How To Manage Chronic Pain In 6 Steps (2024)

Do you struggle with morning stiffness?

Or do your muscles hurt throughout the day?

Well, dealing with chronic pain is one of the most annoying things. 

No need to panic – as I will show you how to manage chronic pain in 6 steps.

Note: These steps is based on my thorough research and opinion of chronic pain. 

#1 – Rest A Lot Every Night

Having a healthy sleeping pattern is one of the most underrated remedies.

Not only is it beneficial for your general health – but also for your pain.

In fact, studies have shown that sleep deprivation makes you more sensitive to pain [1].

Here's how a good night's rest can help you:

  • Eases your pain the next day.
  • Decreases your pain intensity.
  • Lessens fatigue.
  • Relieves overall chronic pain symptoms.

Now, I know that sleeping could be difficult when you have chronic pain.

And the pain itself could be really irritating – especially if you only want a restful sleep.

Don't fret – here are some simple tips for you:

  1. Do some physical activity in the evening.
  2. Try reading.
  3. Take a half-bath.
  4. Make sure to turn off the lights.
  5. Practice breathing meditations before sleeping.
  6. Tidy up your bed.

Now, some of these tips will work for you get to rest.

But with chronic pain – a simple change of position could easily awake you.

For this reason, make sure to consider all the tips from this list.

You will eventually get that good night's sleep in the long run.


It's very important for you to get enough sleeping time.

Getting lots of sleep rest is proven to reduce chronic pain.



#2 – Keep Yourself Busy

This may sound odd at first when you're already suffering from pain.

But keeping yourself busy is actually recommended for someone who has chronic pain [2].

That's because it keeps your body away from stiffness and tension due to inactivity.

When you condition yourself to do routine activities – your body tends to adapt.

These are how activity can help:

  • Strengthens your muscles and joints.
  • Enhances your body flexibility.
  • Increases your movement.
  • Promotes healthy blood flow around your body.
  • Reduces overall chronic pain symptoms.

If these physical benefits are not good enough for you, keeping yourself busy also brings some emotional benefits.

It gives you that fulfilling feeling of accomplishing things you're capable of.

Here are some other activities you could do as well:

  • Start cleaning up your room.
  • Try gardening.
  • Walk around the house.
  • Do your errands outside (groceries).
  • Stroll around the park or around your neighborhood.

Now, this does not mean that you should force yourself to do strenuous activities.

The trick here is learning how to listen to your body – so rest if you feel the need to.

Remember, there's no need to rush and do all things at once.

Always begin with what you can do at first – eventually, you will be comfortable with more!


Doing little or nothing at all only makes your chronic pain worse.

Keeping yourself busy and active will bring you some physical benefits over time.


#3 – Eat Plenty Of Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Realize that one of the most common causes of chronic pain are inflammatory foods.

That's why you have to do the opposite and eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods [3].

Not only does it ease your pain, but it is the most sustainable relief.

These are the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet:

  • Enhances your arm and leg muscles.
  • Lessens the intensity of your electric shocks and other painful sensations.
  • Keeps you within your desirable body weight.
  • Greatly reduces inflammatory levels.
  • Decreases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

As you can see, following such a diet does not only target your pain.

It is also extremely good for your overall health.

Plus, it prevents further pain.

Now, here are some food that you can try:

  • Oils (avocado, olive, flaxseed)
  • Spices and herbs (turmeric, ginger, cayenne, garlic)
  • Nuts (almonds, macadamia, walnuts)
  • Fruits (grapes, citrus fruits, berries, pineapples)
  • Vegetables (broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, kale)
  • Meat (tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel)

These are some examples of foods that you could try to ease that pain.

There's no problem  if you can't consume all of them.

Start by replacing those unhealthy foods that you usually eat with some of the given items.

Over time, you will be able to see for yourself the benefits of this healthy diet.


Eating unhealthy foods is one of the most well-known causes of chronic pain.

However, an anti-inflammatory diet can relieve the symptoms.



#4 – Use Oral Turmeric

A healthy diet works best with anti-inflammatory supplements.

That's because the results are much better – and it's also safe.

Now, I recommend choosing supplements that have turmeric.

That's because turmeric contains curcumin, which is a key ingredient:

  • Has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties [4].
  • It's known to be the best natural pain reliever.
  • Has one of the fastest effects among natural remedies.
  • Works really well against a number of health issues.

Now, going for a random supplement with turmeric is not enough.

You need to choose the best product for you.

Let me introduce to you one of products I trust most – Turmeric Curcumin Plus:

  • Specifically designed against rapid inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Enhanced absorption due to BioPerine.
  • Excellent formula (it contains some crucial ingredients).
  • Provides high dosages.
  • Has the cheapest price among turmeric products.

Now, it doesn't stop there.

This product has been increasingly popular on the market for several reasons:

  1. Works great against autoimmune arthritis
  2. Helpful in losing weight.
  3. Improves cognitive function.
  4. Delays aging.

It's definitely a product worth your money – even though it's really affordable.

There's really no reason to ignore it, trust me.

It's one of the few products that can really keep your pain under control for real.


Anti-inflammatory turmeric supplements are very effective and safe.

Turmeric Curcumin Plus is the #1 product – because of its pure ingredients and increased absorption.

Plus, it is the cheapest one from the market.




#5 – Sit In The Sun

Everyone knows that sunlight helps you activate Vitamin D in your body.

Its benefits for our skin and bones are already familiar to most.

But how does sun exposure help you relieve pain?

Well, it's because it also strengthens your muscles [5].

This is why I recommend you to get a fair amount of sunshine to ease your pain:

  • Better sleep at night.
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation.
  • Reduces your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Triggers your natural painkillers.
  • Boosts your mood.

While sunlight has a lot of benefits, you should go for a safe exposure.

That's because sun can damage your skin/eyes and increase your risk of skin cancer.

That's why you should at least use some solar protection.

If you don't have one, make sure to expose to sun under 15-20 minutes daily – depending on your skin tone.

Nevertheless, getting that healthy dose of sunshine will definitely help.


Exposing yourself to sunlight serves as an alternative for managing pain.

It is also beneficial for your general health.

Just make sure to have a balanced approach.


#6 – Stay Positive

Tolerating chronic pain is stressful and frustrating.

This is where my last recommendation comes into play.

Let me tell you why thinking positive is crucial for your overall pain management [6].

You need to realize that your mind and body communicate really well.

This means that your emotions, thoughts and feelings reflect on your physical body.

These are how a positive attitude will help you:

  • Eases your anxiety and worries.
  • Lessens your emotional stress.
  • Decreases your depressing thoughts.

All in all – it will make you feel better and more productive.

In fact, there are a lot of studies about being positive and its impact on health.

And guess what? It reduces both the perception and processing of pain in our brains.

But how can you think positively while in pain?:

  • Practice meditation.
  • Take some time for yourself to rest or sleep.
  • Have a good support system from your family and friends.
  • Try writing in a journal.

Now, I know that these activities don't necessarily eliminate your pain away.

But trust me – having a positive outlook will come a long way in terms of managing your chronic pain.

There's a reason why the coined phrase “Mind Over Matter” is very popular.

It's because it simply works.


Having a positive outlook is critical for an effective pain management.

By thinking positively, you will get a lot of physical benefits.

This will then result in relieving not just emotional stress – but also physical pain.



My Final Thoughts

So how can you manage your chronic pain?

I have explained to you the best 6 steps out there:

  1. Make sure you get enough rest every night.
  2. Encourage yourself to be active by staying busy.
  3. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet.
  4. Take turmeric supplements.
  5. Get that healthy dose of sunshine.
  6. Have a positive outlook.

Know that these tips will not cure – nor give you instant relief from chronic pain.

But they will definitely come a long way in terms of pain management.

Now, say goodbye to your worst days.

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Last updated: May 15, 2024

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