Does Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet Work? We Tested It Out!

Does Dr. Ken Berry Carnivore Diet work?

Well, we tested it out – so that we can share its secrets with you:

  • how it works
  • the results we had
  • the possible results you might have

Also, we're going to find out if it's really helpful for weight loss – or if it's all just a myth.

Note: This article includes references and studies on Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet.

Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet (In A Nutshell)

Firstly – this article will cover all you need to know about this diet:

  • the basics of Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet
  • our experiences and results

Now – after following the diet for 7 consecutive days, here are my observations:

  1. I lost a significant amount of weight with it.
  2. My overall appearance (skin and muscles) didn't look too healthy.
  3. I had a lot of cravings and no food satisfaction.
  4. I felt extremely down mentally and physically.

In addition, there was a lingering feeling that I was confined by restrictions.

Sure, some of you might tell me that I should have been more disciplined and just stick with it.

But honestly – I didn't feel well during the whole process.

So that's why I stopped it after only 7 days.

Honestly, my health is more important than losing weight and I don't want to compromise it.

That's the same advice I have for you when following any diet:

  1. Always listen to your body.
  2. If a certain diet is making you feel bad, just give it up.
  3. Don't force yourself to eat some foods your body doesn't want.

Again, Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet is a personalized version of the Carnivore Diet.

As I kept saying throughout my previous articles, I do not recommend it.

The risks it comes with are not worth it at all, at the end of the day.

Well – I definitely lost weight (which was one of my goal)s.

But then again, there are way better alternatives that I could have try.

Most of them wouldn't have affected my overall well-being.

Now – you can try this specific diet at your own risk, since I'm not in control of your life.

However, I hope this article serves as a guide for you before making a decision.



Who Is Dr. Ken Berry?

Firstly – let's get to know Dr. Ken Berry [1]:

  • a board-certified family physician
  • an advocate of low-carbohydrate, ketogenic and carnivore diets
  • also a speaker and author
  • a proponent of the ketogenic diet and how it can prevent/reverse chronic diseases

Also, he wrote the book “Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health.”

So obviously – he's a big supporter of the Carnivore Diet.

But he has his own version of guidelines, just like other personalities from the field.

So let's discuss further and see what makes his version different from the rest.



How Dr. Berry's Carnivore Diet Works

Again – Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet has a different approach.

Basically, you can eat the same food groups as in the classic Carnivore Diet.

But one thing is for sure, it's also a bit more restrictive [2].

So here are some important details you need to know about how it works [3]:

  • eliminates all plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes and seeds)
  • promotes low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein and high-fat diet [4]
  • you should at least eat the same ratio of protein and fats (in terms of weight)
  • requires high-quality animal products from a natural and healthy environment
  • discourages the consumption of foods that are may have antibiotics, hormones and additives
  • suggests eating a variety of animal products (meat, fish and dairy)
  • it's also highly recommended to drink a lot of water [5]

Now – Dr. Berry encourages you to consult a healthcare professional (or even him).

In that way, you get a personalized and more tailored diet to your needs and preferences – depending on:

  • amount of food intake
  • types of animal products you consume
  • diet plan for your energy and activity levels
  • other info connected to your health concerns

Overall – Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet is a more specific dietary regimen.

So it's not really recommended that you do it on your own.

If you do so, you would just be following the classic Carnivore Diet.

But even that type of approach recommends consulting a doctor or dietitian before.



Dr. Berry's Carnivore Diet VS. Classic Carnivore Diet

Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet is a more refined and personalized version of the classic Carnivore Diet.

So if you're curious, here are the major differences between the two diets:

  1. Dr. Berry’s Diet emphasizes the importance of high-quality animal products
  2. The meat you eat should come from animals raised in a natural and healthy environment 
  3. Also, the foods should be free from additives, hormones and antibiotics
  4. Meanwhile, the classic Carnivore Diet involves eating animal products regardless of how they were raised/processed
  5. So its main focus is on consuming enough fat and protein to meet daily needs [6]
  6. Dr. Berry’s Carnivore Diet suggests eating a variety of different animal products
  7. On the other hand, the classic Carnivore Diet highlights protein consumption without much food variety
  8. Dr. Berry’s Carnivore Diet strictly recommends personalization of the diet
  9. The classic Carnivore Diet generally follows a one-size-fits-all approach

As you can see, Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet's major feature is that you need a consultation.

In that way, you get a tailored diet plan for what your body truly needs.

Also – the regimen would be adjusted (when needed) based on your activity and energy levels.

In terms of health, both dietary patterns are helpful for the following problems [7] [8]:

Well – you might still get the same benefits regardless of the 2 versions of diet you follow.

But according to guidelines, Dr. Berry’s approach might work a bit better.

That's because it's a more individualized version, so it will definitely be more specific for your case.



Our Carnivore Diet Results

As promised, I'm going to share my results after following Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet.

But to give you an idea, here were my goals before trying this diet:

  • weight loss
  • better digestion
  • normalized blood sugar levels

dr. ken berry carnivore diet

Now – I religiously followed the dietary regimen and all the recommended foods.

After obeying to its guidelines consecutively for 7 days, here are my observations:

  1. I noticed I lost quite a lot of weight (around 15 lbs).
  2. My skin was sagging and my muscles felt a lot less toned than before.
  3. I constantly felt hungry and the foods allowed didn't satisfy me.
  4. I experienced continuous headaches as days went by.
  5. It was hard to focus and concentrate on my daily tasks.
  6. I was always sleepy and my energy level was lower.
  7. The feeling of isolation was also creeping in, since I had to stay home and cook for myself.
  8. Lastly, I was also stressed out, especially when it comes to taking notes of the foods I eat.

Honestly – it's very hard to start and stick with any type of diet.

That especially if you're used to eating without rules.

However – Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet was extremely hard to follow for me.

Again, it's very restrictive and you need to cut off a lot of foods.

Sure – I did lose a lot of weight, but there were other negative side effects made me feel terrible.

Again – that's my personal case, but I read reviews from a lot of people complaining about similar things.

So if I want to lose the same weight, I would advise you to try safer (and healthier) alternatives.

Lastly – I realized that my mental health is more important than some extra pounds.

For me, it wasn't healthy to follow a diet that affects my everyday life as badly as this one did.



Is It Effective And Worth It?

A week after I stopped following the diet, I could draw some real comparison conclusions:

  1. I felt more lively and happy after going back to my regular eating habits.
  2. My cravings were also lessened and I felt full for longer.
  3. I didn't feel as if I was being restricted or confined by rules.

So if you asked me if it's worth it or not – my answer isa clear no, it's not worth it.

Again – I said that based on my personal experience with this diet.

dr. ken berry carnivore diet

Well, some people might say that I should've followed it for a little longer.

But honestly – I couldn't give up plant-based foods, since they are indeed healthy in reality.

In addition – it's better to have some balanced meals (for your body to function properly).

As I've mentioned, this diet is indeed effective for shedding excess weight.

But I won't compromise my mental and overall health.

Besides, a lot of doctors don't really recommend this diet (and Carnivore Diet in general).

Not to mention that it lacks significant studies regarding its overall safety and efficacy.

Overall – it's somewhat effective for weight loss, but it's not worth it (and I won't recommend it).



Final Conclusion

Honestly – I don't find Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet worth it.

dr. ken berry carnivore dietWell – here are my reasons for saying this:

  • I lost weight but not in a healthy manner
  • the restrictions took a toll on my overall health
  • some side effects I had were quite bothering
  • I found it hard to be active and concentrate on a daily basis

Of course – you can still try this diet at your own risk.

But I warned you based on my personal experiences and struggles.

Again – I'm not saying that you will definitely go through the same situations as I did.

I just want you to take this article as an additional guide before trying Dr. Ken Berry’s Carnivore Diet.

The only good thing I had after following it was weight loss (which was one of my goals).

But again, it didn't come naturally, since there were a lot of side effects.

So I most likely lost some of the weight due to the stress and food deprivation I experienced.

That's why I say there are healthier alternatives out there.

Overall – I won't recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight.


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