My Review: Now Super Enzymes (Ingredients, Side Effects & Benefits)

It's time to review Now Super Enzymes, which is popular supplement for digestion.

But is it the best option we can find on the market?:

  • quite affordable
  • classic formula
  • triggers more side effects (than usual)

We're going to analyze its ingredients, side effects, benefits and even more.

So let's find the truth behind it in this review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Now Super Enzymes.

Review Summary

Full Name: Super Enzymes by NOW Foods

Product Type: Digestion Supplement

Best Actual Prize: $14.64 (for 90 capsules)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Supporting a healthy digestion

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended?: Not quite – there are some red flags about it:

  • formula could be more varied
  • high risk of side effects
  • has several customer complaints

If you ask me, it's a basic supplement (compared to the existing alternatives).

So I suggest you to go for a better and safer supplement for digestion.


What I Liked About It

  • Created by a famous brand
  • Based on classic ingredients
  • Pretty comfortable to take (single pill)
  • Standard bottle is enough for 3 months
  • Many previous customers that swear by it
  • Affordable pricing
  • Several size versions available


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Not enough variation in its formula
  • Not very well tolerated (higher risk of side effects)
  • Many shipping and packaging complaints
  • Discontinued on its official website



Super Enzymes In A Nutshell

In my view, Now Super Enzymes is a pretty decent product.

It has some classic ingredients in the right quantities. 

However, it could be better if its overall composition was more varied:

  • different enzymes
  • more herbal-based compounds

Still, a higher number of enzymes would have made a big difference.

Most of its competitors contain at least 5 different enzymes, while this product only had 3.

Even so – it's quite easy to take daily, due to its low serving size.

Other than that, I found some other disadvantages.

So let me list them down for you:

  • triggers more serious side effects (than its competitors)
  • common packaging and shipping issues

Again – the adverse reactions mentioned are pretty serious.

So it's not the safest supplement I looked into.

Now, the price of one bottle is about $15.

That's pretty affordable since it will last for 3 months.

However – the shipping and packaging issues are the deal-breaker.

Overall, it's up to you if you want to try it or not.

But honestly – I prefer a safer and higher-quality product.



#1 – Claims & Producer

Let's start by talking about the basic details of Now Super Enzymes:

  • the company behind it
  • how it works internally
  • the health issues it targets
1. Claims

Firstly – Now Super Enzymes has a very short product description.

It only states that it “supports healthy digestion.”

So in order to help you achieve that, here's how it claims to work:

  • breaks down carbs and fats
  • also breaks down  proteins
  • optimizes nutrient availability

As you see – it doesn't have a lot of claims.

So at first sight, it looks pretty legitimate.

Other than that, the product also has several features:

  • soy-free
  • nut-free
  • made without gluten
  • dairy-free
  • egg-free
  • keto-friendly

In my view, it's one of the few products that are suitable for people who have allergies.

Overall – it's a pretty straightforward product.

So there's nothing major I have to criticize about it.

2. Company Behind

The company that makes Super Enzymes possible is called NOW Foods.

Honestly – I'm familiar with this brand for a long time.

Also, a lot of customers tried and reviews their products.

So the company itself is very trustworthy.

In addition, here are the things I found out on its website:

  • sells supplements, essential oils, beauty and health products
  • also offers products for sport nutrition, natural foods and pet health
  • contact info includes phone numbers (for several locations) and a contact page

Overall – it doesn't look sketchy at all.

So there's a guarantee that it's not a scam.



#2 – Ingredients (5 out of 10)

If you ask me – Now Super Enzymes has a basic set of ingredients.

It contains enzymes, herbal compounds and a Proprietary blend.

In my view – that's not that bad, since the doses are pretty standard.

However – it could be better if it had more variation:

  • 3 enzymes is pretty low
  • most digestion supplements contain 5-15 different ones

This doesn't mean its effect is poor.

But compared to its competitors, its formula isn't that impressive.

So if you're curious, let's take a look at its main ingredients.

We're mostly going to focus on its digestive enzymes.

1. Pancreatin 11X (134 mg)

This is Super Enzymes's main blend and it's a combination of 3 enzymes:

  1. Amylase – helps digesting starch into smaller molecules [1]
  2. Protease – aids in breaking down dietary proteins [2]
  3. Lipase – supports the absorption of fats in the intestines [3]

If you ask me, this blend does most of this supplement's job.

It works by breaking starch, protein and fats in the body.

But as I said – its number of enzymes is pretty low.

Besides, these are the only enzymes from this supplement.

2. Additional Ingredients

Here are the other compounds from this product:

  1. Betaine HCl – balances the level of stomach acid [4]
  2. Ox bile Extract – helps in absorbing vitamins and eliminates toxins [5]
  3. Papaya Fruit Powder – eases constipation and bloating
  4. Bromelain – guards against diarrhea-causing bacteria [6]
  5. Acid Stable Protease – improves digestion and decreases inflammation
  6. Papain – reduces digestive symptoms and troubles [7]
  7. Cellulase – helps in producing fundamental forms of energy in the body

Honestly – these ingredients look very promising on paper.

But I stick to my opinion that the formula would be better if it had more variation.


To sum it up, Now Super Enzymes contains some decent ingredients.

Most of them have many benefits for digestion.

However, I wish it had more than 3 classic enzymes.

Overall – it's not a bad product, that's for sure.



#3 – Pills & Dosage (7 out of 10)

In this chapter, I want to give you some details about this product's physical features.

1. Pills

Let me describe how Now Super Enzymes looks like:

  • slightly small pill size
  • creamy white powder inside
  • capsules are made of gelatin

Now – there's a disclaimer on its website.

It states that natural color variation may occur.

But some customers still complained about the discoloration.

That's because this discoloration appears close to the expiration date.

2. Dosage

The good thing about Now Super Enzymes is it's easy to take.

Its regular serving size is only one capsule daily.

Also – it recommends taking the pills with the meal, which is again very important:

  • boosts their effect on digestion
  • prevents any stomach irritation

Overall – Super Enzymes is a very comfortable to take product (in my view).

A lot of people might appreciate its features.



#4 – Results (8 out of 10)

Fortunately – Now Super Enzymes comes with a lot of customer reviews.

It's a great way to see how it worked for different people.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

As usual – I prefer to analyze the reviews on Amazon.

They are probably the most legitimate reviews for Now Super Enzymes out there.

So let's take a look at the comments of its satisfied buyers:

  1. Some of them said their IBS symptoms decreased.
  2. Others mentioned their reflux, bloating and constipation were gone.
  3. A few of them experienced an improved digestive system.
  4. The rest praised that it's easy to take and easy on the stomach.

As part of the review, I would also mention its overall rating.

It received 4.6 stars out of 5 from its previous buyers.

Honestly – it's an incredible rating.

So it looks like it helped so many people with their digestion issues.

Judging after its high rating, it's a very effective product.

2. Negative Opinions

Now – we also need to mention the other side of the comments.

Super Enzymes has some complaints too.

Let me list down the most common ones:

  1. Many people who experienced adverse reactions.
  2. Others complained about receiving destroyed products.
  3. Some mentioned the discoloration of the pills.
  4. A few also said that it didn't work for them.

Among all the comments, there were some complaints mentioned frequently.

The side effects are probably the first ones.

The other ones were broken packaging and shipping issues.

Besides, many complained about pill discolouration.

But again – there was a disclaimer on the product website about the pill color.

So overall, Super Enzymes' complaints are not terrible.

As long as it worked for most users – there's nothing major to criticize about it.


Overall – a lot of customers were satisfied with Now Super Enzymes.

But a lot of them complained about side effects.

All in all, it's up to you if you want to give this product a try.




#5 – Side Effects (4 out of 10)

As I mentioned, some people experienced adverse reactions.

So it looks like Now Super Enzymes can trigger some specific side effects.

If you're curious, here are the ones mentioned in the reviews:

  • bloating and abdominal pain
  • severe acid reflux
  • headache and nausea
  • heart palpitations
  • anxiety and head pressure
  • burning sensation in the stomach

The list goes on, since there are more complaints.

If you ask me, that's surely not a good sign.

Honestly – I find these complaints pretty alarming.

Digestive supplements are rather well-tolerated overall.

So if you look at most similar products, they rarely have any serious complaints at this chapter.

That's why I consider this product a bit dangerous. 

That especially if you're a person with a very sensitive stomach.



#6 – Price (7 out of 10)

In my view, Now Super Enzymes is pretty affordable.

So if you can tolerate it, it's a very good deal.

1. The Exact Price

Super Enzymes is currently out of stock on its website.

So let's feature the prices it has on Amazon.

There are several sizes available:

  • 90 capsules cost $14.64
  • 180 capsules cost $34.23
  • Standard free shipping on some days
  • “Subscribe & Save” adds an additional discount

As you can see, the lowest size available is enough for 3 months.

So a bottle automatically lasts for a long time.

It's really affordable, compared to most similar products.

However – it's not the optimal product in terms of ingredients/side effects.

If you want to give it a try, that's totally fine.

You won't be spending a huge amount of money.

But if you ask me, it's not necessarily my top recommendation.

2. Competitors’ Price

Let me tell you a bit about the best digestion supplement I know.

It's called Vita Balance Digestive Enzymes:

  1. Vita Balance has a wide variety of ingredients inside.
  2. Its formula is potent and focuses on most digestive problems.
  3. Now Super Enzymes comes with a decent formulation.
  4. But it could be better if its ingredients were more varied.
  5. Vita Balance has a serving size of 2 capsules daily.
  6. Meanwhile, Now Super Enzymes requires only 1 pill/day.
  7. Vita Balance normally costs $24.80, but it can be bought for only $16.
  8. Now Super Enzymes costs $14.64 for 90 capsules (3-months supply).

At first look, Now Super Enzymes is way more affordable.

However – it has a much higher risk of side effects.

On the other hand, Vita Balance Digestive Enzymes is much safer.

Also – it comes with a much better formula.

So in my view, it's a better deal overall.

Now's product isn't very far off – but it's surely under.


Honestly – Now Super Enzymes is on the more affordable side.

The smallest size lasts for 90 days.

However – it higher risk of side effects compensates for its low cost.

So overall – I couldn't completely recommend it, despite its low pricing.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Here's the summary of my views on Now Super Enzymes.

1. Basic Formula

Firstly – Now Super Enzymes has some classic ingredients:

  • enzymes
  • herbal compounds
  • Proprietary blend

Also – the doses are pretty decent too.

However, it could be better if it had more variation (especially in terms of enzymes).

2. Serious Side Effects

Unfortunately – Now Super Enzymes cause some adverse reactions.

I'm not talking about some plain side effects, since some are pretty alarming.

Honestly – I don't think it's worth it.

It's up to you if you want to risk it or not.

But I still think that there are safer alternatives out there.

3. Pretty Affordable

Lastly – Now Super Enzymes has an affordable price tag:

  • one regular bottle costs around $15
  • this quantity is enough for 3 months

But again, it's a bit risky in terms of side effects.

Also – there were packaging issues, according to previous buyers.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not quite – simply because it has some disadvantages:

  1. High risk of some side effects
  2. Should contain more enzymes
  3. Many shipping/packaging complaints

If you ask me, Now Super Enzymes is far from a bad product.

It has some really decent features , but it's also pretty risky.

So it's not something I recommend.

That's simply because there are many better options on the market.

If there weren't – I might have had a better opinion on Now's product.

Instead – I have a recommendation that is much safer.

It's called Vita Balance Digestive Enzymes:

  • Has safe doses and unique ingredients
  • Really focuses on improving digestive issues
  • Very affordable
  • Contains a good combination of enzymes

If you ask me to choose, Vita Balance Digestive Enzymes is better overall.

It's also pretty cheap and it's much safer.

So overall – I consider it a superior option.


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

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