4 Best Treatments For Osteoarthritis (2024 Guide)

4 Best Treatments For Osteoarthritis (2020 Guide)

You can't find a way to decrease your OA pain?

Does your prescribed treatment seem useless and ineffective?

Well – I recommend trying an alternative.

Here are the 4 best treatments for osteoarthritis pain:

  • based on natural ingredients
  • recommended by previous users
  • easy to use together with prescription drugs

Basically – they are a natural alternative to your medical treatment.

That's the main reason why you should try them – they're harmless but can help you considerably.

Note: For best results, you should use all these 4 alternative treatments together (but also take your prescribed treatment as recommended).

My #1 Recommendation – Glucosamine + Chondroitin

1. How It Helps: Best remedy against joint/cartilage damage:

  • the only ingredients that repair/re-build cartilages
  • increase flexibility and lubrication
  • decrease consequent inflammation
  • reduce pain

2. Best Way To Use It: Pills

3. My #1 Recommended Product: Joint Support + from Nuzena

This is by far the best natural remedy for OA.

That's because it's an actual treatment for the damaged joints (not just a short-term remedy).

1. How It Helps

Glucosamine & chondroitin are recommended by many specialists for OA:

  1. Re-build and repair damaged cartilages. [1]
  2. Decrease consequent pain.
  3. Increase flexibility and joint lubrication.
  4. Prevents further cartilage damage.
  5. Prevents against joint tear (caused by aging). [2]
  6. Glucosamine also decreases inflammation inside the joint.

Basically – these 2 remedies are the best alternative treatment against OA.

There's no wonder that most supplements contain them.

It's true that glucosamine does most of the work – that's why it usually has higher dosages.

But some studies proved that its effect is much better when combined with chondroitin.

So at this point – there isn't a better combination for OA:

  • other treatments only decrease the pain (for a few hours-days)
  • none improves the joints in any form
  • glucosamine + chondroitin actually re-builds the damaged cartilages

For this reason – these 2 ingredients are my #1 recommendation for osteoarthritis.

2. How To Use It

Glucosamine & chondroitin can be found in 2 forms:

  • pills
  • powder

Now – the powder is harder to find, it's pricier and it's also less effective.

For this reason – the 2 ingredients work best when used in a supplement:

  1. Increased absorption rates.
  2. Higher dosages.
  3. Easier to take (tasteless, unlike the powder).
  4. A lot more affordable.
  5. Better effect overall. 

Basically – the supplement is made from powder covered in a capsule/tablet.

This increases its absorption and its final effect.

For this reason, I strongly recommend using glucosamine and chondroitin and a supplement.

In terms of effect/price, they're a lot more worth it.

3. My #1 Recommended Product

Out of all supplements I looked into – there is one I would strongly recommend.

I'm talking about a product called Joint Support + from Nuzena:

  1. Strongest type of formula on the market.
  2. Lowest price overall (even $15/bottle for larger quantities).
  3. Only brand that allows paying in 4 installments.
  4. Free shipping in many cases.
  5. Works for all forms of osteoarthritis.

So in terms of quality/price, this is by far the best glucosamine & chondroitin product I know.

There are many similar ones (in terms of formula) – but:

  • cost more than $35/bottle
  • only accept instant payment (for the whole order)
  • no installments payment
  • shipping isn't free

For this reason – Nuzena's supplement is by far the best choice for glucosamine & chondroitin.

I looked into more than 50 supplements – but none has its features (not even close).




#2 – Camphor Cream

1. How It Helps: Camphor relieves the pain by providing a cooling sensation in the area:

  • also helps with stiffness
  • joints become looser and more flexible 
  • only a short term solution (a few hours at most)

2. Best Way To Use It: Topically (on the painful joint).

3. My #1 Recommended Product: Mentholatum Original Ointment

That's a very effective remedy for OA pain (on the short term).

But even if the effect doesn't last long – in terms of strength, it's really worth it.

1. How It Helps

A camphor cream is going to provide instant relief.

That's why it's mostly recommended in cases of osteoarthritis pain:

  1. Decreases the pain within minutes.
  2. Provides a cooling sensation in the area.
  3. Numbs the painful area. [3]
  4. Also reduces stiffness.

Now – creams actually mask the pain and hide its actual intensity.

But once the effect goes away:

  • the pain returns in the same level as before
  • stiffness returns
  • joints become inflexible again

That's why camphor creams (and creams in general) aren't an actual treatment for OA (as glucosamine is).

But until glucosamine & chondroitin pills start working – camphor creams can be a great help.

2. How To Use It

Menthol mostly comes as topical products.

Since it's not an ingredient that can be used internally – applying it on the painful spot remains the best option.

Depending on the exact cream you have, here's how to use camphor products:

  1. Apply a small amount on your painful joint.
  2. Rub it through and massage to spread the whole amount.
  3. You should notice an effect within minutes.

Basically – it's pretty simple.

Camphor products don't require any special instructions. So you can use them as any topical products.

3. My #1 Recommended Product

One of the best camphor creams I know is called Mentholatum.

It's sold on Amazon and it has some excellent features:

  • very high dosages (camphor and menthol)
  • many positive reviews
  • lower price than most competitors

Now – there are many other camphor creams that have about the same effect.

So it's not a must choosing this exact cream.

As long as you use one with a high dosage of camphor (over 5%) – it's totally fine.

But if you need a recommendation, I would pick this one.



#3 – Essential Oil Massage

1. How It Helps: Decreases joint stiffness very fast:

  • lubricates cartilages
  • increases flexibility
  • can also decrease the pain partially

2. Best Way To Use It: Locally (with massage)

3. My #1 Recommended Product: Citronella from Healing Solutions

Massaging your achy joint with a special oil can make a lot for your stiffness.

In fact – it's one of the most popular ways to decrease OA symptoms for the moment.

1. How It Helps

It's all about penetrating the joints.

Once they reach the painful spot inside – essential oils can provide fast relief:

  1. Lubricate and increase joint flexibility.
  2. Stiffness gets better immediately.
  3. Pain also decreases (but not as much as stiffness). [4]

Basically – essential oils are a lot more helpful for stiffness than for pain.

Though they can alleviate pain (to some degree) – they're not designed for that.

But when it comes to stiff joints, essential oils are one of the best remedies.

Obviously – they're more of a short term remedy:

  • stiffness relief doesn't last for long (a few hours usually)
  • symptoms return with the same intensity
  • not an actual treatment
  • only work on the outside (short term remedy)
2. How To Use It

That's pretty simple.

Use essential oils to massage your painful spot (just like you used a gel):

  1. Apply a few drops on the painful joint.
  2. Use your hands to spread it evenly.
  3. Start massaging for a few minutes.
  4. Let it sit until most of the oil soaks in.
  5. Your stiffness should decrease in a few minutes.
  6. Use a towel paper to remove the excess.

Essential oils tend to absorb much better than regular oils (Olive, Sunflower, etc.).

For this reason – they work much better for joints (compared to the ones I mentioned).

3. My #1 Recommended Product

There isn't only one product that I strongly recommend.

Essential oils contain about the same dosages and ingredients – so it's hard to pick one brand.

But if you want a clear recommendation, I would say Citronella from Healing Solutions:

  • excellent price for the quantity
  • many satisfied users
  • promising ingredients

As I said – any essential oil you pick would be fine. 

It's all about using an essential one (not one based on Coconut, Olive Oil, etc.).



#4 – Heating Pad

1. How It Helps: Reduces stiffness and inflexibility.

2. Best Way To Use It: Locally (on the affected joint).

3. My #1 Recommended Product: It depends on what you want to use:

  • real heating pads
  • rice bags or hot bottles

This item is a great helper in any form of arthritis.

But when it comes to OA – it's even more necessary, since it fights stiffness (which is a major problem in OA).

1. How It Helps

Heat is one of the best remedies for arthritic joints:

  1. Decreases rigidity and stiffness.
  2. Improves flexibility and joint movement.
  3. Helps lubricate the joints on the inside.
  4. Improves pain.

Just like essential oils – heat works better for stiffness than for OA pain.

But since stiffness is often a bigger problem than the pain itself, heat remains really helpful.

Obviously – it's not a real treatment:

  • relief lasts only a few hours
  • doesn't work on the inside

Still – it remains a really helpful remedy for the short term (especially since there's glucosamine for the long run).

2. How To Use It

The easiest way to use heat is through special devices called heating pads:

  • only need to be plugged in
  • get warm instantly
  • you have to put them on your achy joint
  • relief should appear in a few minutes

Now – heating pads can only be bought (on Amazon, Walmart, local shops, etc.).

Though they're quite cheap, some people might not afford one.

In this case, there's an even cheaper solution:

  • water recipients
  • rice bags

You can warm up any of these and use them as a heating pad easily.

3. My #1 Recommended Product

As with essential oils, there isn't a certain brand I strongly recommend.

Most heating pads do the same thing.

So there isn't one that is a lot better than the others (maybe only in terms of price).

Anyway – if you want a recommendation, I would pick Pure Enrichment's product:

  • one of the best prices (per dimensions)
  • many positive reviews
  • reputable brand behind

But as I said – it's not necessary to buy a heating pad.

You can get the same effect with a rice bag or a hot bottle.



My Video Guide



My Verdict – What's The Best Treatment For OA?

Short answer: You should try to follow all these 4 alternative treatments:

  1. Glucosamine & Chondroitin Supplement
  2. Camphor Cream
  3. Essential Oil Massage
  4. Heating Pad

And obviously – I strongly recommend continuing the prescribed treatment from your doctor.

Since these 4 remedies are alternative treatments, you can use them together with your medical prescription.

And the best effects appear when used together:

  • increase the pain relieving effect
  • re-build and repair the damage inside your joints
  • decrease your stiffness 
  • lubricate your joints to increase mobility

For this reason – I strongly advise you to follow all these 4 remedies above.

Obviously, you won't always see results overnight.

But considering that some of these remedies are meant for short-term effect – you might see a change within minutes.

However, the results are going to be much better in the long run:

  • glucosamine supplements have the most powerful effect
  • they start working after 1-2 months
  • your joints will get really better after that time

But in the meantime – heat and camphor creams are going to help you stay pain-free (in a healthy way).

That's all you could wish for.

best joint


1 – https://nccih.nih.gov/-research/results/gait/qa.htm

2 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC3400104/

3 – https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/-doi/abs/10.1111/are.12535

4 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC5192342/

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Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

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