6 Ways To Stop (And Prevent) Hair Loss

Have you noticed that you lose more hair lately?

Are you worried that the health of your hair is deteriorating?

Here are 6 effective ways to stop and prevent hair loss!

They will help you discover the secrets to a healthy, beautiful and shiny hair!

I assure you – these tips will help you more than you imagine!

Note. This article is based on my own research on ways to stop and prevent hair loss.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamins are essential when it comes to hair loss.

Among them, vitamin A is the first one that should be included on our list.

That's because it plays an important role in your hair health. [1]

Here are some of the benefits of vitamin A for your hair:

  • supports a healthy hair growth
  • helps you keep your scalp moisturized
  • prevents hair fall due to breakage and other problems
  • makes your hair stronger

As you can observe, vitamin A is vital for your hair

So if you want to stop and prevent hair loss, make sure that you get the amount that you need.

However, keep in mind that too much vitamin A might have the opposite effect.

Thus, do not take more than is necessary!

How can you get the amount of vitamin A that your hair needs?

Well, you have two options:

  • take a supplement
  • eat foods rich in vitamin A

Let's take them in order.

Taking a supplement surely is beneficial for your hair health.

However, make sure that you follow the instructions written on the product's label.

In this way, you assure that you take the exact amount of vitamin A that your organism needs.

Another option is to eat foods rich in vitamin A.

One advantage of this option is that you can't get too much vitamin A.

What foods are rich in vitamin A? Well, here are some examples:

  • leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli)
  • orange and yellow vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin)
  • tomatoes
  • magos
  • milk
  • eggs
  • fish oils

There are a lot of foods that are rich in vitamin A, right?

So you certainly need to give those foods a try!

Thus, do not forget about this vitamin and keep your hair healthy!


Vitamin A is very important for your hair health, as it prevents hair fall and boosts its growth.

That's why it is important to get the amount of vitamin A that your body needs.

You can do that by taking a supplement that contains vitamin A or by eating foods rich in it. 



2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is so popular among food lovers, as it is added both in sweet and salty dishes.

So it's definitely a great ingredient for many delicious recipes.

However, you probably already know that essential oils are beneficial for your hair.

However, did you know that coconut oil can stop and prevent hair loss?

As this might be brand new information for you, I will give you some more details:

  • slows down hair loss
  • prevents the breakage of your hair [2]
  • moisturizes your hair and scalp
  • removes buildup around follicles
  • boosts hair growth

I told you that coconut oil is one of the best oils for hair loss!

Moreover, it is very accessible! You can easily find it in numerous stores.

How can you use it for your hair problem?

  • prepare a hair mask that includes it
  • apply it on your scalp

There are many hair masks that contain coconut oil.

So, you just need to pick the one that suits you and to use it regularly.

Also, if you don't want to prepare the hair mask at home – you can buy one already prepared. 

However, as usual, I advise you to make the mask yourself.

Such a mask is more natural than the ones you find in stores.

So, let me explain to you how to use coconut oil for your hair:

  1. First, wash your hair and use conditioner.
  2. Then, rub a little coconut oil through your hair.
  3. Or use coconut oil as a hair mask.
  4. Just rub some coconut oil through your hair and let it sit overnight.
  5. Then, wash your hair as usual.

Here, I have to mention one more thing.

If your scalp is rather oily, I recommend keeping the hair mask on your hair for only 20-30 minutes.

After that, you should wash your hair thoroughly.

If your scalp is dry, then it is better for you to let the mask sit overnight.

What do you think? It is easy to put into practice this remedy, right?


As other essential oils, coconut oil contributes to the health of your hair.

In fact, coconut oil can slow down hair loss and prevent its breakage and fall.

So make sure that use it regularly (either apply it to your hair or make a hair mask with it).



3. Biotin

Beside vitamin A, biotin or vitamin B7 is another important vitamin for your hair health.

Probably this information is also known to you, as many cosmetic products contain it. 

Biotin can certainly help you improve the health of your hair. 

Want to know more about biotin and its benefits?

Then, let me tell you a few more detail about this amazing vitamin:

  • improves the structure of keratin
  • boosts your hair health, including volume and coverage on the scalp
  • biotin deficiency can cause thinning hair [3]
  • can help you deal with hair loss

In fact, if your body does not receive the amount of biotin that it needs, your hair suffers.

Thus, by getting the biotin that you need, you can prevent and stop hair loss.

The question that remained unanswered is how to get the biotin that you want so much.

Well, here I can also talk about two options:

  • take a supplement that contains biotin
  • eat foods rich in biotin

Taking a supplement doesn't require too much time or energy.

You just need to make sure that the product you choose is of high quality.

However, eating foods is a more delicious way of solving your problem.

Just let me show how many tasty foods you can eat:

  • eggs
  • bananas
  • legumes (chickpeas, kidney beans, etc.)
  • nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.)
  • seeds (sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.)
  • beef liver
  • mushrooms
  • salmon
  • pork
  • sweet potatoes

And the list can go on.

In fact, there are so many foods rich in biotin that I can't mention all of them here.

But those that I managed to mention are some of the most appetizing and healthy.

So do not forget to include biotin in your daily meals.

You have so many options that it is impossible not to find something to your taste.


Biotin is another vitamin that your hair needs, especially if you suffer from hair loss.

In fact, biotin can improve the structure of keratin and promotes your hair health.

That's why it is important to either take a biotin supplement or eat foods rich in biotin.



4. Scalp Massage

What better way to prevent and stop hair loss than to massage your scalp?

I think that this solution is accessible to every person, including you and me.

Moreover, who doesn't need a massage from time to time?

Especially if this massage contributes to the health of our hair.

Is scalp massage indeed helpful for you? You bet!:

  • promotes hair growth
  • stimulates blood flow
  • strengthens hair follicles
  • helps your hair regenerate

A great plus to those benefits is that scalp massage can also help you relax.

So if you are dealing with a lot of stress lately, scalp massage is what you are looking for.

What do you need to put into practice this remedy?

Well, you don't need much. Scalp massage can be made using the following:

  • your fingers
  • a device designed for this

Which of those two is best for you? 

Well, both of them have very good results, so it's up to you which one you pick.

Using a device is relaxing and beneficial for your hair.

However, it is not necessary to have one in order to massage your scalp.

So, if you are more interested in the first option, I can give you some extra instructions:

  1. Use the fingers of both hands to apply light pressure to your scalp.
  2. Massage your scalp by moving your fingers in small circles.
  3. Make sure that you cover all the areas of your scalp.
  4. Try to massage your scalp at least 5 minutes at a time, several times a day.

Should you use an essential oil when you massage your scalp?

Actually, scalp massage is usually done without oil.

Yet, if you want to, you can use one essential oil that you like, including coconut oil.

The only thing that you need to remember is to massage your scalp on a daily basis.

Only in this way will you be able to promote your hair growth and regain your confidence!


Scalp massage is one of the easiest ways in which you can prevent and stop hair loss.

Moreover, it can help you strengthen your hair follicles and regenerate your hair.

Thus, make sure that you massage your scalp on a daily basis.



5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera for skin, aloe vera for hair, aloe vera juice, and aloe vera cosmetic products.

We are already used to the so-many products that contain aloe vera.

Also, I have to confess that aloe vera is one of my favorite plants too. 

That's because aloe vera is so beneficial for our hair and health. [4]

So, let's find out how aloe vera can help you prevent and stop hair loss:

  • promotes hair growth
  • strengthens and repairs hair strands 
  • calms an itchy scalp
  • improves the health of your hair
  • helps you clean an oily scalp 

As you can notice, aloe vera sustains the health both of your hair and scalp.

Moreover, if you are dealing with an oily scalp, aloe vera is your aid.

What do you need to do in order to benefit from all the properties of aloe vera?

Well, you need to prepare a hair mask for your hair and to use it regularly.

Of course, you can also buy a mask already prepared for you.

But making your own mask has its advantages like the fact that it is more natural.

This being said, let's get to work. So, here are the ingredients that you need:

  •  2 teaspoons of fresh aloe vera gel 
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 2 teaspoons of coconut oil

This is what you need to do:

  1. Stir the aloe vera gel, the honey, and the coconut oil together.
  2. Massage and apply the mask to your hair and scalp.
  3. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
  4. Wash your hair as normal and rinse it thoroughly.
  5. Your hair is already healthier, right?

This mask contains just three ingredients, but they are exactly what you need.

I already talked about the benefits of aloe vera and coconut oil.

However, I assure you that honey is as effective as those two.

So, do not forget to give this mask a go!

By the way, I also need to tell you how often you should use this mask:

  • 1 time per week if your hair is oily
  • 2 times per week if your hair is dry

Make sure that you follow these instructions, ok?

If you do that, I'm sure that you will manage to prevent hair loss or regrow your hair.


Aloe vera is another remedy that you should definitely try.

That's because it has many benefits – like the fact that it improves the health of your hair.

So remember to prepare a hair mask with aloe vera and to use it regularly. 



6. A Good Hair and Scalp Care Routine

Are you sure that your hair care routine is beneficial for your hair?

Do you want to find out what mistakes you might be doing when your style your hair?

Well, then, you came to the right place!

Let me tell you how to take care of your hair so that it stops falling.

Here are some tips that you might not know:

  • avoid high-heat styling tools
  • use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair
  • don't chemically treat or bleach your hair
  • use a soft brush made from natural fibers

Let's take those in order.

Firstly we should talk about high-heat styling tools

I know that avoiding those is quite a challenge, but they can have a negative impact on your hair.

This does not mean that you shouldn't use them from time to time.

However, in long term, they can dehydrate and damage your hair

So try to stay away from:

  • hair dryers
  • hair curling irons
  • hair straighteners

Instead, try to use heatless curling products and let your hair air-dry.

Moreover, when you wash your hair, remember to use both shampoo and conditioner.

However, they should be suitable for your hair and free from these ingredients:

  • parabens
  • silicons
  • sulfates

So next time when you go shopping, make sure that you read the label of the products you choose.

Talking about harmful substances, I should say that bleaching your hair is not good for you.

That especially if you are already dealing with hair loss.

Not to mention the chemical treatments that you might use. 

So try to limit your use of the following:

  • dyes
  • highlights
  • peroxide treatments
  • perms

Last, but not least, treat your hair with care and use a brush made of natural fibers.

Such a tool can promote the health of your hair, so don't forget about brushing your hair.


Your hair care routine should be beneficial for your hair, especially if you want to regenerate it.

Thus, try to avoid any high-heat styling products and harmful substances for your hair. 

Also, it is better for you to use a brush made from natural fibers.



My Final Verdict

Do you find a big clump of hair on your pillow every morning?

Are you afraid that things will become worse?

Or do you simply want to make sure that your hair stays healthy?

Here are 6 simple ways to stop and prevent hair loss:

  • eat foods rich in vitamin A
  • use coconut oil
  • include biotin in your daily meals
  • massage your scalp
  • try aloe vera
  • have a good hair and scalp care routine

Make sure that you try those tips and you will see how your hair will regain its shine and health.

Also, do not forget to be patient and persistent.

I'm sure that your effort will be rewarded and your hair will look more beautiful than ever.



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