(2024) Review: Herbalife Joint Support – Is It Any Good?

(2019) Review: Herbalife Joint Support - Is It Any Good?

It's time to review Herbalife Joint Support – which is a supplement whose name speaks by itself.

This joint product has a famous brand behind – but that's pretty much it.

It looks pretty bad at its other chapters:

  • weak ingredients overall
  • expensive for its value
  • very few praises from previous users

So is it worth the money (in terms of effect)?

I analyzed each of its aspects in the following lines.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Herbalife Joint Support.

Review Summary

Full Name: Joint Support Advanced by Herbalife

Product Type: Joint Supplement

Best Actual Price: Around $40

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Joint protection – according to its claims:

  • strengthens cartilage
  • maintains joint flexibility
  • decreases discomfort
  • protects against cartilage tear

So it's mostly designed for prevention than for pain relief.

My Rating: 5 out of 10

Recommended?: Surely not.

It's pretty bad for a joint supplement (compared to most products on the market):

  • basic ingredients with low dosages
  • expensive for its actual value
  • hard to buy online

If you want a stronger formula for less money, I recommend this $20 cheaper supplement instead


What I Liked About It

  • Reputable company behind
  • Very few complaints on side effects
  • Some satisfied users


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Ingredients are pretty weak (little evidence behind)
  • Low dosages in general
  • Thick pills that are hard to swallow (tablets not gelatin capsules)
  • Few user opinions available
  • Price is very high for what it contains
  • Versions sold online (on Amazon) might be fake
  • Hard to buy online



Herbalife Joint Support In A Nutshell

As you can already tell – Herbalife's product is designed to support joint health.

But unlike most products from this category – it's not necessarily meant for pain.

Instead – it works best for :

  • flexibility
  • cartilage tear (due to aging)
  • extra strength

However – in terms of composition, I wouldn't bet on it.

That even more since it's extremely pricey for what it contains.

That's why it's not a supplement I would recommend any soon.

Since there are way better options for less money – Herbalife's product isn't among my recommended joint products.





#1 – What It Is & Claims

First of all – I want to describe this product in general.

What it is, what it can do, who is the producer, etc.

1. Claims

Herbalife's product doesn't make any unbelievable promises.

Unlike many joint supplements – it actually claims real things:

  1. Supports joint health in general.
  2. Protects against aging cartilage wear.
  3. Enhances flexibility and comfort.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of this product overall.

That's why I can't guarantee it really does what it promises.

But overall – its claims seem quite legit.

2. Company Behind

This product has a very popular producer.

Many supplement fans are familiar with Herbalife – which is a brand focused on natural products:

  • its products are made from herbs
  • has over 100 different products (for all health problems)
  • pretty good reputation

Actually – Herbalife is one of the largest herbal brands in the world.

Even though I'm a fan of its products (in general), its joint formula isn't as good.



#2 – Formula (4 out of 10)

At this chapter – Herbalife's product is way under the others.

Compared to most joint supplements, this one has a very basic formula:

  • low dosages
  • ingredients with a low potency

Judging after its formula – this supplement should have a really basic effect.

So in terms of ingredients, I wouldn't recommend it any soon.

Now – it contains 3 major ingredients.

Let's analyze each one more closely.

1. Glucosamine HCl (500 mg)

Glucosamine is probably the best substance for damaged cartilages:

  • prevents against joint tear
  • decreases friction
  • re-builds broken cartilages

So it's an excellent ingredient for osteoarthritis (and everything involving damaged cartilages).

On the other hand – it's not very helpful for inflammation.

However, I usually recommend the sulfate form of glucosamine.

Herbalife's product contains the HCl form – which doesn't have as many studies behind. [1]

Besides, the existent studies have pretty negative results. [2]

Not to mention that its dosage is very low (500 mg vs 1500 in most supplements).

2. Scute Root Extract (1.6 g)

Apparently – this herb is an anti-inflammatory:

  • mostly helpful in intestinal inflammation
  • also works for skin inflammation
  • anti-microbial proprieties

However – I couldn't find any benefits for joint inflammation.

That's why I doubt it would be very helpful in this formula.

3. Minerals

Herbalife's product contains 3 minerals:

  • Selenium 
  • Cooper 
  • Manganese

They all have different dosages – but none of them is very high.

That's why I wouldn't really count on them (in terms of effect).


This supplement has a very simple formula (and not in the good way):

  • basic ingredients with low potency
  • compounds don't have any clinical evidence behind
  • low dosages

Basically – glucosamine HCl is the only ingredient with real benefits for joints.

However, it comes in a very low quantity and in a weaker form (HCl not sulfate).

So that's why Herbalife's supplement seems really weak to me.



#3 – How To Use It (6 out of 10)

Here I want to give you some details about this product's pills and schedule.

1. The Pills

Herbalife's supplement doesn't look great here.

Unlike most joint products – it doesn't use gelatin capsules.

Instead, it contains tablets (which are harder to swallow):

  • larger dimensions
  • sour coating
  • quite thick

Compared to a regular joint (gelatin) pill – this one is much harder to take.

So this could be a drawback for most people.

2. The Schedule

This product doesn't look any better here.

Despite having large pills – it still requires taking 3 per day:

  • the label recommends spacing them out
  • you should take one with every meal

3 thick pills per day isn't the easiest schedule in a joint supplement.

That's another reason why I'm not a fan of Herbalife's product.



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

In case you wanted to see how Herbalife's product works – here it is.

I will analyze the customer reviews I found about it (on Amazon).

In this way – you can see some opinions of people who actually tried it.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Firstly – I didn't find too many honest reviews on this supplement.

Still, I will analyze the ones I found (about 35).

Surprisingly – Herbalife's supplement has a few positive reviews:

  1. Some people say it helped with their pain.
  2. Others claim their flexibility got better.
  3. A few others say it works after a longer time.

I personally didn't expect any positive reviews.

So it's clear that this supplement isn't as bad as I expected.

It does work for some – but not for all. That's because there's a pretty big negative side.

2. Negative Opinions

As I said – there are enough complaints on this product.

Most are related to:

  1. Fake authenticity (not the original version).
  2. No effect.
  3. Results take several months to appear.

Now – I honestly expected those complaints related to effect.

But I was quite surprised to see so many negative reviews claiming the product isn't original.

So unless you buy it from a Herbalife member – keep this in mind before making the purchase.


Herbalife's joint supplement has mixed reviews:

  1. Some people say it's helpful.
  2. Others claim it doesn't work at all.
  3. There are some stating the product isn't original.

Overall – despite the few praises it has, it's not a product I would recommend.

You can get a much better alternative for (at least) $10 less.

So in terms of formula/effect, I strongly recommend that product instead.




#5 – Side Effects (9 out of 10)

I couldn't find too many complaints about this product's side effects.

This is quite obvious for several reasons:

  1. Its dosages are too low (even for a strong effect).
  2. Formula is quite basic.
  3. It's recommended to take it during the meal.

However – some people may have trouble swallowing the pills.

So even though there aren't too many common side effects, swallowing can still be an issue.

But overall – this is one of the best chapters of Herbalife's supplement.



#6 – Price (5 out of 10)

Herbalife's products aren't extremely expensive in general.

They usually have an above the average price (which is still affordable for most).

However – this joint supplement is super overpriced, if you ask me.

1. The Exact Price

First of all – Herbalife products are sold through local distributor.

In this case, the products are available via catalogs (and so are their prices).

In case you want to buy certain products online – there's only Amazon selling them.

As for the Joint Support:

  1. Costs $39.99 per bottle on Amazon.
  2. Shipping is free.
  3. One bottle is a monthly supply.
  4. There are no discounts when buying larger quantities.

Now – $40 for a basic joint supplement is way too much.

If it had a much better formula, it might have been worth $35 (not $40).

But in this case – the ingredients cost about $15 (or even less).

So you're pretty much paying the other $25 just for the brand.

That's why I definitely don't recommend this supplement.

Considering its actual value – it's way too overpriced.

2. Competitors' Price

I will only compare Herbalife's product with my #1 recommendation for joint pain.

I'm talking about a supplement called Nuzena Joint Support +:

  1. H costs $40 per bottle.
  2. N costs $30 per bottle normally.
  3. However,  you can get $10 off with a coupon code.
  4. Plus, N's formula is a up to 5x stronger.
  5. H doesn't offer any discount for larger quantities.
  6. N costs as little as $15/bottle for larger quantities.
  7. Besides, N offers installments payment.
  8. This means you can get a bottle for $7.50/month (4 months).

Basically – Nuzena's product is a way better alternative, if you ask me.

It doesn't only have a much better formula – but it's also a lot cheaper (ironically). 

So if there's a joint pain supplement I recommend – it's surely Nuzena's Joint Support +.

It's a much better choice, compared to Herbalife's product.


For the weak ingredients it contains – Herbalife Joint Support is way too pricey:

  • costs about $40 per bottle
  • price could be higher when bought from local distributors

If you really want a quality joint supplement, I recommend something else instead.

It costs about $10 less and has a much stronger formula.

So I advise you not to spend your money on Herbalife's product.




#7 – Availability (5 out of 10)

Unlike most joint supplements – Herbalife's product isn't very easy to find:

  1. Normally sold through Herbalife local distributors.
  2. Quite hard to find in online retailers.
  3. Available through a different seller on Amazon (not Herbalife).
  4. Can also be found in certain Ebay sellers.

Basically – the standard way to get this product is through a Herbalife distributor from your area.

You can find one on Herbalife's official website.

It's true that you can also get their joint supplement from Amazon.

But there are many complaints that the product isn't authentic.

So if you want the 100% original one – finding a Herbalife distributor is safer.



#8 – Herbalife's Product In 3 Conclusions

Here's how I would sum up my opinion on Herbalife Joint Support (in 3 ideas).

1. Weak Formula

In terms of ingredients – there's nothing I could praise in the product:

  • most compounds have little benefits for joints
  • very few clinical evidence
  • low dosages
  • basic ingredients overall

I personally would not recommend a supplement with this kind of formula.

When you have so many cheaper quality products on the market – why go for this one?

Just because it's made by Herbalife?

Trust me – this doesn't guarantee its success.

2. Might Be Fake

Many Amazon users complain they didn't receive the original version.

According to them, Amazon sells a fake version:

  • label is different from the original version
  • pills are have a different aspect
  • not sold by the official Herbalife account

For this reason – you should think twice before buying this product from Amazon.

3. Overpriced

Herbalife's supplement costs way too much for its actual value:

  • ingredients alone cost under $15
  • supplement costs $40

Now – I don't know its price in Herbalife's catalog. 

But I pretty much doubt it's lower than this.

So considering the basic ingredients it contains – I would definitely not pay $40 for it.



#9 – My Video Review



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Definitely not.

It's not the worst joint supplement I have seen (so it's not a scam).

But it's also very far from the quality ones:

  1. Weak formula with basic ingredients.
  2. Low dosages overall.
  3. Pills are quite large and thick.
  4. Pretty hard to find online (in a safe version).
  5. Really expensive for its actual value.

As I said – this product isn't a scam.

Since it's made by Herbalife (which is a reputable brand) – it's clearly legit.

However, it's definitely not a worth purchase (if you ask me).

So what do I recommend instead? A supplement called Joint Suport +:

  • much stronger formula (and high dosages)
  • really good effect
  • probably the best price on the market
  • easy to find online

If you want the best joint supplement in terms of quality/price, this is my top choice.

Compared to Herbalife's product – I feel like it's way superior.

best joint


1 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC3400104/

2 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC2686334/

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

6 thoughts on “(2024) Review: Herbalife Joint Support – Is It Any Good?

  1. Hello, I have a friend selling Herbalife products and I buy from her once a month, I like especially their Aloe Vera products. My mom has a mild joint pain in her left knee. My sister is a nurse and she says it’s probably an early form of arthritis, but my mom hasn’t seen a doctor yet (no insurance). We plan to take her to a doctor in the next months. I was just curious if you think Herbalife’s Joint Support could help her. Your review was really detailed and it made it clear for me that it’s not a very strong supplement. But it could work for easy joint pain, from what I understood. My sister says I should’t have my mom take all these useless supplements but I used Herbalife products a lot and most of them are great. Your opinion would really help me.

    1. Hi Nora, thanks for your feedback on Herbalife. I agree their products are pretty good, but that’s not necessarily the case for their joint supplement.

      Now – I would recommend having your mom see a doctor faster than “in the next months”. She probably has a mild form of arthritis, if the pain is bearable. But not treating it would only destroy her cartilages, so in the end she would need a more complex treatment. That’s why I wouldn’t delay a visit to the doctor, if I were you.

      Getting back to Herbalife, the only case where it might help would be in minor issues. So your mom could see an improvement with it. Now, I don’t know how much it costs if you buy it from a distributor (like your friend). But judging after the price I know (about $40), I would definitely not recommend it.

      You’re probably not familiar with joint products so you don’t know their average price. But trust me, $40/bottle is expensive. Not to mention that we’re talking about a supplement with a super basic formula (a lot weaker than most joint supplements). For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on it when you can get something much better for less money.

      As I also said in my review, my top recommended alternative to Herbalife is a supplement called Joint Support + from Nuzena. It has one of the best formulas on the market combined with the lowest price I could find. Also, it allows buyers to pay in installments, which is great for those on a tight budget. I don’t know if that’s your case or not, but it’s surely the best alternative to Herbalife’s product.

      Also – in case you need some more alternatives, here are my favorite joint supplements. Other than that, Omega-3 fish oil products could also help you mom, even though they work best for inflammatory arthritis (which is probably not her case). But if you can’t find any supplement that fits her, you might want to try an Omega-3 product.

      Plus, this guide on treating knee pain naturally might also help your mom, especially since her arthritis is quite mild (so the treatments should work better). That’s pretty much all I can think about now.

      Please keep me updated on her condition and what the doctor says. Hopefully you can have her see a doctor as fast as possible. Best wishes!

  2. My head started hurting so bad few days after I started taking this. Do you think I should stop it completely? I can’t tell if it helps so far but the headache is really hard to take. Is there a chance I can take pain relieving drugs together with this? Maybe the drugs will help with headache and Herbalife with joint pain…

    1. Hey Med, thanks a lot for your feedback on Herbalife. From your description, I would actually say that your headache is a side effect of the supplement. Did you ever experience it before starting this supplement? (At any point in your life)

      Instead of associating it with a pain reliever, I would recommend giving up Herbalife for a while. In this way, you can see whether it’s really causing your headache or not. If the headache improves a few days after quitting it, it was probably because of this supplement. In this case, I recommend replacing it with a different joint supplement that has a better reputation and effect

      Now – if your headache doesn’t go away a few weeks after you stopped Herbalife’s product, you should try to take it again and see what happens. I really hope this is going to help you. If you could give me more details about your joint problem, maybe I could help more.

  3. Thanks for your review. I have this mild pain in my lower back, it started about one week ago and it’s not going away. I also have osteoarthritis in my back so I believe this is causing the pain. 

    The treatment I take gives me bad stomach pain so I take it very rarely…I was thinking I might try this supplement but your review doesn’t seem very favorable. The medication I have from my doctor is making me feel worse sometimes, even though the back pain gets better. 

    1. Hello Joy. First of all, I would recommend talking to your doctor in your next visit and asking him to change the treatment. It’s important to keep the condition under control with proper medication – and additionally, you can also use supplements.

      Now – for osteoarthritis, Herbalife’s supplement isn’t going to help a lot. If you read my entire review, you surely noticed that I carefully explained why I don’t have a favorable opinion on it. In case you didn’t, I advise you to read it entirely and you will understand.

      Basically, its formula is very weak for OA and it’s also very pricey for its actual value. At least compared to other supplements on the market. That’s why I recommend other alternatives (a supplement from Nuzena or one from Vita Balance). If you need some other options, here’s my “best of” list.

      I also advise you to give natural treatments a shot. I selected here the best home remedies for lower back pain, so they will surely help. If the pain is very severe, a short-term reliever like Penetrex might also help. But keep in mind that creams aren’t real treatments, so I don’t recommend them alone.

      Please let me know what happens in the future and hopefully these tips help you.

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