Best 7 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

Have you been tossing and turning the whole night?

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help you fall asleep?

Well, you are not alone, I can assure you! Don't worry though! Your sleep problem can be treated.

Here are 7 best ways to fall asleep faster that will surely work!

So, give them a try and you will definitely sleep better!

Note: This guide is based on my own research on combating insomnia.

1. Try Lavender Oil

Lavender is a flower which is so well-known because of its specific smell.

Do you know what I mean?

This flower is so appreciated for its perfume and properties that it is included in many beauty products.

However, these are not the reasons why I included it on our list.

Actually, lavender oil is also a good natural remedy for your sleep problems. [1]

How come? Well, lavender has some benefits you may not have heard of:

  • improves the quality of your sleep
  • has a mild sedative effect
  • helps you relax your body

So, lavender oil is definitely one of the best essential oils for you!

How should you use it?

Well, I can give you two options.

You can either massage your body with it or you can use it for aromatherapy.

Let's start with the first option, massage.

Did you know that massage is also beneficial for you? No?!

It definitely is a great way of relaxing your body. 

However, you will have some even better results if you massage your body using lavender oil.

To make sure that you know how to use it, I'm going to give you some instructions:

  1. First of all, you need to dilute the lavender oil with a carrier oil (almond, coconut, or olive oil).
  2. So, add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to 20 drops of carrier oil.
  3. Apply the mixture to your skin.
  4. Massage the area for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Allow the oil to soak into your skin.

It is very important to dilute lavender oil with a carrier oil.

So you need to follow the instructions accordingly.

If you do that, I'm sure that you will see some improvements when it comes to your insomnia.

How often should you massage your body?

Every day or, better say, every evening.

It is essential to do that if you want to have the best results.

Now, let's move on to the second option, aromatherapy.

Here, things are a little bit easier.

All you need to do is to put 2-3 drops of lavender oil on your pillow before you go to bed.

It is as simple as that!

So, whichever option you choose, make sure that you use it daily, without skipping a day.

If you do that, you will definitely manage to fall asleep easier and faster.


Lavender oil is one of the best home remedies for insomnia, because of its properties.

It can help you fall asleep faster and it certainly improves the quality of your sleep.

So, you can either use it for massage or for aromatherapy. 



2. Passion Flower Tea

Have you ever heard of passion flower?

Do you know why it was named as such?

Well, it's because it is believed to resemble the crown of thorns that Jesus wore.

So, somehow it refers to Jesus' passion. Interesting, right?

You probably couldn't guess the meaning behind its name, could you?

However, this is not what I want to tell you about it.

Of course, this information is interesting, but we are talking about something else.

Actually, this flower is used as a remedy for many sleep problems

Thanks to its so many benefits, it can help you fall asleep faster.

Let's see which are those benefits:

  • eases anxiety [2]
  • helps you relax
  • has a mild sedative effect

For these reasons, passion flower tea is one of the best teas that you can have.

Actually, did you know that drinking something before going to sleep can help you relax? 

A drink like passion flower tea works even better!

I praised it so much, but I didn't tell you how you should prepare it.

So, first, let's see what you need:

  • 1 tablespoon dried passion flower or 1 tea bag
  • 1 cup hot water
  • honey (optional)

These are the instructions:

  1. Steep the tea bag or dried flower in hot water for 6-8 minutes.
  2. If you want a stronger tea you can steep it for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Strain or take the tea bag out of the water.
  4. Add honey to the tea (optional).

As you can see, this tea should be prepared like any other tea. 

Thus, it is not hard to do it, is it?

Now that you know how to make passion flower tea, I should also tell you how you should drink it.

So, how much tea should you drink?

Well, one cup per day is enough for you.

Can you guess when is the perfect time to drink it?

In the evening, of course! There couldn't be any other right answer!

Yes, you ought to drink this tea one hour or 45 minutes before your bedtime.

These are all the details that you need. Thus, make sure that you give it a try!

I'm sure that you will manage to fall asleep faster and have a better sleep if you try this remedy!


Passion flower tea is another treatment that you definitely need to try.

That's because it can also make you fall asleep faster and it can relax your body.

Thus, all you need to do is drink one cup of passion flower tea every evening. 



3. High-Quality Supplement

If you are dealing with sleep problems, taking a qualitative supplement is a must!

That's because such a product can really help you sleep better.

However, as you probably have noticed, there are so many sleep supplements on the market.

Which one is the best? Which one really works?

Well, deciding which supplement to take can be tricky.

Some supplements might promise to help you, but in the end they turn out to be just a scam.

So, what should you choose then?

Fortunately, I know a high-quality product that will definitely help you fall asleep faster.

It is called Sleep Support Plus and it is an amazing product!

Why is that so? Because it has many benefits:

  • has a unique formula with great ingredients (both classic and herbal ones)
  • boosts the production of melatonin
  • doesn't trigger the regular side effects of sleep supplements
  • doesn't work by sedating you
  • its previous users are really happy with the results

Let me explain these benefits more!

Sleep Support Plus can boost the production of melatonin.

Do you know what melatonin is? Well, it is a hormone that is produced by our bodies.

Also, this hormone is the one that makes you fall asleep.

Basically, by increasing melatonin production, this supplement helps you fall asleep.

Moreover, it doesn't cause significant side effects, which is great, isn't it?

Let me tell you another secret!

Many sleep supplements work by sedating you, maybe you already know that.

“Is that bad?” you may ask. Well, yes, it is. 

That's because when you are sedated, you don't have a deep and qualitative sleep.

So, even if you managed to sleep the whole night, you might still feel tired in the morning.

Luckily, this product works in a different way:

  • leads to a regular sleep pattern
  • boosts sleep sensation at night (not during the day)
  • leads to a deep and healthy sleep (without nightmares)

Were you worried that you were going to doze off during the day?

Worry no more! This won't happen, I assure you!

Now that you know all these benefits, you are thinking of giving it a try, aren't you?

I'm sure that Sleep Support Plus will help you and you will love its results!

So, give it a whirl and say goodbye to the long sleepless nights!


A qualitative supplement can surely help you get rid of your insomnia.

Sleep Support Plus is the best supplement that you can find out there, I assure you!

That's because it has such amazing benefits and it is very effective, so you should try it out!




4. Have A Bath

“Are you serious?” you may ask.

Of course, I am. Having a long bath can help you relax your body.

When you are relaxed, you can also sleep better.

However, you need to add a special ingredient to your bath and that is Epsom salt.

Have you ever heard of it? Maybe you even used it. 

Epsom salt is a special kind of salt that is usually used for bathing.

Why is it more special than others, though?

Well, it's because it has many benefits – like:

  • contains a high quantity of magnesium
  • soothes your body
  • improves the quality of your sleep
  • helps you fall asleep faster

The most important advantage that Epsom salt has is the fact that it is rich in magnesium.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for those who have sleep problems.

So, an Epsom salt bath allows your body to absorb the magnesium it needs.

You got the idea, right? Then, let's see how you should prepare your bath.

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water (not hot).
  2. Add 1 to 2 cups of Epsom salt to the water.
  3. Relax your body for 12-15 minutes.

If you like, you can relax yourself much longer, not just 15 minutes.

That's actually the minimum time you should spend in the bath prepared if you want to sleep better.

What else should I tell you?

Right! What is the perfect time to take an Epsom salt bath? 

In the evening, as you already guessed. Try to take a bath about an hour before you want to go to bed.

Also, make sure that you repeat this treatment 2-3 times per week. 

So, now more than ever is the perfect time to think of yourself and to relax!


Taking a bath can relax your body and help you fall asleep faster.

However, if you add Epsom salt to your bath, you will have even better results.

That's because Epsom salt is a good source of magnesium, a mineral that you need.



5. Lemongrass Tea

Do you like the name of this tea? It makes you think of lemon, right?

Actually, there is a reason why this plant was called as such.

First of all, it is very similar to grass. If you don't know what it looks like, you can easily mistake it for grass.

Then, the lemongrass tea tastes like citrus and smells like lemon. It is quite a surprise, isn't it?

So, the name of this plant actually tells you what to expect from it.

Beside the delicious taste, lemongrass tea has other beneficial properties.

In fact, it can help you with your sleep problem.

Which are those benefits that I mentioned? Well, let's have a look at them:

  • relaxes your muscles
  • has a mild sedative effect
  • helps you have a longer and better sleep

Thus, this tea is actually such a good natural remedy for insomnia.

Of course, you can use it for other health problems as well, but it surely helps you fall asleep.

Now, let's find out how you should prepare it!

All you need is:

  • 1 to 3 teaspoons dried or fresh lemongrass
  • 1 cup hot water
  • honey and/or ice cubes

Here are the instructions:

  1. Pour the boiling water over the lemongrass.
  2. Steep for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Strain the tea.
  4. Add honey to it (optional).
  5. Enjoy it hot or add ice cubes for iced lemongrass tea.

It is easy to prepare it and it is very healthy and beneficial for you.

Also, I want to tell you some more details.

You need to drink only one cup of tea per day.

What is the perfect time to drink it? 

In the evening, as usual. Try to drink it about one hour before your bedtime.

Is that all? Certainly! These are all the details that you need in order to put this remedy into practice.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your cup of tea and have a good sleep!


Lemongrass tea is another drink that is beneficial for you.

This tea is both tasty and healthy because it can help you deal with your sleep problem.

So, make sure that you drink a cup of tea every evening before you go to bed.



6. Magnesium-Rich Diet

We talked a little bit about magnesium when I mentioned Epsom salt.

I told you then that magnesium is very important for those who have sleep problems. [3]

Actually, Epsom salt is not the only way of getting the magnesium that you need.

There is another natural way of doing that.

You can eat foods that are rich in magnesium.

Which are those? Well, if I were to mention all of them, the list would be way too long.

As I don't want to bore you, I will write down just a part of them.

With what should we start?

Hm… Let's start with nuts and seeds.

These terms are too broad, aren't they? So, let's see exactly what nuts and seeds you should eat.

What do you say about almonds? 

You can find them in many dishes like:

  • desserts
  • salads
  • pasta
  • soups

That's because they are both healthy and delicious. 

Also, they are rich in magnesium and other nutrients like fibers or vitamin E.

If you don't like almonds, you can eat cashews, which are also a good source of magnesium.

They are not as versatile as almonds, but they definitely make a great snack.

Other nuts that you can try are peanuts.

Do you like peanut butter?

If your answer is yes, then a slice of toast and some peanut butter makes the perfect breakfast for you.

When it comes to seeds, pumpkin seeds are the best ones. 

It is fall, so finding pumpkin seeds is quite an easy job right now.

Next, we will talk about avocado, a fruit loved by many people.

In fact, avocado has so many benefits:

  • rich in magnesium
  • a good source of potassium, vitamin B, and vitamin K
  • high in fibers

Avocado is also quite versatile and it can be prepared in many ways.

It is often included in salads or desserts.

Because we talked about breakfast, I have to say that you can eat your toast with some avocado and a little bit of salt.

We stick to green foods a little bit more, and I will tell you some details about spinach.

You can love it or hate it, but spinach is definitely healthy.

That's because it also has many beneficial properties:

  • a good source of magnesium and calcium
  • rich in vitamins like vitamin A and C
  • contains iron and folic acid

Spinach can be eaten both raw or cooked.

Moreover, it is an essential ingredient for different salads.

As I saved the best for last, I want to tell you about another food, or better say dessert, that is good for you. 

That is chocolate. Did you know that chocolate is a great source of magnesium?

Actually, it is true! However, make sure that you don't eat it very late at night. 

That's because it contains caffeine, which might not let you fall asleep.

So, you do have many foods from which to choose what you like best.

Also, make sure that you include magnesium in your daily meals and you will surely sleep better.

Good sleep leads to a good health, remember that!


Magnesium is a mineral that is very important for you.

That's because it can help you fall asleep faster and have quality sleep.

So, you need to eat foods that are rich in magnesium like almonds, avocados, or spinach.



7. Relax Yourself

Have you thought that maybe stress is part of the reasons why you can't fall asleep?

Maybe you are too stressed at work or simply you have a busy schedule.

However, sleep and rest are important for your whole organism.

Without it, your organism won't work properly.

So, you definitely need to fall asleep fast and have a deep sleep.

What can you do in this case? 

Well, you can try different methods that will help you relax your body.

We already talked about Epsom salt bath. This will surely calm your body.

However, there are more methods that you can try like:

  • reading
  • listening to music
  • writing
  • walking

Do you like to read? If your answer is yes, then this remedy is for you.

Actually, reading can make you fall asleep faster.

All you need to do is to choose a book that you like or might like and to start reading.

If this method is not for you, you can listen to music.

Classical music is known to be a type of music that helps you relax.

Yet, you can listen to other genres of music as well.

For those who like to express their feelings and thoughts, writing might be the best solution.

You can write down your thoughts:

  • on a piece of paper
  • in a beautiful notebook
  • in a diary

However, try to avoid writing on a computer. This might not be very helpful for you.

Before going to sleep, it is better to stay away from your computer.

Last, but not least, we have to talk about walking.

A short walk in a park or outdoors is perfect for you.

Up to now, people were often discouraged from working out before sleep.

Yet, recent studies show that this can increase the quality of your sleep.

So, make sure that you take a walk 2 hours before your bedtime.

Also, another important thing is that you need to do these activities every day if you want to have good results.

So, choose the activity that suits you best and put it into practice.

I'm sure you will be able to fall asleep faster and sleep the entire night.


If you want to fall asleep faster, you have to relax your body.

So, you can try different methods that can help you do that.

Some of them are reading, listening to music, writing, or walking.



My Final Verdict

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you want to get rid of the long sleepless nights?

Are you ready to start your day full of energy and optimism?

Here are the best ways to fall asleep faster:

  • Try lavender oil
  • Have a passion flower tea
  • Start using a high-quality supplement
  • Have a bath

Try these remedies and I'm sure that you will be able to enjoy a long and peaceful sleep.

I'm sure that they will work in your case as well and you will forget about insomnia forever!

What are you waiting for?









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