DermaRPX VS Plexaderm (2024 Review) – Which Is The #1?

It’s time to review 2 very popular anti-aging products – DermaRPX VS Plexaderm.

These two skin care treatments have almost the same claims.

But which of them is more suitable for you?:

  • Which product has a longer anti-aging effect?
  • Which one will give the least side effects?
  • And which of them is a better deal?

I checked out the facts behind these 2 products – in order to give you the real deal about them (+ video).

Note: This review is based on my experience + research on these 2 products.

DermaRPX VS Plexaderm? (In A Nutshell)

Comparing these two products, DermaRPX is a little better due to the following factors:

  1. Faster anti-aging effect
  2. Smaller risk of secondary reactions
  3. Higher quantity of the product/tube
  4. Better price

In terms of general info, DermaRPX and Plexaderm both offer enough details.

The list of ingredients, customer reviews and instructions – they are all given out.

But when it comes to price, DermaRPX costs $20, which is way cheaper than Plexaderm ($60).

If you really want the best product in the market, take a look at my #1 recommendation.

Its price is around $60 – but its effect doesn't only last for a few minutes (as it's the case of Plexaderm/DermaRPX).

So it's the best choice if you want to fight aging from the inside.

Anyway – if I had to choose between these 2 products, I would probably pick DermaRPX.




#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: Plexaderm

Comparing the ingredients of these 2 products, Plexaderm's composition is better:

  • has 2 major ingredients
  • contains common skin care compounds
  • is based on several plant extracts

To explain further, I tried to get into more detail about each product's composition.

Note: I analyzed the key ingredients of the two skin care products.

1. DermaRPX's Ingredients

DermaRPX has a high number of ingredients – but it formula still sounds a little basic to me.

Anyway, here are the most important compounds inside it:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid – retains skin moisture [1]
  2. Minerals – reflect light from the face [2]
  3. Silica – improves collagen production [3]

If you ask me – the only good thing about this cream's formula is Hyaluronic Acid.

That's because it's a classic anti-aging ingredient, which you can find in most quality products.

However, it can't make miracles alone.

And the rest of ingredients are rather weak – so the overall effect is rather aesthetic (than therapeutic).

2. Plexaderm's Ingredients

On the other hand, Plexaderm's formula has a lot more high-quality compounds.

Here are the key ingredients that make this serum better than DermaRPX:

  1. Argireline – reduces wrinkles and fine lines [4]
  2. Collagen – serves as a filler for the face lines [5]
  3. Hydrolyzed Rice Protein – has some anti-irritant properties [6]

Right away, you can see why it has a better set of ingredients – as there are some Peptides and Collagen.

But keep in mind that it can only provide a short-term effect (that will only last for a few hours).

So it's not a proper anti-aging treatment.


Unfortunately, both of these products have a rather aesthetic purpose only.

They fill in the fine lines and wrinkles for a couple of hours.

So they will give an illusion that you have smooth and younger-looking under-eyes skin.

But as you can see, it's only an illusion.

However, DermaRPX has better compounds overall.

Even though none of them can actually treat aging signs from the inside, DermaRPX's formula is slightly better.


#2 – Consistency & Dosage WINNER: Plexaderm

For this round, it's quite obvious that Plexaderm gives out more info:

  • has some instructions and tips on how to use the product
  • its texture is described in close details

But let's take a quick look at each product's consistency and dosage.

1. DermaRPX

There's only one photo that describes this cream's texture:

  • consistency is a little thick
  • color light to medium beige
  • some chemical scent

As for its instructions, using it is pretty simple.

Apply a small quantity on your under-eye area and wait up to 5 minutes.

Afterwards, you can apply any make up or skin care product.

Now – the instruction claim that it works as fast as 90 seconds.

But there's no info about the duration of its effect.

As far as I noticed – it's mostly a couple of hours, as the fine lines start to become visible after this time.

2. Plexaderm

Meanwhile, Plexaderm has a lot more info and photos on its official page:

  • faint chemical scent
  • light to medium beige color
  • slightly thick consistency

This product doesn't only have clear instructions – it also has tips on what you can combine it with.

In order to apply it correctly, use upward and outward strokes.

Wait for about 10 minutes for the product to dry out and you're all set.

Regarding the tips, you can use the product with the following products:

  • oil-free moisturizer (10-20 minutes prior)
  • dry/powdery formula makeup

In my view, these instructions and tips help a lot to understand how to use the product correctly.

And that's the reason why I chose Plexaderm as the winner for this chapter.


As I told you before, both products serve the same purpose.

But between these 2 , Plexaderm explains the instructions in more detail than DermaRPX.

As a user, I believe a product with complete info and details is always better.

So at this chapter, Plexaderm owns it.



#3 – Results  WINNER: DermaRPX

I chose DermaRPX as the winner here because of its customers' reviews.

Plexaderm has a fair share of comments too – but I will explain why I still choose DermaRPX.

So let's take a look at what the people who tried these products say.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. DermaRPX

Upon searching, this cream has a 3.5/stars rating on Amazon.

There are mixed reviews – so let's take a look at the most common opinions:

  1. Some users noticed their wrinkles disappear.
  2. Others claim their face seemed younger.
  3. One customer states that it leaves a crusty clear film once it dried.
  4. A lot of people say that this cream doesn't work at all.

These comments are probably not the most positive out there – but at least they are authentic.

So despite having enough complaints, that's better than not having any reviews at all.

2. Plexaderm

On the other hand – here are what people who tried Plexaderm swear by:

  1. Many claim that it's good to use as a cover-up before attending events.
  2. Some noticed their under-eye bags and fine lines were gone.
  3. Some experienced side effects such as skin and eye irritations.
  4. Almost all of the comments are about the pump not working properly.

Also, this product has a 3.9/5 stars rating on Amazon, which is higher than DermaRPX.

But its complaints are very significant – so the higher rating is not too relevant (in my view).


To explain my pick, I chose DermaRPX as the winner due to several reasons:

  • its negative comments are more general
  • there are almost no complaints about the packaging
  • no comments about receiving an empty bottle

Now, I don't normally consider a product good if it has no complaints of this type.

So these are not my standards.

But since I'm only comparing these two products, DermaRPX has better reviews.



#4 – Side Effects WINNER: DermaRPX

Again – side effects are pretty common in all skin products.

So for this chapter, I will take into consideration 2 aspects:

  • which product causes the worse side effects
  • which product doesn't cause any
1. DermaRPX

I looked into its customers' reviews and I didn't find any comments about side effects.

And that's obviously the reason why DermaRPX wins another chapter.

Still – the potential side effects it could cause are quite general: 

  • Itchiness/burning sensation
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation

Once again – these are only my guesses.

But overall – I would say that even if they appear, they should be some isolated cases only.

2. Plexaderm

For Plexaderm, there are quite a few complaints about experiencing adverse reactions.

So here are the most common issues in people who tried this serum:

  • Skin redness/abrasion
  • Swelling and burning sensation
  • Eye and skin irritation

Honestly – these side effects are quite serious.

That's because anti-aging products don't cause this kind of reactions on a regular basis. 

So there's one thing that this tells me.

This serum has a high probability of having a too strong formula – and many people cannot tolerate it.


The reason why I chose the winner of this chapter is quite obvious by now.

As you can see, DermaRPX has no reported side effects compared to Plexaderm.

That might change in the future but for now, it's safe to say that it's not that harmful.

Now – I'm not saying that Plexaderm is harmful.

But I just want to warn you that you might also experience adverse reactions after using this serum.


#5 – Price WINNER: DermaRPX

The winner for this chapter is obviously the cheaper product.

Upon comparing, DermaRPX has a lower price than Plexaderm.

Note: I will only analyze the price of the 2 skin care products (without the other products from their range).

1. DermaRPX

You can find this product at the lowest price on its own website. 

Let's take a look at the deal you can get:

  1. A bottle costs $19.99
  2. Offers a discounted price upon subscription
  3. Additional payment for state tax

In addition, you will get 15 ml (0.5 fl. oz.) of product upon purchase.

And if you decide to subscribe, there's an automatic 60-day supply delivered every 60 days.

I don't really recommend that, since I always advise people to buy all products manually.

Certain brands make it hard for users to cancel their subscription.

That's why it's better to stay safe and go for manual purchases.

2. Plexaderm

Looking at the serum's website, you will see that there are more deals on Plexaderm than DermaRPX.

Here's the full pricing options for this product:

  1. Trial pack (6 application only) costs $14.95
  2. One bottle costs $59.95
  3. The “Buy 2 + 1 Free” pack cost $119.90
  4. Free shipping is included

There's a chance that you like the product and buy a bottle after trying the Trial Pack.

But as you can see, buying the full size costs more and it's very expensive (in my view).

And getting only 5 ml (in the full size) is not a very good deal.

That's why Plexaderm is super expensive and not really worth it.


Right away, you can see that DermaRPX is $40 cheaper than Plexaderm.

That's a big difference – considering that both products do almost the same things.

I also want to mention that DermaRPX contains 15 ml while Plexaderm has only 5 ml.

But if you really want to get your money's worth, I recommend a product that costs $60.

It may sound expensive at first – but it has some long-term benefits.

On the other hand, none of these 2 products have that (short-term effect/for a few hours only).




#6 – Pros & Cons

To help you decide which product to choose, I made a list of PROs and CONs of each.

But you can also read the reviews of DermaRPX and Plexaderm separately, for more detailed info.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each product:

1. DermaRPX

2. Plexaderm



#7 – My Video Review



My Verdict – Plexaderm Or DermaRPX?

Short answer: Probably DermaRPX – just because it has a better general score:

  • DermaRPX won 3 chapters
  • Plexaderm won 2 chapters

But really, the major reason why I would pick DermaRPX is because of its price.

In my view, Plexaderm is promising too – but I can't deny the weight of its side effects.

So here are the other reasons why I chose DermaRPX over Plexaderm:

  • way cheaper price
  • lower chance of causing side effects
  • not too many serious negative reviews

If you ask me about which product I will recommend, it won't be any of these two.

Instead – I would go for Kollagen Intensiv by Skinception:

  1. The best formula I could find (based on clinical evidence).
  2. It has a long-term anti-aging effect.
  3. Treats the cause and visible signs of skin aging.
  4. Works way better than DermaRPX and Plexaderm.

You might be shocked about its price, which is around $60.

However – you can also get it for about $40 (in the best case).

And keep in mind that you get your money's worth with this cream (unlike with the other 2).

Its effect isn't only temporary or aesthetic.

So if you have the budget to try DermaRPX or Plexaderm, just go for  this cream instead.

I consider it a better investment, because of its with proven long-term benefits.

best anti aging


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Written by 

Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

2 thoughts on “DermaRPX VS Plexaderm (2024 Review) – Which Is The #1?

  1. I honestly think both products are not good so the face off is not really effective. Do you really want us to choose one between the 2? I can never consider any of the products and I might just look for others. A bit concerned that there are still people who buy these things even if the products are of poor quality. they just want to waste their money lol! I have been challenged by uneven and pigmented skin for a very long time and I hope to find a very excellent product but definitely not any of the two.

    1. Hi Bonnie! I’m not really promoting any of these products but I do a comparison to see if both products are the same or not. I respect your opinion if you don’t want any of these skin care items because that’s your preference. I assume that some people who still bought these products have no idea that there could be a possibility that it will be of poor quality that’s why I promote researching first before buying. Good luck on your hunt to find the best skin care product for you. Keep me posted!

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