My Review: Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream (2023) – Scam?

It’s time for my Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream review – which seems to be a sketchy product.

Honestly – it doesn't look good from the start (in my view).

So are there any chances that this product is legit? Or is it a scam in reality?:

  • only few ingredients mentioned
  • very few details available
  • exhibits some doubtful patterns

After analyzing it in detail, I will show you the things I noticed about this product.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Bioderm RX.

Review Summary

Full Name: Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream by AVO

Product Type: Anti-Aging Cream

Best Actual Price: Around $40

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Tightening the skin– it claims to:

  • reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • improve skin brightness and fullness
  • promote clear and youthful skin

My Rating: 2 out of 10

Recommended?: Definitely not – there are a lot of strong reasons why:

  • no official website of producer/manufacturer
  • a lot of negative comments on BBB
  • no full list of components
  • too expensive for its quality

I suggest you to go for the best anti-aging cream from the market (which is a lot safer).


What I Liked About It

  • Has one strong ingredient (Peptides)
What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Has the same pattern as other scam products
  • No official website of the product/brand
  • No full list of ingredients used
  • Only 1 customer review on Amazon (probably biased)
  • Has a lot of complaints on BBB
  • Very expensive for its reliability
  • No authentic customer reviews
  • Biased 3rd party websites
  • Can cause side effects



Bioderm RX In A Nutshell

At first, this skin care cream will make you think that it's interesting.

But as you look further – it will leave you with a lot of questions about its credibility.

The fact that the producer doesn't have any solid info only means the following:

  • it's not a legitimate brand
  • it's only to get money from people

There are some questions that may arise upon reading more about the product:

  1. Is there any chance that this is a re-branded scam?
  2. Where is the full list of ingredients?
  3. Why are there no authentic customer reviews?

Overall – these facts will give you an impression right away.

The info available for this product follows the same pattern as other scam products.

So there's a high chance that it could be one.

It's up to you to judge if you're to trust this product or not.

But I would say that save your money and buy a trusted anti-aging cream instead.



#1 – Claims & Producer

I checked out Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream only to find out little info about it.

But still, I will try to give you some general facts I've encountered:

  • what company is behind it
  • which skin issues it targets
  • how it works
1. Claims

Here's what the product claims to do:

  • diminishes wrinkles and fine lines
  • restores skin brightness and fullness
  • promotes youthful beauty and clarity
  • increases skin firmness and tightness
  • reduces puffiness, dullness and eye bags
  • brightens dark spots

I would say that these claims are exaggerated – because some famous and legit products cannot do all that.

These claims are doubtful, given the fact that there's no available list of ingredients.

What made it even more suspicious is that these 3rd party websites emphasize that it's clinically-proven.

As far as I know, products backed up with clinical studies should have a written report available online.

If this cream doesn't have one, how would we know these claims are true?

2. Company Behind

If you're curious about the company behind this cream, here's what I found out.

Upon looking at its product listing on Amazon, I saw that it's made by a brand called AVO.

These are the details I found out about this company:

  • no official website/store
  • any legal info such as registration number and year
  • no other products associated with it or any customer reviews

In order to post a product listing on Amazon, you need to fill up certain info.

In short – it looks like the company is just made up.

We can also assume that this cream is just a re-branded product that's proven to be a scam.

That's why if you ask me – I advise you to stay away from it.

Instead, I suggest you to invest in a cream that comes from a reputable company.



#2 – Formula (3 out of 10)

If it weren't for these 3rd party websites, I wouldn't know this cream's exact composition.

But there are chances that this is composition isn't even real:

  • only key ingredients given out
  • no full list of ingredients
  • doesn't treat the actual cause

You can't really tell what's inside of this cream.

This is a red flag because there may be ingredients that can cause skin irritation or allergy.

Do you really like to blindly invest in a product without knowing its full composition?

My answer to that question is a hard NO.

To give it a fair shot, let’s take a look at the ingredients mentioned by those 3rd party websites.

1. Granpowder Lumiere

Honestly – it is my first time hearing about this ingredient.

I looked at it online and here's how it helps:

  • decreases the appearance of wrinkles
  • promotes youthful-looking skin
  • diminishes pigmentation and discolorations [1]

I would say right away that its effect is only on the surface.

It works by converting invisible UV light to blue and green light, then scatter it.

The particles of this product will settle in wrinkles and fine lines to deflect the light.

Thus, they will decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

Still – that doesn't treat the problem from inside and out.

2. Lavandox

According to the 3rd party website, here's what it does:

  • restores collagen to the skin
  • produces firmer skin
  • gets rid of skin irritation [2]

Looking online, this compound is derived from lavender flowers. 

And Lavender Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps soothe irritated skin.

Almost all the online details about Lavandox are connected to different products of the same kind.

3. Matrixyl 3000

Based on the details I collected online, here's what I found so far;

  • increases collagen level [3]
  • aids elastin production
  • hydrates skin

I saw the same results and this ingredient is connected to other products that are all looked alike.

Also – this may be the form of the peptide that is mentioned on the ingredients part of Amazon.

4. Argireline NP

Lastly, this is the 4th key ingredient mentioned.

This is also another form of peptides with anti-aging benefits:

  • relaxes the muscles around fine lines and wrinkles [4]
  • reduces skin folds
  • improves skin appearance

The reaction of the skin and the muscles towards this product is quite positive.

And this might help decrease those visible signs of aging.


Let's admit it – the name of these ingredients seems very strong and promising.

But they are far from effective in reality.

  • their effect is superficial
  • they don't target the root cause of the problem

The fact that this cream doesn't have an official list of the whole composition made it even more sketchy.

Are these ingredients just theoretical?

Can we really trust this product – given that the company behind it has little to no info?

Based on what I noticed overall, I found the same pattern as other scam products.

That's why there’s no way I could recommend this cream.



#3 – Consistency & Dosage (2 out of 10)

The lack of authentic customer reviews from people leave us with these things:

  • no details about the scent and texture
  • it probably has a light white/beige color

I also noticed that there's no official instructions on how to use this product.

Not all creams are meant to be applied the same way – so it's surely a negative thing.

Some products require more and others only need a small quantity.

Again – how can you trust a product if it doesn't have any legit info about it?



#4 – Results (2 out of 10)

Part of this review is to check out what customers say about this product.

But as expected, I couldn’t find any real user opinions about this cream.

That's why it's pretty hard to judge it fairly.

Note: I only consider authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. What People Say

This cream doesn't have a lot of reviews – but it has been featured on 3rd party websites.

I find those opinions biased because none of them are authentic:

Here's what I noticed so far:

  • some reviews feature photos from other products
  • same format of content from all 3rd party websites
  • everything written is full promotional
  • none of them mentioned  real customers

I encountered one review on Amazon and it gave this product 4/5 stars.

It's up to you to judge if this product is legit or not.

But I would like to say that lack of authentic customer reviews is a bad thing.

I would also like to show you one of the complaints it got on BBB.

Again, judge it yourself if you still want to try this product or not.


I will say right away that I don't trust this cream.

That's mostly because it lacks info about its producer, ingredients and authentic customer reviews.

Regardless if it's effective or not, I will just save up my money and buy a better one.

There are a lot more options on the market made by reputable companies.

Given these facts – it’s clearly not a product I would recommend.




#5 – Side Effects (6 out of 10)

Products like this only have 2 possible results:

  • it might be too harsh for the skin
  • it might not be effective at all

These two conditions can be the result of the following facts:

  • contains ingredients too strong for the skin
  • has a component that may cause an allergic reaction
  • contains low doses of ingredients
  • has cheap ingredients
  • is based on a weak formula overall

Most skin care products have complaints about side effects and this is normal.

These can commonly happen to people with sensitive skin.

But this cream has an unknown formula which makes it even scarier to use.

I advise that you should always check a product's ingredients first before buying it.



#6 – Price (2 out of 10)

Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream is too expensive for its quality and real value.

Obviously, I don’t consider it a good deal at all.

1. The Exact Price

You can find this cream on Amazon and also from 3rd party websites.

But if you click the product link on these sites, it will just lead you to different listings (not Bioderm's).

So let's focus on what is posted on Amazon:

  1. Standard price is $39.99/bottle
  2. 1 bottle is 30 ml (1.0 fl. oz.)
  3. Offers free shipping on selected dates

Again, given the points stated earlier, it's up to you to judge if this cream is worth the price or not.

But honestly – the price and the amount of the cream are not proportional.

Given the fact that its components are not disclosed, I would say that it's not worth every penny.

2. Competitors’ Price

I only want to compare this cream with my #1 recommended anti-aging product.

I am talking about Kollagen Intensiv:

  1. Kollagen Intensiv has the best formula from the market.
  2. Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream has only mentioned few ingredients.
  3. Kollagen Intensiv costs about $60 but you can get a deal for only $36.
  4. 1 jar of Kollagen Intensiv can last even 6 weeks (my case).
  5. While Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream is cheaper but weaker.
  6. Not to mention that 1 bottle of it is only 30 ml (1.0 fl.).
  7. Which may not last a month given its effects.

It's obvious that between these 2 – Kollagen Intensiv is the better choice.

It came from a trusted company with an official website and authentic customer reviews.

And most especially, it has a full list of ingredients with strong anti-aging benefits.

I believe that this is a better investment of your money.


Do not bother to buy Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream because it's not worth it, in my view.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad product at all – but there are factors that should make you think twice.

Again –  it's up to your judgment if you're going to purchase this product or not.

But I would like to remind you that products like this might put you through multiple fees.

You may be charged hidden fees once you make a purchase to them.

This is the pattern of almost all scam products.

Overall –  there is a much better alternative on the market with legit transactions.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on this cream.

1. Doubtful Formula

Since it doesn't have the full list of ingredients, it might result in the following:

  • harsh components
  • not be effective
  • cause severe side effects
  • have weak a formula

Overall – regardless if it will cause side effects or not, there's a high chance that this cream is not effective.

2. Unknown Company

One requirement to know if a product is legit is the company behind it.

A legitimate company commonly has:

  • an official website
  • authentic customer reviews
  • full product disclosure

And in this case, there isn't any for this cream.

It exhibits the same scam patterns just like other products presented like this one.

With that,  I would say that this isn't far from being one.

Protect your money from suspicious charges and invest in a better product instead.

3. Very Expensive

Considering the value, quality and quantity of this product, Bioderm RX is very expensive.

  • 1 bottle is super small
  • standard price is around $40
  • formula is not effective

Why would you buy a product that lacks a lot of important info?

In my view, this is not worth it.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Definitely not worth it.

If you ask me, it might actually be a scam:

  1. No full list of ingredients
  2. Absence of authentic customer reviews
  3. Biased claims/reviews
  4. Many unproven claims
  5. No official websites
  6. Super expensive for its real value
  7. Small quantity

These are the reasons why I would never advise you to buy it.

What do I recommend instead? An excellent cream called Kollagen Intensiv:

  • contains clinically backed-up ingredients from the market
  • it's made by a real brand
  • has authentic customer reviews from people who used it
  • it's worth its price
  • a bottle might last more than expected
  • it's effective

Kollagen Intensiv is way better compared to Bioderm RX Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

So better go for this product instead – if you want to make the most of your money.

best anti aging


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: January 6, 2023

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  1. A friend gave me a bottle, my guess she didn’t care for it either. Extremely sticky. Thick. After I had it on 5-10 minutes it still not dry. Only 1 pump used. Felt like eraser crumbs when I try tapping into crows fett. Burning sensation at top of cheekbones. Had to wash off. TRULY SUCKS! . Very glad I didn’t purchase it

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