(2024) Instaflex Joint Support Review – Scam Or Legit?

(2020) Instaflex Joint Support Review - Scam Or Legit?

It's time for my Instaflex Joint Support review – so is this supplement any good?:

  • original composition
  • backed-up with clinical evidence

But obviously, its unique features aren't very cheap.

At almost $70/bottle – Instaflex is one of the priciest joint supplements I know.

So is this product just another scam? Is it meant to take away one's money?

I analyzed it carefully so here's the truth behind (+ video).

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Instaflex.

Review Summary

Full Name: Advanced Joint Support by Instaflex 

Product Type: Joint Pain Supplement

Best Actual Price: Around $70 (standard price)

You can often find it for about $60, due to seasonal discounts.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Joint support, as it name says. It claims to: 

  • relieve joint pain and discomfort
  • improve flexibility
  • support an active lifestyle

Due to its versatile formula, it works both for cartilage damage and joint inflammation.

My Rating: 8 out of 10 – It's a good product but it costs way too much.

Recommended?: Surely not – it's way too expensive for what it really does.

For this reason, it's very hard to afford on a monthly basis.

I personally recommend a $40 cheaper supplement that has the same effect for joint pain.


What I Liked About It

  • Some of its ingredients are trademark (improved) versions
  • Strong formula overall
  • Pills are really small and easy to swallow
  • You only need a pill per day
  • Many satisfied users in terms of pain relief
  • Easy to find in both online retailers and local stores


What I Didn't Like About it

  • Doesn't work in 7 days (as it claims) in most cases
  • Extremely expensive price per bottle
  • Hard to afford on the long term
  • No classic joint ingredients (glucosamine/chondroitin)



Instaflex Joint Support In A Nutshell

This supplement has a trustworthy producer and an increasing popularity.

And in terms of formula – it's really worth that.

But despite this, I don't see it as such a perfect supplement.

And its top issue is PRICE:

  • very expensive on the long term
  • unaffordable for average people
  • ingredients aren't worth that much

That's one of the reasons why Instaflex isn't among my top recommended joint products.

Since that list is full of budget supplements with excellent formula – it clearly doesn't fit in.

So I couldn't recommend it any soon (no matter how potent its formula was).




#1 – What It Is & Claims

Before I get to analyze each of Instaflex's aspects – here are a few general things you should know about it:

  • how exactly it works
  • what it promises
  • who is the producer
1. Claims

First of all – Instaflex states to be a “next-generation joint support formula”.

According to its description:

  • contains high-quality ingredients
  • its compounds have clinical evidence behind
  • the only product with such an effective combination

Besides – it claims to provide relief in as little as 7 days.

To be honest, I personally cannot agree with this.

All joint supplements require at least a few weeks to start working (in the best case).

On an average – they need about 1-2 (even 3) months to show an effect.

So even though Instaflex claims to be a superior product, I personally don't see it as such.

If it was as good as it claims – everyone would be using it.

And in reality, it has a bunch of complaints and negative reviews.

That's why I don't consider it such a breakthrough product.

2. Company Behind

Instaflex is actually the name of this supplement's brand:

  • about 10 different products in its portfolio 
  • all of the are designed for joint health
  • some are supplements and other are topical products

In terms of reputation – Instaflex is very well-regarded.

It's a company with a pretty long history and a positive customer feedback.

So if you ever wondered if you could get scammed through their products, that's totally not the case.

Buying any product from Instaflex is totally safe and trustworthy.



#2 – Formula (9 out of 10)

If you ask me – Instaflex has a really good composition:

  • several trademark ingredients
  • high dosages in most compounds
  • formulated to have a high absorption

However – there are enough things I personally don't like:

  1. Most of its compounds are anti-inflammatory.
  2. This means they cannot repair damaged cartilages.

There's no glucosamine/chondroitin (which are the best cartilage re-builders).

Instead – there's only one ingredient that can help cartilages (collagen).

Instaflex claims its form of collagen has a better effect than glucosamine + chondroitine combination.

But since I couldn't find many studies on this topic – I kind of doubt it.

Now – I divided Instaflex's active ingredients in 2 groups:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Cartilage Helpers

So let's take a closer look at each.

1. Anti-Inflammatory

This group is mostly based on herbs – as they have the best effect against inflammation:

  1. Turmeric – strongest natural anti-inflammatory.
  2. Resveratrol – has some potent anti-oxidant proprieties. [1]
  3. Apreflex® (Boswellia Extract) – one of the best herbs that fights swelling. [2]
  4. BioPerine® – an essential ingredient for faster absorption.

Now – this combination has an excellent effect against swelling.

However, inflammation is the #1 problem in auto-immune forms of arthritis.

When it comes to osteoarthritis (the most common form) – they're not that effective.

They have no effect on damaged cartilages, which is the cause behind OA.

2. Cartilage Helpers

Instaflex only contains 2 ingredients designed to improve cartilages:

  1. UC-II® – improves joint stiffness and discomfort. [3]
  2. Hyaluronic Acid – increases joint lubrication and mobility.

Now – Hyaluronic Acid is extremely effective when injected directly into the joint.

But when taken by mouth, it needs a much higher dose to work (around 200 mg).

There are only 5 mg in Instaflex – which is way too little.

As for the UC-II®:

  • claims to be 2x more effective than glucosamine/chondroitin
  • promises to help stiffness and flexibility

However – glucosamine's #1 advantage is that it re-builds damaged cartilages.

Since it treats the actual cause behind, it also relieves stiffness and pain.

That's why I personally don't consider UC-II® as good as glucosamine.


Instaflex has a really good formula overall.

Compared to many joint supplements – it's definitely above them.

But I personally don't consider it the best formula on the market:

  • mostly based on anti-inflammatory
  • doesn't repair cartilages (as glucosamine supplements do)

So I personally wouldn't recommend it as my top choice (also considering its super high price).



#3 – How To Use It (10 out of 10)

Instaflex looks surprisingly well at this chapter.

1. The Pills

This product uses gelatin capsules instead of thick tablets (as many of its competitors).

And in my opinion, these pills look great:

  • average dimensions
  • light consistency and extremely easy to swallow
  • blue and transparent coating

Basically – Instaflex's pills are very easy to recognize among a bunch of pills.

They have an original cover in Instaflex's 2 colors: white and blue.

So when it comes to swallowing them – you shouldn't worry at all.

2. The Schedule

That's another great chapter for Instaflex.

That's because it has a major advantage here – it only requires one pill per day:

  • you can take it at any time
  • it's only recommended to have it with enough water

Most joint supplements require around 2-3 pills per day.

That's not very uncomfortable – but it can't compare to taking only one pill daily.

That's why Instaflex really deserves being praised here.



#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

This is one of the most important aspects in any supplement.

And luckily – Instaflex has a lot of real user reviews on Amazon.

For this reason, I tried to analyze them in general – so that you could see the whole picture on this product.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Instaflex has more than 50% positive reviews on Amazon.

This means the supplement is far from a scam (as some people claim).

Now – let's see what most satisfied customers say about it:

  1. Some claim it really helped their joint pain within a couple of months.
  2. Others say it improved their mobility.
  3. A few others state it did help but not as much as other products.
  4. Some claim it's a good alternative to glucosamine supplements.
  5. Others say it takes time until it works, but it helps in the end.

Basically – I found so many Instaflex satisfied users.

It's obvious that the supplement has its own problems as well.

But in terms of effect, it surely works in some people.

2. Negative Opinions

Clearly – there are enough complaints on this supplement.

There are enough people who weren't satisfied in it at all.

So here's what most users complain about:

  1. Extremely unaffordable price.
  2. Doesn't work for damaged cartilages.
  3. Not as effective as glucosamine/chondroitin supplements.
  4. Doesn't work as fast as it claims.

Basically – most negative reviews are related to its poor effect and very high price.

I personally tend to agree with these:

  • price is indeed way too high
  • it's extremely hard to afford per month
  • formula doesn't seem very strong for OA/cartilage damage

So you should definitely check out the negative reviews before deciding on Instaflex.

Considering its huge price – it's worth thinking twice.


Instaflex has mixed reviews overall (but most of them are positive).

However – the supplement itself works better for inflammatory joint pain than for osteoarthritis.

So I would probably not recommend it:

  • enough unsatisfied customers in terms of effect
  • doesn't work as fast as it claims (in 7 days)
  • extremely expensive

I personally recommend an alternative that costs even $15 and works pretty much the same.

Instead of spending a bunch of money on Instaflex, I would suggest looking into that instead.




#5 – Side Effects (9 out of 10)

Instaflex seems quite safe from this point of view:

  • very few complaints about secondary reactions
  • no 1 stars reviews from this point of view

However – some of its ingredients might have a risk of side effects.

For example, it contains 200 mg of turmeric standardized to 95% curcuminoides:

  • the average dose I recommend is 100-150 mg
  • anything above has a higher risk of side effects
  • turmeric usually produces nausea and digestive issues (as side effects)

Still – I personally couldn't find any complaint of this kind on Instaflex.

That's what makes me quite sure that it's a safe product.

Even so – the risk of side effects still exists, as in every other product.



#6 – Price (3 out of 10)

If you ask me – that's the worst thing about Instaflex.

Considering its actual value, I personally believe it's extremely overpriced.

Not to mention that it's a really hard to afford product (on a monthly basis).

1. The Exact Price

Amazon has the best price for all Instaflex products.

When it comes to this supplement alone:

  1. Listing price is around $70.
  2. However, there are discounts regularly.
  3. This product costs about $60 most of the times.
  4. Shipping is also free on Amazon.

Besides – you can save $3 if you sign-up for auto-shipping (which I definitely don't recommend).

To be honest, $70 (or even $60) per month is extremely expensive.

I personally could never afford buying this kind of product for more than 2-3 months.

It does have a quality and potent formula, that's for sure.

But $70/bottle is way too much.

That especially when there are so many cheaper alternatives.

2. Competitors' Price

I will only compare Instaflex Joint Support to my #1 recommended joint product.

I'm talking about Nuzena Joint Support +:

  1. Both have a strong formula with high-quality ingredients.
  2. Their composition is different, but the effect is similar.
  3. Instaflex costs $70/bottle as a standard price.
  4. Nuzena costs $30/bottle as a standard price.
  5. Instaflex's lowest price is around $60/bottle.
  6. Nuzena's lowest price is about $15/bottle.
  7. That's because Nuzena offers serious discounts for larger quantities.
  8. Instaflex only offers a small discount per bottle.
  9. Even if you buy 4 bottles at once, price remains the same.

Basically – the price difference between these 2 products is huge.

There's a $40 difference between their standard prices.

But when it comes to their discounted prices – there's a $45 difference.

That's why I couldn't possibly recommend Instaflex when there's such an affordable alternative.

Nuzena's product is surely not the only cheaper alternative I know.

But it's the cheapest one among high-quality supplements.

That's why I strongly recommend it if you can't afford Instaflex.


Instaflex costs a little fortune, if you ask me.

And considering its real value – it's totally not worth that.

That's why I couldn't recommend it as a joint supplement in any case.

I personally prefer an alternative that costs even $45 less and has a premium formula.




#7 – Availability (10 out of 10)

Instaflex has a pretty popular brand lately.

Maybe this explains why its products are extremely easy to find:

  • available in most retailers (Amazon, Walmart)
  • you can also find some in pharmacies
  • many stores and shops sell them

In fact – Instaflex's official website doesn't sell the actual products itself.

However, it helps you find out the closest store in your area.

It also gives you the chance to buy the products online (all of them are available on Amazon).

So from this point of view – Instaflex may be one of the easiest to find joint supplements.



#8 – Instaflex In 3 Ideas

Coming up, here's how I would summarize my opinion on this supplement.

1. Potent Formula

Instaflex does have a really good composition:

  • several trademark ingredient
  • compounds with studies behind
  • good dosages in most substances

However – it doesn't contain classic joint ingredients (like glucosamine or chondroitin).

According to its description – its compounds work better than classic ingredients.

I personally doubt that, but since there's no study on that – I can't really tell.

2. Only One Pill Daily

That's probably the biggest advantage of this product:

  • you only need to take a pill per day
  • there's no recommendation regarding the time
  • you only have to take it with water

Since most joint supplements require up to 3 pills per day, taking only one is surely an advantage.

3. Costs A Little Fortune

I personally would never pay so much on a product like Instaflex:

  • regular price is $70/bottle
  • you can sometimes find it for about $60

Considering that a bottle is only a monthly supply – its price is astounding.

There are so many quality supplements that cost less than half.

So why spend a little fortune on Instaflex?

Just because it has a famous brand behind? No thanks!



#9 – My Video Review



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Definitely not.

Despite being a quality product in terms of composition – it's way too expensive:

  1. Extremely hard to afford on a monthly basis.
  2. Lowest price is close $60/bottle.
  3. No big discounts when buying several bottles at once.

So price remains Instaflex's biggest and most serious problem.

Besides – I personally don't agree with all the claims it makes:

  • works in as fast as 7 days
  • the only product with such an effective combination

It's surely a strong supplement – but I doubt any can work in as little as a week.

Plus, there are so many other joint supplements that help (as much as Instaflex).

And most of them are extremely affordable.

So I would surely not buy this supplement, if I were you.

What do I recommend instead? My #1 pick is a product called Nuzena Joint Support +:

  • extremely strong ingredients in high dosages
  • lowest price on the market (up to $15/bottle)
  • free shipping worldwide
  • installments payment available

I personally don't know any better supplement than this one (in terms of offer and quality/price).

best joint


1 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC6317057/

2 – https://prosperasupplements.com/-apresflex

3 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC4015808/

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

10 thoughts on “(2024) Instaflex Joint Support Review – Scam Or Legit?

  1. Hi Olly! I’m using Instaflex and I’m really excited to see that it works, my knees are much better after less than 8 weeks with it. I made quite an effort to buy it financially speaking so I was just wondering if I could use something else instead, once the pain gets even better. I mean, am I going to get the same relief if I replace Instaflex with something else, let’s say Arthrozene? Please help!

    1. Hi Victor, thanks for your feedback on Instaflex. I’m glad to hear it’s working in a pretty short time. But when it comes to replacing it so soon, I don’t really know what to say.

      Now, I always advise my readers to go for a product they can afford on the long term. Many people would only afford Instaflex for a few months, just like you. But it actually takes about 2-3 months for it to work, so you have to think in advance.

      If it starts to work and you replace it with something else, the results will vary. In some cases, the pain will either stay low or decrease even more. But in others, it can worsen again. it depends a lot on the supplement and on the person using it, so I can’t tell for sure.

      But that’s the main reason why I don’t recommend switching to another supplement in such a short period. If that other supplement has the exact same composition, it would be fine – the effect should be the same. But in all the other cases, I would suggest staying with the initial product.

      However, I totally understand that you may not afford it anymore. And if switching to another product is the only option, it’s better than giving up Instaflex and not replacing it with anything else.

      You also mentioned Arthrozene, but you should know that it’s pretty much as pricey as Instaflex. So it’s surely not a better alternative from this point of view. But in case you want to see some quality alternatives, here are my top recommendations for joint pain. You can pick one according to your budget.

      I really hope my answer helps you and good luck with the new supplement. Hopefully it works as well as Instaflex.

  2. Do you know any similar product with no turmeric? I tried different ones and got diarrhea in some, but in others I was fine. I tried to find a mutual point between them and all of the ones that bothered me had turmeric inside. So now I’m guessing I cannot tolerate turmeric. 

    I really want to try Instaflex, I know many people love it but I wish there was a way to take it without turmeric. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Martha. Turmeric does cause side effects more often than other anti-inflammatory herbs, but that’s mostly because its effect is more powerful compared to the others. So it also has a much stronger therapeutic effect. However, the most common side effects it causes are digestive problems (and diarrhea is one of them).

      Now, it surely depends from person to person, but higher doses tend to cause side effects more often. So I usually recommend switching to another product with a lower dose. But in your case, I assume you tried more than 3 different supplements that contained turmeric, right? If yes, could you tell me their exact names? Or you could check to see what quantity of turmeric they have inside. But I doubt it’s above the average range.

      So I pretty much agree with you. You probably have to use a joint supplement that has very little to no turmeric inside it. 

      Instaflex does contain a pretty high quantity (since we’re talking about turmeric extract, not turmeric powder). So I would surely not recommend it in your case. But as far as I know, there are 1 or 2 other versions of Instalfex and at least one of them doesn’t contain any turmeric. I might be wrong, but its worth checking that out. 

      So if you really want to go for Instaflex, there is a chance that you can actually do it. I hope this helps.

  3. I had a really bad experience with Instaflex. It seemed to be working at first but then I started getting regular headaches every evening. I got really worried and even had an MRI but everything seemed all right with my brain. The doctor there suggested quitting the supplement and a few days after I did, my headaches were gone. Now I’m sure they were provoked by Instaflex and I’m not going to take it ever again, it freaked me to death!!!

    1. Hi there Jonna and thanks for your feedback on Instaflex. I’m sorry to hear about those issues you experienced with it. But since the headaches went away completely after you stopped taking the product, I guess it was the responsible. It doesn’t usually cause such severe side effects – but everyone is different, so it was probably totally unsuitable for your body.

      In case you’re still looking for an alternative to it, here are my top recommended joint supplements. I hope this helps you!

    1. Hi Nadia, ProJoint Plus is the best supplement I know for knee and joint pain, because it contains some excellent ingredients that can reduce the damage and repair the cartilages, but it can also decrease inflammation. Besides, it has a much better price than most similar supplements. And lastly, its user feedback is great, I had a lot of readers who were really satisfied with it and they continued using it for a long while, so I’m pretty sure it’s the best thing for your mom’s problem. If she decides to give it a try, let me know how it goes.

  4. I have rheumatoid arthritis. What arthritis medication would you recommend?
    I take 5mg xeljanz a day.
    Wondering if I need something extra to help protect my joints

    1. Hello Kathy, sorry to hear about your RA problems.

      First of all, I advise you the same as I advise all my readers – stay on the medication prescribed by your doctor and don’t give it up for the sake of some supplements/natural products. You can take them together and the results wouldn’t be any worst, so make sure to keep taking your prescription treatment.

      Secondly, there’s no treatment that would cure rheumatoid arthritis, but certain products can make you live really well with this disease. Now, RA is caused by a chronic inflammation, so the best thing you can take are anti-inflammatory. However, taking NSAIDs in the long run can be very harmful for your body (especially for your stomach, as they have a high risk of gastritis and ulcers). For this reason, I recommend turmeric supplements, as turmeric is the best anti-inflammatory among natural remedies. It comes with way less side effects than classic NSAIDs, so it’s a really good option in your case.

      Now, choosing the right turmeric supplement can be really tricky, because there are a lot of products out there. But in terms of quality/price, I consider VitaBalance’s Turmeric Curcumin Plus to be the best option for most people. However, it’s not the only one, so here’s a list of several high-quality turmeric supplements.

      Other than that, you can try an anti-inflammatory diet, which seems to be really effective in rheumatoid arthritis in the long run. Obviously, you won’t be able to see any changes from the first weeks, because it usually takes a while. But if you’re patient, you will see some small improvements as time goes by.

      I really hope this helps you and I wish you the best for the new year!

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