My Diet-To-Go (Freshology) Review (Diabetic, Ketogenic, etc.) – Worth The Price?

Here's my Diet-To-Go review (or Freshology), because they're pretty much the same.

Basically, it's a meal plan that claims to help you lose weight easily.

In short, it follows a diet plan that restricts your calorie intake.

However – can this really work?

Since it's not the most affordable, is it also worth the price?

And what is its top plan – Diabetic, Ketogenic or any other one?

Find out all the details in this article!

Note: This review is based on my own research + analysis of Diet-To-Go.

Review Summary

Full Name: Diet-To-Go by Diet-To-Godiet to go

Product Type: Weight Loss Food

Best Actual Price: Around $9.71 per meal (also depends on the chosen plan)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

It's not available on any retailers.

Designed For: Fast & effective weight loss, using ready-made foods.

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended?: No, I would stay away from it – it's pretty problematic:

  • doesn't inquire about any dietary restrictions
  • allegedly charges customers' cards without them knowing
  • unreasonably expensive

Keeping these in mind, it's obvious that Diet-To-Go wouldn't be my first option…

If you want an alternative that's affordable and high-quality, I have the perfect recommendation here.


What I Liked About It

  • Good for weight loss
  • No need to work out to see results
  • Offers ready-made meals for 5 or 7 days
  • Provides substitution meals
  • Pretty convenient overall


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Doesn't offer menu options for vegans
  • No gluten-free menu
  • Meals arrive frozen
  • Only available in the US
  • Quite expensive
  • Shady business behavior (according to some user reviews)



Diet-To-Go In A Nutshell

At first glance, Diet-To-Go seems like a meal delivery program like any to go

Its main claim is that it helps you lose weight easily and comfortably.

This service offers a total of 4 meal plans:

  1. Balance Plan
  2. Balance-Diabetes Plan
  3. Keto-Carb30 Plan
  4. Vegetarian Plan

Since they all serve the purpose of aiding weight loss, we're going to look into all of them in this review.

However, I found that this program has a few issues:

  • doesn't ask you about any allergies you might have
  • provides nothing in terms of gluten-free or vegan menu options

That's pretty disappointing – since these details are quite important when it comes to diet.

To add to this, there's also the fact that authentic user reviews are very scarce.

In fact, the few I managed to find said that the company performed unauthorized charges on their customers' behalf.

That's definitely quite shady.

Not to mention that it's also too expensive for how little this program stands out from others.

Now – I wouldn't say that Diet-To-Go is outright bad.

It's just that it doesn't live up to the standard it's trying to set.

Due to this, I believe there are much better options out there when it comes to meal plans.

There are surely other ready-made meal delivery programs that offer much higher quality…

In exchange for a lower price.




#1 – What Is Diet-To-Go?

Essentially, Diet-To-Go is a meal program that enables you to lose weight through your diet.

It does so by designing meals specifically for this purpose:

  • low in calories (1,200/day for women, 1,600/day for men)
  • perfectly portioned for carbohydrates, fat, and protein
  • able to keep you full 

Basically, like most meal plans, Diet-To-Go delivers foods that are low in calories…

While also keeping you satiated.

Plus, this program offers a few options when it comes to weight loss.

That way, you get to choose the one that best fits your circumstances.

That being said, here are the 4 diets you can choose from:

  • Balance – the most straightforward program for weight loss if you don't have diabetes.
  • Balance-Diabetes – their most popular option, but adapted for diabetics.
  • Keto-Carb30 – diet is restricted to only 30 carbs per day.
  • Vegetarian – free of any seafood, poultry, or meat.

Obviously, go for the option that best fits your taste and lifestyle.

On top of this, Diet-To-Go offers further customization options.

For example, in order to recommend an ideal daily intake of calories…

You will be required to input:

  • your current weight and height
  • your age and gender
  • the goal weight

Based on all this information, the Diet-To-Go team will determine how much you should be eating.

To top it all off, you are also not required to work out in order to lose weight.

That's because their meals are planned in such a way that your body will burn fat on its own.

That's pretty much the gist of Diet-To-Go, but let's get into more details.



#2 – How It Works & History

Let's get to the core aspects of Diet-To-Go:

  • how it takes action
  • whether or not it's for you
  • its history
1. How It Works

As you might have guessed, Diet-To-Go plans to help its customers lose extra weight…

Or maintain the healthy weight they already have.

As with most meal programs, the biggest advantage of this service is convenience.

So, if you are someone who:

  • has to follow a low-calorie diet
  • does not have enough time to cook
  • suffers from diabetes but wants to lose weight & maintain low blood sugar
  • is not looking for a long-term commitment

Then you could very well enjoy Diet-To-Go.

Essentially, by feeding you the minimum of calories every day…

Diet-To-Go helps your body regulate its weight [1].

Plus, it helps maintain your blood sugar at a low level [2].

Now, how exactly does your body lose weight by following such diets?

  1. Your body only receives the minimum amount of calories every day.
  2. It still burns the same amount of calories as before.
  3. But now it also starts to burn the fat stores.
  4. You naturally lose weight while also remaining satiated.

You should know that, compared to other similar programs, Diet-To-Go delivers ready-made meals.

This means that once you receive the food, all you have to do is heat it.

Naturally, this is pretty convenient, since other such services only provide you with the ingredients.

Just for thoroughness, keep in mind that while Diet-To-Go accommodates vegetarians…

They don't have much to offer if you happen to be vegan.

Also, they don't have any gluten-free menus.

Plus, there's also the fact that there's no option to input your allergies (if you have any).

Overall, this definitely denotes a lack of polishing.

2. History

On its blog, Diet-To-Go presents its story from how it started to how things are right now.

In essence, it all started back in 1991, somewhere in Virginia.

Diet-To-Go was a company that delivered meals to people's houses…

So the factor of convenience has been in the picture since the start.

From there, more and more customers showed up as the company kept growing.

On this note, the company claims that its success is based on its clients' satisfaction.

Regardless, the main takeaway would be the following:

  • the company stood the test of time by delivering quality meals
  • clients reporting on their healthy lifestyle ever since giving this service a try
  • successfully helping people maintain their health and lose weight

Outside of this article on their blog, there is not much to be known about Diet-To-Go's history.

Regardless, this part only speaks about their perseverance, which is good enough.

It just doesn't give that much insight when it comes to the main philosophy…

And whether or not that changed as time went on.




#3 – Weight Loss Plans (7 out of 1o)

As we have already said, Diet-To-Go has 4 diet plans available.

They state that each of them is suitable for weight loss, so we're going to look at all of them.

Let's take them in order.

1. Balance Plan

This is their most popular plan, since it's the standard if you don't suffer from diabetes.

It's also ideal if you're not looking for a more intensive diet (like Keto).

So let's see a few details:

  1. You can choose between 2 or 3 meals per day.
  2. You also choose between 5 or 7 days per week.
  3. If you go for 2, breakfast is omitted.
  4. You get to include seafood in the menu or completely exclude it.
  5. They offer a women's plan (1200 calories) and a men's plan (1600 calories).

Now, because of all the levels of customization available, it's tough to give a price.

That's because it's highly dependent on the preferences you have.

But let's give one for the record – if you choose:

  • the women's plan
  • include seafood
  • 3 meals per day
  • 7 days per week

You're spending a total of $203.99 per week. 

This is about $29.13 per day, so keep that in mind.

To be fair, it's not exactly affordable.

The website also states that signing up for their services also lets you contact a dietician anytime you need support.

Obviously, that's great and everything, but the service is still too expensive.

On top of that, delivery will also cost you $9.99.

2. Balance-Diabetes Plan

As it's already been mentioned, this plan is basically the standard one, but sugar-free.

Of course, this makes it the optimal choice for those suffering from diabetes.

According to the website, this plan will help you:

  • regulate your blood sugar level
  • lose weight
  • manages the level of sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol

Overall, it's a pretty straightforward variant.

So it's definitely the way to go if this corresponds with your situation.

3. Keto-Carb30 Plan

If you're already following a low-carb diet, this menu is for you.

Alternatively, if you're looking to give this diet a try, there's nothing to lose.

In short, here's what a keto diet looks like:

  • high in animal protein (cheese, meat, eggs)
  • provides no more than 30 net carbs per day
  • boosts metabolism and reduces appetite

Please keep in mind that it's recommended you don't consume any more carbs than what you're sent.

Otherwise, the benefits of this menu are not guaranteed.

Of course, consider that a keto diet is not for everyone.

For example, you could find yourself having too much protein in your blood.

Be sure to give your body time to adjust to such a drastic change in diet.

4. Vegetarian Plan

Predictably enough, this meal plan excludes meat.

Here are a few things you should know about going vegetarian:

  • lowers your risk for disease
  • you get to decide whether you consume eggs and dairy
  • increases the risk of certain nutrient deficiencies

As you can see, Diet-To-Go includes dairy and eggs in their vegetarian plan.

If you don't want that, this option may not be for you.

Naturally, it's also a good idea to keep in mind that a vegetarian diet comes with its own shortcomings as well.

Doing a bit of research is a good idea if you've never tried the vegetarian lifestyle before.


Since all of the plans offered by Diet-To-Go are weight-loss friendly…

You cannot go wrong with any of them from this perspective.

It's good that they're giving you multiple options in this sense.

That being said, none of these are of any value if you're looking for a gluten-free diet.

The same goes for people who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Therefore, Diet-To-Go is not the most diverse/inclusive meal program I've come across.




#4 – Meals & Menu (8 out of 10)

Now that we covered the general aspects of each meal plan…

Let's also take a look at what exactly they offer in terms of dishes.

1. The Menu

First of all, Diet-To-Go offers either 2 or 3 meals per day, depending on your choice.

If you go for 2, remember that breakfast is not included. 

Once you sign up for their program, the menu from which you choose your weekly meals is on a weekly rotation.

This means that every week there is a different selection of dishes you can have.

That way, you don't have to worry about having to eat the same meal over and over.

Now – compared to other similar services, Diet-To-Go doesn't include snacks.

This means that you have to research which snacks are safe for your weight loss journey.

Naturally, that's a bit of a bummer.

However, if you happen to dislike something from their menu, there's no need to worry:

  • you can choose from a list of substitution meals
  • the menu can be changed at any point
  • any changes you make are saved so that you don't have to make them again

Now that we got these details out of the way, let's take a proper look at some of their dishes.

2. The Meals

We've finally reached the part you're likely most interested in.

For reference, all the examples will be taken from their Balance Plan, since it's their standard option.

To start off with, let's look at some breakfast meals:

  1. Cranapple Muffin
  2. Baked Cinnamon Bar
  3. Monte Cristo
  4. Waffles with Peaches & Apples in Syrup
  5. Peach Pecan Oatmeal Bar

Moving on to lunch – there are a few options here as well:

  1. Tuscan Boats with Turkey
  2. Monterey Turkey Salad
  3. Turkey Swiss Sandwich
  4. Chicken Burger
  5. Baked Turkey with Rice

Once it's time for dinner, here are a couple of dishes you can have:

  1. Santa Fe Chicken Burger
  2. Chicken Fajita
  3. Stir Fry Chicken
  4. Herbed Baked Salmon
  5. Chicken Parmesan

Honestly, these recommendations sound pretty good.

It's also helpful that you can view the nutrition facts of virtually any meal on the website.

That way, you know what each dish brings to you.

Plus, you can also get recommendations for substitutions when it comes to any meal.

However, what's not good is the fact that these meals arrive frozen.

Obviously, this means they lack freshness and likely won't be very flavorful.




#5 – Results (6 out of 10)

As we have seen, Diet-To-Go has been around for quite a bit of time.

Despite this, it was actually quite tough to find authentic customer reviews.

Still, it's enough to form a general impression.

Let's see what people think of Diet-To-Go.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. Positive Reviews

Most of the time, I choose to steer clear of the reviews on the official website.

That's because most of them tend to be biased.

Instead, I looked at the reviews from 3rd party websites.

Here's what people liked about Diet-To-Go:

  1. Some people found the food to be quite tasty.
  2. A few also said the meals were enough to make them feel full.
  3. Customers also praised them for their convenience.
  4. Some customers also claimed Diet-To-Go really helped them lose weight.
  5. A few people also said the delivery is quite punctual.

Someone also said their customer service team is very helpful:

These opinions show that people definitely appreciate the service put out by Diet-To-Go.

The fact that they enjoy the taste of their food is obviously pretty important.

However, it's also nice to see that some people said it really helped their weight loss journey.

It confirms that this meal delivery program can actually be helpful, after all.

2. Negative Reviews

Naturally, Diet-To-Go was also met with some negativity.

Let's see what people think could have been better when it comes to this program.

Here are some complaints I managed to find:

  1. Quite a few complaints about the high price tag.
  2. Some people also said the food didn't look or taste appetizing at all.
  3. A few people also dispute the quality of the food.
  4. Customers also claimed the company charged their cards unprompted.
  5. Some also claimed the meals were not packaged properly.

Someone also said the food gave them abdominal cramping and diarrhea:

Now – these negative reviews are quite worrying.

A company doing unauthorized charges is a pretty big deal.

Not to mention that proper packaging is key when it comes to a meal delivery service.

Otherwise, the food tends to spoil by the time it reaches the customer.


To bring this section together, it's safe to say that Diet-To-Go doesn't have that many customer reviews.

Honestly, that's not ideal, since customer opinions are quite influential.

Regardless, it looks like there are a few people praising this service.

However, out of the small number of user reviews I could find, the majority were negative.

The fact that their food may not actually be all that good is a shame, considering the high price point.

Not to mention that some people claim the company charged them for orders they never made…




#6 – Side Effects (7 out of 10)

We previously noted that Diet-To-Go generally lacks user to go

This definitely impacts the degree to which we can talk about this program's side reactions.

Based on the limited amount of feedback that I found, here's what this meal program can cause:

  • abdominal cramping
  • diarrhea

Now, I'm not saying that everyone can experience these issues.

But it's definitely worth keeping them in mind.

Now, some people are not happy about the fact that the meals arrive frozen.

Naturally, this also harms the foods' freshness.

As such, these are understandable concerns.



#7 – Price (5 out of 10)

Most meal delivery services are not very affordable.

That being said, how does this play into the price of Diet-To-Go?

Are their services worth the money you have to pay?

Let's find out in this section.

1. The Exact Price

I already mentioned that giving an estimate when it comes to pricing is pretty tricky.

That's because the price you pay depends a lot on the preferences you go for when ordering.

Still, let's summarize the amounts of money discussed up to this point:

  • $9.71 per meal (approximately)
  • $29.13 per day
  • $203.99 per week (3 meals every day, women's plan) 

Keep in mind that you also have to pay $9.99 for shipping.

As you may have guessed, Diet-To-Go is actually not affordable.

The official website claims that their service is intended to be accessible to most people…

However, in reality, it's very likely that you're better off grocery shopping with some careful planning.

That being said, I definitely think that if you really want to sign up for a meal delivery service…

There are better options out there.

2. Competitor's Price

It just so happens that I have the perfect alternative in mind.

Allow me to introduce you to my top recommendation for a weight-loss meal plan:

  1. My recommendation is more effective in terms of weight loss.
  2. Nutrisystem also allows for more levels of customization.
  3. You also get a much more diverse menu if you go for my top recommendation.
  4. Unlike Diet-To-Go, Nutrisystem doesn't cause any side reactions.
  5. Besides, this meal program also provides you with daily snacks.
  6. Not to mention that my recommendation is also more affordable (starts at $9.99 per day).

Consequently, I would surely say you're better off looking into Nutrisystem.

It offers so much more for a lower amount of money.

Plus, there's a lot more to choose from if you go for their services instead.


In perspective, Diet-To-Go is quite expensive, despite the fact that it claims to be affordable.

This is pretty inconvenient – since it means some people won't give it a try simply because of its price.

Plus, it's not even special enough to be this expensive.

Trust me, there are other options that offer much more in exchange for less money.




#8 – Final Conclusions

Now that we're nearing the end of this article, let me summarize Diet-To-Go for you.

1. No Regard For Dietary Restrictions

As was noted early in this review, their website does not ask you about any allergies.

That's definitely not the ideal situation.

Plus, they also don't offer menus that consist of gluten-free foods.

This is pretty problematic, since there are people who might suffer from such dietary restrictions.

Not including these cases when creating their menu is not the best idea.

Thus, if you find yourself in this situation, it's best to find another option that caters to your needs.

2. Unauthorized Charges

It's also been mentioned that Diet-To-Go's user feedback is pretty limited.

That is a problem in and of itself, but some of the negative reviews mentioned some worrying aspects.

For example, the fact that this company charges your card without your knowledge.

If anything, this is a pretty massive red flag.

Few things are worse than being charged high amounts of money for something you never even wanted.

This is enough to convince you to stay away.

3. Quite Expensive

Now – meal delivery programs are generally pretty expensive, that much is true.

However, Diet-To-Go fails to provide any justification for the amount of money you're required to pay.

In truth, it doesn't seem like there's anything special about them. 

In fact, you could even argue that they have less to offer, compared to other competitors.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not to go

It's lackluster in many ways:

  1. It's debatable whether the menu offers enough options.
  2. Is not inclusive enough (no gluten-free or vegan options).
  3. The program doesn't ask about any dietary restrictions you might have.
  4. Not enough authentic user reviews are available.
  5. Unreasonably expensive.
  6. Shady behavior in relation to customers.
  7. Packaging can be faulty.

Suffice it to say that Diet-To-Go is not the best choice if you're looking for a meal delivery service.

The disadvantages simply counter the good parts, which is not ideal.

For a program of this kind, your expectations should be higher.

Speaking of which, I think I have the perfect option for you.

I believe I already mentioned Nutrisystem to you, but it's truly something worth looking into.

As a matter of fact, it's my top recommendation for a weight-loss meal plan:

  • very effective in terms of helping you lose weight
  • affordable for its high quality
  • offers an amazing range of customizations & options

In short, Nutrisystem has every advantage over Diet-To-Go.

Thus, if you're in need of a meal delivery service that's ideal for your weight-loss journey…

I'm sure my recommendation won't let you down.


1 –

2 –


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