My Review: Priorin Hair Growth (Ingredients & Side Effects) – Does It Work? (2024)

It's time to review Priorin Hair Growth – a range of products that claim to treat your hair loss issues:

  • difficult to get in the US
  • unimpressive formula
  • too expensive for their real value

But let's see how effective Priorin is, after all.

So does it work? Are its ingredients worth it? Are there any side effects?

Find out everything you need to know in this article!

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Priorin.

Review Summary

Full Name: Priorin Capsules by Priorin

Product Type: Hair Supplement

Best Actual Price: $31.75

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon (Supplement & Shampoo)

The liquid is particularly difficult to find in the US.

I found it on a site called VicNic, but I doubt they sell the original product.

Designed For: Combating hair loss & promoting hair growth

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended?: Not exactly – it's simply not potent enough:

  • basic formula
  • getting it in the US is a hassle
  • too expensive for what it does

That being said, it's definitely not something I would want to bother with.

Instead, I would get a supplement that is more potent and affordable.


What I Liked About It

  • Pretty good against hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Contains biotin, an essential hair nutrient
  • Pretty safe to use


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Lackluster formulation
  • Difficult to get in the US
  • High dose (3 pills per day)
  • Many complaints about shipping conditions
  • More expensive than it's actually worth



Priorin In A Nutshell

In short, Priorin offers a range of products that are supposed to aid in your hair care routine.

More specifically, they are meant to stop hair loss, as well as promote growth.

Now, they have more than one product to offer:

  • Priorin Capsules
  • Priorin Shampoo
  • Priorin Liquid

In this review, I'm going to talk about each of them, but with an emphasis on the supplement.

That's because the pills offer the most potent effect.

Still – don't assume that this is a very strong supplement because it isn't.

It only has 4 active ingredients, which is pretty disappointing.

It does contain biotin, a very important hair nutrient.

But that's still not enough to make up for the rather weak formulation.

Plus, you are also required to take 3 pills per day for the first three months.

To be honest that's rather inconvenient.

Now, the unimpressive ingredients also mean that the risk of side effects is quite low.

So you should be pretty safe if you want to give the Priorin Capsules a try.

However, be warned that Priorin is quite difficult to get in the US:

  • it's a German brand
  • this makes shipping rather risky

It also makes the products more expensive than they actually are.

This is something that you have to keep in mind since there are lots of customers who received their package in terrible shape.

Regardless, please note that Priorin products are not necessarily bad.

It's just that they're not exactly good either.

If anything, they're pretty lackluster.

So it's up to you to decide whether they're worth your attention or not.

Personally, since the price doesn't reflect the quality…

I would go for something much more potent.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Let's get to the essential information regarding Priorin:

  • who the producer is
  • how it plans to work
  • what exactly it does
1. How It Works

Essentially, Priorin is supposed to work against hair loss issues.

Additionally, it also does the following:

  • strengthens
  • stimulates hair growth
  • nourishes

It's a pretty straightforward supplement when it comes to its purpose.

This is to say that it's mainly designed to stop hair loss and also help your hair grow.

It does that by providing your hair with essential nutrients.

In turn, it's able to revitalize your hair and undo the damage.

Plus, it claims to work against hair loss caused by multiple problems.

2. Company Behind

These hair growth products are manufactured by a German brand called Priorin.

Here's what I can tell you about them:

  • their official website is not available in English
  • you cannot buy from the official website
  • beside the capsules, they also sell a liquid and a shampoo
  • customer support can be contacted by submitting a ticket

Since they mainly seem to sell in Europe, it might be tricky to get their products if you are in the US.

Plus, since their products focus on hair loss, it's pretty clear that this is their niche.

Given the fact that they don't have an English version for their website…

It could be a problem if someone outside of Europe wants to contact the company about any issue.

Other than that, I can't seem to find much information.

The company definitely seems legit, as far as I can tell.



#2 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)

Let's analyze the components in Priorin.

Since they offer 3 products, we're going to look at each one individually.

That way, we can really see how potent each of them really is.

1. The Supplement

Here's what the capsules have to offer in terms of active ingredients:

  1. Biotin – stimulates keratin production [1].
  2. L-Cysteine – reverses hair loss [2].
  3. Millet Extract – stimulates hair growth.
  4. Calcium Pantothenate – strengthens hair.

Of course, these components are not bad. 

However, as you can probably guess, a supplement that is only based on 4 ingredients is not amazing.

In fact, it's quite disappointing compared to other hair supplements that have a lot more ingredients.

Let's see what is next.

2. The Shampoo

Here are the essential components of the Priorin Shampoo:

  1. Dexpanthenol – reduces hair loss [3].
  2. Millet Extract – boosts hair growth.
  3. Coconut Alkyl Ala-Amino Acids – grants moisture.

To be fair, the last ingredient is a mix of active and inactive substances.

It can help the shampoo's consistency, but it can also make it more hydrating.

But, in the end, it's not impressive or anything of the sort.

As you can see, the shampoo has even fewer ingredients than the supplement.

You can likely guess that this makes it pretty weak.

Let's move on to the liquid.

3. The Liquid

Let's take a look at the important ingredients that reside in this product:

  1. Panthenol – strengthens hair.
  2. Arginine – helps with regeneration [4].
  3. Lactic Acid – promotes hair growth.
  4. Triticum Vulgare Germ Extract – acts as a conditioner.
  5. Glycine Soygermut Extract – prevents hair loss.
  6. Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract – improves blood circulation in scalp [5].

As it appears, the liquid has the most active ingredients.

Still – 6 ingredients is not something worth bragging about.

The components are nice and helpful, but they are still somewhat lackluster.

Still – while the ingredients are known to be helpful in terms of hair growth…

This particular formula does not look like it would be too impactful.


All in all, I would say that Priorin leaves a lot to be desired in terms of ingredients.

Not only are the ingredients not that amazing, but they're also pretty scarce.

That means they likely won't make that much of a change in your hair.

If you really want to give one of them a try, your best bet is the supplement.

However, I wouldn't expect extraordinary results.




#3 – Texture & How To Use It (7 out of 10)

Let me give you some details regarding the scent & consistency of Priorin.

On top of that, I will also let you know how the products should be used.

1. The Supplement – Texture

Please be aware that the Priorin pills are larger than you would expect.

If you're not used to swallowing capsules, you might struggle a bit.

However, don't fret, as they're not that scary.

But it's definitely something you should keep in mind if this is an issue for you.

2. The Shampoo – Texture

Based on what I could find, here's how people describe the Priorin Shampoo:

  • lathers fairly well
  • smells like herbs
  • you don't need a lot of product 

Things are looking pretty great for the shampoo, at least in this department.

It seems like most people would be able to use it with no issue.

At least when it comes to texture & scent.

3. The Liquid – Texture

Here are a couple of words that should give you an idea about this product:

  • scent is similar to that of the shampoo
  • very much like a serum, but lighter
  • doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy

In other words, you could compare it to lighter hair treatment.

That's a relief since hair care products that are lighter in consistency are usually preferable.

4. How To Use It

Now – let's see what you should do in order to give Priorin the best shot.

When it comes to the supplement, here are the instructions:

  1. For the first 3 months, you have to take 2 pills in the morning and 1 in the evening.
  2. Afterward, you can cut back to only 1 pill per day.

To be honest, having to take 3 pills per day initially is not that great.

In fact, I would say it's rather inconvenient since you have to also take 2 at a time.

Personally, I would consider this to be a disadvantage.

Let's move on to the other products.

Here's what you should do when it comes to the Priorin Shampoo:

  1. Use it whenever you usually wash your hair.
  2. Leave it on your hair for 2-4 minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Honestly, it's great that it doesn't require you to wash your hair a specific number of times.

I noticed that quite a lot of shampoos are recommended to be used every day.

Obviously, that's rather excessive.

But the Priorin shampoo is quite nice in this regard!

Let's see what Priorin Liquid offers in terms of directions:

  1. You only need to use it once a day.
  2. Spray 5-8 times on scalp and massage it into your scalp.

That's it! Seems like using this product is very simple and quick.

That's definitely a plus.  

All in all, Priorin products seem to be fairly accessible in terms of usage.

For the most part, at least.



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

If you want to see how a product really performs, the user reviews are pretty enlightening.

Generally, past users' experiences tell you everything you need to know about a product.

Let's see what people think of Priorin, as a matter of fact.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. Positive Reviews

Given that it's not that easy to get in the US, there aren't a lot of reviews on Priorin.

Despite this, it still has pretty high ratings on Amazon (4.3 out of 5 stars).

For the record, there are about 400 reviews over there.

Let's see what people enjoyed about the Priorin supplement:

  1. They claim their hair stopped falling due to Priorin.
  2. Some also said the results appeared quite fast (in a week or two).
  3. A few people also said it helped with hair growth.
  4. Others claim that the product works well, although it's not immediate.
  5. People also said their hair feels much thicker.

Someone even said their bald spots were filled in over time:

Although a good chunk of the positive reviews was not very descriptive…

It still shows that Priorin does what it's supposed to do.

For the most part, at least.

This is what I understood from all the reviews praising this supplement for boosting hair growth.

2. Negative Reviews

Naturally, just like most products out there, Priorin is no stranger to negativity.

After all, it's important to also look at the less desirable traits of what we're planning to buy.

Besides, it doesn't hurt to keep in mind that no product works for everyone.

Regardless – let's see what people were having trouble with when it comes to Priorin:

  1. Some people claim that the supplement did nothing at all.
  2. Others claimed that the pills caused them to break out.
  3. Most of the complaints had to do with poor shipping conditions.

I also found some reviews saying that the pills caused them to feel nauseous:

To be frank, lots of the negative reviews were from people who received an open package.

This made them skeptical, so most of them never even had the courage to try the pills.

Obviously, this is a problem, since Priorin is pretty difficult to get in the US.

Keeping this in mind, I expected shipping to be a bit of an issue.

But there is no excuse for delivering a product that has been tampered with.


Overall, it seems like the reviews on Priorin are pretty ambivalent.

Most people seem pleased with its effects, which is reassuring.

However, the number of people who received an open product is dumbfounding.

Something is clearly wrong with the shipping conditions since it seems to be a recurring problem.

This might be because Priorin is likely shipped from overseas.

I would say it's too much trouble going for something you won't even be able to use (if it arrives open).

That's why I would advise you to go for something more accessible.




#5 – Side Effects (7 out of 10)

When it comes to potential side reactions, user reviews are the only source.

That's because it's pretty tough finding any information about a product that's mainly available in Germany.

Let's see what side effects people were mentioning:

  • nausea
  • pimples
  • increased appetite
  • weight gain

That's about everything I could find on Amazon.

Still – based on its ingredients, I wouldn't necessarily say that it can make you eat more or gain weight.

So I tend to think that Priorin doesn't have much to do with those complaints.

Regardless, it seems like a relatively safe supplement.

It doesn't cause any side effects that would be out of the ordinary.

However, as with any supplement, you should still be careful.



#6 – Price (5 out of 10)

Obviously, you cannot overlook the price when you're considering buying a product.

Let's see how the price influences this decision when it comes to Priorin.

1. The Exact Price

To be fair, although the price is definitely not outrageous…

I would still consider it to be too high.

Considering the formula, the price tag is definitely not justified.

Let's see what the Amazon page has to say about this:

  • $31.75 for 60 capsules
  • no discount for purchasing multiple packs

I presume that the price is this high because it's pretty difficult to get Priorin in the US.

Regardless, it shouldn't be this expensive, given its formula.

Plus, since you're supposed to take 3 pills per day for the first 3 months…

One pack really doesn't last that long.

2. Competitor's Price

Since Priorin is not that convenient of a choice…

I thought I would show your a much better option.

In fact, this is my top recommendation for hair supplements:

  1. Folexin contains essential hair nutrients, which means it's more potent.
  2. It also requires you to take fewer pills per day (2), which makes it easier to use.
  3. Plus, my recommendation doesn't run the risk of causing any side reactions.
  4. Priorin is actually more expensive than Folexin since the latter costs $25.
  5. If you buy the biggest bundle, Folexin can cost as little as $18.

This is why I sincerely believe that Folexin is much better.

Not only is it more affordable, even at full price…

But it also has a formulation that is superior to that of Priorin.

So you're paying for results that are much stronger.


In the end, the price for Priorin is much higher than it should be.

Given the fact that it only has 4 ingredients and one pack doesn't last you nearly that long…

It's not worth getting if it's this expensive.

Plus, the fact that it's so difficult to get in the US likely contributes to how high the payment is.

I simply think there are much better options that you can get for a more affordable price.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Let's go over the most essential ideas regarding Priorin.

1. Lackluster Ingredients

As we have already established, the formulation of the Priorin supplement is nothing to write home about.

It only has 4 active ingredients, which is already pretty disappointing.

Besides, they are not that impactful on their own.

Other hair supplements have way more active ingredients, which means they are more potent.

If you want a strong effect, Priorin should not be your first choice.

2. Problematic Shipping

Given the fact that it's a European product, you can't get Priorin easily.

If you live overseas, that is.

As we have seen in the user reviews, it's pretty common for customers to receive a faulty product.

More specifically, I noticed quite a few people who said that the pills were spilled all over their package.

Naturally, this tends to make you not want to try the supplement anymore.

Just be aware that this is a risk when ordering Priorin (at least through Amazon).

3. Overpriced

All things considered, Priorin pills are too expensive for their real value.

Their formulation is not strong enough to justify the price tag.

In fact, it's really quite basic.

Plus, one pack of 60 won't last you that long anyway.

If you are to spend this amount of money on a hair supplement, know that there are better options.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: You can do better.

It's far from the best hair supplement I've seen:

  1. Formula leaves a lot to be desired.
  2. Dose is on the higher side (3 pills per day initially).
  3. Difficult to get in the US.
  4. Many complaints regarding shipping conditions.
  5. Rather expensive for its real value.

All in all, I wouldn't say it's the worst product out there.

It's just not enough to leave a good impression.

So I would advise you to go for something that doesn't expose you to any of these disadvantages.

In fact, I happen to have the perfect product in mind.

Once again, let me tell you about Folexin.

It's easily the best hair supplement I've come across:

  • has the best ingredients available for hair
  • treats hair loss caused by a multitude of reasons
  • very affordable despite its high quality

As such, I believe you're better off choosing something like Folexin.

Out of all the hair supplements I had to look into, this one wins out by a mile.

I assure you that your hair will feel the difference.

Hair Shampoo


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