My ProbioSlim Review (2024) – Does It Work?

It’s time for my ProbioSlim review – which looks like a typical weight loss product.

But what makes it special is that it's a weight loss probiotic.

So is it really effective? Not that much:

  • weak formula
  • quite pricey
  • works pretty slow

Let's find out the details behind this supplement, in order to see if it's worth buying.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on ProbioSlim.

Review Summary

Full Name: ProbioSlim® Digestive Support + Wright Management by Force Factor, LLC.

Product Type: Weight Loss Probiotic

Best Actual Price: Starts around $15

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Burning fat, losing weight and improving digestion.

My Rating: 3 out of 10

Recommended?: Not quite – its overall features are not amazing:

  • not very strong ingredients
  • pretty low quality
  • questionable effects

I suggest you try a cheaper alternative, which is the best weight loss probiotic from the market that I know.


What I Liked About It

  • Professional website behind
  • A lot of authentic reviews available
  • Detailed product info


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Weak formulation
  • Pricey for its value
  • Low doses in most ingredients
  • Many user complaints
  • Can cause side effects
  • Product handling is pretty disappointing 



ProbioSlim In A Nutshell

ProbioSlim is a supplement designed to support 2 things:

  • digestive system
  • weight loss management

The product claims to have a super blend of ingredients – but it's far from perfect.

In fact, it has some pretty big disadvantages:

  • most of its doses are low
  • formula is weak
  • effect is pretty slow
  • side effects can appear

Now – ProbioSlim costs $16 for 30 capsules (which don't last a month).

So you basically need 60 capsules for about $20 (since it requires 2 pills/day).

It might sound cheap, but that's not really the case.

Not to mention the high number of complaints about its packaging (and not only):

  • some customers received broken items
  • others said that it doesn't really work

Overall – I suggest you to look for other options that are worth investing in.



#1 – Claims & Producer

Here are some things you should know about ProbioSlim:

  • the company behind
  • how it works
  • what health issues it improves
1. Claims

One claim of ProbioSlim is that it's “a unique twist on probiotics.”

If you're wondering about the meaning of this promise, here it is:

  • reduces weight
  • balances good bacteria
  • increases energy and digestion
  • eases digestive problems

Now – the supplement also says to have a unique combination of powerful ingredients.

Plus, it's designed to adapt to the harsh surrounding of our stomach.

Other than that, I haven't seen other claims stated by ProbioSlim.

2. Company Behind

This weight loss probiotic is made by Force Factor, LLC.

It comes with a professional website that gives out enough info:

  • offers supplements to boost testosterone, muscles, weight loss and probiotics
  • other products are made for heart, immune, brain and sleep
  • there are also vitamins for the prostate, men and sexual health

So as you can see, all of its products are dedicated to overall health.

Now – the company can be reached through hotline numbers and social media links.

Also, there are specific contact numbers for US, Canada and Australia.


#2 – Formula (5 out of 10)

If you ask me, ProbioSlim's formula is not that great – it contains 3 types of ingredients:

  • LactoSpore® (probiotic)
  • Super EGCG Green Tea Extract
  • plant-based compounds (prebiotic)

Honestly, for a weight loss probiotic – this composition doesn't look too impressive.

It only contains one type of probiotic and its weight loss ingredients aren't very strong.

So I wouldn't expect too much from this type of formula.

But let's briefly analyze the ingredients present in the product:

  1. Bacillus coagulans – improves the immune system and treats diarrhea [1]
  2. Green Tea Extract – promotes weight loss and enhance metabolism [2]
  3. Caffeine – increases stomach acids for food breakdown [3]
  4. Kiwi Extract – provides fiber good for digestion
  5. Fig Extract – aids digestion as a source of prebiotic
  6. Papaya Extract – eases digestive symptoms like bloating and constipation [4]
  7. Chlorophyllin – increases the number of good bacteria in the stomach [5]

Also – Bacillus coagulans is a bacterial strain that can resist heat and gastric acid.

It means that the supplement can reach the stomach in its full form.

But honestly, I would say that these ingredients are not enough to make a huge difference.

That's because the probiotics and other ingredients present are weak and lack variety.

So in terms of weight loss – I wouldn't expect huge changes from this product.


Overall – don't expect too much from ProbioSlim.

That especially when it comes to seeing results right away.

The overall formula is weak and not varied enough, in my opinion.

That's why I recommend you an alternative with some better and more potent ingredients.



#3 – Pills & Dosage (6 out of 10)

Let me give you some basic info about ProbioSlim's capsules.

1. Pills

This is how I would describe the supplement:

  • white and green color
  • normal/average size
  • gelatin cover

If you ask me, there's nothing special about its appearance.

And in terms of size, it's easy to consume if you're used to taking medicines.

2. Dosage

The usage instructions for ProbioSlim are pretty short.

You only need to take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 with lunch.

So this meand you need to take 2 capsules daily.

I kind of expected you to need to take it multiple times a day.

And that's because the formula is weak – so you need to take more pills to see the results.

But I still think that are better alternatives out there (that only require 1 capsule).



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

Now – there are a lot of available authentic reviews for ProbioSlim, which is great.

As always, I checked all comments to avoid giving a biased view about the product.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

As usual, I checked this product's official listing on Amazon.

Here are the opinions of previously satisfied buyers:

  1. A lot of them mentioned that it really helped with improving digestion.
  2. Some said it improved their bowel movement and constipation.
  3. Others experienced positive results with their weight loss journey.
  4. The rest said it worked and really suppressed their appetite.

Although the product seems to have a lot of good reviews, it only got only 3.9 stars out of 5.

I'm not saying that it's bad – but I think it looks like it needs improvement.

And when it comes to unsatisfied users, it becomes clear why its rating isn't higher.

2. Negative Opinions

Here are the main reasons why ProbioSlim is criticized by so many people:

  1. Most of the comments were about the product not working at all.
  2. Others experienced adverse reactions after using it.
  3. Some said that it's just a waste of money and the product handling is poor.
  4. There are people who didn't see any results in terms of weight loss.

As you can see, these comments are quite honest and authentic.

If you ask me, the effect of ProbioSlim depend on the person.

However – there are enough complaints related to a poor weight loss effect.

So you can consider these reviews before deciding if you want to buy or not.


Overall – there are a lot of people satisfied with ProbioSlim.

However, there are also a lot of customers who hated this product.

But if you ask me, I would tell you not to expect too many changes, especially in terms of weight loss.

It might work – but not that fast (unlike the better alternatives out there).




#5 – Side Effects (6 out of 10)

Just like any product, ProbioSlim also triggers side effects.

Here are the experiences of some people (based on their reviews):

  • nausea and illness
  • bloating and gas
  • stomach cramps/ache
  • palpitations

Now – the adverse reactions mentioned above are not that severe.

Actually, some of them are quite common for a probiotic supplement.

However, palpitations aren't a minor issue – so they are probably the most serious one out of all.

That's why you should still pay close attention when taking this supplement.


#6 – Price (7 out of 10)

Honestly – ProbioSlim seems like a really good deal at first sight.

But if you take a closer look at it, it's quite pricey for its quality.

So it's not a favorable option, in my opinion.

1. The Exact Price

There's a big price difference between Amazon and on the official website.

So here's the cheapest price deal for ProbioSlim (on Amazon):

  1. A 30 days count (1 pack) costs $15.56
  2. A 60 Count (1 pack) costs $19.88
  3. Free delivery (on selected dates)
  4. Not eligible for returning

On the contrary, the price of ProbioSlim on the official website is $69.99 (60 capsules).

Honestly – I don't really understand the reason for the price difference.

Normally, I would say that the version sold on Amazon is a fake one.

But that's not the case, because the Amazon's link leads to the same listing.

So it's clearly the same brand and actual product.

However – one thing that worries me is the fact that you can't return the product:

  • this usually happens in weak products
  • they tend to have a high return rate
  • so the brands end up having to return all those money

In other words – products with no refund possibility have much higher chances to be a scam.

That's surely not available in all cases.

2. Competitors’ Price

Here's my top recommended weight loss probiotic, if you're looking for a better option.

The supplement I'm talking about is FloraSpring:

  1. FloraSpring contains a unique mix of bacterial strains.
  2. It works amazingly for burning fat and improving the digestive system.
  3. ProbioSlim has a blend that contains probiotic, prebiotic and plant extracts.
  4. The formula is weaker and takes time to work.
  5. You only need one capsule per day for FloraSpring, while ProbioSlim requires 2.
  6. FloraSpring costs $49 normally but you can buy it for only $33 (discounted price).
  7. ProbioSlim's price starts at around $15.56 for 30 capsules.

Your first thought might be that FloraSpring is more expensive.

And that's actually true – but it's because of its superior formula and results.

If you want a supplement that really helps you lose weight pretty fast, it's clearly the best choice.

And that's why I think FloraSpring is the best option for a weight loss probiotic.


Again – not all cheap products are actually good.

That's why checking their actual quality is essential.

In fact – you may end up spending more and getting no effect, when it comes to basic products.




#7 – FAQs

Let's now talk about the common questions people have regarding ProbioSlim.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What is the purpose of this supplement?

ProbioSlim aims to offer a distinctive approach to probiotics.

It claims to help with weight loss, support good bacteria, boost energy and ease digestion issues.

Also – it promises to have a special mix of powerful ingredients to handle our stomach's tough conditions.

Other than that, the product doesn't make any other significant promises.

2. What are its recommended usage directions?

ProbioSlim's recommended usage is simple.

You need a total of 2 capsules per day.

One pill should be taken during breakfast and another one at lunchtime.

3. Is the duration of one bottle designed to last for 30 days?

Certainly – if you intend to use ProbioSlim for a month, you'll need a total of 60 capsules.

It's important to note that there are two packaging versions available.

So to ensure a 30-day supply, it's recommended to purchase the version with a higher quantity of capsules.

4. Are there potential side effects associated with its use?

Yes, there are potential side effects associated with ProbioSlim as reported by some users.

These may include common experiences like nausea, bloating, gas, stomach cramps and palpitations.

Just so you know, some of these adverse reactions are typical for probiotic supplements.

However – palpitations, a less common side effect, are considered more serious.

So always exercise caution and pay attention if you're planning to try the supplement.

5. What is the pricing of this product?

The pricing for ProbioSlim varies significantly between Amazon and the official website.

On Amazon, you can get a 30-day supply for $15.56 and a 60-count pack for $19.88.

In contrast, the official website sells ProbioSlim at $69.99 for a 60-capsule supply.

Additionally – it's worth noting that the product has a no-return policy.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Let me give you a summary of my opinion of ProbioSlim.

1. Weak Formula

The supplement claims to have a supper blend that contains 3 types of ingredients:

  • Probiotic
  • Prebiotic
  • Plant extracts

But this blend doesn't seem to be that strong in terms of effect.

So don't expect too much, since ProbioSlim tends to work slow.

2. Many Reviews

Other than personal experiences, I looked for the testimonials of real customers.

Fortunately, ProbioSlim has quite a lot of reviews – making it very real.

It means that the customers received their orders and managed to try the product.

3. Can Be Expensive

If you do the math, ProbioSlim can get pricey in a long run:

  • $19.88 for 60 capsules
  • you need 2 capsules daily
  • effect appears after several months

So technically, it's not really that cheap – since you need to buy it again, if you want to see how it works.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not really – there are several reasons why:

  1. Works very slow
  2. Not strong enough ingredients
  3. Low doses
  4. Expensive for its value
  5. Causes side effects on a regular basis
  6. Poor handling and shipments

Honestly – the product is not amazing, but it's not the worse either.

Still, there are some much better alternatives out there.

So if you're curious, check out my #1 recommendation.

I'm talking about an amazing supplement called FloraSpring:

  • Works fast and really well
  • Contains an essential mix of probiotics
  • Burns fats and lose weight without diet and exercise
  • Improves metabolism and digestion
  • Price is worth it for the quality

If you really want to invest in a good weight loss probiotics, choose FloraSpring.

It might look expensive at first but wait until you see the results.

You will surely buy it again, once you see how it works.


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Written by 

Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

6 thoughts on “My ProbioSlim Review (2024) – Does It Work?

  1. Woah! It is indeed pricey for its real value and the package looks like it has been photoshopped yikes! Thanks for giving the details of Probioslim at least we can get to avoid it just in case it appears in my ads. Currently looking for the best weight loss probiotics and as usual, my ad algorithm features a lot of these types of products so it made me even more indecisive.

    The really shocking part is the reviews about the side effects which is honestly alarming and I don’t want it! No one would know it unless someone like you took the time to write this down. Thanks a bunch!!!!

    1. Hello, Leo21! ProbioSlim is not the worst product in the market but it’s not something I recommend. At the end of the day, it’s still up to your preferences but it never hurts to read some reviews about other products. Thank you for appreciating our reviews, we strive hard to provide quality reviews featuring all the important details people need to know. You’re welcome, Leo21!

  2. Good aft. I have tried looking for it on Amazon and got shocked how a lot of shops offer it. Well, it is not a good thing for me because it looks like a lot of people are trying so hard to sell it. Jokes on them, the reviews are all the same and they say the same thing, it gives the worst side effects! This is dangerous so do you have a new one that works?

    Thanks, Alenna.

    1. Hey, Alenna! Unfortunately, there are a lot of rebranded products out there so be careful. I’m not saying that ProbioSlim is one of them but it’s always better to do research to avoid the unwanted hassle that might happen. In my case, FloraSpring works the best for me and I saw the weight loss benefits without causing any side effects. Thank you too, Alenna!

  3. Does FDA approve this type of product? IF not, how come they can still sell? The product looks legit but the reviews are legit too so it’s kinda risky to try it. Probioslim has a lot of potentials but somehow it doesn’t look like it. I desperately want to cut down some eight but not that desperate to take anything just to make me slim again. Gym is a no-no for now due to the current situation so I could use some slimming supplements. Ty

    1. Hello, Gordon! Some products are not FDA-approved but can still work very well. If you want to avoid the side effects, I suggest you to continue researching for the best weight loss probiotics until you find the right one that you think will work well with you. I understand your concerns about not going to the gym and it’s really better to be safe than sorry. Good luck with finding the best product for you. Also, you can read about FloraSpring if you want additional options.

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