you’re seeing an improvement already, I’m sure you’re going to see even better results in the future. Please keep me updated on that, I would love to know.

      I’m glad my reviews and recommendations could help you!

  2. I am a runner and when I am training for a marathon the knee pain is just come with the package. I am currently taking Arthrozene Joint Health from Fisico. I have never heard of Nuzena before, how long does it take to see the result? It took me a couple of months to see the result from Arthrozene but it is expensive. If I could I would like to change it with something cheaper, what do you say?

    1. Hi Nancy, sorry to hear about your issues. Your knee pain is probably caused by mechanical stress and over-training. But since you’re preparing for a marathon, I guess it’s pretty hard to stop. However, I do recommend taking a break as often as you can and trying not to hurt your knee. If possible, run as rarely as you can for a while, because the pain should go away on its own (since it’s not caused by any other issue).

      On the other hand, joint supplements can also help, even though they’re not my top recommendation in your case (resting in). Regarding Arthrozene, it’s a very good supplement for your problem, especially if your knees are normally healthy. But I totally understand that you can’t afford it anymore, since it’s really expensive.

      I normally don’t recommend using a supplement for a few months and then switching to another one (and so on). That’s because they have different formulas, so your body starts reacting to one and after a short while it gets another one. And this time, it’s also going to take some time until it reacts to the new one. I hope you got the point.

      However, your case is different and I totally understand why you want to quit Arthrozene. As for Nuzena’s supplement, I think it’s suitable for your issue and it makes a much cheaper alternative to Arthrozene. Since your problem isn’t very severe, pretty much any quality joint supplement would do. But as I said, my top advice would be to rest and avoid running as much as possible (at least for a while). Still, I don’t know if that’s possible or not, but it’s the same advice any doctor would give you.

      Also – this guide on home remedies for knee pain might also help you (though it’s mostly designed for those dealing with pain cause by arthritis). Best wishes!

  3. Why are you saying this is by far the best deal out there when it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that this is far from true. One bottle contains 60 gelatin capsules, a 20 day supply using 3 capsules/day as recommended. So if a 20 day supply costs $30, a 30 day supply costs $45, about the same as some of the more expensive brands. The 7 bottle offer says it’s a 7 month supply. It’s not. It’s a 4 month supply! Is this what you mean to say?

    1. Hi Barry, it’s obvious you did not read my full review, you only took out the parts you were interested in. So let me explain again how the thing goes, since it’s too hard for you to read the entire review.

      Nuzena’s supplement costs $30/bottle normally, which isn’t very cheap, I already mentioned that. If its lowest price was that, I would surely not recommend it. Instead, it’s actually the discounts it offers that makes it such a good choice. Basically, there’s a $10 coupon code in my review and if you apply it, you pay $20/bottle. That’s already a lot less. Then you get an even bigger discount by going for the largest supply, so you end up paying about $15/bottle. That’s the lowest price from the market that I was talking about. Compare $30 with $15 and see the difference. Also, tell me another supplement with this kind of formula that costs as little as that.

  4. I have bad reaction to turmeric. Has anyone reported problems? Also take Warfarin- any problems with this medication and this supplement. Also have IBS and have to be careful with foods, etc. Thanks-awaiting your response. Judith

    1. Hi Judith, turmeric interacts with Warfarin and any other blood thinning medication, so in this case, I really advise you not to try anything that contains turmeric. In fact, blood thinner interact with a lot of drugs and supplements, that’s why I would advise you to ask for your doctor’s consent before you try anything. Sorry I can’t help you more.

    1. Hi there, I was talking about ProJoint Plus, which actually became a bit more affordable overall (Nuzena’s prices increased during the pandemic, while its competitor ProJoint Plus costs the same, so I recommend it more at this point).

  5. Dear Olly:
    i saw your review on Youtube for a neuropathy supplement. You gave Nerve Renew a good review & because of your review I ordered it & have been using it for 7 months. I definitely feel improvement. I just saw another supplement called Nervprin which I ordered because it has good ingredients, it also contains Boswellia Serrata along with B vitamins. Maybe you can let me know what you think of Nervprin. I stopped taking Nerve Renew while I’m taking Nervprin.
    Also you said you graduated University of Medicine & Pharmacy, I never heard of University Of Medicine. Is it a real university?
    Thank You, Patty

    1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your feedback on Nerve Renew, I’m really happy to hear it’s working.

      Regarding Nervprin, I just looked over it. It’s not a bad supplement, but it’s not as good as Nerve Renew either, if you ask me. And that’s mostly because of its doses:

      – Benfotiamine is a very important vitamin for neuropathy, because it reduces nerve inflammation and compression and it promotes nerve regeneration and health. Nerve Renew contains 300 mg, while Nervprin only contains 25 mg. The difference is pretty high and a higher dose of this vitamin is very helpful for people dealing with neuropathy.

      – Nervprin does contain the R version of Alpha Lipoic Acid, but there are only 50 mg. Besides, according to the label, it also contains classic Alpha Lipoic Acid (so probably the S version), which means that those 50 mg aren’t the pure R version, but a mix of R and S. On the other hand, Nerve Renew contains 150 mg of pure R version, which is way better.

      – The dose of Methylcobalamine is also in Nerve Renew’s favour (it contains 2000 mcg vs 400 in Nerveprin).

      Nerveprin does contain several herbs, which are great for inflammation, but I wouldn’t count too much on them here. That’s because anti-inflammatory compounds have no effect on nerve pain or neuropathy. If they had, we could treat this condition with NSAIDs and it would be really easy. But that’s not really possible, that’s why I wouldn’t focus too much on Nerveprin’s anti-inflammatory herbs.

      It also has a slightly better pricing than Nerve Renew, so if you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to try Nerveprin instead, for a few months. But I don’t believe it would have the same effect as Nerve Renew, due to its weaker composition. Even so, it’s far from a bad supplement, so it may actually work for you. Either way, I would love to hear your feedback about it in the long run.

      Regarding my university, I live in Europe, so that’s where I studied and graduated. And yes, we do have specific universities here, meaning that there are technical universities (where you can only study technical stuff) as well as medical universities, where they have different medical specialities (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, nutrition, etc.). Here’s a link to my university’s website and you can also find more on my LinkedIn profile, which is available in the “About us” page.

      Hope this helps!

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