My Review: Resurge Deep Sleep Formula (2024) – Really Works?

It’s time to review Resurge Deep Sleep Formula – a supplement designed for diet and sleep.

So does it work for both? I would think twice about it:

  • hard to use
  • basic formula
  • quite pricey

If you're curious about it, let's find out its most important details in this review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Resurge Deep Sleep Formula.

Review Summary

Review Resurge Deep Sleep FormulaFull Name: Resurge Deep Sleep & High Support Formula by Adonis Lifestyle

Product Type: Sleep Supplement

Best Actual Prize: Starts at $34/bottle (for a 180 day supply)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Official Website

Designed For: Burning fat and supporting sleep

My Rating: 3 out of 10

Recommended?: No – it has a lot of red flags (in my view):

  • quite pricey
  • not very easy to take
  • basic formulation

Instead, I recommend a better alternative that makes the best sleep supplement I know.


What I Liked About It

  • Offers discounted bundles/packages
  • Has some decent ingredients
  • Works pretty well for sleep


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Really weak effect for weight loss
  • Quite pricey for its value
  • A lot of customer complaints
  • Unclear product background
  • Causes a lot of side effects
  • Lots of biased 3rd party reviews



Resurge In A Nutshell

Review Resurge Deep Sleep FormulaFirstly – Resurge Deep Sleep Formula is a sleep supplement.

It also promotes weight loss, but I wouldn't necessarily focus on that.

That's simply because there's not enough evidence that it works for diet.

Also – it's made up of essential nutrients, minerals and herbal compounds.

But based on my careful research, I found some red flags about it:

  • no solid background
  • biased 3rd party reviews
  • some customer complaints
  • causes adverse effects

Now – its results vary from one customer to another.

But it's quite obvious that it doesn't have an excellent effect on the body.

For the price of $49 for a bottle (120 capsules), it's not worth it.

However – this dose is only for 30 days.

So if you do the math, you will need more than one bottle to see some results.

In my view, Resurge Deep Sleep Formula is not worth this price.

So that may also be the reason why a lot of buyers call it a rip-off.

It's also one of the few reasons why I don't recommend it.

I suggest you to try an alternative that is worth investing in.



#1 – Claims & Producer

First of all – don't expect too much info about Resurge.

I will try to give you the main things I found out about:

  • how it works
  • what health issues it targets
  • the company behind it
1. Claims

Based on its website, it's the only product in the world that contains these 8 special nutrients.

Also – it claims to “help improve deep‑sleep in both women and men.”

The product also claims to have the following benefits:

  • burns fat
  • regenerates the body
  • promotes good sleep

Other than that, Resurge Deep Sleep Formula has the following features:

  • 100% all-natural
  • non-GMO
  • vegetarian

Lastly – it also says that using it for 90-180 days is the best for optimal results.

If you ask me, these promises are not that impressive. 

That's simply because there's a lot of unclear info I found about it.

So let's discuss Resurge further on.

2. Company Behind

Resurge Deep Sleep Formula is manufactured by Adonis Lifestyle.

Based on my careful research, here's what I found about this brand:

  • some complaints on BBB
  • only the official website has some info about it
  • contact detail only includes email

Honestly – the website doesn't talk too much about the benefits of this product.

It only promotes the bundles and prices you can get when you buy it.

So in my view, it's a red flag from all points of view.

Not to mention the complaints about refunds and deliveries (on BBB).

Overall – I don't think it's practical to buy from the brand.

I suggest you to just look for an alternative with a more credible background.


#2 – Ingredients (3 out of 10)

Now – Resurge has a very basic formula.

It does contain essential nutrients, minerals and herbal compounds for sleep.

However – the overall composition isn't too impressive:

  • only one weight loss ingredient
  • not very effective for decreasing appetite

In other words – its formula looks much better when it comes to improving sleep.

In terms of weight loss, it looks pretty disappointing.

Some ingredients have lower doses, while the rest have some higher ones.

So I'm quite intrigued about how it can benefit the diet and the sleep.

On paper, here are the benefits of the compounds from this product:

  1. Magnesium – helps the body relax and reduces stress [1]
  2. L-Arginine – reduces sleep deprivation and supports growth hormone
  3. Zinc – provides calmness and has antidepressant properties [2]
  4. L-Lysine – supports a long and uninterrupted sleep [3]
  5. Ashwagandha Root Extract – induces sleep and shortens sleep latency [4]
  6. Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract – aids weight loss and lowers appetite [5]
  7. L-Theanine – eases anxiety, insomnia and stress [6]
  8. Melatonin – can improve sleep pattern and body clock

Again – Resurge claims to help with both diet and sleep.

But as I said, it doesn't really do this.

Judging after its ingredients, there's only one compound for weight loss.

So don't expect too much in that department, since it's more helpful on sleep.


Overall – Resurge's ingredients are quite decent.

It has some essential nutrients and herbal extracts.

However, it's only beneficial for sleep and not very effective for weight loss.

So honestly – it's not the best out there at all.



#3 – Consistency & Dosage (3 out of 10)

As I mentioned, Resurge has some unclear details.

It lacks actual photos and info about its capsules.

There is indeed a picture online, but I cannot verify if it's the real appearance.

That's because it doesn't come from the official website itself.

So here's how it might look like:

  • probably beige to brown-green capsules
  • smells like herbs
  • normal/average size pills

Fortunately – the product instructions are indicated on the label.

It recommends taking 4 pills daily (30 minutes before bedtime).

Honestly – that's way too much, if you ask me.

As I mentioned previously, it's recommended to take it consistently.

The minimum duration is 90-180 days (for maximum results).

Honestly, I don't think it's actually worth the effort – given its formula.

Overall – Resurge is very hard to take.

So I urge you to look for options that are a lot more convenient.



#4 – Results (5 out of 10)

Now – I was quite curious about how Resurge actually works.

So I looked for its user reviews in different online marketplaces.

I do this to get honest opinions only and to avoid being biased.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

As usual, I chose Amazon to check for authentic customer reviews.

Here are the satisfied comments of the previous buyers:

  1. Some said that it made their body better and healthy.
  2. Others mentioned that it helped them with their sleepless nights.
  3. Most of them experienced more relaxed and non-groggy mornings.
  4. There are some who noticed improvements in their weight and cholesterol.

The overall rating of this supplement is not that impressive.

It only got 3.6 stars out of 5 from all of its review.

Honestly – almost all of the positive opinions only mentioned that it helped with sleep.

I haven't really seen in-depth comments on how it really worked.

2. Negative Opinions

On the other hand, a lot of previous buyers didn't like Resurge Deep Sleep Formula.

So if you're curious, here are their reasons:

  1. Most of them said that it didn't help with sleep at all.
  2. Some mentioned that it's just a rip-off and a waste of money.
  3. Others experienced the opposite effect.
  4. The rest consider it a false advertisement and very expensive.

If you ask me, I don't think the product is a scam.

It works for some – but its results are minimal (especially for the price it has).

So I understand why some of those users mentioned that it's a rip-off.


Overall – Resurge Deep Sleep Formula has some mixed reviews.

The positive and the negative feedback is quite connected.

Basically, users said that it only works minimally for its high price.

So if you ask me, I suggest you to look for some better and more effective options.




#5 – Side Effects (4 out of 10)

Review Resurge Deep Sleep FormulaI saw enough complaints about Resurge Deep Sleep Formula.

Most of it came from customers who experienced adverse effects.

So if you're curious, here are the side effects I read about:

  • sleepless nights
  • restlessness
  • stomach ache
  • nausea/dizziness
  • weight gain

These situations are not that serious, if you think about it.

But they can also be an indication that the product is not properly effective.

That's why I recommend you to look for other safer options.

I'm talking about products that are effective with minimal chances of causing side effects.


#6 – Price (4 out of 10)

Honestly – Resurge Deep Sleep Formula is quite pricey for its value.

So in my view, it's not the best option for a sleep supplement.

1. The Exact Price

As I mentioned, the product is available on Amazon.

But you can get special offers from the official website:

  • One bottle costs $49
  • 3 bottles cost $39 each ($117 total)
  • 6 bottles cost $34 each ($204 total)
  • Additional cost for shipping

Now – it's considered that one bottle is a month's supply (120 capsules).

If you remember, it requires 4 capsules daily.

Also – it mentioned that you need to take it consistently for 90-180 days.

So that would mean you need to buy the 3 or 6 bottles packages.

Honestly, it's too expensive for its quality, so it's not practical for you to buy it.

2. Competitors’ Price

Let me give you a better option, it's my #1 recommended sleep supplement.

I'm talking about a product called Sleep Support Plus:

  1. Sleep Support Plus contains some unique and clinically tested ingredients.
  2. Its formulation is potent enough to aid and promote sleep.
  3. Resurge has some essential nutrients and herbal extracts in it.
  4. Sleep Support Plus requires 2 capsules daily for the best effect.
  5. Resurge requires 4 pills per day.
  6. Sleep Support Plus is normally $28 but it can be bought for only $19.
  7. A bottle of Resurge costs $49 (30 days supply).

Now – the best price for Resurge Deep Sleep Formula is $34/bottle.

But you will only get that when you purchase the 180 days supply.

This would be 6 bottles overall and the total bill will be $204 + shipping fee.

So if you ask me, Sleep Support Plus is the best option between these 2 supplements.

Not only because it's cheaper – but also because it's way better in all aspects.

Its superior features make it a good investment of your money.


To summarize – Resurge is not that cheap at all.

Its price is not worth its real quality (as a sleep supplement).

So overall – it's not the best product you can invest your money in.




#7 – Final Conclusions

In my opinion, here's how I would summarize my view on Resurge.

1. Basic Ingredients

Firstly – the overall formula of Resurge is just decent:

  • herbal ingredients
  • essential minerals/nutrients

However, the results vary from one person to another.

So I don't find it excellent, since there is something much better available.

2. Unclear Background

Now – Resurge Deep Sleep Formula is made by Adonis Lifestyle.

But after my careful research, I haven't really found any solid info about this brand.

If you ask me, that's not a good sign for a product.

The product might not be a scam, but it surely looks like one.

3. Quite Expensive

In my view, Resurge doesn't have the best price.

Now – a single bottle costs $49, which is a month's supply.

But the brand promotes taking it for 90-180 days for the best effect.

So at 4 pills per day, you need at least 3 bottles to see what it can do – which is really pricey.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Review Resurge Deep Sleep FormulaShort answer: No – I could find a lot of disadvantages about it:

  1. Unknown background
  2. Causes side effects
  3. Quite expensive for its quality
  4. Biased 3rd party websites
  5. Some buyer complaints

Based on the customer reviews, there's only one thing I noticed.

It worked for some people (in terms of sleep).

But even so – it's not potent and it might not be effective at all.

Honestly – I don't think it's the best investment for your money and effort.

So what do I recommend instead? A supplement called Sleep Support Plus:

  • Minimal chances of causing adverse effects
  • Unique mechanism of action
  • Original and excellent mix of ingredients
  • Really made for insomnia and sleep problems

Sleep Support Plus offers superior benefits for a much lower price (compared to most products).

So overall – it's the best investment for your money, in my view.


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

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