Is Fungus Clear A Scam? My Review (2024)

Is Fungus Clear A Scam? My Review

Is Fungus Clear a scam? Does it have any side effects?

Or does this product actually work?

Honestly – it's just a popular supplement that is not worth buying:

  • only based on probiotics
  • no specific ingredients against fungus
  • lots of fake versions
  • original product is very hard to find

Besides, it doesn't work even close to how it promises.

So let me tell you more secrets behind this product in my Fungus Clear review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Fungus Clear.

Review Summary

Full Name: Fungus Clear by Vitality Health

Product Type: Anti-Fungus Supplement

Best Actual Price: $69 (you can also get it for about $49)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Hard to tell

There are lots of different versions available – but you can't tell which is the original.

Designed For: Removing nail fungus

It also claims to fight all types of fungal infections.

But given its composition, I wouldn't count on that.

My Rating: 5 out of 10 

Recommended?: No – it's not better than most similar products:

  • not based on classic anti-fungal ingredients
  • original version is very hard to find
  • many biased opinions

If you want the best supplement against all types of fungus, take a look at this alternative.


What I Liked About It

  • Unique formulation (based on probiotics)
  • Pretty safe to use
  • Also helps digestion (due to its probiotics)


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Doesn't contain any specific anti-fungal ingredient
  • Over 10 different (fake) versions sold online
  • Original product is very hard to find
  • Lots of biased reviews online
  • Several fake versions on retailers (especially Amazon)
  • Very pricey for its value



Fungus Clear In A Nutshell

All in all – Fungus Clear isn't really worth your money.

And there are several reasons why I'm not a big fan of it:

  1. Looks more like a probiotic (than like a fungus supplement).
  2. Original version is pretty hard to get.
  3. Promises a lot more than it can probably do.
  4. Its ingredients aren't worth as much as the product costs.

It's true that there are some good things about it, as well.

For instance – its 180 days money-back guarantee is pretty long.

However, that's not enough to compensate for all the other downsides it has.

So Fungus Clear isn't the worst product against fungus out there.

But it's definitely not among the best ones either.

Overall, I would surely not recommend it.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Here are some general things you should know about this supplement:

  • how it works
  • its exact mechanism of action
  • who is its producer
1. How It Works

According to its claims – here's how Fungus Clear states to work:

  1. Attacks the root cause behind the fungus
  2. Destroys fungal built-up 
  3. Prevents any recurring infections

Now – you can usually see these promises in most fungus products.

And guess what? Most of them have a more potent formula.

As for Fungus Clear – it only claims to work because of its probiotics:

  • balances gut bacteria
  • fights internal fungus overgrowth
  • also improves digestion (as an extra bonus)

Now, probiotics are definitely helpful for a lot of issues.

But I doubt they could actually fight and even treat fungus infections.

Not to mention that Fungus Clear also claims to prevent any recurring episodes.

That's why I don't have a lot of trust in this product – it's all because of its formula.

2. Company Behind

As I said, Fungus Clear's official producer isn't very clear.

That's because there are lots of (fake) versions out there – all with a different brand behind them.

However, Fungus Clear's page states that it's made by a brand called Vitality Health.

Still – there are some issues about this company.

That's because there are several brands with this name:

  • one is based in the UK
  • it's focused on insurance and investment plans
  • it has nothing to do with health/supplements

Now – this exact brand has lots of complaints on BBB.

But I can't really tell if it's related to Fungus Clear or not.

So I'm not very sure how legitimate it is, given these facts.


#2 – Ingredients (5 out of 10)

In my view, Fungus Clear has some basic ingredients for an anti-fungus supplement:

  • only based on probiotics
  • no classic compounds against fungus
  • no herbal-based ingredients

Basically – it claims to work by reducing fungus levels (due to its probiotics).

However, I doubt this is actually the case.

That's because probiotics have no studies about their effect on fungal infections.

So I doubt Fungus Clear is such a revolutionary product.

Since there's no clinical evidence for its approach, I don't trust it too much.

But let's take a closer look at its 7 ingredients.

Just remember that the benefits listed below are not confirmed officially:

  1. Bacillus Subtilis – may inhibit Candida and fungus growth. [1]
  2. Lactobacillus Plantarum – could suppress fungus overgrowth and balance their levels. [2]
  3. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus – might fight Candida and other fungus species. [3]
  4. Bifidobacterium Longum – can have a very strong effect against most fungi.
  5. Lactobacillus Casei – it's used in treating yeast and fungal infections.
  6. Bifidobacterium Breve – may inhibit fungal production and growth.
  7. Lactobacillus Acidophilus – could reduce Candida overgrowth. [4]

Now – all 7 probiotic strains have a lot more benefits for gut and digestion.

But when it comes to their anti-fungal properties, they are not clinically researched.

So it's not very sure that they can actually benefit fungus (in any way).

That's why I can't say I'm a big fan of Fungus Clear.


In terms of formula, Fungus Clear looks pretty disappointing:

  • no clinically tested ingredient against fungus
  • only based on probiotics
  • no potent compounds

So it's a product I wouldn't really recommend, given its composition.




#3 – Pills & Dosage (9 out of 10)

Let me give you some details about how these pills look and how you should take them.

1. Pills

Fungus Clear is designed as vegetable capsules.

This is the most common type of pill – and one of the best ones, if you ask me:

  • pretty small dimensions
  • swallowing them is very easy

Now – these exact pills have a transparent cover and a brown powder inside.

So you can see what they contain (not that it would be too relevant).

But they are not some of those thick tablets that are very hard to swallow.

So taking Fungus Clear is pretty easy.

2. Dosage

This supplement follows the typical scheme:

  • requires one pill/day
  • you should take it in the morning
  • make sure to take it 20 minutes before eating

Now – if you have any stomach cramps after the pill, you may want to reset your schedule.

In this case, take the second pill on a full stomach (after breakfast).

Some people are a bit more sensitive, so they develop stomach pain more easily.

However, this product only contains probiotics.

So there's no risk of it causing you any severe digestive problems.

But for your own comfort – you can try taking the pill after eating.



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

The best way to see how a product works is by looking at its user feedback.

And that's exactly what I did with Fungus Clear.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

First of all – it's not very clear what is the original version of this product.

There are some versions on Amazon, but they're most likely fake:

  • similar label/bottle
  • different producer
  • different formulation

So there's no point analyzing the user reviews there – since they're probably biased.

Those customers have a lot of mixed opinions, so it's hard to tell.

Now – there are several user opinions on Vitality Health's official page.

I still cannot guarantee that this is the original producer behind Fungus Clear.

But as you can guess, all the reviews from its website seem to be biased:

  • lots of praises and very positive opinions
  • absolutely no complaints
  • reviews seem very similar 

It's surely up to you whether you trust the reviews there or not.

But based on my experience with many products, they are probably biased:

  1. Most users say their toenails improved in about 2-3 weeks.
  2. Others say their infections disappeared completely.
  3. A few others even claim they didn't get any other fungus issues in months.

Shortly – there's absolutely no user whose fungus didn't improve.

Given Fungus Clear's poor composition, that's pretty much impossible.

So in terms of results, Fungus Clear seems really biased.


Fungus Clear has very positive customer feedback overall.

Considering its composition – that's pretty unlikely.

So its user reviews are probably fake, which isn't too surprising.

You can probably guess that it's not a product I would recommend too soon.




#5 – Side Effects (10 out of 10)

This product doesn't have any user complaints in this chapter.

Now – probiotics tend to be a pretty well-tolerated category of supplements.

And since Fungus Clear is mostly based on probiotics, it's pretty safe as well.

That's probably the biggest advantage it has.

However – I doubt its probiotic could actually treat your fungus:

  1. Effect tends to be very slow (if any).
  2. Big improvements are pretty unlikely in most people.
  3. Results don't typically last too long.

So Fungus Clear is safe to use but pretty weak for fungus.

It's up to you if you want to try it out just because it's well-tolerated.


#6 – Price (4 out of 10)

Fungus Clear is very expensive at its current price.

However, many similar supplements cost about the same.

The problem is that they have some much better ingredients (than Fungus Clear).

1. The Exact Price

As I said – you can find this supplement on its official website:

  1. Original price is $69/bottle.
  2. You can also get it with a discount (for at least 2 bottles).
  3. In the best case, price is about $49/bottle.

Now – this supplement's pricing options are not the lowest.

But once again, that's what fungus supplements tend to cost.

Still, Fungus Clear has a much lower overall value:

  • weaker ingredients
  • lower doses
  • no classic anti-fungus compound

This is why I don't advise you to go for this product.

You're basically paying for some overpriced probiotics.

And if you necessarily want a potent probiotic, you can get the best one for much less.

Now – there are several other versions of Fungus Clear on Amazon, but they are most likely fake.

So even though they seem cheaper – I don't advise you to buy them.

Plus – their Amazon reviews aren't the best, so that's another proof that something isn't right.

2. Competitors' Price

I only want to compare Fungus Clear with my top recommended product against fungus.

I'm talking about Kerassentials:

  1. Both products have about the same pricing.
  2. However, Kerassentials has the best ingredients out there.
  3. Its composition can fight all types of fungal infections.
  4. Besides, it can also prevent recurring infections.
  5. As for Fungus Clear, it also claims to do the same.
  6. But its formula is only based on probiotics (not on anti-fungus ingredients).

So despite costing about the same, these 2 products are totally different.

Kerassentials is a classic treatment that removes fungus.

On the other hand, Fungus Clear looks more like a probiotic.

Since Kerassentials removes your infection from the root, I surely recommend it.

Between these 2 products, it's clearly way superior.


Like you can tell from its high price, Fungus Clear isn't a great option.

In terms of quality, it should cost less than half.

So there's no way I could recommend it.




#7 – FAQs

Here are the common questions people ask about Fungus Clear.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What health conditions does it aim to address?

Fungus Clear aims to address fungal infections by targeting the root causes.

Additionally, it claims to destroy fungal build-up and prevent infections from recurring.

These promises are based solely on its probiotic content since it lacks antifungal ingredients.

So its formula is the one thing you need to remember about this product.

2. How should this product be consumed?

Actually – Fungus Clear is quite easy to take.

It only requires one pill a day, preferably 20 minutes before eating in the morning.

If you experience stomach cramps after taking the pill, it's advised to adjust your schedule.

Taking the capsule after breakfast on a full stomach can help alleviate discomfort instead.

3. Can it be safely combined with other supplements?

Certainly, you can take Fungus Clear while also taking other supplements.

But just to be sure, I advise that you take them at different times of the day.

So you can minimize possible interactions or potential side effects.

4. What potential side effects are associated with it?

As of now, Fungus Clear has few reported side effects.

So it's actually a safe choice due to its main ingredient which is probiotics.

Generally – probiotics are well-tolerated by most people.

With that, this product is far from being a health risk (at this moment).

5. How much does this supplement cost?

The legit version of Fungus Clear can only be found on its official website.

For a single bottle, the price will be $69.

Meanwhile – three bottles cost $59 each and the lowest price is $49/bottle for six months supply.



#8 – Fungus Clear In 3 Ideas

Here's how I would sum up my opinion on this supplement.

1. Actually Is A Probiotic

Unlike most products, Fungus Clear isn't a classic anti-fungus supplement:

  • very weird formula
  • ingredients are only probiotics
  • no compounds designed against fungus

That's why lots of users may not benefit from this product.

It looks a lot more like a probiotic than like a fungal supplement.

So don't be surprised if its benefits are far from those of its competitors.

2. Biased Opinions

There are lots of previous customers that swear by this supplement:

  • only positive reviews
  • absolutely no unsatisfied/averagely-satisfied user
  • no opinions outside its website

Now – user feedback is one of the top aspects I consider when reviewing a product.

That's why I don't have a good opinion of Fungus Clear.

Its use reviews are clearly biased and not real.

3. Safer (But Weaker)

Anti-fungus supplements are not necessarily the safest out there.

That's because many contain ingredients designed to find infections.

However – Fungus Clear is totally different:

  • based on probiotics
  • doesn't cause any serious side effects
  • very safe overall

In other words – it doesn't contain the typical harsh ingredients.

But obviously, this comes with a price (much lower potency).

So it's indeed safer, but it's also a lot weaker than similar products.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: It's not worth it.

It's surely not among the best fungus supplement I know:

  1. Basic formula made from probiotics only.
  2. No classic ingredient that can fight fungal infections.
  3. Original version is very hard to find.
  4. Lots of biased reviews behind it.
  5. Really expensive for its real value.

It's true that it's a pretty safe product.

But that's only because its effect is also minimal.

Would you rather try a safe (but weak) product – or a stronger one (that can actually work)?

So Fungus Clear is surely not a product I would recommend.

What should you go for instead? I would suggest Kerassentials:

  • based on classic anti-fungal ingredients
  • treats the root cause from the inside
  • prevents any recurring infections

Besides, this product eliminates the infection from the root.

So compared to Fungus Clear, it's definitely way above.

Best Toenail Fungus


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2 –

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4 –

Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

37 thoughts on “Is Fungus Clear A Scam? My Review (2024)

  1. Do you expect a faster clearing of a mild case compared to a more advanced case?

    1. Hi Bryon, normally yes, you should see some faster changes if your problem is mild. Plus, your fungus should also go away completely faster than a more severe one.

  2. Hi Olly
    One of my main concerns is the recurrance of the fungus after being treated.
    Why do I or anybody else need to continue purchasing this product -Fungus Clear- for longer periods of time, if it’s really effective, once the nails grow clean, the fungus SHOULDN’T re appear, isn’t it the case?? Or this treatment is only a temporary one???

    1. Hey Elias. This product claims to destroys the fungal build-up, which means there shouldn’t be any recurring infections once the existing one goes away. But I doubt that’s the case in reality, because of its pretty weak formula.

      Now, one of the supplements that really works against further infections is Kerassentials. Like Fungus Clear, it also promises to destroy the existing fungal build-up (so not just the current fungus). But it actually does that, as I didn’t get any other episode ever again. So I do recommend Kerassentials, it definitely works even against prevention (I can’t say if it’s in 100% of cases, but it did work for a lot of people when it comes to prevention). Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Olly, I have ordered one bottle due to my moneies monthly i have fungus on both toe nails large toes and ive been scrapping them and useing isopropyl on the toes after showers and then using metal tool to get under nails and take out the white fungus that sits under the nails and then i clip with nail clipper to cut down the nails now i have half of my toe nails which are still a little yellow on top i have seen a foot doctor and due to this i have on my right foot from my toes up to my ankles swelling and get cramps and some tingling under the toes and every night bad cramps in my calfs have to stand on my legs to stop the pain then i have been using Theraworx foam every night so far it works a little till at 2:00am to 4:00 am till standing on my lesgs again so here i am waiting for my bottle of Fungus clear to arrive with in the next 4 – 5 days then ill be happy to report back to you about my healing progress you please coment on my work.

    1. Hi Ruth, I’m really eager to hear your results with Fungus Clear but from how you describe your symptoms, you probably have a deeper fungal infection. In this case, what I recommend you is Urgent Fungus Destroyer, because it’s one of the few supplements that can actually destroy any fungal buildup and remove the infection source completely. So if you decide to try it out, I’m waiting for your feedback. Good luck!

  4. What are the ingredients of Fungus Clear?

    I used the Pure Health fungus capsule for 3 weeks, unfortunately I have angioedema and 2 of the ingredients I cannot tolerate, that is, apple cider vinegar and turmeric. I get tingly tongue and stomach upset so quit the product, returned the next shipment for a refund, no problem with that. The part of the bottle I kept, I infused 2 of the capsules with small amount of sterile boiling water and am painting the toenail each day several times, helps somewhat.

    1. Hi Jerry, I actually talked in detail about the ingredients from Fungus Clear in the lines above, so please make sure to check them out. It does not contain any turmeric or apple cider vinegar, so I would say it’s safe for you to use it.

  5. I am currently on some prescription meds due to a heart condition and a lung condition.

    Are there any known drug interactions I should know about?



    1. Hi Robert, I’m really sorry to hear this, could you give me some more details about your exact problem/symptoms? Also, have you tried getting a refund? If you didn’t see any improvement while on these pills, you should definitely ask for your money back.

  6. All thanks to you for doing a review about Fungus Clear, I decided to try it despite you not recommending it. Well, I had very good experiences with it plus they had great customer service. Also, I have only been using a few weeks and I’m noticing my nails getting clearer and smoother compared to how they looked before. Have you tried this product personally to promote it as your number one recommendation?

    1. Hi, Emman! I am glad that Fungus Clear really worked for you and your nail fungus is getting clearer as time goes by. Honestly, I haven’t tried it yet. But I hope you will be free of nail fungus anytime soon!

  7. I am not sure whether my order was accepted or not but I am looking forward to receiving and finally trying it. Your review really hyped up the product so let’s see if it will truly work. Do you think my product will come to me or will it be canceled? ty!

    1. Hi, David! I’m pretty sure your order is on the way. I can’t wait for you to try it and see the changes. Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know the results. Don’t worry, I’m sure you will receive it anytime soon. Enjoy!

  8. Nail fungus is always causing me inflammation. I did not know at first that it was the main reason and I thought I just bumped my foot somewhere while I was walking. The article actually gave me very useful information. My husband has been getting the same inflammation these past few weeks. We think sleeping next to each other can be the reason because feet touching while asleep is beyond our control. Could it be the reason why he is now experiencing what I am experiencing?

    1. Hello, Kelly! Thank you for appreciating our article and I’m happy we helped you in some ways. I think there is a big chance that your husband got it from you because some fungus can be transferred from one host to another. I hope you will get rid of it soon and I’m hoping for the best!

  9. I would like to cancel my order, please. My nail fungus didn’t get any changes or healing at all! In fact, it feels like I got more and more rather than getting rid of it. Do you really think fungal supplements are better than topical? Topical is direct and fast! I have oil that I use all the time and it actually works. so it’s a money saver than million-dollar supplements!

    1. Hi, Frankie! It’s sad to hear that it didn’t work for you. But we only did a review of Fungus Clear here, we’re not connected to the brand behind it in any way (and we’re certainly not selling it ourselves). So you will have to get in touch with the company and ask for a refund.

  10. Good god !stop manufacturing this product. this seems really negative and I tried checking it out too in the online which I found disappointing but not surprised. What is the company even doing? The more there is no action,the more the customer will be confused.

    1. Hey Cherry, Angelica here. To be honest, I do not know whether the company is doing anything to fight these fake version sellers/imitation products but one thing is for sure, it’s better to stop buying this product if you are unsure of its origin and if it is the original one. I get why you are frustrated–me too–because this is not just about the company but the safety of the people too. This is why we prefer Kerassentials over any other product.

  11. I have been taking Fungusclear for around 4 months now and have seen no result as you advertised I would. Does this product not work for everyone? I have spent a lot of money on this product in hope of seeing results. This makes me wonder, was I really scammed?

    1. Hi Larry, a lot of people say that Fungus Clear is a scam. I can’t agree 100%, because there are several versions out there so I can’t really tell which is the original (and the one each person tried). But as far as I know, none of them is amazing.

      Have you tried asking for a refund? On their official website, they state that they offer refunds for as long as 180 days, which is a lot. So you can take advantage of this aspect. Hope it helps!

  12. hello Olly! my mom had a toenail fungus that kept coming back ever couple of months, no matter what she tried. it would go away with most products and always come back after some months, then go away and so on, it’s been like this for years. i saw an ad on fungus clear online and my mom wanted to give it a try. this was in january. now it’s december and the fungus stayed away all this time and it did not come back at all. my mom kept waiting to see it return every other week but she she took this product she was free of anything that even looked like a fungus. she only used 2 bottles of this product and she stop taking it because it was pricey. i wonder how long there results are going to last but whenever she gets the fungus back, she will also take fungus clear again…maybe she won’t have to, maybe the fungus doesn’t return again.

    1. Hi Romario, thanks a lot for your feedback on Fungus Clear and how it worked for your mom’s fungus. I’m so happy to hear this great news and that she has been free of fungus for so long.

      You mom only used it for 2 months, which is not a lot – but it surely depends from person to person. So there are some chances that the infection returns at one point – if that’s the case, make sure she takes Fungus Clear for at least 3 months. But as I said, it really depends – so she may not even experience a recurrence ever again, which would be the ideal. Either way, in case she does get another one – you know what to recommend her.

      Best wishes for you.

  13. Why are you not warning your readers that this company refuses to allow to only buy one bottle of their product? I had to sit through about 20 more minutes of videos and offers trying to get me to buy 6 months worth and then three months worth and then a topical product (after they originally say topicals do not work). If you want to click off they warn that you may be double billed. This is terrible. You owe it to your readers to know this.

    1. Hi Dave, I was really scared about your comment so I just checked this out on Fungus Clear’s so-called official page. It seems to allows you to buy a single bottle at any time. Yes, you are allowed to buy a larger supply as well, but if you select the single bottle, they won’t automatically switch your option to a 3/6 months supply.

  14. Hi Olly, I saw it sold online by Walmart for only $37.95. I would assume it’s the real product, right?

    1. It looks like I found a copy-cat product though there are a few differences in the graphic. Shows pic of bottle with a different lab manufacturer (S.O Labs). Interesting how Walmart uses Vitality Health in its site link label but actually is S. O Labs and the ingredients don’t all match with Vitality Health’s version.

      In Walmart version it actually says “FungusClear
      Fungus Clear Vitality Health Probiotic Toenail Supplement Pills (180 Capsules) (3Pack)” ….I also noticed other manufacturers too. Is there not any copyright infringement going on here by these other manufacturers using Fungus Clear name?

      1. Hi Fred, you seem to have figured out by yourself about the difference. You’re right, the product sold on Walmart is made by S.O. Labs, so it’s not the same product as the one made by Vitality Health. This version also exists on Amazon and I even mentioned in my review that it’s not the authentic one. It does have a lower price, but there’s no point.

        I don’t know if there’s a copyright trial going on between Vitality Health and all the other brands using “Fungus Clear”‘s name in their products. But if I was the owner of the product, I would surely try to use legal ways to prevent other brands from creating and selling fake versions of my product. Still, I don’t know about the current status of Fungus Clear, so I cannot tell you more.

  15. Thank you for this review and information. My buddy told me about Fungus Clear, because it worked for him, so I’m just doing my due diligence. He has the S.O. Labs version. I’m not sure where he brought it from. My main concern that I’m hearing about these Antifungal Pills is that they can cause potential damage to your liver and heart. What is your knowledge or understanding on Urgent Fungus Destroyer that you are recommending? I look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Randy. You’re right about anti fungal medicines affecting the liver, heart and other organs. But that mostly happens for classic anti fungal drugs (like ketoconazole) and it’s because of their mechanism of action, as they are metabolised in your liver. However, Urgent Fungus Destroyer doesn’t contain any classic anti fungal ingredient, so it doesn’t have this risk. It’s only based on herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, which are definitely not harmful for your liver or any other organs. And that’s available for most fungus supplements (including Fungus Clear).

      So you’re right about regular anti fungal medications, but supplements are totally different. It’s all about what they contain. Hope this helps!

  16. Hello Olly! Give me sometime and I will get back here to update my experience about this product. Bought online from amazon and I would like to think that I bought the original version because otherwise would mean a total waste of money. I’m just scared that it might cause some side effect if ever it’s a counterfeit.

    1. Hi Jolene, Angelica here! Thanks for this, we will be looking forward to hear from you. Like you, we really hope that you have a good experience with this product (though our rate of this product is not the best). Your worries are valid given the information we found. Still, you won’t know until you have tried. But just a word of advice, please be sure to immediately stop if your body gives bad reaction to the supplement. Always prioritize you health.

      Thank you and all the best!

  17. Even me as a previous user cannot help but nod in agreement to your breakdown of information in this article. I have my fair share of experience with this product and all I can say is it’s not great. It is expensive and the effect is not as great as they claim to be. There is so much to critique and I have no idea why most of the feedback i found online from the other users are all positive. Am i the onlhy one or is there something really going on? Anyway, thanks for this review because I could not agree more.

    1. Hey there Darbolt, this is Angelica. I’m sorry you’ve had an unfortunate experience with Fungus Clear. What you are saying here is precisely what makes this supplement dubious. Anyway, we rated it as such because of the probable effect it may have based on its composition. Aside from that, the number of counterfeit it has is too alarming. And so, we really find it hard to recommend this product. With regards to legitimacy and effectiveness, Kerassentials is really the best in our point of view if we are basing it from experience and research result.

      On the side note, thank you so much for the praise. Your appreciation makes all the time spent researching worth it.

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