9 Best Omega-3 (Fish Oil) Supplements (2024 Review)

9 Best Omega-3 (Fish Oil) Supplements

Are you trying to get the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids?Well – supplements are the best way to do that.

But which are the best Omega-3 (fish oil) supplements on the market at this point?

Well – here are the best 9 ones I found (based on effectiveness, price and quality).

Note: These 9 products are my top recommendations after a long research.

#1 Recommendation – Omega 3-7-9 + Krill ($49.00)

1. Producer: True Omega Health

2. Rating: 9.50/10 stars

3. Ingredients: 

  • EPA, DHA
  • Omega 7, Omega 9
  • Krill Oil
  • Vitamin E

4. Best For: Both general health and different health problems like:

  • joint pain/arthritis [1]
  • muscle & joint stiffness
  • inflammation [2]
  • skin conditions (including acne)
  • minor heart problems
  • depression/anxiety

It's also excellent for maintaining general health and preventing aging.

Why It's The #1 Omega Supplement?

Out of over 100 products I looked into, this is by far the #1 Omega-3 supplement you can get.

That's because it's the only one containing the ideal fatty acids combination:

  1. Omega 3
  2. Omega 7 + Omega 9 (from Macadamia Oil)
  3. Krill Oil

Also, its Omega Fatty Acids are extracted from Macadamia Oil.

That's a major advantage over its competitors.

Basically, combining Omega-3 with 7 and 9 has a much better overall effect than Omega-6 or any other type alone.

Plus, pairing this combination with Krill Oil leads to a stronger anti-inflammatory effect.

And there's more:

  • recent studies proved that Krill Oil has a better absorption
  • on the other hand, classic fish oil has a weaker effect


Now – fish oil is the usual source of all Omega Fatty Acids (in 99% of supplements).

However, their quality is not the highest.

On the other hand, studies showed that the #1 source of Omega Fatty Acids is Macadamia Oil.

And honestly, Omega 3-7-9 + Krill is pretty much the only product with this base:

  • Contains fish oil-based Omega 3
  • Its Omega 7 and 9 are derived from Macadamia Nut Oil (premier quality)
  • Also contains classic Krill Oil
  • Its overall absorption is 10x better than a typical supplement's

So among all Omega Fatty Acid products I looked into – it has by far the best combination of ingredients.

What Users Say

I actually received a lot of messages from people who tried this product (after reading my articles):

In terms of effect – I definitely recommend it. It's definitely the very best choice from its category.

Besides – it's a lot more affordable than it seems.

If you go for a larger supply – you can even get it for about $33/bottle.

  • Ideal combination of ingredients
  • Stronger effect against inflammation and pain than most products
  • Works most both general health and additional issues (even for prevention)
  • Based on Krill Oil (not classic fish oil)
  • 10x better absorption
  • Affordable price (especially for larger supplies)
  • Only sold on its official website
  • Very few authentic user reviews on 3rd party websites




#2 – Optima Omega 3 + ($30.00)

1. Producer: Nuzena

2. Rating: 9/10 stars

3. Ingredients: 

  • Fish Oil, Omega 3 (EPA, DHA)
  • Fat, HDL Cholesterol

4. Best For: General health and various issues:

  • joint pain/arthritis
  • depression and anxiety
  • muscle & joint stiffness
  • chronic swelling
  • skin problems (especially acne)
  • minor heart problems

This is one of the best Omega-3 supplements I know.

It's among the few product with these excellent features:

  1. Really low price for the quality (up to $15/bottle).
  2. Allows you to pay in monthly installments (not the whole price at once).
  3. Based on the strongest forms of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Really small and tasteless pills.

In terms of composition – Optima Omega-3 looks great.

It has some high dosages and it's based on the most researched fish oil compounds.

However, all of the 7 products from this list have a strong formula.

It's the price/quality that makes the difference.

And from this point of view – Nuzena's supplement looks awesome:

  • excellent choice for lower budgets
  • you don't have to pay the full price at once

Besides – you can get one bottle for $20 (instead of $30):

  1. Just use the coupon code below to get $10 off.
  2. This will save some important money.
  3. In case you buy several bottles at once, price is going to get even lower.
  4. However, the coupon and discounts are only available on Nuzena's website.
  5. So I don't recommend buying the products from Amazon or Ebay.

But overall, it's a great choice in terms of quality/price.

That's why I strongly recommend Nuzena's supplement.

Price Tip: If you want to get the lowest price ($15/bottle), use the code below for $10 off. Make sure you buy the largest pack (price gets better with a higher quantity).

See My Full Review Here

  • Strong formula based on the top forms of Omega-3 acids
  • Great effect against inflammation and pain
  • Helpful for most health problems (even for prevention)
  • Small and tasteless pills
  • Lowest price on the market
  • Allows installments payment
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Available for shipping in any country
  • Few authentic reviews outside its official info (mostly promotional ones)
  • Available on Amazon but price is a lot higher




#3 – Heart Health ($24.95)

1. Producer: PhysioTru

2. Rating: 8.75/10 stars

3. Ingredients: 

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (TG)
  • EPA, DHA and DPA
  • Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Fish Oil

4. Best For: Minor heart problems and heart health. [3]

But just like every Omega-3 supplements, it also works for:

  • stiff joints/arthritis
  • skin problems [4]
  • depression and anxiety 

Plus – it's an excellent choice for general health (due to its increased absorption).

In terms of formula – Heart Health is the one of the best fish oil supplements you could ever buy.

That's because it contains a less common type of Omega-3 (DPA):

  1. Also called “The missing Omega-3”
  2. Stronger anti-inflammatory effect
  3. Higher overall absorption 

Besides – its Omega-3 acids dosages are really good.

So its therapeutic effect is also very potent.

Plus – it's one the cheapest supplements in terms of quality: 

  • only $24/monthly supply
  • this price is only available if you go for a larger supply
  • its standard cost is around $67
  • 30 days money back guarantee

However – its also has some real downsides:

  • mostly available in the US
  • gets out of stock sometimes

So it's not always so easy to get this product (especially if you want to take it on the long term).

That's why I only placed it on the second position.

  • Contains the more rare form of Omega-3 (DPA)
  • Excellent formula and powerful ingredients
  • Absorption is faster than in regular supplements
  • Only 2 pills per day
  • Good price for the quality

  • Mostly ships in the US
  • Not available in 3rd party retailers (only its official website)
  • Out of stock sometimes



#4 – Krill Oil Plus ($29.50)

1. Producer: Vita Balance

2. Rating: 8.50/10 stars

3. Ingredients:

  • Phospholipids
  • Omega-3 (Epa, DHA, Other fatty acids, Astaxanthin)

4. Best For: Joint pain but also general health.

It promises to help with:

  • heart & skin health
  • stiff joints and arthritis
  • cognitive function

As most Omega-3 supplements, it's also helpful as an antioxidant and against aging.

Vita Balance's supplement isn't an actual fish oil product.

Instead – it's made from krill oil (which is sometimes considered an improved version of fish oil):

  1. Some extra compounds (Astaxanthin, Phospholipids)
  2. Better absorption (due to phospholipids)

But other than that, krill and fish oil supplements have the same benefits.

So what makes Krill Oil Plus so special?

  1. Excellent price for the quality.
  2. Cheapest krill oil supplement on the market (even $21/bottle).
  3. Strong and durable effect for several health problems.
  4. No pills with fishy taste.

Now – compared to my first 2 recommendations, it's a few dollars pricier.

Besides, it doesn't have such high EPA/DHA dosages.

Though the increased absorption compensates for that, the previous products remain a better choice (if you ask me).

That's why I only placed place it on the 3rd spot.

But if you're looking for the best krill oil supplement – I would strongly recommend Vita Balance's product.

Price Tip: Use the code above to get 5% off for your order. If you want the lowest price possible, go for the 3+ 1 free pack and you will get a bottle for around $21.


  • Strong formula with extra ingredients (compared to fish oil supplements)
  • Small pills with no fishy taste
  • Helpful for several health problems
  • Great effect against inflammation
  • Cheapest krill oil supplement on the market
  • EPA/DHA dosages could be a bit higher
  • Not available in any country in the world
  • Shipping costs $5 (US) and $14 (Internationally)
  • Few authentic reviews outside the official website



#5 – Cod Liver Oil ($29.95)

1. Producer: Bauer Nutrition

2. Rating: 8/10 stars

3. Ingredients: 

  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA, DHA)
  • Vitamin A, D and E

3. Best For: Inflammation, joint pain and immunity.

It also has additional benefits (compared to classic fish oil supplements):

  • protects arteries from damage (promotes thinner blood)
  • maintains eye, heart and brain health
  • fights chronic inflammation

Cod Liver Oil is probably the most affordable product from this list.

That's the main reason why its stands as my #5th pick:

  1. Pretty low price for the quantity.
  2. You only need 1 pill per day.
  3. One bottle is designed to last for 90 days.
  4. That's an average of $10/month.

Honestly – I don't know any quality fish oil supplement that costs as little.

Still, compared to my #1 pick, Cod Liver Oil doesn't have such an amazing formula:

  • lower doses of EPA and DHA
  • no fat

However – it compensates through its high doses of vitamins (A, D and E).

Now – its formula is still very good, otherwise I wouldn't have placed it on the second position.

But in terms of strength – Nuzena's supplement (my #1 pick) is better.

As for Cod Liver Oil – it surely wins in terms of price and daily dosage.

That's why it's still an awesome choice (and it's very close to my #1 recommendation).

Price Tip: For the lowest price, go for the largest package. In this way, you pay for 3 bottles and get 3 for free. That's a final price of $10/bottle.

  • Different but potent formula
  • High quantity of extra vitamins
  • Additional benefits (due to its different formula)
  • Only requires 1 pill per day
  • Lowest price from the market (in terms of quality – up to $10/bottle)
  • Free shipping for all orders worldwide

  • Only sold on its official website
  • Very few authentic reviews about it
  • Some ingredients could have higher doses



#6 – ProOmega ($42.46)

1. Producer: Nordic Naturals

2. Rating: 8/10 stars

3. Ingredients: 

  • Omega 3 (EPA, DHA, Other Omega 3)
  • Fat (Saturated Fat, Trans Fat)

4. Best For: General health support.

Like most fish oil supplements – it promotes:

  • brain and eye health
  • arthritis and inflammatory joint pain
  • healthy skin

Out of all fish oil supplements from Nordic Naturals – ProOmega is probably the best one.

And that's mostly because of its strong formula:

  1. High quality ingredients
  2. Compounds with excellent dosages
  3. Potent combination

But despite having high dosages, this supplement contains the same ingredients are my previous recommendations.

However – it has one major downside, price:

  • very expensive per bottle
  • quite hard to afford on a monthly basis

That's the main reason why I didn't place it higher on my list.

In terms of price/quality, I believe the other 3 products are a lot more worth it (since they cost half).

But other than that – ProOmega is a great fish oil supplement.


  • Great formula with high dosages of EPA, DHA
  • Pills formulated as softgels (easier to swallow)
  • Helpful for several health condition
  • Great choice for general health
  • Available on Amazon and other retailers
  • Positive reviews from many customers

  • Very expensive
  • No discounts when buying larger quantities



#7 – Ultimate Omega ($27.95)

1. Producer: Nordic Naturals

2. Rating: 7.90/10 stars

3. Ingredients: 

  • Omega 3 (EPA, DHA, Other Omega 3)
  • Fat (Saturated Fat, Trans Fat)

4. Best For: Healthy heart support.

Obviously – it has all the benefits of Omega-3, which includes:

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • promotes healthy skin
  • decreases joint pain

Here's another fish oil product from Nordic Naturals that totally deserves its spot in this list.

Ultimate Omega has a quality formula and good features:

  1. Based on potent ingredients
  2. Pretty high dosages in most compounds
  3. Very easy to find in most retailers

In terms of ingredients – it looks very similar to the previous product.

The difference lies in 2 aspects:

  • lower dosages
  • more affordable price

However – despite having a good formula, Ultimate Omega isn't very cheap.

At least compared to my top 3 recommendations (which have the best price on the market).

That's why I didn't rate it higher on this list.

  • Strong ingredients in good dosages
  • Effective for several health problems
  • Many authentic reviews available online
  • Easy to find on retailers like Amazon
  • More expensive than similar alternatives
  • Enough complaints about side effects



#8 – Antarctic Krill Oil ($30.00)

1. Producer: Sports Research

2. Rating: 7.50/10 stars

3. Ingredients: 

  • Krill Oil (as Superba 2™)
  • Astaxanthin, Phospholipids

4. Best For: Inflammatory pain and general health

It's helpful for a bunch of issues (high cholesterol, stiffness, heart problems).

This supplement is on this list because of its original formula:

  • contains a trademark compound (Superba 2™)
  • high doses overall
  • potent composition

In fact – it's one of the best krill oil supplements I know (as a quality/price).

However – it's far from perfect.

Otherwise, it would be higher on this best of list.

So which are some of its biggest downsides?

  1. Pretty expensive
  2. Many complaints on leaking pills
  3. Omega-3 dose could be higher

Even so – it still makes a pretty good choice if you necessarily want a krill oil supplement.

I personally would recommend Vita Balance's product as the first pick (#3 on my list).

But Antarctic Krill Oil is more than a decent choice either way.

See My Full Review Here 

  • Excellent formula with original ingredients
  • Contains a trademark blend
  • Many positive reviews and few complaints
  • Easy to find in most retailers
  • Extremely expensive
  • Directions are quite unclear
  • For best results, you might need 6 pills/day (in the first weeks)
  • One bottle can last less than 1 month



#9 – Viva Naturals Fish Oil ($38.99)

1. Producer: Viva Naturals

2. Rating: 7.50/10 stars

3. Ingredients:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA, DHA, Other Omega 3)
  • Fat (Cholesterol)
  • Protein

4. Best For: General health benefits.

It's also helpful for:

  • memory and cognitive function
  • inflammatory joint pain
  • heart health

This is one of the top rated fish oil supplements from Amazon.

And there's no surprise – considering its excellent formula:

  • really high dosages of Omega-3
  • increased absorption
  • fatty acids delivered in triglyceride form

However – I personally don't recommend starting with such high quantities of Omega-3.

In case you don't have a severe inflammation, I suggest using a supplement with slightly lower dosages than this.

That's because high dosages also cause side effects more often.

Other than that – Viva Naturals' product also has a great price.

One bottle contains a 90 days supply – which makes it a decent choice.


  • Great formula with a superior absorption
  • Many satisfied users
  • Easy to find on big retailers (like Amazon)
  • Effective for general health and minor issues
  • Really good price

  • Dosages are a bit too high to start with (in my opinion)
  • Pills are larger than in other supplements



My Verdict – What's The Best Omega-3 Supplement?

Short answer: It depends on your budget and the price you're willing to pay.

For this reason, I chose the 3 most worth-it supplements:

  1. Omega 3-7-9 + Krill
  2. Nuzena's Optima Omega-3
  3. PhysioTru's Heart Health

Now – any of the 0 supplements from this list are worth buying.

But in terms of value or quality/price, I strongly recommend going for one of these 3.

My #1 pick (Omega 3-7-9 + Krill) has 2 ADVANTAGES over all of its 8 competitors:

  • the only one containing the ideal combination 
  • lowest quality/price ratio

So no matter on what budget you were on, you could afford this supplement.

That's the main reason why it's my #1 recommendation.

Price has always been an important ranking factor for me.

If you want to get the most from an Omega 3 supplement paying a minimal amount – it's by far the best.




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Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

12 thoughts on “9 Best Omega-3 (Fish Oil) Supplements (2024 Review)

  1. I love Omega-3, I don’t have arthritis but it’s helping my bones and muscles so much. I used to take one of the supplements from your list, no.4 ProOmega. It’s been helping me a lot. Well I took a 2 months break but now I feel like it’s time to take the pills again. Luckily I came across this list and found your recommendations, the first 2 ones are much cheaper. I might switch to one of these. Which one you recommend best for muscle pain and bone health?

    1. Hi Anto, thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to hear ProOmega helped you, it’s surely a quality supplement, despite being a bit too pricey.

      Regarding your question – you should know that Omega-3 isn’t necessarily designed for bone and muscle pain. But it surely can help that as well. Actually, Nuzena’s supplement (my top recommended one) even claim to promote bone and muscle health. So I would probably recommend it above the others, it also has the best price for the quality.

      If you decide to buy it, please let me know whether it helps or not.

  2. Hi, I am in quest of a good Omega-3 supplement, my doctor recommended fish oil to prevent arthritis (my mom and dad both had it by my age). He didn’t mention any product so now I’m trying to find one that can help me.

    I’m living in Denmark so most of the recommendations I find in blogs do not apply to me, they are only for US residents. I heard about Omega XL and it also appears on your list, what do you think about it? Could I have it shipped to Denmark every month? I was interested in Optima Omega 3 but you say the company is quite recent, so I want something I can trust in, because paying in a different currency can be tricky.

    1. Hello Therese. It’s great to hear you want to do something about your joints before arthritis comes in. In this way, you can surely delay or even prevent it. Since both of your parents suffered from arthritis, you’re probably also at risk, so taking a supplement before you start developing pain is great.

      Fish oil supplements are actually my top recommendation at this chapter, so your doctor advised you really well. 

      Now, since you’re living in Denmark, it’s pretty hard to get a supplement from the US because most retailers/companies don’t ship there. And if they do, the overall price is really high and there might be some custom taxes as well (sometimes as high as the product itself).

      So I personally would advise you to get a supplement from the Danish market. Try visiting some drug stores and see what the pharmacists there recommend. In many cases, products from the local markets have very similar formulas to the ones from the US. It’s only that they don’t have such a famous brand behind, so they are less popular. But their price is also lower (most of the times).

      If you still decide to go for an US product, I don’t think Omega XL is the right choice. First, its brand isn’t as reputable as you think, it doesn’t have many products behind and Omega XL is mostly the best-seller product. As for its price, I feel like it’s really expensive. I don’t even know if they ship in Europe, but its price might be even higher in this case (due to International shipping fees).

      Anyway, there are a few issues about Omega XL so you might want to take a look at my full review of it, where I explain everything in a more detailed manner.

      Out of the supplements from my list, I feel like Nuzena’s supplement would be the most suitable for you (mostly because you live in Europe). It’s true that the brand itself is quite recent. But the formulas it uses in most supplements can be found in many other products, so it’s a classic composition. It’s only that Nuzena offers them for a lower price, since it’s a new brand and it wants to attract customers. 

      So I see its short history as an advantage from this point of view. If it was on the market for longer, its products would be much pricier (I say this from experience).

      Anyway, as I told you, I think you should look for a product in your local supplement market. In case you don’t find any that you like, only then look for one on the US market. I really hope this helps you.

      PS: Here are some tips for people suffering from arthritis. Even though you’re only trying to prevent it, some of the tips here might also help you on the long term.

  3. Tried the products from 1 to 3 and I loved it all. Any of the product there works so it’s all just up to you. Thanks for this compilation, Olly!

    1. Hi Alisa, I’m Angelica! We’re so glad that you found the products that works great for you. Thank you so much also for your appreciation on what we do–it means a lot to us. All the best!

  4. I really liked Omega 3-7-9 + Krill, found it highly effective but I really cannot afford it in the long run… what do you think is the better option? I’m looking for less than 30…

    1. Hey Christa! Any of the products in the list can be good too. However, I don’t really know what suit you best because it really depends on the purpose. As you can see in the pros and cons, stated there are its purpose and what’s it for so you can definitely compare and contrast. As far as I know, there are some in the list that is affordable and in the range of your budget. If you want, comment down what you want it to be for so that we can assist you. Thank you!


  5. So glad I found this list. I’ve been looking for so long to no avail. I will definitely look into each and every product so that I can weigh which fits my needs best <3

    1. What’s up, Aerith? This is Angelica. I would like to thank you for this! We are really trying our best to provide service and make information about products understandable and easy to find, and what better way than to create a list of reputable products? Hopefully, you see what you are looking for and if you found it in this list, be sure to keep us updated if possible. If I may also say, do check out the number one on the list: Omega 3-7-9 + Krill because it’s really good at what it does. Thank you so much!

  6. Thanks for directing me to this, Olly! I really liked that you are breaking down the pros and cons while listing down some of the best products in the market that you found. This made searching for the product that works and looking into its effect much easier. Honestly, you are one of the youtubers that I really trust nowadays with all the misinformation going around. Thank you for this, it’s really very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Michelle, it is an honor to be of help! Thanks for the compliment, we really love to hear about your opinions and thoughts not just about the product itself but also with the articles we provide. We are not perfect but we really try our best. Thanks for following us and trusting us.


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