COMT Enzyme & Weight Gain – Why You Cannot Lose Weight

Let's talk about COMT Enzyme & Weight Gain and why you cannot lose weight.

What is the connection between these two?

Does this enzyme truly affect our weight loss journey?

If this topic is unfamiliar, let me explain how COMT works.

In this way, you can start including it in your daily routine.

Note: This article contains scientific evidence, so feel free to thoroughly read the research papers and studies listed out at the end.

COMT Enzyme & Weight Gain (In A Nutshell)

Losing those extra pounds shouldn't be a tough challenge, trust me!

If you're struggling and the weight just won't budge, it's not just a personal issue.

There's actually another factor at play.

In recent research, the reason why people 40 years old and above find it hard to lose weight is due to the COMT enzyme:

  • as you age, the levels of this enzyme also increase
  • some studies have confirmed that elevated levels of COMT can block your metabolism
  • so it's hard to achieve weight loss, no matter how much effort you put in

In simpler terms, if you're diligently dieting or working out without seeing results, your COMT levels might be the culprit.

However – at this point, there's currently no direct way to test these levels.

Now, if losing weight is a challenge for you then there's a high chance that this is the underlying issue.

But don't blame yourself since it's not the end and you can still take action.

There's a simple method to normalize your COMT levels.

Dr. Hudson and his team have discovered this, and it's not as hard as you might think.

Well – you don't need dangerous substances, heavy lifting, or years of waiting.

His method only involves a simple mix of herbs that bring COMT levels back to normal.

All of this happens while you effortlessly melt away fat without the need for strict diets or exhausting workouts.

If you've been unsuccessful in losing weight so far, this method is definitely worth a try.

Overall, you won't lose anything if you give this method a shot.

Instead – you've got a lot to gain in the long run.


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What Is COMT Enzyme?

Firstly, COMT stands for Catechol-O-Methyltransferase [1].

In the past, it's only known to provide the following benefits:

  • breaks down neurotransmitters that control mood and stress response [2]
  • plays a major role in neurological and psychiatric disorders [3]

But recently, this enzyme was found to be helpful in understanding metabolism:

  1. COMT levels increase as you grow old
  2. Too much of it can slow down fat-burning and metabolism
  3. It raises the risk of diabetes since it's involved in keeping blood sugar levels balanced [4]

In short – people who reach the age of 40 and above have higher COMT levels than normal.

So in this case, they find it even harder to lose weight compared to when they were younger [5].

On top of that, they also struggle to reduce weight gain because high COMT levels meddle with it.

So if you're experiencing this, you now know why your weight stays the same.

Even if you're trying to exercise or eat healthier foods.

Now, let's discuss below how this enzyme contributes to weight gain.



How COMT Enzyme Is Making You Gain Weight

Losing weight can be a real challenge as you age.

However, things took a turn after Dr. Hudson's forced retirement and move to Ohio.

During this period, he stumbled upon a profound truth.

He calls it “a revelation so profound that it promised to rewrite the narrative of weight loss

He was referring to the role of the COMT enzyme in addressing weight gain related to aging.

Following this breakthrough, Dr. Hudson successfully helped many of his former patients in shedding weight and reclaiming their lives!

So how does COMT enzyme make you gain weight?

Well – as he mentioned, it affects how your metabolism works.

Again, the level of this enzyme increases as you get older.

So the higher the number is, the more it interferes with some of your neurotransmitters.

Most especially, the ones responsible for controlling the following factors:

  • control hunger
  • satiety and appetite
  • metabolic rate

So think of it like a pause button for your metabolism.

When this button is pressed, it causes your body to keep storing stubborn fat without a break.

This is the discovery of Dr. Hudson and he wants to help people who've been struggling to lose weight.

He wanted to fix this button so your body can burn fat and make energy like it's supposed to.

His goal is to make your body stop storing too much fat.

As you can see, weight gain is not only due to overeating or not exercising.

In some cases, it is due to internal factors inside our body like the COMT enzyme.



How To Lose Weight With COMT Enzyme

The COMT enzyme is mainly produced in your liver, as studies have shown.

Initially, researchers focused on its effects on some mood and brain disorders.

However, Dr. Hudson's recent research revealed that it also plays a significant role in controlling your metabolism:

  1. Elevated levels of the COMT enzyme can interfere with signals that burn fat.
  2. So the immediate result is that your metabolism gets halted.
  3. In return, this action will cause your body to store more fat which can lead to obesity.

Now – Dr. Hudson explains that this happens because the COMT enzyme breaks down some brain chemicals.

The ones that regulate your appetite, hunger and metabolism.

So as the levels of this enzyme increase, your body interprets it as starvation.

With that, it can hold onto fat even if you're exercising regularly and eating healthy foods.

So, what does this mean for you?:

  1. Your struggle to lose weight isn't only about your sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Even with strict dieting and daily workouts, you still won't be able to lose weight.

Well – the good news is that there's a solution.

Dr. Hudson suggests suppressing these COMT enzymes to boost your metabolism again.

So if that happens, your metabolic processes will work the way they should:

  1. More efficient food breakdown
  2. Conversion of food into energy (instead of stored fats)
  3. Increases your body's ability to burn calories even if you're at rest

The actions above lead to automatic fat burning without the need for strict dieting or exercise.

So indeed, Dr. Stuart Hudson's intense research found a way to use COMT enzyme to help you lose weight naturally and quickly.

This discovery will help a lot of people ages 40 and above.

Most especially women who are in the menopausal stage.

This is because their COMT begins to double which can lead to different health issues [6].

So that's why you must understand how this enzyme works.

In this way, you'll know how to bring your metabolism back to its optimal state.

So how did Dr. Hudson tackle weight loss?

Well, he developed a simple yet revolutionary 2-step process:

  1. The first step involves stopping the production of COMT.
  2. This supply of COMT enzyme has been pressing the ‘mute' button on your metabolism.
  3. The second step requires reawakening the metabolic signals hindered by enzyme overactivity for years.

But do you know what's the most exciting part of this discovery?

These steps can be achieved by a simple mix of effective and remarkably potent natural ingredients.

Their potency made some people lose up to 6 pounds of fat in a week.

So the journey of having a normal metabolism and weight loss is no longer a big challenge:

  1. It's like waking up every day without thinking about your weight.
  2. You can wear any outfit you like without thinking if it will fit or not.
  3. Imagine enjoying the activities with your lean, healthy and vibrant body.
  4. No more pain and fatigue at the end of the day.
  5. You can now chase and play with your grandkids or explore adventurous activities again.

These will be your new reality after you follow Dr. Hudson's discovery and treatment!


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Weight Loss Results of COMT Enzyme

COMT Enzyme (For Weight Loss) - What It Does, Where It's Found & How To Balance It

Let's now highlight the weight loss results of fixing your COMT enzyme.

So after Dr. Hudson's discovery, he shared this breakthrough with his patients.

Most specifically, women above the age of 40 and already in the menopausal stage.

Again – they tend to have high levels of COMT which makes weight loss very challenging for them.

So the first person who expressed interest in this discovery is Dawn (47 years old):

  • she was at risk of getting type 2 diabetes
  • her doctor is planning to give her an insulin medication
  • so she needed to shed around 70 pounds in 4 months

Upon hearing this news, Dr. Hudson told her that there was still hope.

He explained to her how her COMT enzyme can help her address the health issues she has been going through.

Also – he told her that her weight struggles were linked to a biological factor and not because of her lifestyle.

He made her understand that the increase in COMT levels is more common in women entering their 40s and beyond.

This enzyme tends to rise significantly after this age.

So there's really a growing difficulty in losing weight as people get older:

  1. COMT effectively turns off the metabolic switch.
  2. It causes your body to store more calories.
  3. This happens regardless of the diet you follow or your level of exercise.

Honestly – these were helpful in the primitive years which could protect people from famine.

But it's no longer applicable in this modern era.

Well – it's because there's a growing epidemic of the following health conditions:

  • obesity and diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke and heart problems
  • arthritis and knee pain
  • nerve pain and neuropathy

So as you can see, weight loss is not only for aesthetic purposes.

It's also for reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases.

Now – Dawn's results were astonishing.

In under 4 months, she managed to shed the targeted 70 pounds.

With this, she successfully avoided diabetes and the need for insulin.

This achievement came after over 5 years of struggling with excess weight.

She thanked Dr. Hudson's discovery for the reduction in her COMT enzyme levels.

The takeaway from Dawn's success is that you can achieve similar results too!

Whether your goal is to shed 10 or 100 pounds, this method offers you a potential solution.

So seize the opportunity to reset your metabolic clock.

Reconnect with a version of yourself that you might have believed was lost to time.

For people ages 40 years and above, this isn't just a solution, it marks a fresh start!

So if you're prepared to mute your COMT enzyme and open the pathway to smooth weight loss, here's your next move.

I encourage you to take the initial step of this transformative journey below.


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