How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles In 9 Steps (2024)

Does your face look extremely aged?

Are you getting more and more wrinkles? 

Now, aging signs are really common as you get older.

But obviously – you want to avoid them as much as possible.

For this reason, I want to show you how to get rid of wrinkles (in 9 steps) easily, at home.

Note: This list is based on thorough research + opinions on wrinkles. 

#1 – Don't Skip SPF

If you don't know it, sunscreen isn't only meant for beach days. 

It's also essential to make sure your skin is in good shape daily. 

That's why I'm going to advise you to use it on a regular basis

You will be surprised how a simple touch of this solar protection can go a long way. 

Here's what happens when you use SPF everyday: 

  • Your wrinkles and spots will be fewer.
  • Loss of elasticity is reduced. 
  • Skin's clarity and texture are improved.
  • Protection from skin cancer takes place.
  • Sunburns are prevented. 

Daily use of sunscreen helps you battle wrinkles really well.

It protects you from the effect of photoaging.

This effect includes wrinkling, spotting and loss of elasticity caused by sun exposure.

Unfortunately, sun exposure plays a big role in wrinkles, that's why it's essential to protect against it.

Take note of these 2 damaging sun rays:

  1. Long-wave ultraviolet A (UVA)
  2. Short-wave ultraviolet B (UVB)

UVA is said to be the one that gives sunburns, while UV B is the one causing wrinkles. 

So when you buy a product, make sure that it can block both of them.

In fact, a study has shown that people who use a broad-spectrum type experience 24 % less skin aging [1]

This means good news if don't want wrinkles. 

So I recommend choosing a broad-spectrum with a minimum SPF of 30.

This kind of product can block 97% of UV rays. 

Remember to use everyday, even ingloomy days. 

When you opt for the right product and use it properly, you can expect some amazing results.


Daily use of sunscreen can delay the effect of photoaging. 

Wrinkles are one of the most common signs of photoaging.

So use broad-spectrum solar protection with a minimum SPF of 30. 



#2 – Get An HGH Booster

I'm going to recommend something that treats your wrinkles from the inside. 

It increases the production of your HGHs (Human Growth Hormones), which are made by your body.

HGHs are vital for our growth and development, as well as for a young complexion.

But their level decreases as you get older (middle age). 

That's why HGHs boosters are crucial, as these are essential in minimizing your wrinkles.

Here are top benefits of HGH boosters: 

  • Decreased progression of skin aging.
  • Diminished wrinkles, crow's feet, laugh lines, and age spots. 
  • Reduced body fat.
  • Improvement of muscle mass.
  • Reduced risk of age-related diseases. 

These benefits of HGH boosters are indeed promising.

However, you should be wary when buying a product.

Remember that it's best to use a high-quality HGH booster over synthetic ones.

That's because the first one is a lot more effective and safer

For this reason, I advise you to check GenF20 Plus – as it's the best product from the market:

  1. Very high success rate. 
  2. Better absorption.
  3. Best-developed formula and ingredients.
  4. Supported by medical doctors.
  5. Has clinical trial behind. 

Here's what you can get from this product:

  • Firmer and smoother skin.
  • Elimination of wrinkles and age spots.
  • Enhanced physical stamina.
  • Memory skills improvement.
  • Prevention of sexual problems.
  • Increase of insulin-growth factor-1 [2].

These are some truly amazing benefits that you can count on.

As you can see, this product does not only work really well for your wrinkles, but it has so many extra benefits.


HGHs can give an effective blow against worsening wrinkles.

In order to increase your body's HGH production, use a high-quality HGH booster.

GenF20Plus is your best bet, as it is both safe and very effective.

It is also backed up by a clinical study.




#3 – Get A Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is like the holy grail for skincare.

It is popularly known to be a great anti-aging and antioxidant agent [3].

Now, you may probably know that vitamin C is something good for your skin. 

But the best way to use it is by topical use (as a serum).

In this way, it makes a really effective tool against wrinkles.

Here are the top benefits of this vitamin for your skin:

  • Dark spots reduction.
  • Blockage of premature aging.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Wound healing.
  • Get rid of your wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Repairment and maintenance of the damaged skin.
  • Collagen production for an overall youthful skin glow. 

The reason why I recommended using a serum is that it allows direct absorption in your outermost skin.

It has a consistency of a gel or liquid for easy use. 

This makes the product work instantly against your wrinkles. 

And I can suggest a product with optimal results – Glow Serum.

All of the following benefits are what it has in store for you:

  • An advanced TriDoxy Acid Blend for a healthier cell turnover. 
  • Super-charged sun damage reversal.
  • An activated form of vitamin C.
  • Ultra-potent for a general youth boost.
  • Brightening power of Bakuchiol.
  • Based on licorice, niacinamide and white shiitake.
  • 2-month supply for each purchased bottle. 

I really advise applying on your wrinkles every single day for the best results.

But consider having your face moisturized before using serum, especially if you tend to have dry skin.

In this way, your serum will be more effective. 

There are many moisturizers out there, but there's a product from the same brand that has an excellent effect.

It's called Quench Crème and it works really well together with Glow Serum.

It's definitely a product that you can rely on.

That's because it's based on superior form Hyaluronic Acid that has a strong hydration potency. 

The ideal time to use it is morning and night.


Vitamin C is one of the most basic and essential ingredients in skincare practices.

Topical application is the best way, according to specialists.

Glow Serum is my#1 product for topical use, as it has an excellent ingredient list . 

For best results, consider using Quench Crème as a skin moisturizer.




#4 – Use Kollagen Intensiv

This cream is a genius when it comes to reducing wrinkles.

Using it can make a huge difference in your aging signs, because it's a very simple but powerful step.

So if you're investing in a wrinkle-less skin, Kollagen Intensiv is a must.

That's because it's one of the few anti-aging creams with clinically tested compounds.

Besides, there are several professionals that swear by it.

So it's created in a totally different manner than most similar products.

And all in all – it has one of the best user feedback among anti-aging creams.

Now, Kollagen Intensiv comes along with these features:

  • Based on Syn-Coll, that is an amazing anti-wrinkle component [4]
  • Original formula with unique ingredients.
  • Guaranteed satisfactory results.
  • Prides itself on positive feedback from its contented users. 
  • A number of studies backing it up.
  • An effective way to produce collagen. 
  • Key for skin maintenance and repair.

Besides, it is one of the few anti-aging creams made of clinically-tested ingredients. 

Plus, it is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle appearance by 354%

And that is something big that you can't just ignore. 

By using this product, you will surely look and feel good. 


Kollagen Intensiv is the best anti-aging cream I looked into.

That's because it contains Syn-Coll, which is a super effective anti-wrinkle ingredient. 

You can trust this product in terms of both results and effect.




#5 – Drink Water & Carrot Juice Daily

There's a reason why drinking water is always recommended in skincare routines. 

It's because it plays a critical role in delivering the proper nutrients and oxygen to your skin. 

In this way, your skin stays intact and it's less likely to develop wrinkles. 

You cannot talk about good skin without having a habit of drinking water. 

Here's how drinking water helps you fight wrinkles:

  • Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines visibility.
  • Replenishes your skin.
  • Gives you a healthy and younger-looking glow.
  • Makes you less likely to have scar damages.
  • Maintains skin elasticity. 

Aside from transporting needed substances, water also helps you flush out toxins in your skin.

It boosts elasticity – that delays saggy skin, as well as wrinkles and fine lines. 

Overall, it makes your skin hydrated and refreshed. 

It is definitely a must, but here's another tip for you – try drinking carrot juice too.

Here are the benefits of carrot juice: 

  • Increased collagen production [5].
  • Delay appearance of premature aging and wrinkles too.
  • Protection from the Sun's radiation. 
  • Skin rejuvenation and healing. 
  • Lessened acne breakout. 

The reason why I recommend carrots is because they have some major anti-aging benefits.

Aside from that, they are jam-packed with active compounds against wrinkles. 

They contain potent antioxidants.

These antioxidants are important in terms of controlling the damages caused by free radicals. 

Get to know what's inside carrot juice that makes it soappealing:

  • Carotenoids
  • B Vitamins
  • Fluids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins C, E and K

Plus, it is very easy to drink carrot juice at home.

You only need the raw ingredients and a blender. 

So start consuming more water and carrot juice for the best results of your anti-wrinkle treatment. 


Have a good habit of drinking lots of water.

Try carrot juice as well, because of its active anti-aging compounds. 

Make sure to drink them both everyday (for optimal results). 



#6 – Get Vitamin D

You probably know that certain things are great for your skincare. 

And keep in mind that vitamin D deficiency accelerates skin aging, so it leads more wrinkles

That's why you need  to make sure you have enough vitamin D.

Check the listed benefits on how it can help you:

  • Protects you from eczema and psoriasis.
  • Safeguards you from having fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lessens oxidative stress in your skin.
  • Fights off free radical damage. 
  • Blocks the loss of your skin elasticity. 
  • Reduces chances of cellular stress.

Vitamin D is also known for reducing oxidative stress [6].  

Oxidative stress appears where is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants. 

This can inflict damage to cells, proteins and DNA – which can cause aging. 

When the aging process is unregulated, your wrinkles will become more visible. 

Now that you know the pros and cons, it's clear that you should try your best to have enough vitamin D.

This is a list of of some its main sources:

  • Red meat
  • Egg yolks
  • Oily fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel)
  • Liver
  • Fortified products

These are some of the food that you should include in your diet routine

However,  you could best get this vitamin from sunlight.

Supplements are also an alternative, but I wouldn't always recommend it.

Natural sunlight is the best – just keep in mind that it can also bring in some damages to your skin. 

So make sure to use some SPF (step 1 above) as well.


Vitamin D plays a big role in reducing the effect of premature aging.

Being deficient in this nutrient is linked to accelerated wrinkles.



#7 – Eat Omega-Like

Here's another food you should include in your diet. 

I'm talking about getting enough of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (FAs). 

These are essential fats that are vital in your cell membranes – including skin cells. 

Omega-3 FAs also affect the function of the cell receptors in those membranes. 

Here's how these FAs can help lessen your wrinkles:

  • Avoid lines and saggy skin.
  • Protect and repair your skin from sun damage.
  • Stop the release of UV-induced enzymes that destroys collagen. 
  • Prevention of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) [7].
  • Block your skin from sun damage that leads to premature aging. 

Omega-3 FAs work extremely well against signs of aging. 

They act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents in dealing with damages caused by the sun.

I mentioned they are called essential fats, which means that our body cannot produce them on its own. 

So it's even more obvious that you have to make sure you get them from foods.

Consider the following foods, as a reliable supply:

  • Fish and other seafoods (sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring)
  • Nuts and seeds ( chia seeds, walnut, flaxseed)
  • Fortified products (eggs, soy beverages, juices, yogurts)
  • Plant Oils (flaxseed oil, soybean oil, canola oil)

Remember this list, as it can be very handy next time you're doing your groceries. 

So Omega 3 FAs are a key ingredient for an overall healthy skin. 


Omega-3 FAs are crucial for a proper functioning skin.

They proved to be a very effective compound in fighting the early signs of skin aging

Given that they are labeled as essential fats, you should make sure you get them through dietary intake. 



#8 – Don't Forget Your Sleep

One of the best pieces of advice if you don't want wrinkles is making sure you're sleeping right.

This means maintaining a good sleep hygiene

That's because sleep is highly involved in your mind and body recharge.

It is one of the best ways to counter premature aging, without a doubt. 

But how does sleeping specifically help you?:

  • Repairs damages caused by UV radiation. 
  • Permits more collagen production which makes your skin less saggy. 
  • Reduces wrinkles and age spots. 
  • Makes your fine lines less apparent.
  • Results to a fairer and glowy overall complexion.
  • Staves off diseases.
  • Leads to a refreshed-looking skin

Realize that one of the primary causes of wrinkles is skin aging.

This is why I recommend sleeping, because it is a very powerful tool against premature aging. 

In fact, a study indicated that people with poor sleep show increased signs of intrinsic aging [8]

So when you practice a good sleeping habit, you will get a totally different appearance

Here are some helpful tips for a better sleep:

  • Regulate your light exposure.
  • Do physical routines like exercises during the day. 
  • Be aware of what you eat and drink.
  • Start practicing breathing routines. 
  • Make sure you have a sleep-friendly environment. 

So make sure you never underestimate the power of sleep. 


One of the best ways to treat wrinkles is having a good sleep pattern. 

Plus, a study showed that people with less sleep tend to age a lot faster.



#9 – Never Ever Smoke

Getting and maintaining a good skin health requires healthy routines as well.

The same story goes when you want to prevent your wrinkle appearance.

And you won't have a good skin if you smoke.

This is because smoking increases the progression of aging and harms your whole body. 

Here's what happens when you smoke: 

  • Dry skin becomes common.
  • Uneven skin pigmentation. 
  • Increased facial wrinkling [9].
  • Damages or even destruction of collagen and elastin.
  • Enhanced production of free radicals that causes damage.
  • Hasten overall premature aging. 
  • Reduced levels of certain needed skin nutrients. 

In essence, smoking tobacco products harms your appearance from the inside.

Furthermore, smoking decreases your cell turnover and makes you vulnerable to the sun radiation. 

It's also associated with skin diseases like psoriasis and many others.

Obviously, you're also going to struggle with wrinkles. 

So if you're not a smoker, it's perfect.

Butif you are, here are some quitting tips you may find interesting:

  • Know your reason (to quit smoking, obviously).
  • Have a support system.
  • Do some counseling and medications.
  • Attend a quit-smoking class.
  • You may consider a nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Stay away from alcohol and other things that may pose as triggers.

The reason why I provided you with these tips is because I know quitting is far from easy.

In fact, it's easy said than done.

But the critical thing is that you have to make a decision to finally quit


You should have a healthy routine to stave off the effects of aging.

Smoking makes your wrinkles deeper.

For this reasons – avoiding or giving it up is essential for a youthful skin.



My Final Thoughts

How can you get rid of your existing wrinkles?

I showed you my top 9 recommendations:

  1. Don't skip sunscreen.
  2. Get a high-quality HGH booster.
  3. Apply vitamin C serum.
  4. Use Kollagen Intensiv.
  5. Drink water and carrot juice daily.
  6. Make sure you have enough vitamin D.
  7. Eat Omega-3 rich foods.
  8. Have a good sleeping hygiene. 
  9. Don't even try to smoke. 

Remember that these steps will not magically make your wrinkles disappear.

That's because every treatment you do will surely take some time.

But what I can tell you is that you can expect great results in the long run.

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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

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