My Review: Provillus (Hair Vitamins) – Are Its Ingredients & Side Effects Worth It?

It's time to review Provillus Hair Vitamins.

So is it a legit hair supplement?

Are its ingredients any good? And are there any side effects?

Here's what I could say about it, at a first glance:

  • weak formulation
  • expensive for its value
  • not a lot of customer reviews behind

Honestly – it's not looking good and I will tell you why in this review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Provillus Hair Vitamins.

Review Summary

Full Name: Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment by Provillus

Product Type: Hair Supplement

Best Actual Prize: Around $60

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its Official Website

Designed For: Restoring the hair completely – it claims to:

  • Enhance hair growth and volume
  • Accelerate hair cycle
  • Strengthen and thicken the hair

My Rating: 3 out of 10

Recommended?: No – there are several questionable things about it:

  • doesn't have a lot of satisfied users behind
  • has a sketchy 3rd party website
  • pretty expensive for its credibility

If you ask me, it's far from being a promising hair supplement.

There's a way better hair supplement that treats hair loss and costs less than half.


What I Liked About It

  • Based on one major herb for hair growth
  • Comes with a topical Minoxidil spray
  • Can be bought in bundles
  • Offers a 90-days money back guarantee


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Instructions are not available online
  • No ingredient list for the Minoxidil spray
  • Very few reviews from people who really tried it
  • Ingredients and formula are quite weak overall
  • Pretty pricey for what it does
  • Several sketchy versions sold online



Provillus In A Nutshell

To be honest, Provillus look very questionable.

It's a supplement that claims to be a hair restoration system.

So it works by promoting hair growth and treating hair loss.

But if you ask me, it's far from being an amazing one.

Firstly – the ingredients are few and their doses are pretty low.

So they won't do much for your hair.

Also – it comes with a Minoxidil spray.

But there's info about this spray's actual composition.

We really don't know its Minoxidil concentration and the other ingredients it might have.

Besides that, here are the other red flags about the supplement:

  • customer reviews sound very biased and promotional
  • not a lot of personal experiences from previous users
  • unclear instructions
  • has many different versions sold online

Again – you actually need to buy it to see its formula and dosage.

That's definitely not a good sign – because it's like they're just encouraging customers to spend first.

To remind you, the price of one month supply is $60, which is really expensive.

Well, that is for the set of the supplement + hair spray.

You can't really buy each product separately.

But regardless of its high pricing, it's not worth it.

I surely don't recommend it in these circumstances.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

In this chapter, we will tackle first some basic info about Provillus:

  • the benefits it has for hair
  • the producer behind it
  • what hair problems it treats
1. How It Works

At first, Provillus look like a decent hair supplement.

What I mean by that is it looks like a regular hair product.

Now – its official website claims that it is a “Hair Restoration System.”

To achieve that goal, here's how it works:

  • supports healthier hair strands
  • promotes stronger follicles
  • maintains proper hair growth function
  • reduces hair loss and thinning
  • helps you achieve thicker hair

Now – I want to mention that there's a version of the supplement for males.

But for this review, we will focus on the one designed for women.

It comes with a Minoxidil spray that you need to use while taking the supplement.

However – there are several problems I found about the hair spray:

  • no full list of its ingredients on its official website
  • unclear description or details
  • only looks like a freebie (you get it if you buy the supplement)

But let's focus back on the oral supplementation for now.

If you ask me, Provillus is not impressive at all.

In fact, it's really hard to find its real website (due to several sketchy versions online).

But even on paper, its features are surely not promising.

Actually, its website makes it look like a supplement for hair regrowth.

But to be very honest, the product itself is very far from that claim.

So let me explain below the reasons why it's not something I recommend.

2. Company Behind

Provillus is the producer behind Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment.

Here's what I found out on its website:

  • sells products for men's and women's hair health
  • can be reached through email and customer service numbers
  • ships its products internationally

Again – there are a lot of several versions online and 3rd party websites.

It's quite hard to distinguish which one is legit and which one is fake.

Also – there are not a lot of authentic reviews for the brand overall.

So it's quite hard for me to trust it, since there's a risk of getting scammed.

That especially if you didn't find the real website.

So I strongly suggest you to find a more credible company to buy from..



#2 – Ingredients (4 out of 10)

In my view, Provillus' ingredients are not decent:

  • a total of 5 active ingredients only
  • 2/5 compounds are listed in a blend
  • every dose is on the lower side

If you ask me, there's one important herb (Horsetail) present.

It's known for helping to stop hair loss, shedding and thinning.

But it's listed in a blend in Provillus.

And in most cases, herbs listed in a blend have a very low dose (and the blend hides this).

Now – let's take a look at the ingredients present in the supplement:

  1. Vitamin B6 – reduces hair loss and improves hair condition [1]
  2. Biotin – helps in the production of keratin for nail and hair health [2]
  3. Magnesium – plays an important role in the hair growth cycle
  4. Horsetail – promotes hair and follicular growth [3]
  5. para-Amino Benzoic Acid – reduces premature hair greying [4]

If you ask me, the ingredients above have several benefits for the hair.

But again – the doses are pretty low, which is not what you want.

You might see some improvements,  but you have to wait for a very long time.

However – the formula is not enough to stay true to its claims.

I know for sure there are other hair supplements with more ingredients:

  • vitamins + minerals
  • additional nutrients
  • herbs with more studies behind

So getting Provillus is not a smart choice.

That especially if you're battling hair loss and other hair issues.

Also – I want to quickly mention the formula of the free spray.

It claims to contain Minoxidil and the rest of the ingredients are not disclosed.

Now, several studies proved this substance can help with hair growth.

But we don't really know its concentration in Provillus:

  • Minoxidil usually comes as 2-5% 
  • its concentration is higher for men and lower for women

But if you ask me – it probably comes in a much lower dose in Provillus.

Otherwise, why would it hide the concentration?

In my view, this a big red flag.

So it's a big factor why I don't recommend any of these 2 products.

Either way – you couldn't really buy them separately, in case this even matters.


Honestly, Provillus' formula is not enough for its claims.

It doesn't have any top ingredients that can promote hair growth and treat hair loss.

Also – the ingredients of its spray are not fully disclosed.

So those are very strong reasons to find a better alternative.



#3 – Consistency & Dosage (4 out of 10)

Now – I found some problems with Provillus at this chapter.

1. Pills

I will first describe to you what this supplement look like:

  • regular-sized pills
  • made of gelatin capsules
  • light-brown powder inside

If you ask me, there's nothing special about its appearance.

It looks exactly like any other supplement.

2. Dosage

The instructions of Provillus are not very clear.

Actually – I didn't see any directions on its website or on its product label.

The serving size only indicates 2 capsules.

But we don't know if this should be taken once or twice a day…

So apparently, you will have to buy the product first in order to see the recommended dosage.

If you ask me, that's not the ideal situation…

That's because several problems might arise.

For example, what if it requires more than 2 pills per day?

It will be very difficult to take and you may want to switch to something else.

But you will only see this after you spend your money on it, which is not normal.

Why can other products disclose their serving size from the start and Provillus can't?

So overall – I wouldn't recommend it…



#4 – Results (3 out of 10)

Another undesirable feature of Provillus is its limited reviews.

I will tell you below why it's such a big disadvantage.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. What People Say

Again – Provillus don't have a lot of real user reviews.

There's only a total of 6 comments from customers on its website.

So first, let's take a look at what they said:

  1. Some said that it made their hair silky, shiny and looks nice.
  2. Others mentioned that it helped fix their hair problems.
  3. A few comments stated that it's a miracle hair product.
  4. The rest praised the overall quality of the supplement.

To be honest, these comments sound very promotional.

I didn't see any honest or specific criticism about it.

The majority of them only mentioned how it made their hair look pretty or perfect.

That's why I'm not fully convinced by all the reviews.

Sketchy brands tend to use this strategy to make their products appear amazing – when in reality, they're far from that.

But Provillus doesn't have any reviews on Amazon, Trust Pilot or other legit websites.

Also – the few comments that exist 3rd party websites sound very biased.

So it's up to you to decide if you trust them or not.

Honestly, I would not.


Honestly, there are no well-detailed comments about Provillus Hair Vitamins.

Also – the customer reviews only come from its own website.

So they're all very biased and sound promotional.

I strongly recommend you to look for some much better options.

Luckily, there are some available right now.




#5 – Side Effects (5 out of 10)

There are no major side effect complaints about Provillus.

Well – the reason is quite obvious.

It doesn't have too many reviews from people who tried it.

So how could it have any complaints or criticism?

But if you ask me, here's what I have to say:

  • its ingredients' doses are pretty low (and safe)
  • formula can't cause some serious side effects

Now – some people can experience headaches or stomach pain.

But those issues are very common for supplements in general.

Not to mention that they are also very rare.

So you don't need to worry too much about them.

However – I can't really guarantee that Provillus is completely safe. 

There are a lot of sketchy things about it anyway.

Despite its apparent safety, I would probably not go for it either way.




#6 – Price (2 out of 10)

The price of Provillus is questionable.

Well – all in all, it's very expensive for its credibility.

1. The Exact Price

First of all, I want to give you the details about Provillus' pricing:

  • One month supply costs $59.95
  • 3 months supply costs $39.96
  • 6 months supply costs $29.97
  • Offers free shipping for a larger supply

I want to clarify that it's sold in a set (supplement + hair spray).

You can't really buy each product alone.

If you ask me, I would say that it's just a gimmick.

There isn't much info about the hair spray alone.

It just mentioned that you have to use it together with the supplement.

To be very honest, I think it's just being promoted to look like you get a lot of value for this price.

But that's not really the case in reality.

Still, since Provillus is really expensive, they have to justify this high price somehow.

Also, even if you could buy the supplement alone, it would still not be worth it.

It has a lot of questionable signs.

So even though it's not a scam, to me – it still looks like you're being ripped off.

2. Competitors’ Price

Here's what a good hair supplement you could go for – instead of Provillus.

The product is called Folexin – and it's something I really recommend:

  1. Folexin is proven to treat hair loss and promote hair growth.
  2. It contains more vitamins, minerals and herbs in some really high doses.
  3. Provillus has a total of 5 ingredients (only) in its formula.
  4. The doses are pretty low, so it effect isn't that impressive.
  5. Folexin requires 2 capsules on a daily basis.
  6. Provillus requires you to buy it first, in order to know its dosage.
  7. Folexin only costs $24.95 per bottle normally.
  8. But you can get it for as low as $17-$18 (for a larger supply).
  9. One set of Provillus costs $59.95 – which includes the supplement + hair spray.
  10. Getting the bundles will give you a certain discount.

In my opinion, Folexin is way better than Provillus.

If you look at its features, it's quite obvious why it's the supplement I recommend.

Its ingredients are very helpful for hair loss and for most hair problems.

Besides, it probably has the very best formula I have seen in a hair supplement.

Also – its price is way more affordable for its high quality.


Overall – Provillus Hair Vitamins come with a high price tag.

At this point, I already mentioned its questionable features.

So it's definitely not a wise decision to spend money on it.

You can find better and much more affordable alternatives out there.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Overall – here are my thoughts on Provillus Hair Vitamins.

1. Not The Greatest Formula

Honestly – Provillus Hair Vitamins' formula has some problems in it:

  • very limited number of ingredients
  • the doses are pretty low
  • no ingredient list for its spray

Sure – it contains a vitamin, a mineral and a herb.

But it's not the most potent supplement for hair by any means.

Also – it's hard to trust the hair spray, because you don't know what's in it.

2. Sketchy Patterns

As I mentioned, Provillus has some questionable signs:

  • not a lot of authentic reviews
  • you only know the dosage after buying it
  • hair spray's formula is not disclosed
  • promoted by biased 3rd party websites
  • has several versions sold online

If you ask me, the points above are important factors for a product not to be trusted.

So I find it hard to recommend Provillus as a hair supplement.

3. Really Expensive

Another thing I don't like about Provillus is its price.

One month supply (supplement + Minoxidil spray) costs $60.

You can get a discount for a larger supply, but not a significant one.

Also – you won't be able to buy each product separately.

If you ask me, the overall features of the supplement are not worth its price.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: No – it doesn't have the greatest points:

  1. Overall formula could be varied, more potent and better
  2. Has some sketchy versions online
  3. Quite expensive for its quality
  4. Doesn't have a lot of reviews from people who tried it
  5. No clear instructions (you need to buy it first to see them)
  6. The ingredients from its Minoxidil spray are hidden

If you ask me, Provillus' credibility is quite questionable.

On paper – its formula is not even the best you can find.

The ingredients are pretty few and their doses are low.

Also – the Minoxidil spray doesn't offer enough info about it.

So there's no point spending so much money on the set.

Now – let me give you a much better alternative.

It's called Folexin and it's my #1 recommended hair supplement:

  • Contains 30 essential hair ingredients
  • Very affordable despite its high quality
  • A lot of people tried it (including myself)
  • Really treats hair loss and promotes hair growth

Between these two hair products, Folexin is still the best choice.

It comes with a lot of necessary info and it doesn't hide anything.

Also – its formula contains more herbs, vitamins and minerals in potent doses.

So it's great for treating hair loss, shedding and thinning.

In addition, its price is very affordable for its great features.

Overall – I consider it the best investment for your time and effort.

So I strongly urge you to get it instead of Provillus.

I can guarantee you won't regret this choice.


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

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