My Review: Burn XT (Jacked Factory) – Is It Safe? Any Side Effects?

It's time to review Burn XT by Jacked Factory.

It's actually a pretty well-known supplement, so you may be familiar with it.

But is it safe to use for weight loss? Does it come with any side effects?:

  • high serving size
  • pricey in a long run
  • high risk of side reactions

With that, let's discuss further its features in this review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Burn XT.

Review Summary

Full Name: Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner w/Capsimax by Jacked Factory

Product Type: Weight Loss Supplement

Best Actual Price: Around $30 (15 days)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Burning fat – and some additional benefits:

  • boosts metabolism
  • increases energy and focus
  • suppresses appetite

My Rating: out of 10

Recommended?: Not really – it sounds amazing but it has several disadvantages:

  • can be hard to take
  • will cost more in case of a long-term use
  • increased weight gain reported

Other people might find it pretty useful, but I don't consider it so.

There's a more effective, convenient and safer weight loss supplement that I totally recommend instead.


What I Liked About It

  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Has a lot of reviews from people who tried it in real life
  • Contains some promising ingredients for weight loss
  • Available in different sizes/quantities


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Can be expensive in the long run (up to $50 per month)
  • Not the most comfortable to take – especially for maintenance (4 pills/day)
  • High chances of serious side effects
  • Can sometimes cause weight gain and low energy



Burn XT In A Nutshell

First of all – Burn XT claims to be a thermogenic fat burner.

Consequently, it works by boosting the metabolism of fat.

The product itself comes in 2 versions:

  • capsule supplement
  • powder formulation

But in this review, we're going to focus on the first one.

So after looking at its formula, it's based on 2 trademarked compounds.

Also – it contains several herbal ingredients and essential nutrients.

On paper, the formula sounds promising.

However – a lot of people experienced some serious adverse reactions.

Well, I'm more shocked by the fact that several people actually experienced the opposite results they were expecting:

  • many gained more weight
  • others felt a lack of energy

Honestly, those shouldn't be the results of this product, since it's a weight loss supplement.

But it has some other red flags as well:

  • large serving size (4 pills/day)
  • expensive in the long run

Again – a $30 bottles of 60 capsules won't last a month.

So basically, you need to get the 120 count pack (for $50) regularly.

With all its disadvantages, I don't consider Burn XT as the best choice.

If I were you, I would look for an alternative that has some better features.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Let's start with the basic things you need to know about Burn XT:

  • the producer behind it
  • how it works for weight loss
  • the health issues it helps
1. How It Works

Firstly – Burn XT has 2 different versions:

  • Capsule form
  • Powder form

But in this review, we will focus on the most popular one – the supplement.

Now – it works by boosting the fat-burning metabolism of the body.

So that's why it's called a thermogenic fat burner.

Considering this mechanism of action, here are the results it claims to have:

  • burns more calories and fats
  • supports metabolism 
  • increases energy and focus
  • suppresses cravings
  • maintains lean muscle

But again, a weight loss supplement will only work if you combine it with something else.

I'm talking about a steady workout routine and a disciplined diet.

If you ask me, the product targets people who want to increase their muscle mass.

You can actually tell that (based on the overall goals of the brand).

In my view, the supplement looks quite decent at this point.

But it's definitely not perfect – and you will see this below.

2. Company Behind

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner w/Capsimax is made by Jacked Factory.

We already reviewed another product from the brand called Lean PM Fat Burner.

So let me mention again the things you can find on the brand's website:

  • hotline numbers, email address and live chat are its contact details
  • the brand targets people who love to hit the gym and exercise
  • you can also avail of its membership program for additional benefits

Again – it's a legit and credible company.

So I don't think you will be scammed (unless you bought from unofficial sources, of course).



#2 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)

Again –  the main goal of Burn XT is to promote fat burning.

With that, here are the top characteristics of its formula:

  • 2 trademark ingredients
  • herbs and essential nutrients

Now – the 2 trademarked compounds are Capsimax® and Bioperine®.

Their plant sources are Cayenne pepper and Black pepper.

On paper, Bioperine® can enhance the absorption and efficacy of the formula.

Meanwhile – Capsimax® is good for supporting the conversion of fats to energy.

You can see that it also contains caffeine.

In some cases, it can be a source of problems, as it can cause some secondary reactions.

But we will talk about this in another chapter.

So now, here are the ingredients of the supplement:

  1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine – reduces fat mass, BMI and body weight [1]
  2. Green Tea Leaf Extract – regulates fat metabolism [2]
  3. Caffeine Anhydrous – helps in providing more energy [3]
  4. Capsimax® – increases energy expenditure [4]
  5. Bioperine® – has fat-reducing and lipid-lowering effects [5]

As you can see, those compounds can actually promote fat burning.

But if you ask me, I'm still not a huge fan of the formula.

It has no minerals and the number of its ingredients could be higher (since they're not super concentrated).

Also – the low doses of certain ingredients might decrease its effectiveness.


Overall – Burn XT's formula is pretty decent (on paper).

You can see some changes in your weight if you take it, but this also depends on your activities.

Even so – it's not the most potent product out there.

So it's not my top recommendation, simply because there are some better alternatives.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (4 out of 10)

Let's now move on to Burn XT's dosages and looks.

1. Pills

Here's what you should expect in Burn XT:

  • clear capsule covering
  • typical size
  • beige or cream color

Honestly – it's not different from other weight loss supplements.

So if you ask me, I would say that it's the type of pill that's easy to swallow.

2. Dosage

Here's the part of Burn XT that you need to fully understand.

Its instructions are not that easy.

So let me list them down for you:

  1. For initial use, take one capsule daily for one week (minimum).
  2. In shifting to regular use, take 2 capsules per day.
  3. For a full fat-burning experience, take a total of 4 capsules daily.

It's recommended to take every pill with a meal and a glass of water.

Again – you actually need a total of 4 capsules per day (for best results).

Of course, that's available only with exercise and with a proper diet.

Overall – I don't think the supplement is the easiest to take daily.

4 pills a day is quite a lot and you risk forgetting at least one – so obviously, the effect would not be the same in this case.



#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

I'm glad that Burn XT has a lot of consumer reviews.

They will actually give you an idea of how the product really performs.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Now – let's feature the reviews of Burn XT on its official Amazon page.

So let me list down for you the things people liked about it:

  1. Most of them noticed that they lost some weight after using it consistently.
  2. Others mentioned that it really worked in providing more energy.
  3. Some experienced fewer food cravings than they felt before.
  4. The rest stated that they felt lighter and it got rid of their stubborn fats.

I'm quite surprised that the overall rating of the product is only 3.8/5 stars.

Simply because I read a lot of good reviews from several people.

Most were related to its appetite suppressant effect and weight loss.

But you should know that almost all of the feedback came from people who exercise.

So this product does seem to work – as long as you combine it with physical activity.

2. Negative Opinions

It's now time to feature the things previous buyers didn't like about Burn XT:

  1. A lot of them experienced serious side effects.
  2. Some mentioned that they experienced the opposite result.
  3. Others didn't see any changes in their weight at all.
  4. The rest stated that they won't recommend and buy it again.

The biggest takeaways above are the side reactions and opposite effect.

A weight loss product shouldn't make you gain weight.

In my view – it's the biggest disadvantage it could have.

So now I understand why it received a low rating (despite the positive reviews).

If you ask me, I wouldn't reach for a product with a major negative feedback.


To sum it up, there are a lot of customer reviews for Burn XT.

There are a lot of mixed opinions – both  positive and negative comments.

It's up to you if you decide to try it or not.

But honestly, I would suggest that you get an alternative with fewer major backlashes.




#5 – Side Effects (3 out of 10)

As mentioned previously, Burn XT triggered a lot of bad effects.

So let me first list down the side reactions experienced by many users:

  • heart palpitations and jitteriness
  • dizziness and nausea
  • very bad stomach ache
  • lost of focus and concentration
  • sleepless nights and anxiety

Honestly – the most common comments were about severe heart palpitations.

It's actually pretty alarming and I don't think it's a good sign for your health.

In addition, there were also several people who experienced the opposite results:

  • weight gain
  • low energy

Again – the supplement's goals are weight loss and energy boost.

So I don't think you would take the risk of gaining some wight and losing your energy instead.

At this point, I think I have more reasons to NOT recommend it.

To be frank, there are better alternatives that won't give you such risks.



#6 – Price (5 out of 10)

At first look – the price of Burn XT is quite forgiving.

But honestly, I don't think it's worth it.

1. The Exact Price

Actually, Burn XT's price is the same on its official website and on Amazon.

But you can find more deals on the last one:

  • 60 count costs $29.99
  • 90 count costs $39.99
  • 120 count costs $49.99
  • You can get discounts upon subscription (10% or 15% off)
  • Offers free shipping on some days

If you ask me, it can cost you a lot more in the long run.

To get the full fat-burning experience, you need to take a total of 4 pills/day.

If we do the math for one month, it will be a total of 120 capsules.

So a 120 count ($49.99) should be your standard order.

Sure – it has a chance of being effective for weight loss.

But honestly, it's still pretty expensive (in my view).

Especially considering the possible serious side effects you might experience.

Again – it's not my top recommendation, because I know there's something better.

You can actually find some affordable alternatives that are strong but still safe to use.

2. Competitors’ Price

Here's the better option I'm talking about, it's my #1 recommended weight loss supplement.

The product I want to introduce to you is PhenQ:

  1. PhenQ contains more ingredients in their superior, effective and safe forms.
  2. It comes with 5 mechanisms of action that will help you lose weight.
  3. The formula also works by curbing your appetite and boosting your metabolism.
  4. Burn XT has 2 trademarked ingredients and other compounds with weight loss benefits.
  5. Its main goals are fat-burning and suppressing the appetite.
  6. But its formula has a high chance of causing side reactions and weight gain.
  7. PhenQ requires 2 pills per day, while Burn XT needs 4 capsules for the best results.
  8. The discounted price of PhenQ is $37 from the original price of $69.
  9. Burn XT's price is $30, but that's only good for 15 days (1 month = $50).

Firstly – the price of PhenQ is way lower than Burn XT.

But that's only a bonus, since there are a lot of advantages it comes with.

In my view, PhenQ's formula is superior due to the types of ingredients it has.

They are clinically proven to promote weight loss, without causing risky side reactions.

Not only that, but its serving size is also pretty comfortable.

So to sum it up, I still recommend PhenQ because it's the best choice and investment.


In reality – Burn XT can be very pricey in the long run.

Also, given its adverse effects and high serving size, I don't think it's worth it.

And keep in mind that you can always find a better option with a lower price tag.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Here are the major factors you should consider about Burn XT.

1. Regular Ingredients

If you ask me, Burn XT's formula is not the best – but it's also not horrible.

Again – it contains the following types of ingredients:

  • trademarked compounds
  • essential nutrients and herbs

So the main goal of the product is to boost the burning of fat.

But again, the results will depend on your physical activities (exercise + diet).

In my view, it's not potent enough for weight loss because a lot of people complain about it.

2. Often Side Effects

According to the customer reviews, Burn XT caused serious adverse reactions.

A lot of them mentioned intense heart palpitations and decreased energy.

In addition to that, there were also several users that experienced the opposite effect:

  • weight gain
  • loss of focus and energy

Again – it's a weight loss product, so those side effects are some real red flags.

I don't think I can recommend a product that does the opposite of what it promises.

3. Expensive For Long-Term Use

Firstly – the standard bottle of Burn XT has 60 capsules.

But if you need to get the best results, you actually have to take 4 pills/day.

So for a month supply, 120 count ($50) is the best option.

To be honest, I think it's pricey for its real quality.

Not to mention its high serving size and the possible side effects.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not really – you might not like its downsides:

  1. Pricey for long-term use 
  2. High serving size
  3. Causes adverse reactions
  4. Led to weight gain in some cases

Burn XT's formula is decent, but it could be much better.

Again – it claims to increase the ability of your body to burn fats.

But as I kept saying, you need to watch out for your food and do some exercise.

In this way – you should be able to see the optimal results.

However – there were people who experienced the opposite effect or some side reactions.

So I couldn't recommend it – since there's a better alternative.

What weight loss supplement do I suggest instead?

I advise you to try PhenQ – it's my #1 recommendation:

  • Great pricing since it has some way better features
  • Has clinically proven ingredients in their top forms
  • Works through 5 amazing mechanisms of action for weight loss
  • Very well tolerated by most people who tried it

If you look at both products closely, you can tell that PhenQ is way better than Burn XT.

It doesn't only burn fats – but it also works by reducing weight gain.

Also – it can curb your cravings, since it targets weight loss in 5 different ways.

Not to mention that it has an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

Overall – there are a lot of good reasons to invest in it.

So that's why I highly encourage you to choose it instead.

best weight loss supplement


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