How To Get Rid Of Back Acne In 8 Steps (2023)

Do those back pimples bother you?

Maybe you've been dealing with breakouts on your back for a while…and nothing seems to work.

But I have a special guide that will surely help you.

Here's how to get rid of back acne easily, following only 8 simple steps.

So are you ready to improve your back skin?

Note: This list is based on my in-depth research on back acne.

#1 – Find The Cause

Finding the underneath cause is always the first step in solving a problem.

The same principle is applied to back acne.

And the best way to find the root cause is to have your blood tests.

Here's why this is so necessary:

  • Blood tests serve as a base for your acne treatment plan.
  • They can also show nutrient deficiencies.
  • Hormonal fluctuations can cause back and face acne.
  • Blood tests help you and your doctor finds the best solution.

I would suggest you to have a complete hormonal profile.

This includes your testosterone levels (which produce sebum).

An excessive amount of testosterone leads to oilier skin.

And as you know – oily skin is very prone to acne.

In fact, studies indicate that testosterone is increased in people dealing with acne [1]

Now – here's what you must know about back acne:

  • Appears because of a buildup of sebum and dead skin cells.
  • These cause clogged pores and block follicles.
  • Back acne can be caused by different types of acne.
  • Usually appears as cysts or pimples. 

Knowing the nature of back acne is vital so that you can understand the problem.

Now, blood tests are not only meant to check your hormones.

They can also determine if your acne is caused by your diet.

That's because you can also test nutrients (iodine, iron, and vitamins B6/B12).

Some ingredients from foods and supplements can also trigger acne.


Hormonal fluctuations and certain nutrient deficiencies can cause back acne.

Increased testosterone is a major trigger.

So having your hormones tested out is crucial.



#2 – Exfoliate Weekly

Remember that acne is a build-up of dead skin cells?

This is why you should never underestimate exfoliation.

It's a great way to remove dead and old skin cells [2].

This is crucial – because exfoliation gives room to new and younger cells.

This can help you get rid of the obvious dark marks on your back.

But how does exfoliation specifically help with back acne?

  • Clears piled-up dead skin cells from your clogged pores.
  • Helps remove existing acne marks.
  • Reduces skin discoloration.
  • Fades away dark spots and worn-out skin.

Exfoliation does not only give you clear and lighter skin.

It also allows your acne skin care regimen to work better.

That's because it allows them to penetrate deeper into your skin.

There are several ways to exfoliate, but the most popular is physical exfoliation:

  • Scrub
  • Sponge
  • Cloth
  • Brush
  • Pumice stones

As for chemical exfoliation, it involves:

  • Skincare products
  • Natural ingredients (baking soda, papaya, Epsom salt)

Remember to exfoliate weekly, but don't do it more often than that.

That's short enough to be effective – but long enough not to irritate your skin.


Acne is the result of dead skin cells build-up over time.

Exfoliation is a critical part, as it clears away dead and old skin cells.

Remember to exfoliate at the right time (once a week).



#3 – Try ClearPores System

I know how hard it is to choose the best product to use.

That is why I am going to make it easier for you.

I recommend to you a doctor-approved system that many people swear by it.

It is best known as ClearPores System – a combination of 3 products:

  • Developed to combat several types of acne.
  • Can deal with acne on your face, chest, and back. 
  • Pretty good in fighting your existing acne signs.
  • Can reduce breakouts and unclogs pores.
  • Designed to stop the multiplication of acne-causing bacteria.
  • Comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

ClearPores is based on scientific and medical research.

That's what makes it a high-quality product.

Remember how vital exfoliation is? This product also exfoliates the skin very well.

Not only that but it is also proven to block the acne cycle internally.

This is how it helps you control your hormonal imbalances.

One of its best features is that it fixes acne on 3 different levels.

That's because of its 3 products – Deep Facial Wash, Facial Protection Cream, and Phyto350:

  • Deep Facial Wash clears acne outbreaks and unclogs pores.
  • Facial Protection Cream establishes your pH balance.
  • Phyto350 helps with skin damage and premature aging.

This system makes prevents most types of acne

And yes – you can go for one of the 3 products.

But what I recommend is to buy ClearPores as a whole system.

It's obvious that you're getting the best results with all 3 products.


There are certain acne products you need to include in your treatment plan.

ClearPores as it is a doctor-approved 3-part system against acne.

Its results are great – and its huge rate of satisfied users is the best proof.




#4 – Hydrate Your Skin

You have an idea of why you should hydrate your skin.

Not only does it make you smooth and soft, but it can also improve acne.

Hydration delivers the proper nutrients to your skin.

This makes your skin healthier and less susceptible to acne lesions.

Here is how hydration will help you fight back acne:

  • Treats your outbreaks from the inside.
  • Makes you less prone to scars.
  • Minimizes your acne marks.
  • Helps remove bacteria and toxins from your skin.
  • Boosts skin rejuvenation.
  • Maintains skin elasticity.
  • Replenishes your skin.

Perhaps one of its biggest benefits is that hydration sustains moisturized skin.

This is important because a lack of hydration leads to dry skin.

Consequently, your sebum glands start producing more oil.

This process increases the risk of developing acne (as well as cars).

Keeping yourself hydrated is really easy.

Obviously – water is the king of hydration, but several other drinks can also help:

  • Coconut water
  • Fruit juice
  • Sports drink
  • Milk

These hydration sources flush out toxins from your skin.

Some even nourish your skin, which speeds up wound healing.

As you can see, simple things like drinking water can make a huge difference.

So you'd better have that glass of water now!


Always make sure to get enough hydration.

It makes your skin healthy and less susceptible to breakouts.

Lastly, keeping yourself hydrated is super easy, but very beneficial.



#5 – Obsess Over SPF (In Summer)

I'm not exaggerating when I say you should be obsessed with it.

For the record, SPF means “sun protection factor“.

But unlike what most people think, don't use SPF only during sunny days.

Make sure to use it daily (especially in summer).

Here's how it can help when you're dealing with back acne:

  • Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients (niacinamide and zinc oxide).
  • Has soothing abilities (for acne wounds and scars).
  • Provides protection from sun damage and irritation
  • Allows your skin to retain moisture.
  • Control melanin production.
  • Prevent your scars from getting darker.

The main benefit of SPF is sun protection.

It keeps your back acne symptoms safe from harmful UV rays.

UV rays cause free radical damage to your skin, which can even worsen existing acne.

During summer, the sun is more intense – that is why you need to use the right SPF.

In fact, studies show that products with a minimum SPF of 30 block UV B rays [3].

This is the kind of concentration I also recommend to you.

While SPF cannot make your back acne disappear, it definitely helps.


Back acne can easily get exposed to harmful UV rays. 

SPF provides sun protection, especially in summer – which prevents darker scars.



#6 – Improve Your Diet

Remember what I told you earlier that the things that you eat can be triggers?

It is true, but your diet is like a double-edged sword.

That's because what you eat can also fix your acne.

For this reason – I advise you to prioritize your daily meals:

  • Evidence suggests that diet may play a role in acne development.
  • Some foods trigger acne-causing hormones.
  • Other food groups can increase outbreak risk.
  • There are also some that can reduce breakouts.

So make sure to be aware of the impact of what you eat.

Remember that there are foods that you should eat and some that you shouldn't eat.

To lessen your acne symptoms, follow these food-related tips:

  • Omega 3-rich foods improve moderate and severe acne [4].
  • Antioxidant-rich foods fight free radical damage on your skin.
  • Vitamin D limits skin redness and swelling caused by acne.
  • Probiotic foods reduce inflammatory skin conditions.

As for the types of foods, you should avoid:

  • Sugary items increase blood sugar levels.
  • Fast foods may cause hormonal imbalances.
  • Processed food is ideal for pimple formation.

Now, diet may contribute to your back acne breakouts. 

But there is nothing wrong if you can't change your diet overnight.

It takes a lot of practice to make such drastic changes.

Just do it at your own pace.


Some studies indicate that diet may play a significant role in acne development.

There are certain foods that are both positively and negatively associated with acne.



#7 – Try Some Probiotics

To really improve your diet, you would need to focus on probiotic foods. 

Probiotics are good microorganisms that have a lot of health benefits [5]

They improve your gut microbiome, which is involved in acne. 

Once you enhance your gut, your acne could also improve dramatically.

Here's how probiotics will give you a hand: 

  • Rebalance gut dysbiosis.
  • Balance the microbiome, which can heal your back acne. 
  • Helps reduce inflammation made by acne-causing bacteria.

People who suffer from acne tend to have digestive issues and/or leaky guts. 

This is because gut bacteria is associated with acne. 

In fact, inflammatory skin conditions are directly linked to gut issues

That's an extra reason for you to get a good supply of probiotics. 

You can start by consuming probiotic-rich foods: 

  • Dairy products (buttermilk, cheese, kefir, yogurt)
  • Non-dairy products (tempeh,kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut)

Or maybe you can some probiotic supplements.

I recommend you 1MD's Complete Probiotics – which is the best probiotic on the market:

  • Based on 11 bacterial strains + a prebiotic mix. 
  • Does a really effective job of rebalancing the gut.
  • Sets up a microbial balance in your gut.
  • Contains some of the highest doses on the market.
  • Has a lot of satisfied users that swear by it. 

To be honest, there are only a few products that are as good as this one. 

What I like about this particular product is that it can prevent worsening acne

You may not see instant results, but taking this product will make a difference in the long run. 


Remember that your gut bacteria is directly related to acne. 

That is why you should try some probiotics – to improve your gut.

1MD's Complete Probiotics are really effective in balancing the gut. 

It has the best quality/price in the market, as well.




#8 – Use Diluted Tea Tree Oil

Our list will not be complete without this last step.

I am talking about tea tree oil – one of the best essential oils against acne.

It is also one of the most effective extracts for acne scars.

Tea tree oil originates from the Australian tea tree. 

Here's what makes it so helpful:

  • Has antimicrobial, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Is a strong antiseptic and antibacterial.
  • Works very well in all types of acne. 
  • Is a popular choice for acne lesions [6]
  • Reported to lessen inflammation and redness.

Its antimicrobial properties will surely help you.

Tea tree oil has some classic compounds against microbial growth.

It also contains terpenes, which target acne-causing bacteria. 

Because of these properties, your breakouts will surely be minimal.

Just remember to dilute it with water

You should not use it in its pure form, as it's way too strong for the skin.

Lastly, you could also maximize its effect by combining it with other home remedies. 


Tea tree oil has a lot of anti-acne properties. 

It is considered to be a top natural remedy against breakouts. 



My Final Thoughts

So do you now know how to get rid of back acne? 

Remember these 8 steps I showed you above:

  1. Have a blood test to find the cause.
  2. Exfoliate once a week.
  3. Try ClearPores System.
  4. Maintain your skin hydrated.
  5. Be obsessed with SPF in summer.
  6. Make your diet a priority,
  7. Try some probiotics.
  8. Start using diluted tea tree oil. 

I know that you want some immediate results, but everything takes time.

So get ready to be patient on this journey!

The steps above are some of the best solutions possible.

You just have to trust the process – in order to rid of your back acne. 

Remember that all this effort will be worth it at the end of the day. 



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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: January 7, 2023

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