WeGovy VS Ozempic (Weight Loss Results, Side Effects & More)

Let's do a comparison review for WeGovy VS Ozempic. 

Both products are quite popular nowadays when it comes to weight loss.

But what sets them apart?:

  • Which one is specifically made for weight loss?
  • What medication has better weight reduction results?
  • Which has a superior formula?
  • Does any of them have a more budget-friendly price tag?

We will go through each question further down the line.

Note: This review is based on my experience + research on these 2 products.

WeGovy Or Ozempic? (In A Nutshell)

After doing a comparison of both weight loss drugs, there's surely a winner.

Based on the results, WeGovy outshines Ozempic in several aspects:

  • WeGovy's formula is specially tailored to promote excess weight reduction
  • the product's semaglutide dose is designed for weight-related complications
  • its price tag is more budget-friendly (especially when compared to Ozempic)

You will see later on that Ozempic is primarily created for people with diabetes.

While some users may indeed lose weight with it, that's not its primary purpose.

That's why WeGovy is superior to Ozempic, since it's a real weight loss treatment.

Honestly, the only factor where Ozempic is better than WeGovy is how you should take it.

But the difference isn't even that significant…

Now – keep in mind that both products carry some huge health risks.

So unless your doctor prescribes them, I don't advise you to use them.

Additionally – their huge costs are also a reason why they're not the best options.

But between the two, I would probably prefer WeGovy, since it's specially made for weight loss.

Even so, if you don't have any obesity-related issues or diabetes, you should go for something else.

In my opinion, PhenQ is the best choice out there, even if it's a supplement (not a prescription drug).

It's really effective for weight loss, without any health risks.




#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: WeGovy

Firstly, we're going to observe the formulas of WeGovy and Ozempic.

So far – here's what they have in common:

  • both are prescription medications in injectable forms
  • they contain semaglutide as the active ingredient

Additionally – both products are FDA-approved for weight loss in people suffering from diabetes.

But there's actually a difference between their claims.

WeGovy is designed for weight loss, while Ozempic is for type 2 diabetes.

The statement above is the key reason why Ozempic isn't better at this chapter.

But still, let me elaborate more about their formulas below.

1. WeGovy's Ingredients

Let's begin by quickly taking a closer look at the formulation of WeGovy.

So far, its key ingredient is semaglutide (2.4 mg):

  • facilitates the reduction  of excess body weight
  • impedes issues related to obesity such as type 2 diabetes [1]
  • stimulates glucose metabolism [2]
  • improves the levels of the triglyceride and blood sugar
  • regulates the production of insulin [3]

Consequently – here are its benefits (on paper) for people who want to lose weight:

  • enhanced sense of fullness
  • slower digestive processes
  • decreased body weight
  • controlled appetite and cravings

Previously – I highlighted several important points about semaglutide in my WeGovy review.

It has an impact on dopamine levels and glutamatergic neurotransmission [4].

In short, semaglutide influences various neurotransmitters .

As we all know, these elements play vital roles in our emotional states, memory and cognitive functions.

Based on some studies, semaglutide shows beneficial results (like antidepressant effects).

But have you heard about the reports that associate WeGovy with mental health problems?

There's nothing 100% sure for now, because investigations are still ongoing.

But even if they turned out to be fake, I would still not recommend it.

Lastly – WeGovy's remaining inactive ingredients don't really do much.

Their only function revolves around stabilizing semaglutide for a proper absorption.

2. Ozempic‘s Ingredients

Now – we're going to examin Ozempic's formula.

Basically, it also contains semaglutide (0.5, 1 or 2 mg) as its sole active compound.

When it comes to type 2 diabetes, here's what it does:

  • lowers A1C or the average blood sugar levels [5]
  • helps the pancreas to produce more insulin (when your blood sugar is high)
  • reduces the chances of heart attack, stroke or death [6]
  • decreases the risk of major heart problems in people with cardiovascular diseases
  • promotes weight loss for individuals with diabetes

You might be wondering why Ozempic is designed for diabetes (rather than for weight loss).

It basically has the same active ingredient as WeGovy.

Well – thedifference lies in the dose of semaglutide in Ozempic (lower than in WeGovy).

As a result, weight reduction is more of a secondary effect of this product.

But the moment you stop using Ozempic, you would gain weight immediately (in many cases) [7].

Additionally – there were also complaints that some users experienced hair loss.

With that, don't use Ozempic unless you suffer from diabetes.

Since it's still made of semaglutide, avoid it if you have a history of mental health problems.

That's because it can influence the neurotransmitters.


In summary – both WeGovy and Ozempic contain semaglutide.

However, they are not designed to address the same issues (due to their dose differences).

So the winner is WeGovy, since it's specially formulated to help people lose weight.

Meanwhile – Ozempic is primarily intended for individuals dealing with type 2 diabetes.



#2 – Consistency & Dosage – WINNER: Ozempic

In this chapter, we're going to explore the characteristics of WeGovy and Ozempic:

  • directions of use
  • drug administration

Based on their instructions, both products are pretty much the same in terms of usage frequency.

However, Ozempic has a slight advantage in terms of flexibility regarding the time of administration.

So let me give you a quick run-through about each medication.

1. WeGovy

Firstly – here's a brief overview of Wegovy's appearance:

  • watery consistency
  • clear/transparent liquid
  • slight medicinal scent

Moreover – WeGovy is available in the form of a pre-filled injection pen.

So you can already eliminate the need for dose measurement.

Now – the dosing frequency of the product is just once every 7 days (week).

But just make sure to adhere to a consistent schedule.

It's by injecting it on the same day and at the same time each week.

Lastly – to be able to self-administer WeGovy, you need to seek proper training from your doctor first.

But nonetheless, I still find the product quite uncomfortable and effortful to use.

2. Ozempic

On the other hand, let me describe Ozempic's physical features:

  • colorless liquid
  • flowy texture/non-viscous
  • a hint of medicine smell

Similar to WeGovy, Ozempic also comes in an injectable format.

So the dose per pen depends on the patient's prescription.

Also – its suggested use is one time a week (same day) at any time of the day.

As you can see, it offers flexibility in terms of the time of day when you can administer it.

In other words, you don't need to adhere to a strict schedule in terms of timing).

However – that's the only reason why it's better than WeGovy.

But other than that, both products have similar usage directions.

With that, it's still painful to use and takes a lot of effort (in my view).


Overall – WeGovy and Ozempic have almost identical directions for users.

They both share a once-a-week dosing regimen (same day each week for administration).

The only difference is that WeGovy is stricter and specific regarding the time of use.

So if we're only looking at convenience (and not weight loss) then Ozempic won in this chapter.



#3 – Results – WINNER: WeGovy

Despite having an identical major ingredient, both WeGovy and Ozempic exhibit differences in user feedback.

The dissimilarities between them can be attributed to the varying doses of semaglutide present in each product.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. WeGovy

By now, you already know that WeGovy is not that easy to get from your local pharmacy.

Simply because you need a legitimate doctor's prescription before you can buy one.

With that – authentic customer reviews are hard to find.

So let me list down the opinions I found from the official website and some credible sources:

  1. Many individuals who used WeGovy (legally) witnessed significant and fast weight loss.
  2. Some of them attained a healthy BMI that suited their body status.
  3. Others mentioned that WeGovy reduced their cravings and appetite.
  4. A few people didn't see substantial weight loss at all.
  5. There were also previous users who encountered mild to severe adverse effects.

Again – WeGovy has proven effective for weight loss when used under a doctor's guidance.

But if you're thinking of getting and using it without a proper prescription, you need to think twice.

Doing so may expose you to potential health risks rather than achieving your desired results.

If you ask me, I don't suggest that you use WeGovy if you don't genuinely need it.

Instead – just seek out safer alternatives that can assist you in shedding those extra pounds.

2. Ozempic

On the other hand, we need to remember that Ozempic is a medication for type 2 diabetes.

So with that, expect that it will have different feedback from its users in this review:

  1. People who have diabetes saw reduction and improvements in their blood sugar levels.
  2. Ozempic helped people manage their cravings and appetite making them adhere to a diabetes-friendly diet.
  3. Some users also noticed modest weight loss during their treatment journey.
  4. Other individuals didn't experience the same degree of improvement in their blood glucose levels or weight.
  5. A few of them associated the product with side effects (a mix of serious and common).

With the right prescription, Ozempic is a helpful medication for diabetes management.

Most especially when it comes to blood sugar control and other factors related to it.

But keep in mind that the weight loss effects of Ozempic is just its side effect.

Also – just like WeGovy, using it solely for the sake of losing excess weight is dangerous.

So overall, remember that Ozempic is for diabetes and you shouldn't use it for other reasons.


In summary, WeGovy is the winner in this chapter (in the context of weight loss).

Again – it's specifically made to tackle weight loss problems.

Meanwhile, Ozempic targets type 2 diabetes.

So if we're only talking about losing weight and its related problems then WeGovy is better than Ozempic.

But again, remember that both products have risks so make sure to consult a doctor before using any of them.




#4 – Side Effects – DRAW

Now – we're going to discuss the potential adverse effects of WeGovy and Ozempic.

Although both products share the same active ingredient, they still have some differences in this chapter.

1. WeGovy

WeGovy comes with some possible adverse effects.

So you should not be shocked since not all people will react the same way to it.

With that, let me list down the varying adverse effects it might cause:

  • allergy to the medication
  • headache, fatigue or dizziness
  • swelling around the injected site
  • gastrointestinal issues (vomiting, loose bowel movements, constipation or bloating)
  • increased heart rate
  • lower blood sugar levels (than normal)
  • complications related to kidney, pancreas and/or gallbladder
  • affected mental well-being (depression or thoughts of self-harm)
  • diabetic retinopathy

Just so you know – semaglutide is already a GLP-1 agonist receptor.

So it's essential to remember that you shouldn't take other medicines that have the same kind of compound.

The reason for this is that if those drugs are combined, the result can lead to organ damage (worse case).

Additionally – familiarize yourself with the list of medical conditions that are not suitable with WeGovy.

In that way, further health complications can be prevented beforehand.

For the last part, exercise caution if you have past experiences with mental health issues.

Again – WeGovy has been associated with the said problems recently.

You just need to be informed that semaglutide interacts with neurotransmitters.

Well – the relationship between the product and the said problem is still under study.

But if you ask me, it's best to stay away from WeGovy and just find better weight loss alternatives.

2. Ozempic

As I've mentioned, Ozempic's potential side reactions can't be avoided.

So if you use it randomly or without consulting your doctor, it can be risky:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • stomach discomfort and irritability
  • hypoglycemia
  • swelling of the pancreas
  • kidney failure or damage
  • vision loss or blindness (diabetic retinopathy)
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • risk of thyroid cancer
  • allergic reactions or rashes in the injection site
  • possible hair loss/shedding

At first, you might think that the list above is almost similar to WeGovy.

But the real deal revolves around Ozempic causing hair loss and thinning.

As I said previously, weight loss is just a secondary effect of the product.

So people with diabetes who also need to lose weight might find it a good thing.

However, it can also be a bad thing since rapid weight reduction can cause hair loss in very few people.

The temporary shedding is called telogen effluvium [8].

With that, I strongly advise you to not use Ozempic if you don't suffer from diabetes.

But for those who do, it's up to you whether you'll try the product or not.

Lastly – just like WeGovy, it's best not to use Ozempic with other drugs that contain GLP-1 agonist receptors.


Overall – WeGovy and Ozempic are not free from potential side effects.

If you ask me, they have the same degree of adverse effects in their respective target health issues.

With that, you should be careful when using any of the products.

But in terms of weight loss, I highly encourage you to just seek other safer alternatives.



#5 – Price – WINNER: WeGovy

In the final category, we're going to compare the prices of WeGovy and Ozempic.

If you ask me – their price tags are both excessively expensive.

So with that, let me elaborate on the reasons below.

Note: I will only analyze the price of the 2 products.

1. WeGovy

Now – getting Wegovy isn't as easy as purchasing online or in a physical store.

You'll need a prescription from your doctor to buy it.

With that, let's talk about how much it costs:

  • A one-month supply will require you to pay $1349.02
  • The actual price might change depending on your insurance coverage

If you do the math, you need to spend about $337 for a weekly shot.

While it might seem reasonable since it's a prescription medication, it's actually expensive.

Most especially if you're just targeting your excess weight and you don't have obesity-related health problems.

Well, WeGovy might work for some but I still don't recommend that you use it if your body doesn't need it.

Again – it can be risky for your health so you really need to be careful.

In my view, there are other weight loss treatments that are more affordable but still equally effective.

2. Ozempic

On the other hand, Ozempic's price is even more expensive:

  • One pen costs $935.77 (regardless of the dose of semaglutide)
  • Health insurance can give you a discount but it still depends on the type you have

As I've said previously, you need to inject Ozempic once a week.

So that would be $935.77 x 4 = $3743.08 for one month of treatment.

If you ask me, that's almost thrice the price of WeGovy.

Honestly – if you're going to just use it for the sake of losing excess pounds, it's not worth it.

Not to mention that it's not really made for weight loss (but for diabetes).

So overall – it's really not a smart and practical decision to spend a significant amount of money on it.


To summarize, WeGovy's price is obviously way lower than Ozempic's pricing.

But even so, I don't advise you to get it for weight loss since there are more affordable and effective options.

Additionally – I don't think you should really compare their prices since they are not the same products.

Lastly, you should reconsider it twice before spending thousands of dollars a month on any of them.




#6 – Pros & Cons

To wrap it up, we're going to list the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of both products.

So in this way, you'll gain a clearer understanding of what WeGovy and Ozempic have to offer.

Also – to give you an idea which of them is suitable for the purpose of losing weight.

1. WeGovy

2. Ozempic



My Verdict – WeGovy Or Ozempic?

Short answer: Obviously it's WeGovy – since it's a prescription medicine dedicated to weight loss.

Based on the summary of winners, here are the results for each product:

  • WeGovy won in 3 chapters
  • Ozempic is advantageous in 1 chapter

Additionally – both products got a DRAW result in terms of side effects.

Now – let me list down the reasons why WeGovy is better than Ozempic in this review:

  • It's specifically formulated to aid weight loss
  • Contains specialized dose of semaglutide to address excess weight and problems related to it
  • Its list price is way lower than Ozempic

Again – Ozempic is prescribed to people who are suffering from diabetes.

Even though it caused weight reduction for some of its users, it shouldn't be considered a weight loss treatment.

So if we're only talking about which product will give better results for people who are overweight/obese, it's WeGovy.

However – both of them come with potential health risks.

So unless your doctor and your health status don't require you to use it, just find safer options.

In addition, they are very highly priced so it's an added factor why it's not a practical weight loss regimen.

PhenQ ReviewSo what's my better recommendation?- Let me introduce to you PhenQ.

It's my top suggested weight loss supplement due to several good reasons:

  • Formulated with highly effective ingredients
  • Clinically proven to reduce excess weight and body fats
  • Offers 5 unique mechanisms of action to curb cravings and prevent further weight gain
  • Budget-friendly weight loss solution
  • Safe and easy to incorporate into your daily routine

A lot of you might have thought that PhenQ, being a supplement, is less potent.

But in reality, it's a superior alternative with remarkable weight loss potential as proven by its users.

Additionally – its formula is less risky given its amazing effects.

To add even more, it only costs $69 for a month's supply but you can even get it for as low as $37.

Honestly – PhenQ is the best choice if your goal is to shed those extra pounds, halt weight gain and suppress your appetite.

In my view, investing in it is a smarter and more practical move.

For its top-tier qualities, you'll definitely get your money's worth.

So that's why it remains as my #1 weight loss supplement recommendation.
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