Viviscal Pro VS Viviscal Extra Strength – Which Is Better?

It’s time to compare 2 really popular hair supplements – Viviscal Pro VS Viviscal Extra Strength.

As you can see, both products come from the same brand.

But which one is the better option?:

  • Which works for more hair issues?
  • What version is better for long-term effects?
  • Which supplement is more worth buying?

Well, let me give you the best recommendation.

So let's find out what is the best version of Viviscal out there.

Note: This review is based on my experience + research on these 2 products.

Viviscal Pro Or Extra Strength? (In A Nutshell)

After comparing the 2 products – I would say that Viviscal Extra Strength is better.

So let me list down the main reasons why:

  • a lot of people tried and proved that it works
  • has a more affordable pricing
  • easily available in several retailers
  • has several authentic reviews online

Now, Viviscal Pro has indeed a stronger formulation.

It has an extra ingredient and the doses are slightly higher.

However – there are very limited user reviews (to prove its claims).

Also, it's not very easy to buy it – on the contrary.

You can only get it through doctors, clinics and salons (specific ones).

Considering its pretty regular formula, that doesn't really make sense.

I also want to mention that both products have the same pills and serving size.

But they are also different in terms of price:

  • Viviscal Extra Strength costs around $27
  • Viviscal Pro is around $45 to $60 (according to rumors)

So again – the more affordable choice is Viviscal Extra Strength.

Still, if you're looking for the best hair supplement out there, I wouldn't recommend any of the two.

In fact, there's a better alternative than both of them:

  • way more affordable
  • ingredients are a lot more powerful (potency + dosage)
  • formula can help with several hair issues
  • works for both shedding and hair growth

And you can find more about this better alternative right below.

But if I have to choose between the 2 Viviscal products, my pick is probably the Extra Strength.




#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: Viviscal Pro

If you ask me, Viviscal Pro has a stronger formula compared to Extra Strength:

  • has an additional ingredient (Apple extract)
  • some of the compounds have higher doses
  • the overall formulation is more potent

However, none of these formulations is extremely impressive overall.

The Pro versions lacks most essential vitamins/minerals for hair (niacin, zinc, iron, etc.).

On the other hand, the Extra Strength could be better in terms of herbal compounds.

That's why Viviscal's formulas aren't as good as those of other hair supplements.

But let me give you more info about each version.

Note: I analyzed the key ingredients of the two hair products.

1. Extra Strength's Ingredients

Firstly – Viviscal Extra Strength has some classic compounds.

I'm talking about the regular version of all the ingredients the brand uses.

So here are some of its notable ingredients:

  1. AminoMar® Marine Complex – supports hair growth and health [1]
  2. Horsetail Extract – stimulates hair growth
  3. Millet Extract – reduces shedding and thinning [2]
  4. Zinc – accelerates hair follicle recovery [3]
  5. Niacin – enhances hair growth [4]

If you ask me, most of its ingredients are decent enough.

But their hair benefits aren't the most impressive ones:

  • most can't do anything for hair loss
  • do not treat thinning due to DHT excess (very common)
  • not enough to fight most causes of hair fall

As I said before – this product (and Viviscal in general) is great for growing hair that is already healthy.

But it can't really improve hair loss or thinning.

Now – compared to the Pro version, Viviscal Extra Strength:

  • contains iron and zinc
  • has a slightly lower dose of AminoMar (15 mg less)
  • contains Horsetail

So it surely has its own advantages, in terms of composition.

But they aren't enough to compensate the slightly higher doses of the Pro version.

2. Pro‘s Ingredients

As Imentioned, Viviscal Pro has a slightly better composition:

  • higher doses for the main ingredient
  • contains extra compounds (herbal extract + amino acids)

Let me list down the ingredients worth mentioning:

  1. L-Cysteine – promotes stronger hair [5]
  2. Apple Extract – supports keratin production for fuller hair [6]
  3. L-methionine – treats hair loss and breakage

Again – it also contains AminoMar in a higher dose (475 mg).

Since it's Viviscal's strongest ingredient, it might make a difference.

Also  – I would say that the additional compounds can also add up.

The only downside I see is that it lacks certain ingredients from the other version:

  • iron, zinc and other vitamins/minerals
  • Horsetail

But still, the doses of the missing compounds are pretty low.

So I still think that Viviscal Pro is better in this case.


If you compare both products, Viviscal Pro's formula is better than the one of Extra Strength.

Both supplements have about the same goals:

  • Pro version helps fuller and thicker hair growth
  • Extra Strength supports hair growth

None of them is good enough for hair loss/thinning.

So if you're only buying it for fuller hair, go for the Pro version (also promotes growth additionally).

Other than that, none of them makes an impressive option.



#2 – Consistency & Dosage – DRAW

In this chapter, both supplements have similar features:

  • look of their tablets
  • serving size per day

If you ask me, both are very easy to take on a daily basis.

So you shouldn't have any problem at this chapter.

1. Viviscal Extra Strength

Here's what you should know about Viviscal Extra Strength's tablets:

  • round-shaped pills
  • cream to yellow color
  • formulated as tablets

Now, this product's tablet formulation can be a downside.

Some people prefer pills with a gelatin cover, just because they are smoother to swallow. 

So if that's not a major factor, it won't be a big issue.

Also – the instructions recommend 2 pills daily.

2. Viviscal Pro

Now – Viviscal Pro has almost the same looks:

  • comes in tablet form
  • light yellow color
  • small round shape

In addition, it has the same serving size (2 pills/day).

Also – both supplements recommend taking them for 3-6 months.

You need to follow (at least) this interval to see the best results.


To summarize, the two supplements have the same features:

  • serving size
  • tablet looks

So it's really up to your preferences to choose which one you like.

If you ask me, I would say that Viviscal Pro is more worth the effort.

But overall, the pills of both versions are almost identical.



#3 – Results  WINNER: Viviscal Extra Strength

After a careful research, the Extra Strength has more customer reviews.

This means that a lot more people tried it (than Viviscal Pro).

But let's take a look at the result experienced by the previous users.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Viviscal Extra Strength

Firstly – Viviscal Extra Strength is available on Amazon.

So I looked into it and found thousands of reviews:

  1. Most of the customers said they now have a thicker hair.
  2. Some noticed less hair loss and thinning.
  3. Others said their hair grew faster and longer.
  4. The rest experienced some new hair growth.

All of the statements above are the most common results.

If you ask me, I prefer a product with more authentic reviews.

In this way, you can see some different scenarios after using the product.

But overall – Viviscal Extra Strength seems work decently for people who tried it.

It's not amazing for hair loss or thinning – but it does help with growth.

2. Viviscal Pro

Now – Vivisxcal Pro has a different situation.

It can only be bought through doctors, clinics and salons.

So it's really hard to know how it worked for people.

But at least, I found some success stories featured on its website:

  1. Some people noticed less hair shedding and thinning.
  2. Others said they had new hair growth after using it consistently.
  3. There were users saying that they now have stronger and thicker hair.
  4. The rest stated that their hair health got better because of the product.

However – I couldn't guarantee if those reviews are true and unbiased.

There was no way I could find some opinions outside the official pages.

Since the product isn't available online, it's hard to tell for sure.

So unlike the other version, Viviscal Pro doesn't have a very trustworthy feedback.


If you ask me, Viviscal Extra Strength has more authentic reviews.

That's because it's more accessible than Viviscal Pro.

So when it comes real user experiences, Viviscal Extra Strength is better.

You can read various comments on how it worked for people.




#4 – Side Effects – DRAW

Now – let's talk about the adverse reactions caused by the two supplements.

But things are pretty different for for Viviscal Pro and Extra Strength.

So let's explain further in each category.

1. Viviscal Extra Strength

I checked out the reviews of Viviscal Extra Strength on Amazon.

So far – here are the complaints of people who tried it:

  • headaches and dizziness
  • stomach cramps and diarrhea
  • nausea 
  • hair fall

As you can see, some people can't tolerate its formula.

But then again, not everyone will experience these issues.

I would recommend taking it on a full stomach.

In this way – you can at least prevent your digestive side reactions.

2. Viviscal Pro

Again – Viviscal Pro has very few customer reviews.

It's almost impossible to know the side effects it causes regularly.

But if you ask me, its formula is not far from Viviscal's classic compounds.

So there's a possibility that it will cause the same side effects:

  • nausea and headaches
  • diarrhea and stomachache
  • hair fall/loss

But then again – we're not 100% sure about that.

Overall – the formula is pretty safe to take.


If you ask me, it's hard to compare the two supplements at this chapter.

That's because Viviscal Pro has very few reviews from customers.

So at this moment, I couldn't tell which one is safer.

But considering their formulas, both products are pretty well-tolerated, I would say.



#5 – Price WINNER: Viviscal Extra Strength

Now, Viviscal Extra Strength costs less than the Pro version.

Also – it can easily be bought in several retailers.

Note: I will only analyze the price of the 2 hair supplements (without the other products from their range).

1. Viviscal Extra Strength

Again – Viviscal Extra Strength is easier to find.

You can buy it on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and Ulta.

So here are the deals about its pricing:

  • Single box is $26.90 (on Amazon)
  • Monthly subscription is available on official website ($33.33/pack)
  • Free shipping and some freebies offered

The pricing above is only for a month supply.

Honestly – you don't really need the subscription.

This supplement's price on Amazon is lower than on its official website.

And from what I saw, the product seems to be the original version as well.

But you're free to choose where to buy it, since it's almost available anywhere.

2. Viviscal Pro

Unfortunately, Viviscal Pro is very hard to find.

Again – you can only buy it from the following places:

  • doctors and clinics
  • salons
  • its official website (only through a licensed practitioner)

So honestly, I can only list down the pricing rumors:

  • One box (60 pills) costs around $60
  • Can also be bought for about $45 (discounted price)
  • Lowest price is if you buy the 3 months supply

If you ask me, I find it quite expensive.

On top of that, you have to make an appointment to get your hands on it.

So it's not really accessible, even though its formula isn't too exclusive.

Also – you need to be careful of the other versions (expect for the one from Amazon, which is probably real).

The others ones don't seem completely legitimate.


Between the 2 supplements, Viviscal Extra Strength is more affordable.

Not only that, but it's also available in several retailers.

So honestly – it's more convenient to buy.

It's not my top recommended hair supplement, though, if you want me to be honest.




#6 – Pros & Cons

If you're still torn between the two products, let me give you a quick summary.

I listed down below the advantages and disadvantages of each supplement.

1. Viviscal Extra Strength


2. Viviscal Pro



My Verdict – Viviscal Pro Or Extra Strength?

Short answer: Probably Extra Strength – since it scored better overall:

  • Viviscal Extra Strength won 2 chapters
  • Viviscal Pro won 1 chapter

As you can see, there are two chapters where both products had a draw rating.

But based on several reasons, Viviscal Extra Strength is slightly better.

So here are the reasons why:

  • a lot of people were satisfied with it
  • much more affordable
  • easily to buy by anyone

Now – if you want a supplement for hair loss/growth, I have an honest recommendation.

But it's none of Viviscal's versions.

Let me introduce to you Folexin – my #1 recommended hair supplement:

  1. Works way better than Viviscal Extra Strength/Pro
  2. Very good in treating hair loss, thinning and shedding.
  3. Promotes and boosts hair growth and volume
  4. Contains the best combination of ingredients
  5. Comes with very affordable pricing 

Now – the original price of Folexin is $24.95.

But you can get it for as low as $17-18 (for a larger supply).

So if you compare it with the two supplements, it's way more affordable.

Not only that, but it also contains vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

All of them are proven to fight hair issues and most cases of shedding.

Overall – I suggest you to go for Folexin instead.

I definitely think it's the best value for your money.


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: January 7, 2023

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