Is Turmeric Good For Inflammation? (Top 5 Benefits)

Is Turmeric good for inflammation? Does it help alleviating swelling and other related symptoms? Also, is it the #1 anti-inflammatory herb you should use? Well – the answer is definitely YES. So if you want to know more about turmeric’s top 5 benefits, don’t skip the following lines. Note: This article includes references and studies on turmeric and its effects…

Osteoarthritis VS Rheumatoid Arthritis – What’s The Difference?

Do you know that there are more types of arthritis? No?! Well, if this is brand new information – this article is what you need. Do you want to find out the difference between several types of arthritis? Well, here’s “Osteoarthritis VS Rheumatoid Arthritis”, an article that talks exactly about this. It will help you differentiate between these two diseases.…