How To Get Rid Of Cellulite At Home (2024)

Ever wondered what can you do about that cellulite? 

Or maybe you just want to be the best version of yourself?

Let me tell you that you're not alone:

  • about 80-90% of women deal with stretch marks
  • less than 10% of men experience them

But let me show you how to get rid of cellulite at home (in 7 steps).

Note: This guide is based on my research + opinion on cellulite.

#1 – Massage With Thick Oils

Cellulite is actually fat that pushes against  connective tissue underneath your skin. 

So your puckered-looking skin is probably caused by cellulite.

It usually occurs around your hips, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. 

But you might consider using essential oils as a remedy:

  • Have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties.
  • Known to be a natural alternative to areas affected by cellulite. 
  • Can enhance skin collagen and elasticity. 
  • Can also even out your skin tone.
  • Reduce mild inflammation. 

I suggest you to have a massage, which enhances blood circulation.

At the same time, it boosts skin regeneration and healing. 

For these reasons – it fights fluid retention in the affected areas=. 

Use thick oils, so that you can easily them apply.

They allow you to have a gentle and soothing massage. 

Here are some of the thick essential oils you can choose from (you can also combine them):

  • Lavender oil 
  • Tangerine oil 
  • Lemon Grass oil
  • Grapefruit oil + Coconut oil
  • Litsea Cubeba oils + Jojoba oil
  • Rosemary + Black Pepper oil[1]

Just be cautious with these oils, especially if you have a sensitive skin.

You should always dilute them with water. 

Now, using essential oils can be helpful, but it won't completely eradicate your cellulite.

So you should combine with it the other steps in this list. 


Lumpy, dimpled and uneven skin is caused by cellulite.

Thick essential oils can improve the texture and appearance of your affected areas.

Massage will boost circulation and stimulate skin healing/regeneration. 



#2 – Try A Sugar Scrub

This next step is not meant for your cup of coffee.

That's because sugar can also help treating your cellulite. 

You would use it as a scrub that sloughs off dead and old skin cells:

  • Sugar is composed of tiny granules, that are some excellent skin exfoliators.
  • Also contains glycolic acid, that improves the production of healthy cells.
  • Serves as a natural humectant, that maintains skin moisture. 
  • Can promote better circulation.
  • Enhances skin healing abilities.

One of its top benefits is that sugar scrub is a potent skin exfoliator. 

Unlike other exfoliators, it works better because it penetrates your skin deeper

This makes your lumpy skin smooth and even. 

Here is how you make your own sugar scrub: 

  • Combine 1/2 C of brown sugar and water (to form a paste). 
  • Apply it gently on your affected areas and massage.
  • Let it rest for at least 2-3 minutes.
  • Then wash it off with clean water.

This type of scrub will also prevent cellulite for the short run.

I recommend you to apply it twice or thrice a week. 


Sugar scrubs are one of the best exfoliators against cellulite. 

That's because they can penetrate your skin deeper (than others). 



#3 – Try Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

The next tip is something you can really depend on. 

It involves using an excellent product that a lot of people swear.

It's called Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy:

  • Is a natural-based cream that can lessen cellulite. 
  • Increases collagen and elastin production. 
  • Can treat unsightly marks and scars of different causes. 
  • Noticeable results after just 4 weeks.
  • Has a 67-days guarantee period. 

The secret to its effect is linked to its essential ingredients. 

It has some active key compounds – Pro-Sveltyl and Pro-Coll-0ne+.

Studies show that Pro-Sveltyl reduces skin irregularities and tightens the skin [2].

On the other hand, Pro-Coll-0ne+ can lessen skin roughness by almost 10% [3]

No wonder it's even backed up by professionals. 

While this product is used for stretch marks, it can be a great cellulite treatment. 

Especially after seeing all the benefits – it can fix dents and uneven layers on your skin. 

That is why it can surely lessen your worries. 


There are certain products that you can use for your cellulite treatment. 

Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy has some clinically proven compounds. 

It has lots of satisfied users behind, as well.




#4 – Improve Your Diet

It goes without saying that your diet can make a big difference in your skin.

So it can help you stay away from cellulite. 

Not only that, but it can also fight existing symptoms

So let's focus on improving your diet: 

  • Diet and lifestyle can play a role in cellulite.
  • Increased prevalence is caused excess fat, carbohydrates and salt. 
  • Slim people may also get it, but more rarely.

So try to replace your unhealthy diet with healthier alternatives. 

Eating too much fatty foods and carbohydrates promotes an increased body fat. 

Also, salty foods can cause a rise in fluid retention. 

If you're overweight or you love salty foods, it's time to start a balanced diet

Here are some foods you would want to consume more: 

  • Antioxidant-rich sources – fight free radical on your skin. 
  • Lecithin-rich foods – block fat deposits from rising to skin surface.
  • Omega 3-rich items – lower your cholesterol.
  • High protein foods – empower your natural production of collagen and elastin.
  • Drink more water – supply nutrients and keep your skin hydrated.

I understand that a habitual diet is not easy to change – and that's fine.

You can start slow – by eating fewer salt and fat.

Or better yet, replace some foods on your plate with their healthier options


Your diet can contribute to your chances of getting cellulite. 

Too much carbohydrates, fats and salt lead to higher risk.

Remember to have a balanced diet and stay hydrated. 



#5 – Try Skin Brushing

It is exactly how you read it – applying a dry brush on your skin. 

It's meant as body massage – which has lots of potential benefits. 

Skin brushing is a technique that brings in a major skin-enhancing effect.

So it' a unique skin exfoliator that can even fight cellulite. 

Now – how do you do it? 

  • Involves using a palm-sized brush that serves as an exfoliator. 
  • Is a detoxifying process that removes wastes and toxins from your skin. 
  • Can enhance the appearance of cellulite areas. 
  • Leads to a better blood circulation and lymphatics. 
  • Helps you get rid of uneven flaky skin as well.

One of its primary benefits is that clears away dead and old skin cells.

These are actually what is making it look worse. 

Since it's a good exfoliator, it can also reduce skin discoloration. 

If you are using other skin care products, good news, as it allows them to penetrate deeper

Here's a very basic routine that you can try at home:

  1. You need to pick the right brush for you.
  2. Gently rub it on your affected areas, using up-to-down and circular motions.
  3. Repeat this strategy at least 3 times a week.

However, skin brushing alone cannot eliminate cellulite.

It is best to do it with the other steps above.

Just remember not to exaggerate, as it can cause skin redness and abrasions.


Your cellulite can be improved by skin exfoliation.

Try brushing your skin, as it removes dead and old skin cells.

Plus, it boosts your blood flow and stimulates your lymphatic system as well. 



#6 – Start Working Out (Even At Home)

Sometimes, we forget that exercising is crucial for skincare. 

But a good skin care regimen also demands a positive lifestyle

Here is why you should start working out, even from home: 

  • Exercising can strengthen your skin, which reduces cellulite. 
  • Leads to a better blood circulation around the affected areas. 
  • Can lessen inflammation from cells affected by cellulite. 

I mentioned earlier that cellulite is more common among overweight people, remember? 

Exercises can prevent this, as they burn caloric fats. 

Not only that, but they also reduce stress [4]– one of the potential causes of cellulite. 

Therefore, when you work out, you are actually hitting two birds with one stone.

Here are some example routines you can do at home:

  • Around-the-Clock Lunges
  • Elevated Lunge 
  • Side Lunge 
  • Goblet Squats 
  • Deadlifts
  • Burpees 

I know that it can be a challenge, but it's going to be helpful in the long run. 


To complete your cellulite treatment, you also need to do some physical activities. 

Exercising controls your body weight and reduce stress – both of which cause cellulite. 

Don't forget to work out regularly, even when you're at home.



#7 – Give Up Sugar

You are now aware of how important your diet is. 

And there are foods to be avoided.

Or at the very least, try to consume them to a minimum – and one of them is sugar.

If you have a sweet tooth, then maybe it's time for you to reconsider it.

Here's why sugar is a “silent culprit” for cellulite:

  • Its glucose and fructose cause insulin spikes and fat accumulation.
  • This makes you gain more weight.
  • You have a higher risk of cellulite and worsening.
  • At the same time, this causes blood vessels damage. 

Too much sugar is indeed bad for your skin, especially if you have cellulite.

It can cause inflammation and water retention, that make the situation worse. 

Sugar can also cause glycation, which is generally bad for your skin health [5].

It damages your collagen and elastin – causing loose, fragile, grey and dull skin. 

On top of it all, it accelerates premature aging that aggravates cellulite

I know that giving up sugar can be difficult.

What I suggest is that you swap it for healthier sweets, which aren't that harmful.


Too much sugar can make existing cellulite worse.

It can make you gain more weight and damages your overall skin health.

As much as possible, avoid or keep your sugar intake to a minimum. 



My Final Thoughts

So, how can you get rid of cellulite at home? 

I recommend you to follow these 7 steps (that you absolutely need to remember): 

  1. Massage with thick essential oils.
  2. Make and use your own sugar scrub.
  3. Try Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.
  4. Prioritize improving your diet.
  5. Exfoliate by brushing your skin. 
  6. Start working out, even at home.
  7. Try giving up sugar. 

It's normal to have cellulite, but you would surely want to get rid of it.

But some studies say that you cannot completely eradicate it.

Still, these steps are meant to improve your cellulite appearance for real. 

Just give them some time…

In the end,  you will be live the day when you can show off your body without any worries.


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Written by 

Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 16, 2024

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