My Review: Halo Hair Vitamins (Ingredients & Side Effects) – Scam Or Legit?

It's time to review Halo Hair Vitamins – which is a pretty questionable product:

  • misleading information
  • very limited reviews
  • very expensive

Now – are its ingredients any good? Does it cause any side effects?

Honestly – this product doesn't look great at first sight.

And I will give you all the reasons why in this review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Halo Hair Vitamins.

Review Summary

Full Name: Halo Hair Vitamins Advanced Hair Formula by Halo Hair

Product Type: Hair Supplement

Best Actual Prize: From $33 to $89

Cheapest Place To Buy: Several sketchy websites

Its official website was discontinued and it's currently unavailable.

Designed For: Strengthening hair and increasing its growth

My Rating: 2 out of 10

Recommended?: No – it's most likely a scam:

  • extremely overpriced
  • very hard to find any info about it
  • no official list of ingredients

Honestly – I'm pretty sure this product is a rip-off, so I cannot recommend it.

I strongly advise you to go for a legit and much better hair supplement.


What I Liked About It

  • Formulated as gummies
  • Pretty easy to take


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Official website is unavailable
  • Very expensive for its features
  • Only available on several sketchy websites
  • No official ingredient list
  • Few reviews from people who actually tried it
  • A lot of misleading info
  • Can be very dangerous
  • Product serving size is not mentioned



Halo Hair In A Nutshell

I want to mention that Halo Hair looks extremely sketchy.

Most of its details are available on some questionable websites.

Honestly, I wouldn't follow the advice of those kind of pages.

Now – Halo Hair claims to address different hair issues.

But despite its claims, it comes with a lot of red flags:

  • doesn't have an official website
  • no solid background behind
  • full ingredient list and doses are not disclosed
  • only sold on sketchy websites
  • instructions are not given out
  • very limited reviews about it
  • super expensive

Also – those sketchy websites that sell it actually link to another product.

So my guess is that they used to promote it in the past (until it was discontinued).

But if you ask me, Halo Hair has a very long list of problems.

Its pricing is also extremely weird (it costs between $38 and $89, which is a huge difference).

Overall – I would strongly advise you to stay away from it.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

To start with this review, let's describe Halo Hair's basic details:

  • what hair problems it helps
  • who is the company behind it
  • how it works for hair in general
1. How It Works

After careful research, there's not much to say about Halo Hair Vitamins.

Actually – all of its info comes from those 3rd party websites.

In short, there's no official page it has (only some unofficial sellers).

Based on what I found out, here's how it claims to work:

  • prevents hair fall
  • repairs split ends
  • strengthens the roots
  • stimulates hair regrowth
  • increases hair volume
  • restores shininess and luster

Honestly, its promises are clearly exaggerated.

There's no proof that this product can follow any of these claims:

  • no formula disclosed
  • doses are also hidden
  • no serving size or info about daily number of pills

Basically – it promises to make miracles for hair.

But in reality, it hides all the features its users need to know before trying it out (especially its ingredients).

Trust me – a product that doesn't disclose its full formula has something to hide.

So you should never go for this type of supplement.

And Halo Hair is an excellent negative example of such a product.

2. Company Behind

Now, the product name is the same as its company – Halo Hair.

I looked for the brand online, especially for its official website.

But unfortunately, it looks like it's been deleted a long time ago.

As far as I know – there was an official website selling this product.

But due to all the complaints it received, it ended up being deleted.

Honestly, this tells a lot about the quality of this brand.

If you ask me, a good background is a must for a decent supplement.

Halo Hair doesn't have anything like this, so you should stay away from it.



#2 – Ingredients (4 out of 10)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the official label of Halo Hair Vitamins.

That's because the company has never disclosed it.

This tells a lot about its authenticity – but I won't insist more on this.

There are indeed some ingredients mentioned on various websites.

But there's no dose and no picture of the product label.

So you can't really tell for sure what's inside this supplement.

Now – here are the ingredients mentioned (I can't guarantee they really exist in Halo Hair):

  1. Vitamin B12 – promotes hair growth [1]
  2. Biotin – helps your skin, hair and nails healthy
  3. Vitamin B Complex – aids hair growth [2]
  4. Niacin – improves hair and scalp health [3]
  5. Vitamin A – keeps the scalp moisturized
  6. Silica – lowers the rate of hair loss [4]

Honestly, these compounds aren't anything impressive.

You can find them in most multivitamin supplements that cost under $10.

So why spend (at least) 3 times more on Halo Hair?

Besides, it lacks the most important ingredients for hair loss and thinning:

  • iron
  • zinc
  • vitamin D
  • DHT blockers (Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Fo-Ti, etc.)

It claims to treat both hair fall and thinning hair – but its formula doesn't really prove that.

So there's absolutely no way this supplement is effective.


Honestly – Halo Hair is quite questionable.

Again, it doesn't have any official list of ingredients.

Not to mention that the dose of each compound is hidden.

Overall – all these issues are a major red flag to me.



#3 – Consistency & Dosage (4 out of 10)

Again – Halo Hair Vitamins' details come from those sketchy 3rd party websites.

So what I'm about to tell you here is not an official feature of this product.

1. Pills

Firstly – let's see how Halo Hair looks like:

  • formulated as gummies
  • light green cold
  • larger than the average pills

Honestly – it's quite convenient to take.

That especially for people who don't like taking pills.

However – gummies usually contain more sugar.

That's an extra downside Halo Hair has – and it's the reason why I don't recommend gummies.

In general, they tend to have a higher risk of skin-related side effects (especially acne).

And it's all because of the high amount of sugars it contains.

2. Dosage

Now – I found some disadvantages about Halo Hair here:

  • no instructions about its serving size
  • recommended time of use is not given out
  • no mentions about who can and who cannot take it

If you ask me, supplements like this one usually recommend 2 gummies/per day.

But that's only my guess (based on experience).

However – it's absolutely unforgivable for a supplement not to mention its serving size.

So Halo Hair raises some major questions signs here.

There's no way I could recommend a product that doesn't explain how to take it.



#4 – Results (2 out of 10)

I don't have high hopes that Halo Hair has any authentic reviews.

So I can't really tell you if it really worked for people.

But most likely – it didn't.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. What People Say

Honestly, the only comments about Halo Hair are on 3rd party websites.

But there aren't too many.

Considering that they're probably fake – that's not a major problem.

So you can't really find authentic reviews of real customers.

Again – I don't completely trust these reviews (they are probably false positive).

But even so, here's what mostly talk about:

  1. Some of them only promote the product's promises.
  2. Others highlighted its high price tag.
  3. A few of them praised its flavor and gummy formulation.

As you can see, there are no specific reviews about people's experiences with Halo Hair.

That's why I simply cannot trust them.

It's obvious that those people have never actually used Halo Hair.

They're only trying to promote it, so that they earn some money.

So honestly – I couldn't recommend such a sketchy product.

Why would you buy a supplement with so many problems?


Overall – Halo Hair doesn't have any real reviews from previous customers.

Well, I personally think there are very few people who actually tried it.

And out of those – most probably didn't like it.

If you ask me, these red flags make it even more suspicious.




#5 – Side Effects (4 out of 10)

Again – Halo Hair Vitamins have very limited reviews.

So obviously, I didn't find any complaints about its adverse reactions.

However – judging after its features, I would say it's quite dangerous:

  • there's no official list of ingredients
  • you have no idea what it contains
  • absolutely no dosages given out
  • no serving size

Most quality hair supplements offer a lot of details about their composition.

And even so – some still cause a lot of side reactions (especially because of their high biotin doses).

So there's absolutely no way I would recommend a product that hides all of its ingredients.

Its risk of side effects is way higher in this way.



#6 – Price (2 out of 10)

In my view, Halo Hair Vitamins' price is exaggerated, no matter how high or low it is.

Considering all of its problems, I wouldn't recommend it even if it cost $10.

But as you can guess – it's a lot pricier than that.

1. The Exact Price

Now, I mentioned that Halo Hair can be bought on some sketchy websites.

Also – its price differs from one website to another.

So let me list down my observations about its pricing:

  1. A single bottle's price varies from $33 to $89.
  2. No info about international shipping.
  3. Nothing about returns and refunds.
  4. Some 3rd party websites redirect you to other products (instead of Halo Hair).

Again, these are the only prices I could find for Halo Hair.

The official website is discontinued – so you can only buy it from (some) of those sketchy sellers.

I say “some” because a part of them link to some totally different products.

Honestly – that's another red flag (besides all of its other disadvantages).

So even if it was very affordable in reality, I would still stay away from it.

It's clearly a scam.

2. Competitors’ Price

Instead of Halo Hair – I have a much better recommendation for you.

I'm talking about a hair supplement called Folexin:

  1. Folexin has an official list of ingredients and doses.
  2. Its formula treats hair loss and other major hair problems.
  3. Halo Hair has a very sketchy background and no official website.
  4. Its ingredients aren't even disclosed.
  5. Folexin requires 2 capsules per day.
  6. Meanwhile, Halo Hair doesn't even tell you the number of gummies you need to take.
  7. Folexin's price can be as low as $17-$18 (for a larger supply).
  8. Its normal price is $24.95/bottle.
  9. The price of Halo Hair is around $33 to $89 (still unofficial).

In my view, Folexin is a much safer and smarter choice.

It has a lot of people that swear by its results.

Also, it has an official list of ingredients and a very reputable brand.

So overall – it's a wise decision to go for it instead.


To sum it up, Halo Hair is not worth buying.

It has a lot of red flags and despite this, it's still extremely pricey.

So there's no way you should spend your money on a product like this one.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Here are my overall opinions on Halo Hair Vitamins.

1. No Official Ingredients

As I mentioned – Halo Hair Vitamins' formula is hidden:

  • doesn't have any supplement facts
  • a few ingredients mentioned on some 3rd party websites
  • no doses for any compound

If you ask me, I couldn't trust a product whose formula I don't know.

It can be really dangerous and risky (and a lot more).

2. Lacks Crucial Info

Another red flag about Halo Hair is that it lacks a lot of important details:

  • no official website
  • lacks real user reviews
  • instructions are not given out
  • the producer can't be found
  • contact info is very hard to find

Now – I think all of the points above are very important.

Since all of them are missing, it makes this product extremely hard to trust.

3. Extremely Overpriced

For the last part, Halo Hair Vitamins' price is not worth it.

The price of one bottle is from $33 to $89 (not sure).

It doesn't have any official details (including its price).

Besides, it's only being sold on several sketchy websites right now.

So overall – I would never ever advise you to try it out.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not at all – it has all chances to be a scam:

  1. Ingredients list and their doses are hidden
  2. No solid details about its background
  3. Very pricey for its real value
  4. Only sold on sketchy websites
  5. No customer reviews
  6. Producing brand has no official website
  7. High chance of side reactions

In my view, Halo Hair Vitamins looks like a scam in real life.

It comes with a lot of questionable signs.

So it's very hard to trust it – that's why I would never recommend it.

Also, it can be very dangerous, since you don't know what it actually contains.

Honestly – I strongly advise you to stay away from it.

So what do I recommend instead?

It's the supplement that saved my hair – Folexin:

  • Has some excellent ingredients in high (but safe) doses
  • Formula  help with most hair issues
  • Safe to use and very well-tolerated
  • Comes with an affordable price

As I said – Folexin worked better than any other supplement for me.

It has a great composition and it's extremely affordable, that's why I totally recommend it.

Also – it has some way more superior features than Halo Hair.

So it's definitely the best alternative you can go for.


1 –

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4 –





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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

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