My Review: Relaxium Sleep – Scam Or Does It Work? (Ingredients, Side Effects, Cost)

Is Relaxium Sleep A Scam? My Review

It's time for my Relaxium Sleep review, which is a very popular sleep supplement.

So does it work or is it actually a scam?

What about its ingredients, (potential) side effects, complaints and cost?

Honestly, it doesn't seem amazing at first sight:

  • lots of complaints from previous users
  • tricky pricing
  • doesn't promote a healthy sleep

So what's inside Relaxium Sleep and how does it work in reality?

Well, I tried to dig really deep into this product and find out the truth behind it.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Relaxium Sleep.

Review Summary

Full Name: Relaxium Sleep by American Behavioural Research Institute

Product Type: Sleep Supplement

Best Actual Price: Around $90/2 months supply

It's only available with auto-shipping, not with manual purchases (more on this later on).

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Designed For: Sleep support – it claims to help with:

  • falling asleep faster
  • relieving stress
  • boosting immune support

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended?: No – it's a product you can't fully trust:

  • a lot of complaints from previous users
  • forces you to sign up for a subscription in order to buy it
  • producer is very sketchy
  • works by sedating you

So I personally couldn't recommend it in these conditions.

Instead, I advise you to go for a cheaper supplement that works much better (and safer).


What I Liked About It

  • Formula is based on natural compounds
  • Some of its ingredients are trademarks
  • Works pretty well for some users
  • Doesn't cause any severe side effects
  • Available in a lot of countries
  • Many authentic opinions about it (though many are negative)


What I Didn't Like About It

  • No contact info available for its producer
  • Its brand has no official website
  • A lot of serious complaints 
  • You can only buy it if you sign up for auto-shipping
  • Made some users feel sedated



Relaxium In A Nutshell

Shortly, this product is designed to improve sleep and rest.

And overall – it actually does that.

That's because it's a typical sleep supplement:

  • works by making you more tired after taking you
  • you also wake up very tired
  • your sleep quality isn't the best (it's like a fake sleep)

Now – Relaxium is far from a bad product, considering its features.

However, it has a couple of problems in terms of credibility/trustworthiness:

  1. Its producing company has no website/contact info.
  2. There are a lot of complaints about it.
  3. You're forced to sign up for auto-shipping if you want to buy it.

In other words – you're risking your money to get this product.

Considering how many complaints it has, I wouldn't dare buying it.

I don't consider it a scam – but in my view, it's not the most legitimate product out there either.

So I personally would not go for it.

I also have a video review of Relaxium Sleep on my YouTube channel, so feel free to check it out as well.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Let's start with some general things about Relaxium Sleep:

  • its exact mechanism of action
  • how it works
  • who is the company behind it
1. How It Works

What makes Relaxium Sleep stand out is that it's clinically proven.

Or at least that's what it claims.

That's because there isn't any clinical trial or research paper conducted on it – at least I couldn't find any.

Other than that – here's what it promises:

  • it's a natural sleep aid
  • it was developed by a neurologist/sleep expert
  • it's recommended by many celebrities

Now – the fact that many celebrities promote is can be just a marketing trick.

I personally value the recommendations of specialists and professionals a lot more.

However, a couple of experts actually criticize this product.

So all in all – Relaxium Sleep has a few question signs about it.

But judging afters its claims, I personally cannot trust it completely.

2. Company Behind

This product is made by a brand called American Behavioural Research Institute.

However – this company seems quite weird:

  • no official website
  • no email/phone number available
  • its owner isn't the same doctor that founded the brand

Basically – there isn't any clear way to get in touch with this company.

That's why it has some serious question signs about it.

I personally would not buy from this brand, since there's no way to get in touch with them.


#2 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

I actually like Relaxium's formula – up to a point:

  • contains several herbal extracts
  • some of its ingredients are trademarks
  • has an original composition

Now – to me, Relaxium's formula seems typical for a sleep supplement.

That's because its ingredients tend to work by sedating you.

In terms of effect – you get what you want, as you fall asleep a lot faster.

But in many cases, this type of formula actually makes you feel very tired when you wake up.

And there's more:

  • sleep quality isn't the best
  • you don't wake up refreshed 
  • doesn't induce a natural sleep

So I'm personally not a big fan of formulas that sedate people – simply because the results are false positive.

You actually fall asleep a lot faster, but your sleep isn't great and you wake up very tired.

This is why I wouldn't necessarily recommend Relaxium's formula.

But let's take a closer look at its main ingredients.

1. Magnesium (100 mg)

This mineral is very important when it comes to a restful sleep:

  • reduces insomnia
  • helps you sleep faster

However, the quantity inside Relaxium is a bit high – in my view.

That's because most people get their recommended daily dose through diet.

So an extra 100 mg wouldn't hurt for a while – but what about in the long run?

2. L-Tryptophan (500 mg)

What makes the substance special is that 2 key ingredients for sleep are made from it:

  1. Serotonin
  2. Melatonin

They're both involved in the falling asleep process. [1]

So this ingredient makes sure your body can make the right amount of these 2 compounds.

3. Valerest® (228.9 mg)

This is actually a Proprietary Blend – which is a mix of 2 ingredients:

  1. Valerian – one of the best herbal extracts for sleep.
  2. Hops – helps you fall asleep faster.

Basically, this blend is responsible for making you fall asleep faster.

4. Sensoril® (125 mg)

If you ask me, this is the best ingredient from Relaxium.

Sensoril® is an improved version of Ashwaghanda – which is a herbal extract.

This herb is one of the best when it comes to:

  • reducing fatigue [2]
  • improving sleep quality

So in my view, it's the best thing you can find inside this supplement.

5. GABA (100 mg)

Unlike the other ingredients, GABA works best for increasing sleep duration.

In fact – you can find it in lots of depression/anxiety supplements. [3]

That's because it also has a calming effect (so it can sometimes even sedate you).

6. Chamomile & Passionflower (75 mg)

Both of these herbs have about the same effect:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • promote relaxation
  • decrease muscle spasms

None of them have a lot to do with the actual sleeping process.

But they help your body get ready for it.

7. Melatonin (5 mg)

This is a natural hormone produced by our bodies:

  • increases sleep quality
  • makes you fall asleep faster

However, a high dose of melatonin can make you feel very tired when you wake up.


All in all, Relaxium has a pretty good formula.

However – I wouldn't recommend it for one reason: it can make you feel sedated.

Though it's not a bad supplement at all, it can have this effect on some people.

That's exactly why I'm not a huge fan of its formula.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (9 out of 10)

To be honest, Relaxium looks pretty good at this chapter.

1. Pills

This supplement is formulated as classic vegetable capsules:

  • transparent cover with brownish powder inside
  • average size
  • easy to swallow

Basically – there isn't much to tell about these pills.

They look quite typical for a sleep supplement.

2. Dosage

Relaxium also looks good when it comes to how you should take it:

  • serving size is 2 pills/day
  • you should take both before sleeping

Now, as in any sleep product – you shouldn't take it throughout the day.

Otherwise, you may end up feeling a lot more tired than usual.

But other than that – Relaxium is pretty easy to take.



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

The best way to see how Relaxium works is by looking at its user feedback.

And even though it's quite mixed, its negative reviews are quite serious.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. Positive Opinions

First of all – this product is available on 2 main sellers:

  1. Its official website
  2. Amazon

Now, the price on Amazon is indeed higher – but the reviews there are also authentic.

Plus, Relaxium seems to be sold there in its original version – which is perfect.

For this reason, let's take a look at its positive reviews on Amazon:

  1. Some people say it's great for a faster sleep.
  2. Others praise its effect on their sleep quality.
  3. A few others claim they like it because it's not addictive.

All in all – this product has enough positive opinions on Amazon, which means that it's not a scam.

However, it has a surprisingly high number of complaints as well.

2. Negative Opinions

Most of Relaxium's first page reviews on Amazon are extremely negative.

So here's what most people complain about:

  • being sedated
  • absolutely no results
  • shipping issues

However – there are a lot more complaints about this product on websites like BBB:

  1. Many users claim they were scammed.
  2. The brand charged their credit card without their consent.
  3. They were also billed even after cancelling their order.

Now, Relaxium's producer seems to have a couple of issues at this chapter.

Apparently, it's not the most trustworthy/legitimate brand.

Since it has no official website or contact info, that's not very surprising.

So I would advise you to pay attention at this aspect – as there are some chances that you experience a similar problem.


Relaxium has some mixed reviews overall:

  • works really well for some people
  • it's completely useless for others

However, it also has a lot of complaints from people that claim they were scammed.

Since we're talking about more than 10 reviews of this type, I would advise you to pay attention to it.

So I personally couldn't really recommend it.




#5 – Side Effects (8 out of 10)

Surprisingly or not, Relaxium seems to be a pretty safe supplement:

  • very few complaints on side effects
  • quite well-tolerated

Now, there are indeed some users complaining about being sedated or feeling tired.

However – these issues are quite common for sleep supplements.

So I wouldn't necessarily call them side effects.

Still, Relaxium does cause this kind of issues.

However – it rarely causes:

  • headaches
  • digestive problems and nausea
  • depression

So from this point of view, it shouldn't make you feel more than tired.

It's true that a few sleep supplements don't even cause this extra fatigue.

But all in all – things could be a lot worse about Relaxium.


#6 – Price (4 out of 10)

Relaxium has indeed some problems at this chapter.

However – it's not about its actual price, which isn't that huge.

It's mostly about its shipping and subscription issues.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – you can buy this supplement on its official website and on Amazon.

Obviously, its Amazon price is a bit higher.

For this reason – its official page remains the best option.

Now, its pricing is a bit unusual (and quite tricky):

  1. First bottle is a 14 days free trial bottle.
  2. You only have to pay for its shipping ($7.95).
  3. However, 17 days after you're automatically sent a 2 months supply.
  4. Its price is $89.98.
  5. This subscription goes on every 2 months (at the same price).
  6. If you request the free trial bottle, you're automatically put on this subscription.

In other words – you can't buy this product manually (which is normal).

Instead, you can only get it through a 2 months subscription.

Honestly, this is a strategy a lot of low-quality brands/products use:

  • people would not buy them again normally
  • some users forget to cancel their subscription
  • others do cancel it, but they still get charged money

Now – there are a lot of previous users complaining about Relaxium's strategy.

Many claim they canceled their order – but they still got charged in the next months.

Others even say they couldn't cancel their order, despite trying to do it.

So I always advise you to avoid products that require a subscription.

If they had a high-quality, why would they force you to subscribe?

Honestly, that's the best proofs that they have a scam potential.

2. Competitors' Price

I only want to compare Relaxium with my #1 alternative.

I'm talking about a supplement called Sleep Support Plus:

  1. Both products have some great formulas.
  2. Sleep Support Plus's composition is slightly better.
  3. It also has a unique mechanism of action.
  4. It works by increasing natural melatonin production.
  5. For this reason, it has no sedating effect.
  6. Relaxium is a typical sleep supplement, so it can make you feel very tired after waking up.
  7. Relaxium costs around $90 (f0r 2 bottles).
  8. Sleep Support Plus costs $30/bottle normally.
  9. However, in the best case you can get it for about $19/bottle.

Now, Sleep Support Plus has a better composition, but it also costs less.

Plus – its effect is also much better and safer.

Besides, you're not placed on any auto-shipping.

So you're free to buy the product whenever you want (without being charged without your consent).

And most importantly, it promotes a much better and more natural sleep.

These are some major reasons why it's much better than Relaxium.


Relaxium isn't the priciest supplement out there (even though it's not cheap).

But you can only buy it if you sign up for a 2 months auto-shipping.

Considering there are so many complaints about being scammed, I wouldn't advise you to do this.

Better go for a supplement that costs a lot less and it can be bought manually.




#7 – FAQs

Here's the common info you need to know about Relaxium.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. How does this product make you fall asleep?

Relaxium's formula works by giving you a sedating effect.

So it will make you fall asleep a lot faster.

But there's a tendency to feel tired when you wake up.

It's a typical sleep supplement from this point of view.

2. Is it easy to take on a daily basis?

Yes, Relaxium only requires 2 pills/day.

It recommends that you take both capsules before sleeping.

Do not take it throughout the day, to avoid feeling more tired than usual.

3. Does one bottle last a month?

The number of pills inside one bottle of Relaxium is 60.

So if you follow the serving size, it will last one full month.

4. Will this product cause serious adverse effects?

So far, there are no serious complaints about Relaxium.

Except for the comments from people who felt tired or sedated.

But those are not very extreme or alarming.

Honestly, these issues are pretty common for sleep supplements.

Overall – I don't really consider them an adverse reaction.

5. Is it an affordable product?

Relaxium's pricing is a little tricky and quite high.

If you avail the one bottle of the free trial, you're automatically put on this subscription.

For the 14 days free trial, you will only need to pay $7.95 for shipping.

After 17 days of the free trial, you will be sent with a 2 months supply.

The cost of it is $89.98, which also goes on every 2 months.

So you can't really buy a single bottle alone.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here's how I would summarize my view on Relaxium (in 3 ideas).

1. Questionable Brand

Even though the product looks pretty good – its brand doesn't:

  • no official website
  • no contact details available
  • founder isn't the same as current owner
  • very little info about people behind it

So I personally would not buy from a company like this one.

It simply doesn't seem right to me.

2. Only Bought With Subscription

As I said – you can't buy Relaxium as a regular product:

  • you have to sign up for a subscription
  • in theory, you can cancel it anytime
  • in reality, that doesn't always happen

I said it before – I don't usually recommend supplements that require you to subscribe.

If they are legit, they would allow you to buy their products manually (and subscribe only if you want).

That's why I'm very reluctant about this product.

3. Scam Potential

Honestly, Relaxium doesn't seem the most legitimate product out there.

It does work for a lot of people – but there are even more complaining about it.

So from this point of view, I wouldn't really recommend it.

Why risk your hard-earned money for a product that might actually scam you?



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Not really – simply because I cannot trust it:

  1. Questionable brand with no website/contact details
  2. A lot of complaints from its previous users
  3. Didn't work for a lot of people
  4. You're forced to sign up for a subscription

Now – Relaxium surely has its own good points as well.

That's why I can't consider it a scam, since it does work for some people.

However, its complaints are too serious (and numerous) to ignore.

So I personally wouldn't buy Relaxium – and I can't advise you to do it either.

What would I go for instead?

Well, I told you about the #1 sleep supplement I looked into – Sleep Support Plus:

  • works through an unique mechanism of action
  • doesn't sedate you (nor causes any side effects)
  • it's extremely affordable

So if you want the best product for a safe (and high-quality sleep), that's the alternative I recommend you.

And trust me, it's better to spend your money wisely than go for a product like Relaxium.


1 –

2 –

3 –

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: September 18, 2023

46 thoughts on “My Review: Relaxium Sleep – Scam Or Does It Work? (Ingredients, Side Effects, Cost)

  1. I can tell you that this product doesn’t work, I used it for several weeks and there was no change in my sleep, I actually had a harder time staying asleep than before and I would wake up every other hour. When I stopped using it I felt like I could sleep a bit better, what a waste of money! And hey, you said to order it from the official website to get the real version, that’s what I did and it didn’t work at all.

    1. Hi Jasmine, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Relaxium Sleep. As you could also see in my review of it, I’m not the biggest fan of this product, so I cannot say I’m surprised to hear your experience with it. It doesn’t lead to a very high-quality sleep, which explains why you were waking up so often throughout the night. So it’s clearly not the best option for you, as Exhale PM is (I really advise you to take a look at it, it’s a much better alternative than Relaxium Sleep).

      Hope this helps!

  2. ordered risk free trial bottles of RELAXIUM SLEEP on oct 5 2021. received it on oct 19,2021. on oct 22 2021 I see a charge on my card for $96.28. called RELAXIUM and was informed I had a 15 day trial period from the date of purchase to receive a full refund. How can you try something if you don’t have it? I ended up getting half my money back. THIS IS A SCAM. DON’T GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY.

    1. Thanks for your feedback on Relaxium Sleep, Alan. I’m really sorry to hear you were charged but unfortunately, this was the case of many other people. That’s why I advise you to stay away from products of this type.

  3. Good thing I looked for reviews about Relaxium Sleep first before planning to buy it. I agree, there were a lot of promotions for autoshipping which are kinda too pushing. Very sketchy and forcing you to input your card details. What do you think of this product in general? Do you really recommend it or do you have something better?

    1. Hi, Holly! Honestly, it doesn’t live up to my preferences of good sleep supplements so I don’t really like it. Not to mention the disadvantages about it most especially the lack of info about its producer which is a big red flag. So I don’t think it’s excellent so it’s not something I recommend. I hope you got the answers you need and have a nice day!

  4. Can you help me cancel my subscription? I’m one of the people who got tricked by Relaxium Sleep and it’s very hard to cancel the auto subscription. Where do I start in the first place when there’s very limited information about the company who made it? I’m receiving the product and it doesn’t do really works. And now it’s like I’m giving away free money to them, I want it to stop.

    1. Hello, Hunter! Unfortunately, I’m not part of their customer support so I suggest you to contact them directly if you have encountered problems with your order. I really hope your problem will be fixed very soon so you can save your money. Good luck!

  5. Howdy internet people. Disclaimer first: I am on my senior years, expect me not know a lot in the internet making gullible to any statement I see saying a certain product is exceptional.

    No offense but what makes your review on Relaxium Sleep and other supplements more reliable than others I see here online? People my age can get easily scammed because we are sort of “late” with the technology.

    That is a lot of comments, I just want to find a good sleep supplement because I cannot sleep lately no matter what I do. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi, Antonia! I agree that the internet is a really big and confusing place. So don’t always trust what you see. I recommend you to read and research carefully about a certain product you are curious about. To answer your question, our review about Relaxium Sleep is well-researched and studied. We categorize the important details to give you the highlights for better understanding. But if you really want a good sleep supplement, I urge you to try Exhale PM instead. I hope I answered your question and have a nice afternoon!

  6. My body and mind have been suffering a lot of sleepless nights lately and it makes me feel tired and troubled in the mornings. Stress might be the biggest culprit for these things to happen to me. How do you manage this problem or what do you think is the best way to overcome my sleepless night. Is it called insomnia now or just my stress messing up my mind and body? I lost my pet recently and it made me super anxious too, it might help you see the bigger picture of what I am currently going on right now. Relaxium Sleep looks like a sketchy product, btw. Thanks.

    1. Hello, Veronika! I’m sad to hear that you’re suffering sleepless nights/insomnia. I’m sorry to hear about your pet too and I hope you’ll get better soon. In my experience, I really try to stop thinking of things the moment I reach my bed and I also stop using my phone 30 mins before sleeping. However, these might not be that effective so I suggest you to try Relaxium Sleep and hope for the best that it will give you good nights soon. Good luck!

  7. It is a phony product. I ordered the sample for $7.95 THEY SHIPPED TWO BOTTLES. I thought it must be free. It did not work. On 10/22 I received a bill for $89.98. I contacted them and said I am not paying your $90.00. The product is CRAP.I informed the lady on the other end I was protesting the $90.00 with the B of A. The lady said if I returned the 2nd bottle they would issue me the credit. After talking with the B of A they said don’t pay it and they are now involved. B of A asked me if I new the product was reccuring on a monthly basis. I DID NOT. She suggested I contact the company and tell them do not send me any replacements or monthly shipments You guessed it, I was unable to get anyone on the phone. If you have there number I would appreciate it. Thank you. Bill Harner

    1. Hi Bill, I’m really sorry about the negative experience you had with Relaxium and its customer support. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of their phone numbers/contact details, I’m not working for them or have any connection to this brand, I simply made a review on this product. What you can do is to call them from another number, maybe they answer you in this case (they might have blocked the older number, that’s why you don’t get any response). I really hope this helps you any single bit.

  8. Hello and thank you for the review. I have tried this product and I can confirm that it’s not a very good one, I paid a lot for it and I didn’t even see an improvement in my sleep pattern. I’m still falling asleep very late and I wake up very early, I feel tired a lot of times throughout the day and I just don’t feel productive at all. I will probably try the other product you recommend, but Relaxium is far from what it promised.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for your feedback on Relaxium, there are a lot of people complaining about similar things on this product, so it’s clear that it has some serious issues when it comes to results and how it works. I actually advise you to give Exhale PM a try, because it’s a totally different supplement in terms of mechanism of action, so it works in a different way (by turning off sleep blockers – so in other words, it doesn’t sedate you, as most supplements do). In case you decide to give it a try, let me know how it goes.

  9. I sent for the free trial for my father, expecting to pay the $7.95 and received two bottles. I just opened up my latest credit card statement and saw there was a charge of $89.98. I called them at 1-888-353-1205. I told them there was nothing saying anything about this charge, it was supposed to be a free trial. The lady said I would have needed to send back the unopened bottle to get $49 back. Told her I was gonna tell everyone I know that this was a scam. She said she would issue a $50 credit, so I am still out $40. What a racket! And it didn’t work for my father anyway. Kinda bummed, I like Mike Huckabee!

    1. Hi there, Sue. Thanks for sharing your experience with Relaxium, sorry to hear it didn’t help your father. I really hope you manage to get all your money back eventually.

  10. Can I use this in the morning? I have a different work schedule because I primarily work during the graveyard shift and I want to sleep right away without thinking of other things. I am just afraid of the side effects a lot of sleeping pills give because I have experienced them before. But one thing that stuck in my head and gave me chills up until now is when I slept for almost 16 hours and my boyfriend can’t wake me up so he just waited for me until I woke up. He said it was like I’m in a comma and just breathing. I don’t wanna experience that again so I’m looking for a couple of SAFE recommendations. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Raiza! Usually, sleep supplements are taken before bedtime during the night. It’s because the normal sleeping schedule of a person is during nighttime. But if you have a different sleeping schedule given that it’s your fixed routine, you can take Relaxium. I’m sorry to hear about your past experience and I honestly suggest you to look for a safer alternative like Sleep Support Plus or you can check out this article, 6 Best Sleep Aids – Supplements & Pills (For Insomnia), to give you more options. Hope this helps!

  11. Hi, Architect here residing in the Middle East. Ever since I started a project here which is good for 3 years, I am having a hard time getting enough sleep and I really don’t know the problem tbh. Is it because of the heat? humidity? air? timezone? food? drinks? I’m frustrated I don’t know the real reason. This is my last resort and very frustrated to get my sleep back. I can’t be like this for the whole 3 years. I read your review about Relaxium and it looks like a good sleep product but I am sure there are products with a higher rating on this website, where can I read them? Ty

    1. Hello, Pam! I’m very sorry to hear about your sleeping problems. Just think that you’re not alone and people tend to experience the same things especially when they move to a completely new place. The reason could be that it takes a lot of time for your body to adjust to the new surroundings. If you let me, I personally recommend Sleep Support Plus but if you want to explore more options, you can click on the “Sleep” category under the title of the review. Hope this helps!

  12. It contains GABA and Chamomile which are good ingredients for being calm and peaceful so why does it only get a 6/10 rate? I am just curious because it seems very good and effective though I haven’t really tried Relaxium yet. What’s your standard when it comes to good ingredients for sleeping pills? I wanted to look and study them too because I am looking for a substitute for my current sleeping pills because I feel like it doesn’t work anymore and my sleep is no longer as deep as it was before (when I tried it for the first few months). Could the reason be that I am already immune to it because if yes, then what if the other sleeping pills no longer work anymore? That would be very unfortunate since I rely on these types of products to sleep and be ready in the morning.

    p.s. I will welcome recommendations if you have any. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi, Jamie! Actually, Relaxium is a decent supplement but it’s not something I recommend since I don’t like the effects it can give. A sleep supplement shouldn’t make you feel tired when you wake up or won’t give you the feeling of being sedated. I prefer a supplement that has a very low risk of causing side effects and contains both classic and herbal ingredients for sleep with clinical evidence behind it. You can check Sleep Support Plus for example so that you’ll know what I’m talking about. I hope you’ll find the best supplement for you.

  13. I tried it, to no avail. I slept better with simple melatonin. This was a Christmas gift, and I hope my husband can get his money back.

    1. Hello Kellie, thanks a lot for your feedback with Relaxium. Unfortunately, your experience with it was pretty much as bad as that of most people (they didn’t see any improvement in their sleep either). I also hope your husband manages to get his money back, because that’s what Relaxium’s money back guarantee claims. If they try to go away with it, you can threaten to sue them and they will most likely give you a full refund (that’s what most questionable brands are afraid of). In case you want a product that really works (and costs a lot less), I advise you to take a look at VitaBalance’s supplement, it makes a much better option. Hope this helps!

  14. Hi, Thanks for Relaxium review. I ran into the exact same issue with a Keto weight loss pills. Do you have any information on a product called GoLo? Sells on the same concept!

    1. Hi David, I’m not very familiar with GoLo, I did a quick research on it and apparently it has some very mixed opinions, some people say it’s helpful, while others totally criticize it. So it’s hard to say until I make a detailed review about it and study its features in detail. I plan to focus on weight loss supplements more this year, so keep an eye on my website until then.

  15. A trial that only costs $7.95 is extremely deceptive. Seventeen days after your initial order of $7.95, which was for two bottles, not one, and about a week after your initial order, your credit card is charged an additional $89.98. Based on their own advertising, one week is not long enough to determine if the product will work. IF you decide it does not work for you, it can be returned at YOUR risk and expense for a refund. At that point, IF you do not ensure that you have completely canceled everything with Relaxium, you will receive another charge on your credit card for $97.93 approximately fifty-five days after your initial order for a $7.95 trial. Again, it can be returned at YOUR risk and expense for a refund.

    1. Hey Kellie, unfortunately, you’re totally right, that’s exactly the strategy they use and it’s a very unfair one. I had a lot of people complaining to me about this product and they all said the same things as you – that you’re automatically placed on auto-shipping, that they send you a new bottle even if you didn’t have time to see if the initial one works and that they make it very hard for you to cancel. So unfortunately, the best thing people can do is to avoid products like Relaxium and to never agree on ordering something that puts you on auto-shipping immediately, because that’s not fair at all. if you ask me, these are all proofs that a product is a potential scam. And this seems to be true in Relaxium’s case.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with this supplement and I’m sure it will help others as well.

  16. Relaxium is a SCAM! All these things they re saying are true! Shame on Mike Huckabee for attaching his name. This is awful. Customer Service Stole my money. Do Not Buy!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I’m sorry for the money you lost, I hope there’s any small chance you get it back!

    1. I’m glad to hear this review was helpful, Jake. I agree, it’s better not to enrol to auto shipping right from the start, so that you can see the real deal about a product and whether it’s worth it or not.

  17. Natural cures for sleepless nights have been in existence for almost a hundred years and then Modern Medicine came in like a conquering hero and all the old remedies were soon forgotten and swept under the rug. It wasn’t until someone investigated all the possibilities and combinations of ancient remedies that many of the natural cures became popular. I myself am a victim of sleepless nights and have taken different drugs or medicine but there was no cure I became very frustrated. Do herbal medicines don’t work anymore? Or is the conspiracy theory about infesting natural plants to lessen their effects so that people will buy lab drugs instead really true? How to have better sleep? I don’t know what to say anymore, I am dizzy and can’t get enough sleep. Help me.

    1. Hello, Rei! Sorry to hear about your sleeping problems. If you ask me, I suggest you to go to a healthcare professional that focuses on sleep to really address your sleeping issues especially if you already tried experimenting with different types of cures that you know. Good luck with that and I hope you’ll get the proper treatment that you really need.

  18. Hello Olly,
    I just saw the TV ad by Mike Huckabee and thought Relaxium is just the product I need for my insomnia. Thank you for your review detailing the auto shipping plan. I am so happy I didn’t get involved in this scam. It is a shame that some public figures need the money so badly that they sacrifice their good name.

    1. Hey Ken, I’m so happy my review helped you, you always have to pay attention to products that come with auto-shipping. A lot of them are legitimate (as long as they allow you to choose between auto-shipping and manual purchases). But if they force you to sign up for a monthly delivery in order to receive the product, there’s a big question sign about that brand. So take care at this kind of products and try to avoid them as much as possible.

  19. If one of the people reviewing Relaxium but in the end recommends, sells, or promotes other products instead does this for their own benefit. I would expect him to have enough sense to not do that at all. Do you guys not realize that it casts your shadows and expose your true intentions? I’m sure you can prove your reasons but I have experienced things before when I followed the recommendations instead of the exact product I am planning to really buy. It has been a great wake-up call and I will not be purchasing any more recommendations now that I am equipped on knowing how to use better judgement. For that I say thanks but no thanks unless you really have true intentions of promoting a really good one.

    1. Hi, Alvin! We assure you that the product we suggest as a good alternative is a product we really studied. So honestly, we don’t just recommend and say good things about it without even doing careful research about them. Also, we make sure that we really study its features to give you enough info on how it can really help with any issues of your body. Rest assured that we recommend products with pure intentions. Lastly, I’m very sorry to hear that you got disappointed before but to be more sure, try to do more research before really buying a product. Hope this helps!

  20. This company, who ever they are is as unethical as you could possibly get. When I odered the trial, I was told that I would receive a trial sample and would not be enrolled in an AUTO SHIP PROGRAM and any subsequent shipments would not be made unless I requested the product. Having been burnt in the pass in ordering products for trial use and finding myself enrolled in a nightmare of trying to stop more shipments and very expensive billings and cancellation of the credit card used initially to enroll in trial, I make it habit of ensuring that there will be NO further shipments unless I expressly reguest more of the product. Regarding Relaxalium, I spoke twice with their Customer Service Representative (CSR) and on both occassions, I was told that there would be no further shipments without my requesting same. In fact, I was repeatedly ask if by ordering the trial if I would be receiving future shipment without my consent and was clearly told that I would not; this would prove to be a lie. I would receive a future shipment of Relaxium, which I did not open and returned to whoever you return their product to. Relaxium did not work for me, but that is systemic issue and I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the unethical manner in which they conduct business. They should be forced to stop sending their product automatically to those who request the trial. Mike Hucklebee attest to the success the product from a medical prespective and cannot be held respossible for how this product is marketed from a business prespective, but I would encourage him review comments relevent to same. By the way, whoever markets Relaxium is not a member of the BBB, but due Relaxium questionable markeing practices, the BBB has conducted a limited inquiry. I would encourage anyone that has experienced similar problems to document them and share their experences with others. For those living in jurisdictions that don’t prohibit the recording of phone converstions between two parties, I would consider recording conversations between the person and Relaxium, especially when ordering the trial. Be sure to ask if by ordering the trial if this is obligating you to automatic follow on shipments, be sure to get a clear response. If you get start receiving unsolicted shipments, call your credit card company immediately and stop payment or cancel the card you used when you ordered the trial, thereby preventing Relaxium from charging future shipment to your account. When communicating with your credit card fraud department, be very specific with events leading up to your request for your requesting their involvement.

    1. Hello Rick, thanks a lot for sharing your negative experience with Relaxium Sleep. Unfortunately, I had several readers going through a similar situation as yours, so it seems like it’s a general problem of Relaxium’s marketing and sales department. I agree that their free trial is probably a way to force you to buy the product eventually, which is not okay at all, since you’re told you need to reorder the product manually and that you would not be sent a new bottle automatically.

  21. I just called my credit card company and cancelled my credit card to avoid additional charges. This is such a scam. I’m receiving my free bottles today that I paid 7.95 for. But I’m praying I avoid any future charges. Now that’s ridiculous if they expect me to send back any of the pills that I paid the 7.95 shipping to get. Especially at my expense

    1. Let me know how things go, Connie. But hopefully, you won’t be charged any extra money by Relaxium’s producer.

  22. I ordered the supposedly free bottle and was only supposed to pay $7.95 shipping. I received this bottle only to find out that they tried to charge me for it. They also sent two additional bottles to my husband and charged $119.90 to my credit card. He did not order these and I did not give them his name. Never found out how they got his name. They would not send me a prepaid label to return so I had to pay $5.85 to return something I did not order. Tried taking 2 from the “free bottle” and it only made me restless. The only way I finally got any help from a lady named Billie W, Customer Relations Director, was by contacting Mike Huckabee who had this lady contact me. I learned my lesson and as soon as I get this charge cleared up, I am cancelling my credit card.

    1. Hello Vera, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Relaxium Sleep. Your story makes me even more convinced that this brand is a scam – otherwise I can’t understand how they managed to get your husband’s name and details as long as you didn’t give them out. I’m glad that at least you received some of the money back and you will definitely use this experience whenever ordering a shady supplement, I’m sure.

      Wishing you the best!

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