Is Derma Correct A Scam? My Review (2024)

Is Derma Correct A Scam? My Review (2021)

Is Derma Correct a scam – as some people claim?

After taking a very close look in this product, I can say it's quite the opposite:

  • very effective in most cases
  • based on natural ingredients
  • works for several types of blemishes

Besides – it's not even as expensive as most skin tag/mole removers.

That's why it's a product I would actually recommend.

But let me give you all the details behind it in my Derma Correct review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Derma Correct.

Review Summary

Full Name: Derma Correct by Derma Correct

Product Type: Skin moles & tags remover

Best Actual Price: $49/bottle (standard price)

You can also get it for about $20 less – but more on this later on.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

I don't recommend purchasing it from anywhere else, because you will probably get a fake version.

Designed For: Removing skin tags and moles

However – it works for most types of skin blemishes (including warts).

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10

Recommended?: Definitely – it's one of the best options against tags/moles:

  • based on a unique (and natural) formula
  • cheaper than many competitors
  • excellent effect against blemishes

It's a product that works in most cases, that's why it's one of the few that I fully trust.



What I Liked About It

  • Its ingredients are completely natural
  • Based on a unique mix of compounds
  • A bottle works for a high number of blemishes
  • Very easy to apply
  • Really strong yet gentle effect in most cases
  • Doesn't cause any serious side effects
  • Really affordable for its value
  • Available in any country


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Original version is only available on its official website
  • Most versions sold on retailers are fake
  • It's the only product of its brand


Why I Recommend Derma Correct

Shortly – this product is one of my top recommended skin tag/mole removers.

And I have 3 main reasons that lay behind this decision.

1. More Natural Than Most

Skin tag removers tend to contain some pretty harsh chemicals.

The explanation is that chemicals usually remove blemishes more easily.

And even though some products also contain more natural ingredients – they usually contain chemicals as well.

But Derma Correct is different:

  • entire formula is based on herbal extracts
  • also contains some essential oils/vitamins
  • lower risk of side effects

Since it's natural, this formula is a lot safer.

That's why I strongly recommend Derma Correct.

2. Very Versatile

This product works for several types of blemishes.

Besides, it's also effective on those that have larger dimensions.

But that's not all:

  • a bottle can remove a larger number of tags/moles
  • most products only work for a limited number

That's why I consider it one of the most versatile products from its category.

3. Affordable Price

For a skin tag/mole remover, Derma Correct could cost a lot more.

That especially since its formula is unique and very high-quality.

Still, its price is surprisingly affordable.

So that's an extra reason why it's one of the best products I know.




#1 – Claims & Producer

There are some general things you should know about this product:

  • how it works best
  • its exact mechanism of action
  • who is the company behind it
1. Claims

This product describes itself as an “all natural skin tag remover”.

In other words – it's based on natural ingredients and it avoids chemical/classic ones.

Honestly, that's great in terms of safety (minimal risk of side effects).

Other than that – here's how it claims to work:

  • dries up skin tags and moles shortly
  • they end up falling off on their own
  • can work in as little as 6-8 hours

I said it before – this kind of products can indeed work overnight.

But that's only if your skin tags/moles are on the smaller side.

When it comes to larger sizes, you will surely need to apply the product several times.

Other than that, this product really does what it promises.

2. Company Behind

Like many skin tag/mole removers – Derma Correct isn't made by a very famous brand.

Instead, its producer is a company with the same name.

Now, Derma Correct seems to be the only product made by this brand.

Even though I'm not a fan of products of this type, they are totally legit.

As for the actual brand behind this product:

  • it's easy to get in touch with them
  • doesn't have any complaints on BBB (or other similar websites)

So it's definitely legitimate and authentic – and so is its product.


#2 – Ingredients (9.50 out of 10)

This product has a one of the best formulations among tag/mole removers.

As I said – its #1 advantage is that it's based on natural ingredients:

  • most compounds are herbal extracts
  • they don't irritate the skin too much
  • lower risk of side effects

Besides, Derma Correct has a unique composition.

Most of its ingredients can't be found in too many similar products – so it surely has an advantage here.

But let's take a closer look at its main types of compounds.

1. Bloodroot

This is the key ingredient when it comes to removing skin tags/moles:

  • boosts local blood flow
  • dries out skin blemishes
  • speeds up healing in the affected area

Now – Bloodroot is actually a herb with a pretty long history in skin issues. [1]

However, it seems to work best against skin tags and moles.

So it's a very specific ingredient (with a strong effect).

2. Alpha-Hydroxy

In case you haven't heard of this substance, it's also involved in removing blemishes.

However – it works by removing dead skin cells and boosting skin health.

So it doesn't have a direct effect on tags/moles.

Still, it also contains Zinc (which has some great proprieties):

  • speeds up skin recovery
  • improves skin texture and wound healing [2]
  • boosts collagen production

So while Bloodroot removes the actual tags, Alpha-Hydroxy heals the affected area.

That's what you can call a perfect combination.

3. Herbal Extracts

What makes this product unique is that it contains a mix of several herbs:

  1. Turmeric Powder – decreases inflammation after skin tag/moles fall off.
  2. Fruit Extracts – combines carotenoids, polyphenols and several other nutrients.
  3. Aloe Vera – boosts skin hydration and healing.
  4. Licorice – weakens skin tags/moles roots.

Now – these ingredients are pretty rare in skin tag/mole removers.

However, they have a very strong (yet gentle) effect – especially when combined.

So Derma Correct wins some points at this chapter.

4. Vitamin Complex

This product also contains a mix of several B vitamins:

  • B6 – improves local blood flow
  • B12 – removes tags and prevents skin dryness
  • Niacin – heals and improves hydration

Again, vitamins tend to be rarely used in skin tag/mole removers.

However, they have some excellent hydrating proprieties.

5. Essential Oils

The top benefit of this category are their antiseptic proprieties:

  • fight bacteria behind blemishes
  • boost skin hydration
  • prevent further tags/moles

Now, Derma Correct contains 3 essential oils:

  1. Castor Oil
  2. Cedar Leaf Oil
  3. Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil

Obviously, none of them is involved in removing the blemishes directly.

Instead – they are much better when it comes to hydration and prevention.


Derma Correct actually has one of the best formulas from the market:

  • unique mix of ingredients
  • most of its compounds are herbal-based
  • contains some pretty rare (but effective) substances

Plus, it also looks great when it comes to prevention.

So it will not only remove your blemishes – but also prevent new ones.




#3 – Consistency & Dosage (9 out of 10)

This product offers some very clear directions overall.

1. Consistency

As you can guess – Derma Correct is formulated as a clear liquid.

It doesn't have a greasy texture – instead, it's rather light.

In terms of smell, it has a very light scent.

So honestly – you can actually say that it's fragrance-free.

But all in all, it's a product that is very easy to apply.

2. Dosage

Again, there are some very simple instructions on how you should use Derma Correct:

  1. Clean the area where you plan to apply the product.
  2. Add a decent quantity on your skin tag/mole.
  3. You can use a cotton pad/applicator.
  4. Make sure to avoid the area around the blemish (as much as possible).
  5. Wait 6-8 hours then apply it again.

As I said – this product claims to work from the first try.

But if you ask me, that's mostly available for smaller blemishes.

In most cases, the tags/moles you want to remover are larger.

That's why you will have to use the product for a longer time before you start seeing results.

Still – applying it twice a day should be enough.

Just make sure to use it throughout the day (morning and evening would be best).



#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

As usual, I checked Derma Correct's user reviews – in order to see how it really works.

And as I expected, there were pretty few authentic opinions on it.

But let me tell you more.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

First of all – Derma Correct is officially sold only on its website.

I say “officially”, because you can also find it on retailers (especially on Amazon).

However, I really don't advise you to purchase it from there:

  • producer is a different one
  • actual product is not the same
  • composition is different

In other words – the versions outside its official website are fake.

Besides, the version from Amazon has a pretty negative feedback.

As for the original product – I found several reviews praising it.

Plus, it also has some reviews on its website:

  • I rarely trust user reviews from official pages
  • but in this case, they come with pictures

So Derma Correct seems to be pretty effective in many cases.

It's true that it doesn't work as fast as it claims (6-8 hours) – especially if your blemishes aren't very small.

But no other product does that, actually.

So in terms of results, Derma Correct can definitely remove your skin tags and moles.


This product is an excellent choice against skin blemishes:

  • removes tags, moles and warts
  • can work really fast (for small sizes)

It's true that it doesn't have a very varied customer feedback.

However – its actual reviews are pretty positive.

And given its really good formulation, it's no surprise that it works so well.




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

This is actually one of the strongest points of Derma Correct.

Since its formula is extremely natural and herbal-based, its side effects are also pretty rare:

  • doesn't irritate the skin
  • the area around the blemishes doesn't dry out
  • no issues with skin scratching

Now – as any product of this type, it can cause some minor issues.

But they are extremely rare overall.

And in the worst case, you could experience some irritations or redness.

Honestly – compared to other products, these reactions are insignificant.

Just take a look at Wart Mole Vanish and you will understand what I mean.


#6 – Price (9 out of 10)

Derma Correct is a bit cheaper than the average skin tag/mole remover.

It's true that it may seem quite pricey at first sight.

But compared to most similar products, it's actually rather affordable.

1. The Exact Price

Again – you can only find this product on its official website (the original version, at least):

  1. Regular price is $49/bottle.
  2. Shipping costs around $10 in this case.
  3. Price gets a lot better if you buy several bottles at once.
  4. In the best case, you can get it for about $29/bottle.
  5. Shipping is also free for more than one bottle.

Honestly, a price of $29/bottle is more than great.

Given the excellent quality and formula of this product, it's worth a lot more.

Besides – keep in mind that one bottle isn't recommended for a limited number of tags.

Instead, it can work for many blemishes (while most products only work for 2-3).

So it's an excellent deal, if you ask me.

2. Worth Or Not?

It's totally worth it, if you want my honest opinion.

In fact – it's one of the best products against skin tags and moles.

Compared to other products, it brings in a much better (and safer) formula for a lower price.

Not to mention that it also works really well.

So it's completely worth the money, to be honest.


Derma Correct may not seem like a very cheap product at first sight.

However – it's actually really affordable:

  • formula has a very high quality
  • a bottle works for many blemishes
  • really big discounts (for larger quantities)

So in terms of pricing, I totally recommend Derma Correct.

You're actually saving a lot of money in the long run if you go for it.




#7 – Derma Correct In 3 Ideas

Here's how I would sum up my view on Derma Correct (in 3 points).

1. Extremely Natural

The best thing about this product is that it's entirely based on natural ingredients:

  • main compounds are herbal extracts
  • also contains essential oils
  • vitamins are also a plus

Besides, its formula is completely unique.

This means you can't find this exact mix of ingredients in any other product.

That's what I call a high-quality formulation.

2. No Side Effects

Since it's natural, there's no surprise Derma Correct is very safe:

  • doesn't scratch skin
  • doesn't burn the area around the blemishes
  • there's only a minor irritation

However – its actual complaints on side effects are extremely rare.

That's why it's a great option even for people with sensitive skin.

3. Affordable

Considering its excellent formula, this product could be a lot pricier.

It's true that its single bottle price isn't that low ($49).

But if you buy at least 2 bottle, the discounts are bigger than in most cases.

So at $29/bottle, it's a really affordable option.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: It's totally worth it.

It makes one of the best skin tag/mole removers I looked into (if not the very best):

  1. Unique formula based on natural ingredients.
  2. No harsh chemicals.
  3. Really easy to use and apply.
  4. Works for all kinds of blemishes.
  5. Doesn't cause any major side effects.
  6. Cheaper than most similar products.

However – it's not a perfect product overall.

It doesn't work overnight (especially if your blemishes aren't very small).

Plus – even though the original version is great, there are many fake ones on the market.

Obviously, their effect and formula are also much weaker.

That's why I strongly advise you to buy the product only from its official website.

As long as you go for the original form – you will surely see some positive results.

So I totally recommend it.



1 –

2 –

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Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

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  1. As you describe the benefit of Derma Correct, what do you think will be the major problem one can encounter with it? Just trying to be more realistic so I can expect the worst and still be ready. The very worst thing I am afraid of is the deep scarring and long term wounding. Will that happen with this product? I would definitely like to try your recommendation if that will have very minimal case of what I just said. I have been using a local ointment which is very costly and not giving any results. Hope this product is finally the one I have been looking for.Thanks for sharing your views.
    Warm Regards,
    Jestoni Alarcon

    1. Hey Jestoni, the worst thing that I think could happen after using this product is not being effective at all. So far, I haven’t really found reviews or complaints about severe wounding and scarring so that could be a good thing. I understand that you just want to be more realistic and that’s totally fine. Let us know your experiences with Derma Correct so we can share it too with other viewers. Thank you!

  2. Let me start by saying that I am very obsessed with skincare so I try to gather as much information as I can. So far, your website contains good views about skin tag removers and it’s a lifesaver. When it comes to removing excess skins or skin tags, I haven’t really found the best product for me. Now I couldn’t choose which remover to use because you have 3 good articles with high ratings. I hope whichever I choose to try first will not waste my money unlike what I have experienced before when I saw an overhyped advertisement only to deliver to me an empty bottle and poor shipping and handling. I will keep you updated when I make up my mind. Thanks! -SuperDani

    1. Hi SuperDani! You are free to explore different reviews under our “Skin Tags & Moles” category until you find the right product you want to try. You can narrow down your choices just like what you did and compare their pros and cons. When did you start using skin care? I bet your skin looks fabulous by now. I’m excited to know which product you ended up buying!

    1. Hi Michael, no, I was not, I’m not paid to endorse any brand, I simply recommend the products that I consider to be the best and that fit my criteria (quality/price ratio, ingredients, results).

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