My Review: Haloderm Skin Tag Remover (2024) – Is It A Scam?

It’s time for my Haloderm Skin Tag Remover review – a product formulated to remove moles and skin tags.

But is this treatment really effective? Not really, I would say:

  • negative reviews
  • weak formula
  • expensive for its quality

So could it actually be another type of scam?

I looked at and studied the product carefully, in order to give you the real facts about it (+ video).

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Haloderm.

Review Summary

Full Name: Mole & Skin Tag Remover by HaloDerm Inc.

Product Type: Skin Moles & Tags Remover

Best Actual Price: Starts at $39.95

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its Official Website

Designed For: Fast removal of skin tags and moles

My Rating: 5 out of 10

Recommended?: Not really – and I have several reasons for this:

  • homeopathic product (with very low concentrations)
  • little info about the company
  • quite expensive

I personally suggest you go for the best skin moles & tags remover instead, it's simply a much better option overall.


What I Liked About It

  • Available on different retailers
  • Has enough authentic customer reviews
  • Pretty easy to apply
  • Based on herbal ingredients


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Homeopathic formula (with ingredients in very low doses)
  • Doesn't work as fast as it claims
  • Expensive for its value
  • A lot of negative reviews
  • Limited info about the company
  • Wounds that appear after tags/moles fall off heal pretty slowly 



Haloderm In A Nutshell

Haloderm claims to be a product made to get rid of unwanted moles and skin tags.

But after careful research, I haven't really found some solid info about the brand.

This is a major drawback, if you ask me – and makes it hard to trust the product.

Other than that, here are some extra downsides I found:

  • Homeopathic product
  • Lacks more natural ingredients
  • Comes in a pretty small quantity 
  • Can cause long-term wounds

At first sight, this product seems to have a decent volume.

But you're told right away how many skin tags/moles it's designed. 

In other words – this quantity can't remove more blemishes than the standard.

So if you have a lot of problems to treat, a tube isn't going to last a lot.

Other than that, you can get the desired results (if you follow the instructions properly).

But if I were you, I would probably go for a better alternative, since there are so many.

Plus – they are more gentle, so you won't experience any skin burns and such.



#1 – Claims & Producer

Here's some general info you need to know about this cream:

  • what skin issues it targets
  • how it works
  • who is the producer
1. Claims

One strong claim of this product says “Overnight Mole & Skin Tag Removal.”

This means that the blemishes will be gone the next morning (after the night application).

I personally doubt this, as no product of this kind can work so fast.

Now, Haloderm is a homeopathic product – a category that I'm not a very big fan of.

That's because the active ingredients come in a very low concentration.

If you ask me – that concentration is too low to have any effect.

Anyway, there are 2 types of versions for this product:

  • Haloderm – targets 4 moles/skin tags
  • Haloderm Advanced – targets 8 moles/skin tags

Now, the regular formulation says to show results in 7-10 days.

On the other hand, Haloderm Advanced claims to work in 8 hours.

As I said – I don't really believe in such kind of promises for this type of product.

You should see some positive results but it will definitely take time.

2. Company Behind

The company behind this product is called HaloDerm Inc.

Based on the brand's website, this cream's 2 versions are the only products sold by this brand.

At this point – there's no contact info on the site.

The only way to get in touch with them is to leave your name, contact info, and concerns.

Honestly – I would tell you not to trust a brand right away (even if it has an official website).

I believe there are better alternatives on the market, with a more trusted background.


#2 – Formula (4 out of 10)

As I said, Haloderm is a homeopathic product – which is not a positive aspect, if you ask me.

That's because homeopathic remedies tend to have some insignificant doses of active substances:

  • some people swear by them
  • still, they have no medical evidence
  • in theory, they should not be effective at all

Now – the full list of ingredients is only available on the product's label.

Also, both versions have the same composition.

But let's take a closer look at its active and inactive substances.

1. Active Ingredients

Usually – the compounds from this group give therapeutic effects.

Here are the major ingredients inside this cream:

  • Dulcamara 10X – treats skin problems such as warts, itch, eczema, etc. [1]
  • Nitricum Acidum 10X – medicates skin disorders due to splinters
  • Thuja occidentalis 10X – reduces warts and acts as an insect repellant [2]
  • Calcarea Carbonica 12X – helps with psoriasis
  • Antimonium Crudum 12X – remedy for calluses, plantar warts, eczema, etc. [3]
  • Silicea 12X – provides relief from swelling

Now – these are the benefits of these ingredients in a normal dose.

But as I said, they are highly diluted in Haloderm.

That's why I wouldn't expect to get all the benefits of these compounds from this cream.

2. Inactive Ingredients

On the other hand, here are some of the inactive ingredients:

  • Sanguinaria Canadensis Root – reduces moles, warts, benign tumors, etc. [4]
  • Zinc Chloride – stops the odor and growth of microorganisms [5]

Usually – inactive compounds don't have any pharmacological effects.

Or in other words, they don't help in any way.

Their main goal is to improve the product's texture, consistency, and maybe scent.


Honestly, Haloderm has quite a disappointing formula.

I'm personally not a big fan of homeopathic products, because they are extremely weak on paper.

It's true that many people swear by them – but I'm not a fan of this category at all.

So there's no way I could recommend Haloderm.



#3 – Consistency & Dosage (2 out of 10)

This cream offers very few details about its physical appearance.

So for now, I can only give you the indicated way of using it properly:

  1. Prepare the target area/mole/skin tags.
  2. Apply the cream to the problem area/s.
  3. Wait for the product to dry out.
  4. Apply some healing balm after the moles/skin tags fall off.

Now, you can see some more detailed ways of applying it inside the product (on the pamphlet).

So if you're curious about the whole process, you need to purchase the cream

But from what I found out, you do need to combine it with other products for the best results.



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

One way to know how a product works is by looking at the customers' opinions.

However, I tend to avoid the reviews on the product's website (they can be biased).

So I usually look at the other online retailers.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Haloderm is available on different Amazon Marketplaces (except in the US).

Overall – the product got 3.3 stars out of 5 (which is a little low, in my view).

So let's take a look first at the testimonials of satisfied customers:

  1. A lot of customers mentioned that their moles and skin tags disappeared.
  2. Some said it took only a few days to see the results.
  3. The rest just mentioned that this product works.

Now, this product surely works for enough people.

But if you take a closer look at its negative side, things get more interesting.

2. Negative Opinions

Now, complaints are quite normal in almost any product (with limitations).

So let's see the negative reviews written by some users :

  1. Some customers received the wrong product size.
  2. Others experienced a lot of pain during the treatment.
  3. There are also customers who didn't see any changes.
  4. Few people complained about their moles/skin tags getting worse.
  5. The rest said that it's a total waste of money.

When it comes to being delivered and received by its buyers, I would say this product is legit.

So it's not going to scam you from this point of view.

However – when it comes to performance, a lot of people experienced some painful adverse effects.


So far – it's a 50-50 decision for me:

  • a lot of positive reviews
  • little but significant negative reviews

In general, if you want a product to work, you need to follow the instructions properly.

And if it doesn't do its job, then we can say the product is a failure.

Overall – this product works for most but I still think that there are still safer alternatives out there.




#5 – Side Effects (5 out of 10)

I managed to find enough comments about side effects.

So far – here are the adverse reactions that appeared in several people:

  • skin burns
  • long-term scarring
  • wounding that lasts for more than 2 weeks
  • skin itchiness/irritation

Now, there's a high chance of experiencing a little sting.

That's actually a sign that the cream works.

However – there's an interesting fact mentioned by enough users:

  1. Wounds take a pretty long time to heal.
  2. There's an after-treatment needed after the blemishes fall off.
  3. If you don't follow it, your wounds will take a lot longer to heal.

So in terms of secondary reactions, this product doesn't seem the very best.

A high-quality skin tags/moles remover should not cause any serious wounds.

Haloderm surely doesn't cause some severe ones – but they do take enough time to heal.

That's why I don't have an amazing opinion of it.


#6 – Price (5 out of 10)

Although this product is effective for some, I still think it's very expensive for its value.

So it's not a good choice, in my own opinion.

1. The Exact Price

As I said, this cream is available in different marketplaces (Amazon).

But I will focus on the deals offered on Haloderm's website:

  1. Regular version costs $39.95
  2. Advanced version costs $59.95
  3. 2x Advanced costs $59.95 (available on certain days only)
  4. Free Shipping Worldwide

I want to highlight that a tube (Regular or Advanced) contains 12 g (or 0.42 oz).

So if you want to try the product and get the best deal, you need to wait for the 2x Advanced to be on sale.

Also – the brand gives customers a “Hassle-Free One Year Guarantee.”

This means that you can refund the payment if you're not fully satisfied (for a full year).

Again, the Regular version can work in 7-10 days – by removing 3 moles and skin tags.

On the other hand, the Advanced formula works for 8 hours – and gets rid of 4 moles and skin tags.

If you have more than 4 moles and/or skin tags, you will definitely need more.

But overall – it's up to you which version you want to try.

2. Competitors’ Price

I want to give you a good alternative by introducing my #1 skin tags & moles remover.

I am talking about Amarose:

  1. Amarose has a potent formula based on natural ingredients.
  2. The compounds present have just the right concentrations.
  3. Haloderm is a homeopathic product.
  4. So its overall formula is pretty little concentrated.
  5. Amarose costs about $60 normally but you get it for $39 (discounted).
  6. Haloderm costs between $40 and $60.
  7. Amarose contains 30 ml while Haloderm contains 12 g/ml.

Basically, Amarose is much better overall.

Unlike Haloderm, it's based on natural (but concentrated) ingredients that really work.

So its risk of side effects is much lower.

Not to mention that it makes a better choice in terms of quantity/price.

So compared to Haloderm, it's clearly superior.


To be honest, there are several reasons why I don't recommend Haloderm:

  • basic formula
  • high price tag
  • chances of repurchasing

I'm not saying that it's a bad product overall but I advise you to check its different aspects too.

And if you want to ask my honest opinion, I believe there are still better alternatives out there.




#7 – Haloderm In 3 Ideas

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion of this product.

1. Homeopathic Formula

The overall formula of this product isn't amazing:

  • homeopathic compounds
  • no pharmacological effects ingredients

As I told you – I'm not a big fan of homeopathic products.

That's mostly because of their low doses and concentrations.

So I can't have a great opinion on this product's formula, to be honest.

2. Side Effects

Although this product is effective for some people, it can cause long-term wounding.

Now – you can avoid this by respecting the instructions.

However – other customers still experienced some issues.

That's why this product isn't the safest one out there.

3. Quite Pricey

Haloderm can be pricey if you have more than 4 moles/tags.

That's because a tube is only designed for a certain number of blemishes.

So in case you have more, you will need (at least) an extra tube.

That's why Haloderm doesn't much such a good option in terms of quantity/money.



#8 – My Video Review



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not really.

Even if it's not an exceptional product, it's not very bad either.

But I still have enough reasons why I would not recommend it:

  1. Homeopathic (and weak) formula
  2. Should contain more natural ingredients
  3. Limited info about the manufacturer
  4. Can cause long-term scarring/wounding
  5. Pricey for its value

Now – this product surely worked for some users.

But it wasn't very effective for many others.

And since its formula isn't anything special (in my view), there's no way I could advise you to purchase it.

What do I recommend instead then? A product called Amarose:

  1. Has a potent formula with natural ingredients
  2. Works well in removing skin tags and moles
  3. Lower risk of causing side effects
  4. Safer and gentle to the skin

This product is my #1 recommendation because it works really well without burning the skin.

It's also not homeopathic – but it's based on natural ingredients.

So if you're looking for a better alternative, I suggest you try Amarose.

best skin tag mole


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Written by 

Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

26 thoughts on “My Review: Haloderm Skin Tag Remover (2024) – Is It A Scam?

  1. Skin tags are something that annoys me now and then. Most days I’m feeling irritated because it feels itchy and uneasy. I noticed you reviewed many removers and came across Haloderm which is in the cream form I assume. From what I’ve experienced, isn’t this more readily absorbed by the body when it’s in liquid form? The same goes for serum or oil. A brand like Haloderm doesn’t look really good because of the disadvantages you listed in the cons. I’m desperate but I don’t want to risk my skin and money for something that doesn’t look good. What percentage is this effective though? I’d love to know the answer.

    1. Hi Brooke, it depends really on the formula and ingredients present in the product to consider it effective or not. But most of the time and base on my experiences, oil formulation is more easily absorbed by the body although some would say the cream is faster. I think it really depends on your preferences and your observations in the past few years about which formulation your body can absorb quickly. Honestly, for Haloderm, it didn’t pass my standards but other people liked it. However, there are a lot of disadvantages to it and I think there are better alternatives out there.

  2. I’m really glad you shared this! I saw this product everywhere which looks good at first and then it looks spammy because as I researched it more. I have to agree with some of your views about it because it is obvious. Haloderm is not really good in my standards and my friend asked me about it. I told her right away to just find other products and not waste money on them. Thanks for this informative list! Well I surely do think it is not a good option. Even saw a couple of complaints about it already. Please I will really love to know if you have better options.

    1. Hey Vanjie! I have a lot of better options under the same category so I hope you’ll come across the product you will like to try. The reviews will really guide you since all of them have a summary and list of pros and cons. Honestly, some unusual patterns from a product almost always result in unknown fees and subscriptions. So I hope you’ll take note of it and avoid it in the future. Let me know which skin tag remover you decided to try.

  3. My friend started to notice some small circle thingy at the back of my neck and she said that it is a lot and some of them are turning black. She then started to take pictures to show me and to my shock, it really is a lot and looks very bad. We looked for it online and we found out that it is called skin tags. The website where we read its name has ad for Haloderm so we searched about it and see your review. Is it that bad?

    1. Hello, Jinkee! Based on my review, each chapter explained why I did;t like it. It has a lot of patterns that can be considered spammy. Also, I have my set of preferences and Haloderm performed poorly on most of it. So if you’re still in doubt, I urge you to read for more reviews about it and judge it yourself. Thank you for dropping by!

  4. Haloderm is everywhere when you start looking for skin tag remover which make it look popular but I am shocked about its real performance. Do you think it does not really work that fine to everyone? I am still interested in trying it but what do you think? Thank you -RH9

    1. He, RyzenHoward9! There’s nothing wrong if you really want to try it. We all have our own wills and judgments so it’s really up to you. However, if you really want my very honest opinion, it’s not something I recommend simply because it has a lot of disadvantages about it that I couldn’t risk spending my money on it. I still believe there are products that are more worth it and have reliable background. Thank you!

  5. This review saved me from buying Haloderm. Some comments here mentioned the ads of it and I agree that they are kind of annoying. You will get interested at first because it has very attractive promises but the good thing was I searched for it first before buying. Well, now I know it is near to being a scam, all the ads are now annoying and I have no way to block them. I’d rather consult a doctor to remove my skin tags or I will just look for real products. I’m open if you have some recommendations thanks.

    1. Hello, Marj! I am glad to hear that you do your research and read reviews first before buying a certain product. In reality, there are brands that over-promote and over-promise just to sell their product. If you’re looking for a good skin tag remover, I recommend you to try Skincell Pro. Also, if you want a list of decent skin tag removers, you can read the article called 7 Best Skin Tag/Mole Removers (User Guide + Review). Thank you and have a nice day!

  6. Do you have a review on other skin tag remover products? I’m not liking how Haloderm is turning out the longer I read your reviews about it. What makes it alarming is the other websites that say that it works very excellently and when you comment, you will never get answers even if you wait forever. Are those just their selling strategy, just make dead-end websites for popularity and for deceiving people.

  7. These big companies are just getting money from you guys!!! Just use a very good blend of oil to use in your skin tags and moles then wait for them to be gone miraculously. Why do you guys promote chemicals when we have all the natural sources in the world?? Everything is a conspiracy and just believe in the power of our nature. Switch to natural now, stop the giant pharma!

    1. Hi, Darryl! I believe in the benefits of herbal ingredients too but there are instances that some skin problems like skin tags need stronger and more potent product formulation. I just want to clarify again that chemicals are not really bad at all especially when used in moderation. I hope I somehow helped you and have a nice evening!

  8. the moment i read “Overnight Mole & Skin Tag Removal.”, i knew that something fishy. now i feel regret that i did not stop there because the more i scrolled down, the more absurd their claim became.

    1. Hey there Patrick, I’m Angelica. To be honest, I thought the same as you. Claiming that in just one night, mole and skin tags will be remove is quite a miraculous feat and very unbelievable. In fact, there were even some customers complaining about the lack of improvement–some even got worse. Also, from its ingredients, all I can say is that the formula of this product is far cry from being an effective one that will surely do as it claims. And so, I >would rather that you use Skincell Pro by Skincell Pro because it is gentle on the skin whilst being effective and safe. Anyway, no matter what product you choose to use, be sure to be cautious and safe.

  9. I have a skin tag in my underarm and I want to give this product a shot. Maybe, it might work? I’m afraid of the pain tho…

    1. Hello Remi! The choice is totally in your hands, we are here just to give you a guide and product information. On the other hand, just be sure to take note of other’s experience with this product as a cautionary action because some said that they felt pain while others say that it did not do anything for them thus making it a waste of money. But if you are afraid of pain, I think that using Skincell Pro suits you better. It is gentle and effective so it’s a really good deal though it can be a bit pricey. Aside from that, be sure to read our review about it to understand this product better.

      All the best,

  10. Can you tell me more about the product you recommend? I don;t have much money but the big mole in my face makes me feel ashamed and ugly. I know its natural but I just really feel like it i would feel much much better if its not in the way? Anyway, please recommend a good one which will not result to a waste of money such as this one.


    1. Hi Alesha, how are you doing? This is Angelica and I’m here to tell more about Skincell Pro, a product that we found effective in removing skin tags and moles. Basically, it is a gentle and effective safe products used to remove skin tag and moles. It isn’t a miracle product like this that promises instantaneous result but surely does it jobs. Aside from that, it can seem pricey at first but still, it remains a good deal for its quality. I can feel your eagerness so be sure to look at our review for this product to learn more about. It’s not a shame to have a big mole in your face. In fact, it is quite normal but don’t feel pressured about it because it is your body and you are entitled to do what you feel will make you comfortable and more confident.

      All the best,

  11. Hey Paula, I was a user of this product. It worked but all I can say is that it was painful as hell. It’s eighter my pain tolerance is low or it’s really painful.

    1. Hi Glenn, this is Angelica. Thanks for sharing your experience with Haloderm. There actually some feedbacks that said that it was painful… I don’t think that’s normal. Given the pain, all I can say is that I don’t think it’s worth it… If I may, I think that Skincell Pro suits you better. No matter your pain tolerance, this product is very gentle on the skin and it is of good price for its quality.

  12. Well, I guess to each their own because I really recommend this product for it worked so well on me. I have nothing else to say but praise to this product.

    1. Hey there Ryker, Angelica here! Thanks for sharing your experience with Haloderm; so glad that it worked well for you. As stated in the article above, Haloderm is not something that we recommend and also not something that we do not really recommend. Basically, it is up to the customer. We are just basing our rating on a objective research so it’s really nice to see a positive feedback like yours. Again, thanks and all the best!

  13. I am a user and definitely, I see some result. However, it’s not as quick as I would like. I think I’ll check out the product that you are recommending. I’m tired of waiting for a complete result that may or may not come for all I know. ugh.

    1. Hey, Joannah! Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience. I’m not really that surprised because there were really feedback like yours–some even say that it did not do anything and worse, their problem only got bigger. Anyway, this is one of the reason why we really prefer Skincell Pro over any other product for this purpose. Read up on it and if you do decide to purchase it, please keep us updated on your progress…


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