My Miami MD Cream Review (2021) – Scam Or Legit?

It’s time for my Miami MD Cream review– a brand designed to reduce aging signs instantly.

Or at least that’s what it claims.

So is it really effective and worth it? Or it’s actually it’s a scam?:

  • quite pricey
  • limited customer reviews
  • weak formula
  • overhyped features

In order to see the truth behind this brand, let’s analyze its best-seller (Age Defying Lift & Firm Cream).

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Miami MD’s Age Defying Lift & Firm Cream.

Review Summary

Full Name: Age-Defying Lift & Firm Cream by MiamiMD

Product Type: Anti-Aging Cream

Best Actual Prize: Around $50

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Designed For: Restoring the skin – it claims to:

  • reduce fine lines
  • restore aging skin
  • tighten loose skin

My Rating: 3 out of 10

Recommended?: Definitely not – it’s not a good choice at all:

  • pricey for its value
  • formula could be a lot better
  • small quantity for the price

I personally advise you to try a product that makes the best anti-aging cream from the market instead.


What I Liked About It

  • Reputable brand behind
  • Has a professional official website
  • Products are delivered properly


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Pretty weak formula
  • Lacks other major anti-aging ingredients
  • Very few customer reviews
  • Negative comments about the quantity
  • Overhyped promotional ads
  • Quite pricey for its effectiveness



Miami MD In A Nutshell

This brand’s official website looks very impressive, to be honest.

But things don’t seem that impressive if you take a closer look.

First of all – this brand’s popularity is probably due to the fact that it’s extremely advertised:

  • it’s highly promoted on most social media platforms
  • you can find a lot of ads on every product

Other than that, there are 6 main products sold by this brand.

All of them are mostly designed against aging:

  1. Intensive Eye Repairing Serum
  2. Age Defying Lift & Firm Cream
  3. Dark Spot Corrector
  4. Instant Wrinkle Eraser
  5. Total Beauty Matrix (Supplement)
  6. Eye Rescue

As I said – their Age Defying Lift & Firm Cream is the best-seller, so this review will be focused on it.

But overall, my opinion on this product isn’t necessarily too good.


#1 – Claims & Producer

I want to start by giving you some general facts based on the info I found about this cream:

  • which skin issue it targets
  • how it works
  • who is the producer behind
1. Claims

Basically – this cream claims to be “designed to target and restore thin, saggy skin within minutes of application.”

And here’s what this actually means:

  • tightens loose and slack skin
  • adds volume and thickness to thin skin
  • promotes a younger and radiant appearance

And it also states to be a 100% natural ethical cream that can help to lift and firm.

To be honest, I don’t really believe it can do all that within minutes.

It usually takes a month (or even years) to see some visible results.

If you want an instant result, the best option you have is to go under surgery.

So Miami MD’s product is far from miraculous (like every cream is, actually).

2. Company Behind

Obviously – this cream’s producer is Miami MD.

Here’s what you can find on its official website:

  • it offers 6 products in total
  • they are made for the skin, hair and nails
  • their textures include cream, serum, supplement and balm

Regarding its contact info, there’s an email address and phone number available.

Also – you can find the links to the brand’s social media accounts.

So in terms of transparency, Miami MD is surely a very reputable company.


#2 – Formula (3 out of 10)

Fortunately, this cream has a full list of compounds given out on its official website.

However – the formula itself could be much better:

  • mostly based on common peptides
  • no classic anti-aging ingredient
  • pretty weak composition overall

Now – this cream has 3 key ingredients and all of them are peptides.

Other than that, it contains several additional substances with a lower importance.

So let’s take a look at this cream’s main compounds.

1. Peptides

As I said, there are 3 key peptides.

They are the main responsible behind this cream’s anti-aging effect:

  • Progeline – tightens and firms the skin
  • Matrixyl 3000 – improves skin’s glow and vibrancy
  • Argireline – promotes collagen production [1]

Peptides in general are good for the skin – that’s why you can find them is so many skin care products.

They are very effective especially in reducing the visible signs of aging.

2. Sodium Hyaluronate

This substance is also known as Hyaluronic Acid – an ingredient you’re surely familiar with.

Here are some of its main benefits:

  • restores skin moisture [2]
  • improves skin texture
  • reduce skin inflammation

One reason that contributes to skin sagging is the loss of moisture. 

That’s why choosing a product with some potent moisturizing benefits can help a lot.

3. Other Ingredients

These are the additional ingredients I found in this cream:

  • Dimethicone – it’s very effective as a skin barrier 
  • Jojoba Seed Oil – provides antioxidant benefits
  • Ceramide – prevents skin irritation [3]

Now, these compound are quite common and most skin care ingredients contain them.

So I doubt they would improve the overall formula.


Overall – this cream looks quite disappointing, in terms of ingredients.

That’s because it lacks strong anti-aging compounds.

As for its existing compounds – they’re not anything special or uncommon.

That’s why I recommend some better alternatives out there.


#3 – Consistency & Dosage (3 out of 10)

This cream only has some limited info at this chapter.

1. The Consistency

There isn’t really a photo of the product inside the jar.

But luckily, some people who reviewed this cream added some pictures.

Here’s how the product looks and feels:

  • slightly thick and oily consistency
  • white color
  • light chemical scent

In my opinion, there’s nothing special about it and it looks like a generic cream.

2. The Dosage

According to the product’s website, here’s how you should use it:

  1. Start by washing your face and drying it.
  2. Apply a quarter amount of product on the problematic area.
  3. Massage using an upward motion.
  4. Wait for 3-5 minutes or until it’s completely absorbed by the skin.
  5. Use it twice daily, morning and night.

Apparently – it also claims that it’s best to use it as the first step in the morning and the last step in your night routine.

So the instructions are easy to follow and not complicated at all.

That’s why using this cream is pretty simple and straightforward. 


#4 – Results (5 out of 10)

I looked into the reviews given by people who actually bought this cream.

As usual, I tend to avoid opinions from the product’s official website, as they tend to be biased.

So in order to give you a fair view, I always look for other reviews that are more authentic.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

As I mentioned, I only look for brutally honest reviews – that’s why I checked out Amazon.

Overall – this product got 3.6 stars out of 5 global ratings.

As part of this chapter, I read the testimonies of the people who are satisfied with this cream.

Here are some of the common praises written by the customers:

  1. Some of their fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet were already smoothing out.
  2. Some notice that their skin became brighter and more radiant.
  3. One customer said the cream doesn’t feel greasy.

There are only limited reviews written on Amazon (compared to Miami MD’s official website).

And to be honest, this doesn’t convince me that this product is very good.

If it really was, there would be a lot more authentic reviews given out.

2. Negative Opinions

I will say right away that this cream has a lot of negative reviews behind.

Even though most of its ratings have 5 stars, its 1 star reviews are significant.

So let’s take a look at what unsatisfied customers say about this cream:

  1. There are a lot of people who complain about the jar not being full.
  2. Some claim there’s no difference or that it doesn’t work at all.
  3. Some who say the product balls up to the face and the skin becomes flaky.
  4. A lot of users were disappointed because the value isn’t worth the price.

If you read all those reviews, you could see that most of them complained about the amount.

They said the box has a big air bubble and the cream only fills 2/3 of the jar.

Given all this info, I would say that it’s very expensive for the quantity you get.


Many times, positive opinions can be biased or false.

That’s why I always check a product’s complaints as well.

And based on this, I would say Miami MD’s price is not worth it.

Also, its promotional ads are clearly overhyped.

So it’s surely not an anti-aging cream I recommend – and many previous users seem to agree with me here.



#5 – Side Effects (6 out of 10)

Upon reading the customer reviews about this cream, I haven’t seen a severe case of side effects.

Only 2-3 people complaining about dry/flaky skin and product forming into small balls.

The only explanation for this is that the product has a low-quality formula.

Other than that – there are some side effects that can come up:

  • pimple breakout
  • skin irritation
  • allergic reaction

In general, side effects can’t be avoided to almost any product.

However – for this cream, I don’t really trust what’s inside it.

This is why I cannot guarantee about its therapeutic effect – nor about its secondary reactions.


#6 – Price (2 out of 10)

Based on what I read about the jar being only filled 2/3, I consider this cream expensive.

So if you ask me, I don’t consider it a good choice at all.

1. The Exact Price

This cream can be purchased from Miami MD’s website and Amazon.

The difference between the 2 is the bundles offered.

So let’s compare the deals starting with Amazon:

  1. A bottle costs $69.95
  2. There’s free Delivery on selected dates
  3. There are some discounts (with Amazon Rewards Visa Card)

There’s nothing really offered in here compared to the official website.

Here’s what you can get from MiamiMD’s:

  1. One bottle costs $49 + $4.95 shipping
  2. 3 bottles cost $43 each + free shipping
  3. 6 bottles cost $40 each + free shipping
  4. There’s a 10% discount for each bundle (if you subscribe)

Now – it’s obvious that there are more offers on Miami MD’s official website.

That’s probably on purpose – so that the customers will buy from them directly.

Also – I want to highlight that one bottle contains 30 ml (1 fl. oz.) of product.

But according to many reviews from unsatisfied customers, the amount could be much less.

So regardless of the price, bundles and discount, I don’t think this cream is worth it.

2. Competitors’ Price

I only want to compare this cream with the #1 recommended anti-aging product I know.

I am talking about Repair & Release:


  1. Repair & Release has the best ingredients and the most effective formula overall.
  2. Miami MD has a weak formula and basic components.
  3. Repair & Release can be bought for $60 normally.
  4. In the best case, you can get it for $40 only.
  5. Also, a jar tends to last a lot longer than one month.
  6. Miami MD costs around $49 and you can get it in bundles.
  7. But the amount you get may not last you a full month.

It’s clear that the best choice between the two is Repair & Release.

Its ingredient are strong enough to combat visible signs of aging.

Plus – the overall formula and its benefits make the price more worth it.


For the price and the amount you get, I personally don’t recommend Miami MD.

It can be considered legit – but that doesn’t mean that it’s excellent.

I still believe that there are better alternatives out there (that are also much cheaper).

And most importantly, they are more effective in reducing the signs of aging.



#7 – Miami MD In 3 Ideas

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on this cream.

1. Weak Formula

There’s no problem when it comes to the full list of ingredients since you can see it right away.

Here’s what I noticed about the overall formula:

  • only has 3 main ingredients
  • weak compounds overall
  • lacks strong anti-aging ingredients

The whole formula doesn’t look too promising even on paper.

But judging after the comments of people who tried it, it’s not effective at all.

2. Negative Reviews

I read the reviews of people who bought this cream on Amazon and they weren’t very positive:

  • product is not effective at all
  • jar contains 2/3 cream only
  • too expensive for its value
  • resulted in dry/flaky skin and product build-up

I also noticed that the positive reviews are more generic and they only look like paid ads.

There are also overhyped features about this cream, which might be to cover up negative comments.

3. Quite Pricey

There are several reasons why I find this cream quite pricey:

  • a bottle costs $49 + $4.95 shipping
  • one jar contains 30 ml (1 fl. oz.) of product
  • not effective

I want to highlight also that it can contain less than 30ml.

That’s due to the fact that a lot of customers complain about not receiving a full jar.

With that, I would say that it’s not worth your money at all.


My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not really.

As I said, there are several reasons why I cannot recommend this cream:

  1. Rather weak formula
  2. Limited customer reviews
  3. Pretty small quantity
  4. Overhyped promotional ads/features
  5. Very expensive for its true value
  6. Not effective

This cream can’t even be considered a cheap one.

That’s because it’s around $49 (excluding the shipping fees).

I would honestly tell you not to spend so much money on this product, it’s simply not worth it.

So what do I recommend instead then? A cream called Repair & Release:

  1. It has the best ingredients and formula overall.
  2. Some of its compounds are backed-up with clinical studies.
  3. It has some excellent benefits when it comes to combating signs of aging.
  4. It’s very effective against wrinkles.

These reasons made me consider this cream as my #1 recommendation.

So compared to Miami MD, Repair & Release is much better and effective.

If you want to get your money’s worth, better get this product instead.

best anti aging


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue a degree in it. She loves researching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body.

2 thoughts on “My Miami MD Cream Review (2021) – Scam Or Legit?

  1. I was wondering if you know if Repair & Release is tested on animals and if it is a vegan formula (i.e. no snke venom for example) and where it is manufactured?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Suzanne, as far as I know, Repair & Release is indeed vegan. As for animal testing, I think I once read that its producer doesn’t use this method, but I couldn’t find any specific article to attach it here.

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