Phenaprin VS Phentermine – Are They The Same Thing?

It’s time to compare two really popular weight loss products – Phenaprin VS Phentermine.

So are they the same thing?

Not quite – but in this case, which one is more effective?:

  • Which supplement has a better formula?
  • What features will fit your needs?
  • Which one is more worth buying?

Well, let me give you a detailed comparison of these supplements in the lines below.

Note: This review is based on my experience + research on these 2 products.

Phenaprin Or Phentermine? (In A Nutshell)

Upon comparing both weight loss products, I would say that Phentermine is better than Phenaprin.

That's simply because it has some features that are quite reasonable.

So here are the points that made it a winner:

  1. Clinical evidence behind
  2. Personalized dosage for your weight issues
  3. Only sold with a prescription (so only people who really need it can get it)
  4. Works best with short-term use

Now, Phentermine contains an ingredient with the same name.

It works by suppressing the appetite, so that you can lose weight consequently.

But as most weight loss products, it works best with consistent exercise and a balanced diet.

Most importantly – it's a drug that needs a prescription from your doctor.

So it's pretty normal not to have too many user reviews and experiences.

But since it can only be bought with prescription, just people who really need it have access to it.

However, it's quite expensive (compared to Phenaprin).

Still, I think it's the best value for your money (between the two products).

Overall – if I had to pick one of the 2 products, it would probably be Phentermine.




#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: Phentermine

If you ask me, Phentermine is way better than Phenaprin in terms of formula.

Well – here are my reasons for that:

  • is basically prescription drug
  • duration and dose can be personalised
  • is FDA-approved for weight loss (one of the few products of this kind)

As I mentioned, you need to consult a healthcare professional before getting it.

So the prescription will be individual (depending on your case and what exactly you need).

Also, it doesn't contain any hormones (as many weight loss products do).

So the risks of side effects should be lower.

On the other hand, Phenaprin is a classic weight loss supplements and it comes with the regular problems.

But still, let's analyze the formulas of the two products below.

1. Phenaprin's Ingredients

Firstly – we're going to run through Phenaprin's formula:

  • main ingredients are listed together in a blend
  • contains amino acids, DHEA and stimulant
  • overall ingredients are helpful for weight loss
  • not FDA-approved

With that, let me list down its most important ingredients:

  1. L-Carnitine  – breaks down fats for energy source [1]
  2. Theobromine – enhances the effects of weight loss compounds
  3. Caffeine  – supports the process of excess weight and fat loss [2]
  4. DHEA – reduces the chances of accumulation of stomach fats [3]

Again – its formula basically consists from a blend.

Its dose is not too high, so consequently, the individual dose of each ingredient from the blend is probably a lot lower.

However, the #1 problem is that it contains an androgen hormone (DHEA).

That's pretty risky for women.

It can cause side reactions like excessive body hair growth, acne or hormonal imbalances.

Another issue is the presence of caffeine (which is a stimulant).

The only excuse might be the potential low dose, which would prevent any insomnia or other side reactions.

Overall – the formula is helpful for appetite control.

But it comes with a pretty high risk and its effect isn't guaranteed.

2. Phentermine‘s Ingredients

On the other hand, let's talk about Phentermine.

Actually, there are several important details you need to know about it:

  • its main ingredient is the name of the compound [4]
  • product belongs to the group of sympathomimetic amines
  • is also known as Adipex-P or Lonamin
  • is only available via prescription
  • is an FDA-approved drug
  • has several scientific studies behind

So if you're curious, here are the things Phentermine does:

  • lessens the health risks connected to obesity [5]
  • decreases appetite [6]
  • makes you feel full longer [7]

Again – it's a prescription drug for weight loss.

So you can't get it anytime you want (unless it's prescribed by your doctor).

Also – it's known as an appetite suppressant drug.

The good thing about it is that you will be monitored while taking it (by a doctor).

Besides, you won't even have to use it for the long term.

As for the rest of this product's ingredients, they are just inactive [8].

So they basically have no potential weight loss effect.


If you're serious about losing weight and want to stay safe, Phentermine is better for you.

Unlike Phenaprin, its formula doesn't have any stimulants and androgen hormones (which are risky).

Again – it's a prescription drug, so you will be professionally supervised when taking it.

According to some studies, it's very effective for suppressing the appetite.

It's not perfect, but it's better than Phenaprin.



#2 – Consistency & Dosage – DRAW

Now, we're going to discuss the physical features of Phenaprin and Phentermine:

  • suggested dosage
  • pill size

Actually – both products have some different instructions.

So we can't really compare them in this specific part.

But all in all – they both have some pros and cons here.

1. Phenaprin

Let me describe to you what Phenaprin looks like:

  • designed as caplets
  • larger size
  • white color with blue grains

Again – it's not a typical weight loss pill.

So since it's designed as a caplet, expect it to be a little bigger.

Although it's not a big deal, others might find it hard to swallow.

In terms of dosage, Phenaprin only requires 2 caplets daily.

Overall – the serving size is pretty comfortable.

2. Phentermine

As I mentioned, Phentermine is the name of the compound itself.

There are several supplements containing it (alone), but they have some different names.

Still, their composition is exactly the same.

So I just looked for a popular supplement with this ingredient:

  • pills are white with blue dots (similar to Phenaprin)
  • designed either as tablets or as capsules
  • size depends the exact product

Actually, some of Phentermine's physical features are identical to Phenaprin.

This can cause confusion for some people, at first sight.

But at least you know by now that Phentermine needs a prescription.

Now – its exact serving size really depends on the number of pills prescribed by your doctor.

So typically, a healthcare professional recommends the following (for adults):

  • 1 capsule/tablet daily (37.5 mg) before breakfast or 1-2 hrs after
  • some cases require half a tablet daily (18.75 mg)
  • others might need half a tablet twice daily (2 x 18.75 mg)
  • short duration of use

As you can see, the dosage is really individualized.

So you can't really choose yourself the number of pills you want to take.


If you ask me, both Phenaprin and Phentermine have about the same physical features.

But it's pretty obvious that their dosages is very different.

Again, Phentermine is a prescription product, so the exact dosage varies.

Still – none of the products really any uncomfortable serving sizes.



#3 – Results DRAW

Phenaprin and Phentermine are quite different at this chapter.

For this reason, we can't really compare them side by side.

But let's take each of them by turn.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Phenaprin

Firstly – Phenaprin has quite a lot of customer reviews.

So let's list down the most common feedback of people who tried it:

  1. A lot of them experienced weight loss and appetite suppression.
  2. Others noticed some higher energy levels and an increased feeling of satiety.
  3. Some experienced some serious adverse reactions.
  4. There were also people who had the opposite results (weight gain).

After a careful consideration, the product is effective for losing weight and suppressing cravings.

However, there's a chance of getting the opposite results and side effects.

This doesn't happen for most people, but it is possible.

Again – its formula is not the safest.

So it's not my personal favorite, even if it's effective in a lot of cases.

2. Phentermine

Meanwhile, I didn't really see typical customer reviews for Phentermine.

Again – the reason is that it's a drug that requires a prescription.

So we can only learn about the experiences of people by asking them in person.

But here's how the supplement should perform:

  1. People should experience a lessened appetite and cravings.
  2. In return, they will notice should start seeing less weight.
  3. Another effect would be the prolonged feeling of satiety.
  4. A few might experience side effects (but in rare cases).

If you ask me, the effectiveness of the product is visible if you exercise constantly and eat healthily.

Otherwise, don't expect any miracles from Phentermine.

So overall – the feedback for this product is extremely individual.

And since it's a prescription drug, there aren't too many reviews or user experiences.


Overall – we can't really compare both supplements.

But if ask me, Phenaprin is quite risky for a weight loss supplement.

Meanwhile, Phentermine will require you to consult a doctor before you can take it.

So in terms of results, I think both have a decent amount of satisfied customers.

It's only that the reviews on Phenaprin are more visible online.




#4 – Side Effects WINNER: Phentermine

Let's now talk about the possible adverse reactions of both products.

So which one is safer to use – is it Phenaprin or Phentermine?

1. Phenaprin

Again, a lot of feedback about Phenaprin is related to its side effects.

So I will quickly list down the most common complaints about it:

  • headache and nausea
  • stomachache and diarrhea
  • depression and anxiety
  • heart palpitations
  • tiredness and loss of focus
  • weight gain and increased cravings

Again – it contains caffeine and DHEA.

Both ingredients are known to cause some serious side effects.

DHEA is an androgen hormone with a huge risk of adverse reactions in women.

It can cause excess body hair, scalp hair loss, acne and reproductive problems.

So overall, I don't really consider the formula the safest for losing weight.

2. Phentermine

Since Phentermine's authentic reviews are not available, I can't really talk about its complaints.

But based on my research, here are the usual adverse reactions it can cause [9]:

  • insomnia and headaches
  • dry mouth and thirst
  • palpitations and sweating
  • nervousness or excitability

Again – those side effects are pretty rare.

But I'm not that worried about them, for several reasons:

  • product needs a prescription (so you get the right dosage for you)
  • you are most likely monitored by your doctor while taking it
  • duration of use is rather short

So if you ask me, I consider it quite safe to use.

The chances to get some bad recommendations from a doctor are super low.

Just make sure that you follow the recommended dosage, in order to avoid complications.

That's surely the only way to get the best results with this product.


In my view, Phentermine is pretty much safer than Phenaprin.

It's not a typical supplement that you can buy randomly and take whenever you want.

So if your case it suitable for this product, a doctor will prescribe it to you.

As for Phenaprin – it has a risky formula and you're on your own monitoring its results.



#5 – Price WINNER: Phentermine

If you compare both products, Phenaprin is way more affordable than Phentermine.

But I will tell you below why I don't find any of them a good deal.

Note: I will only analyze the price of the 2 weight loss supplements.

1. Phenaprin

Firstly – Phenaprin is available on its own Amazon official store.

So here are the deals for this supplement:

  • One bottle costs $39.95
  • Two bottles cost $59.95
  • Free shipping on some days

Normally – these prices are rather decent.

But again, just consider the risks it comes with.

I'm talking about serious adverse reactions, increased cravings and weight gain.

It's simply not worth buying for these risky features.

So even though it's not very expensive, I'm not a big fan of it at al.

2. Phentermine

Now – I looked online for the price of Phentermine.

I chose the one on Amazon Pharmacy, so that it would be easy for anyone to find it:

  • One month supply has 30 tablets of 37.5 mg
  • The price is around $59.60
  • Doctor's prescription is a must
  • Free delivery is offered

At first look, it might look pretty expensive for a weight loss product.

But as I mentioned, you buy it if you really need it (as per your doctor's advice).

You won't be purchasing it just for the sake of trying or experimenting with it.

Also – you can buy it per piece in some pharmacies (around $8-$10).

So for this price tag, it's definitely more worth it than the other.


Overall –  I would say Phentermine offers the best value for your money.

Again, you would be purchasing the personalized amount and dosage for your case.

Meanwhile – Phenaprin is not that expensive, but it's pretty dangerous.

So that's why I'm not a huge fan of it.




#6 – Pros & Cons

Let's summarize in this chapter the pros and cons of Phenaprin and Phentermine.

In this way, you can understand each product more and come up with a decision.

1. Phenaprin


2. Phentermine



My Verdict – Phenaprin Or Phentermine?

Short answer: Most likely Phentermine – because it's superior in almost all chapters.

On the other hand, Phenaprin didn't win in any category, but it had a “Draw” in two chapters.

So let's quickly run down why Phentermine is better:

  • a lot of studies behind it
  • dosage is based on your exact weight problems
  • you are guided by your doctor throughout the process
  • doesn't need to be taken in the long run

If you ask me, the main issue with Phenaprin is its formula.

Again, it caused some alarming side effects and the opposite results

I don't think you want a product that will make you gain more weight.

Now – not all people really need a prescription medicine for weight loss.

So if you're just looking for a safe supplement, I have a better suggestion.

PhenQ Review

It's called PhenQ and it's my #1 recommendation for weight loss:

  • Very safe ingredients in their top forms
  • Proven to be effective in reducing excess weight and fats
  • Has 5 mechanisms to stop weight gain and cravings
  • Reasonable price-to-quality ratio
  • Low risks of causing adverse reactions

In my view, PhenQ is the best option if you don't have time to consult a doctor.

Now – the initial price of it is $69, but you can get it for as low as $37.

It really works for melting extra pounds, suppressing appetite and reducing weight gain.

In addition to that, it doesn't need a prescription and its formula is not risky at all.

Given its superior features, I'm pretty sure it's the best investment.

Well, that's why it remains my top recommended weight loss supplement.

best weight loss supplement


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