How To Relieve Neck Pain In 8 Steps (2024)

Does it hurt when you turn on the other side?

Or do you have trouble sleeping at night

You’re not alone – having neck pain is easily one of the most irritating!

But don’t worry, I have the best solutions.

In this guide, I will show you how to treat neck pain in 8 steps at home. 

Note: These steps are based on my thorough research and personal experience of neck pain. 

#1 – Essential Oil Massage

Not only does neck pain make you feel uncomfortable, but it also makes your muscles tense

This is why the first step for you is having a massage.

It is one of the best ways to relieve pain and tension [1].

It does the following for your neck pain:

  • Eases your muscle tension.
  • Increases blood circulation. 
  • Enhances your flexibility. 
  • Blocks future pain. 

In general, massage relieves your pain. 

However, using essential oils additionally has some extra benefits.

Here are someof the top essential oils against your neck pain:

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Marjoram Oil
  • Neroli Oil
  • Lavender Oil 
  • Rosemary Oil 
  • Eucalyptus Oil

An essential oil massage makes your muscles relax, which is essential for your pain.

Besides, it doesn't only give you some desirable physical results.

It also gives you some emotional benefits [2].

This is what essential oils can actually do:

  • Relieve your anxiety.
  • Reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Lessen your overall stress. 

There is no debate that an essential oil massage improves general health

But most of all, it takes away that irritating pain – your neck pain! 


Massaging your neck reduces tension, pain and discomfort.

You should also use essential oils for a more powerful relief.



#2 – DMSO Lotion

Did I already mention how having neck pain is stressful? 

Well, I know that all you want is to get rid of that pain fast. 

Don’t fret, I have the answer – a DMSO lotion.

DMSO lotions will definitely make your day.

That's because they gives you the quickest and strongest pain relief.

DMSO works s as a delivery system that brings the active ingredients right on your pain spot. 

And here's how a DMSO-based lotion can help:

  • Drastically eases your pain fast (a few minutes or even a few seconds).
  • Penetrates your skin deeper [3]
  • Offers you longer-lasting pain relief. 

In other words, it has a very fast absorption. 

On top of it all, it's FDA-approved

There is no need to worry (in terms of how safe it is) – even when you’re unfamiliar with it. 

However, finding a quality DMSO product is not easy. 

This is because there are only a few ones and this explains why they are generally expensive. 

But I got you covered. I have the best DMSO product for you! 

I'm talking about a lotion called Arctic Blast.

Why? It only gives you the best rewards: 

  • Increases your neck flexibility. 
  • Is super effective for pain relief. 
  • Greatly lessens your joints and neck pain. 
  • Is way cheaper than other similar products. 


I know how uncomfortable having neck pain is. 

That’s why I know that this is the best product for you

It will definitely give you a quick relief from that nagging pain! 


Unlike other similar products, DMSO lotions have a higher-level result.

Arctic Blast is your #1 choice, as it gives the quickest and strongest pain relief.

It is also one of the cheapest quality products from the market.




#3 – Neck Relaxer

One of the many reasons why we have neck pain is because of our gadgets. 

In other words – neck pain is also caused by “text neck” [4]

We spend a lot of our time using our smartphones, tablets and computers.

But there is nothing wrong with that – as I have something for you!

If you’re the type of person who’s always on the go and wants to save some money – it's the best product.

I'm talking about a device called Neck Relax.

Here are all the reasons why I strongly recommend this device: 

  • Eases your pain. 
  • Releases tension in your neck area.
  • Relieves your stress. 
  • Treats your aches.
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Reduces inflammation. 

Unlike other similar products, Neck Relax is proven and tested – it reduces 90% of any muscular pain in your neck! 

Plus, it has the following key features:

  • Includes 6 different modes.
  • Has 16 strength levels that suit your preference. 
  • Uses electric pulse technology to massage your muscles and relieve stress. 
  • Uses infrared heat to correct posture. 
  • Comes with two massage pads. 
  • Although it is very easy to use, it comes with an instruction manual.

Not only does it relaxes your muscles and relieves your pain, but it's also very convenient

So using this product is very simple for anyone. 

It is powered by 2 AAA batteries that allow you to use it for 7 hours straight.

That's why his product is surely for everyone.

Once you buy, you will be saving both your time and money

You could use this at home, in your school, in your office or even while traveling.

When using it, don’t forget to pin your hair up.

Wipe your neck with a wet towel to moisten the skin, for a better experience. 

You can use it for 10-20 minutes daily.

Basically, Neck Relax sounds too good to be true.

I know you're fed up with that neck pain – that's why I really recommend it to you.


Neck Relax has a high success rate against neck pain.

It saves you time and money in the long run.

Plus, it is very convenient and easy to use.




#4 – Back Straightening

It may seem like this step isn't directly related to your neck pain – but it is. 

In this step, I’m going to talk about how important it is to have proper body alignment

Straightening your back improves your body posture. 

This is essential, because it promotes muscle strength in your neck. 

This is how straightening your back can help: 

  • Lessens tightness. 
  • Gives you pain relief in your neck. 
  • Helps you breathe better. 
  • Decreases your chance of experiencing pain and injury again. 
  • Enhances your energy and mood. 
  • It also relieves back and shoulder pain

Not only does it benefits your overall health, but it also eases your physical activities. 

Now, straightening your back may be hard at first.

But that’s okay! You can always start slow and take your time. 

In the long run, it won’t be an issue anymore – as you will then feel comfortable and natural. 

Here are some ways to straighten your back: 

  • Keep yourself away from slouching or leaning forward when you work at your desk.
  • Make sure to maintain your feet flat on the floor.
  • Get your shoulders straight when sitting down. 
  • When sitting, your knees should be even with the hips. 
  • Stand up tall. 

Now, there are more ways for you to straighten your back.

These are just some that you could start to apply at home. 

Having that good postured body will definitely manifest in the long run. 


Straightening your back enhances muscle strength and function in your neck area.

But it's okay to feel awkward and unnatural at first.

You will eventually get more used and comfortable at the end of the day. 


#5 – CBD Gummies

What could be more exciting than eating some tasty treats to get rid of that pain

These special gummies will save your day! 

Unfortunately, these aren’t some magic gummies that could fade away your neck pain in a snap.

But they are some well-made gummies.

So here's what they can actually do for your pain:

  • Reduce inflammation. 
  • Repair damaged tissues in your neck
  • Ease your neck pain.

Now, they are called special gummies for a reason.

They are equipped with the best ingredients against inflammation.

  • CBD Oil [5]
  • Boswellia Extract  [6]

Did I mention that they are chewable? 

Yes, they are extremely easy to chew (and yummy).

Now, there are a lot of other similar products that would try to claim that they’re the best.

But let me show you the gummies I consider to have the highest quality.

I introduce you a product called JointRestore.

Why these specific gummies?

  • Enhance cartilage repair in your neck pain area.
  • Improve the effect of anti-inflammatory pills.
  • Ease your joint and neck pain. 

This product is definitely worth the value of your money.

Aside from how effective it is, just one bottle contains a high number of gummies.

So besides its great effect, it will also last quite a long while.


There are some specific ingredients that are proven to be key against neck pain.

And they work best when taken as chewable gummies.

JointRestore is your top choice, as it is specially designed to relieve pain.

These gummies are safe for you – but they are also tasty!




#6 – Left And Right Movements

Even simple things can mean a lot in relieving your pain.

This is definitely the case when your start to do mild left and right movements

Now – I know what you’re thinking, it's pretty painful.

But trust me, it helps you:

  • Eases tension.
  • Increases your neck mobility.
  • Decreases tightness in the sides and back of your neck.

It turns out that doing some stretches actually eases your neck tension

The experts will also tell you the same.

This is because of both strength and flexibility reasons.

In order to enhance both, you need to move your neck, to avoid further stiffness. 

You can start slowly by doing some neck rotations (Left-Right):

  1. Keep your back and shoulder still.
  2. Steadily turn the head to the right as far as you can.
  3. Once you reached the limit, hold it for 5 seconds. 
  4. Bring back to a neutral position.
  5. Do the same procedure to the left side. 

However, it is important to know that you should do this slowly.

You should only do it partly if your pain begins to intensify. 

And that’s okay – as doing rotations with neck in pain is challenging.

So don’t feel bad if you’re unable to do so – do it at your own pace.


Doing some mild stretches is one of the keys to pain relief.

They may be painful at first, but they will get better with time.



#7 – Heat And Ice Therapy

I know what you want – it's the easiest way to get some pain relief.

Well, traditional home remedies like heat and ice therapies work.

It is fair to know that using heat and ice work in their own different ways. 

Heat is used as one of the best remedies for stiffness.

And when you talk about neck pain, it’s almost all about stiffness.

Well, heat works best in this case, as it lessens the muscle spasms in your pain.

This is what you can get when you use heat:

  • Enhances your muscle flexibility.
  • Aids more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues in your neck.
  • Promotes your blood circulation. 

Not only does heat help your joint and muscles be relaxed.

It also serves as a good warm-up before performing your physical activities.

However, make sure to use a heating pad to avoid direct contact. 

Ice, on the other hand, is effective against inflammation

This is why it’s common to see ice as a first-aid treatment for injuries.

It also slows down the swelling in your pain area.

Here are some of the benefits when you use ice:

  • Numbs sore tissues around your neck.
  • Decreases tissue damage.
  • Dissolves the pain-spasm reaction among your nerves
  • Plus, it slows down the nerve impulses.

Just remember to use some cloth or put it in a sealed bag before applying it on your neck.

Both heat and ice are effective for pain relief.

It’s no wonder that they continue to be one of the most basic home remedies for most types of pain. 


Specifically apply heat for neck stiffness.

Use ice for inflammation and swelling of muscles. 

You can alternate them for a more satisfying result. 


#8 – Hot Bath

Nothing relaxes your muscles more than taking a nice hot bath.

While taking a hot shower, the force of the water lessens pain and soreness

You just need to position your painful area correctly for 3-4 minutes. 

The point is that hot water reduces the force of gravity that compresses your joints.

So here's how heat can help during a hot bath:

  • Eases stiff muscles.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Reduces aches and pain
  • Plus, it decreases your stress. 

Taking a hot bath has many benefits. 

Not only does it help to relax your stiff muscles, but it is also helpful for your general health.

Additionally, it also makes you feel good!.

I personally recommend doing this in the morning. 

In this way, your muscles will get relaxed and they will be at ease early in the day.

If you want the best results for your pain relief, here’s a tip.

Do this first thing in the morning – then right after, do the other steps in this guide.

You will easily get the best pain relief!


Taking a hot bath relaxes your muscles.

Besides, it also has some emotional and physical benefits.



My Final Thoughts

So how to relieve your neck pain?

I have showed you the best 8 steps to do this:

  1. Have an essential oil massage.
  2. Use a DMSO lotion.
  3. Get yourself a Neck Relax.
  4. Force yourself to straighten your back.
  5. Eat some CBD gummies.
  6. Train yourself to do some left and right movements.
  7. Apply heat and ice at home.
  8. Take a hot bath.

Remember that these steps will not give you an instant outcome.

But some of them can work in a few minutes – especially when you try that DMSO lotion. 

So make sure to try these steps for the best results.

In this way, you can say goodbye to that annoying pain!


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Written by 

Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

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