COMT Enzyme (For Weight Loss) – What It Does, Where It’s Found & How To Balance It

How to lose weight COMT enzyme

Have you heard of the COMT enzyme for weight loss?

If you haven't, you really have to take it seriously – as its recently discovered weight loss benefits benefits are incredible!

So let me show you why and how this COMT enzyme can literally change your life if you're struggling with excess weight:

  • What does it do?
  • Where is it found?
  • And most importantly – How to increase/decrease it?

Let's analyze the COMT enzyme function and see how it can make you shed off pounds immediately!

Note: This article contains scientific evidence, so feel free to thoroughly read the research papers and studies listed out at the end.

COMT Enzyme & Weight Loss (In A Nutshell)

If you've been struggling to lose weight for years, you're probably putting all the blame on yourself, right?

And your friends and family are probably doing the same…

But the good news is that it's not you – it's your own body sabotaging you!

According to last-minute research, a pretty unknown enzyme is the reason why you can't shed off pounds.

Studies claim that this COMT enzyme blocks your metabolic speed:

  1. In this way, you are unable to burn existing fat.
  2. Your body's metabolism stops no matter what work outs or diets you try.
  3. This enzyme also puts you at risk for diabetes, as it's involved in glucose homeostasis.

COMT Enzyme (For Weight Loss) - What It Does, Where It's Found & How To Balance It

However, COMT levels naturally increase with age.

So once you're in your 40s, you will start to notice this enzyme's real effect on your metabolism.

That's why most people are no longer able to lose weight as they would in their 20s.

But the good news is that this discovery is going to change the way we refer to weight loss.

So the only thing you need to do is to bring your COMT levels back to normal.

Once you do that, your body will start melting off fat on its own, just like it did in your 20s.

Now, scientists have put together a mix of several herbs that can balance these COMT levels.

They're not easily available yet and very few people actually know about them.

But if you want to be one step ahead and start burning off fat without any struggle, you should really give this mix a try:

  • it's natural, so it's not going to cause any dangerous side effects
  • all of its compounds are herbs and natural extracts
  • the users who have already tried it are super satisfied
  • most of them managed to lose up to 6 lbs/week

One month from now, scientists expect this herbal mix to be sold out everywhere

So if you want to start losing weight with it starting from tomorrow, you should really give it a try as long as it's still available.

I'm extremely sure you will thank yourself later!


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1. What Does COMT Enzyme Do?

COMT Enzyme (For Weight Loss) - What It Does, Where It's Found & How To Balance It

So what's so special about this COMT enzyme? And what's all the fuss going on around it in the last months?

Truth is, this enzyme has been known for many years – but its recently discovered benefits are totally different than the ones we were aware of:

  1. Before, COMT enzyme was linked to brain issues.
  2. But last-minute research proved it's actually involved in a really challenging field.
  3. Shortly, it's closely linked to weight gain and obesity.

So let's break this down in more details.

There's an incredible Nobel Prize-winning research that brings out some shocking information about this COMT enzyme. [1]

And like I said – this time, it has nothing to do with the brain!

According to it, your inability to lose weight as you get older comes down to this COMT enzyme.

And believe it or not, doctors are now just finally beginning to understand this enzyme's metabolic benefits, after years of research.

Now, let me explain you why their discovery is so amazing (in plain English):

  1. Shortly, when your body produces too much of the COMT enzyme, it acts like a “mute button” to your metabolism.
  2. That's because this enzyme is known to maintain glucose homeostasis, according to existing research. [2]
  3. Once its levels goes beyond the normal limits, you start having gaining more and more weight.
  4. Besides, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot lose weight.

In other words, this enzyme makes your body accumulate stored fat.

But like this wasn't enough, it makes your body lock it in place, no matter how strictly you diet or how hard you exercise. [3]

This explains why you have such a hard time losing weight once you get older.

Does it make sense to you now? Because it really does to me!

Just think about it:

  • maybe you were super fit in your 20s
  • you probably had a very fast metabolism too
  • you could eat anything at any time without gaining any weight

But why has this changed as you got older?

Honestly, I didn't have any answer to this question a few months ago…

But judging after the current research, it seems like it's all because of this simple COMT enzyme.

So let's talk about a scientist's recent discovery that might change the course of the weight loss world!


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2. COMT's Weight Loss Benefits

COMT Enzyme (For Weight Loss) - What It Does, Where It's Found & How To Balance It

So like I said, everybody thought COMT enzyme's benefits were only related to psychiatry.

But fortunately, one scientist – Dr. Stuart Hudson showed there's a lot more than that.

He proved that this “basic” COMT enzyme is actually linked to metabolism and the inability to lose weight.

And the best part is that he didn't stop here!

In fact, Dr. Hudson has devoted over 20 years of his life to uncovering a simple way to stop the COMT enzyme and reboot your metabolism.

And at this point, many doctors believe this could be the key to ending the struggle with weight gain once and for all!

But let me tell you more about the ingenious weight loss method Dr. Hudson created for stopping the COMT enzyme.

This method has already helped over 30,000 women and men:

  • they manage to lose weight effortlessly
  • most had struggled for years with excessive weight
  • after blocking their COMT enzyme, they started to melt off pounds without exercise or diet

In other words, all these people were able flush away pound after pound of thick, squishy fat from their belly, butt, hips, and thighs – all after regulating their COMT levels.

But in order to understand its potential better, let's see exactly how this enzyme works (for weight loss).


3. How COMT Enzyme Makes You Lose Weight

COMT Enzyme (For Weight Loss) - What It Does, Where It's Found & How To Balance It

According to existing studies, the COMT enzyme is mostly made in your liver.

And initially, it was studied for its impact on specific brain and mood disorder, like I already said. [4]

But this Dr. Hudson found a new research showing that it also plays a massive role in regulating your metabolism.

In other words, high levels of this strange COMT enzyme mute fat-burning signals.

Can you guess what's the immediate consequence? Well, it's putting your metabolism on mute.

In short, it makes your body store more and more fat, thus promoting obesity.

According to Dr. Hudson, this happens become this C-O-M-T enzyme breaks down important brain chemicals that control hunger, your feeling of fullness and metabolism.

So as levels of this metabolism pausing enzyme rise, your body thinks you’re starving it!

In this way, it begins to hold onto fat even if you’re running marathons and eating nothing but salads all day…

What does this actually mean?:

  1. Your inability to lose weight has nothing to do with your willpower or a lack of effort.
  2. You can actually starve yourself and work out daily, but you still won't be able to lose weight.
  3. Instead, it’s because of the elevated levels of this metabolism muting enzyme.

But there is also a solution.

According to Dr. Hudson, inhibiting this C-O-M-T enzyme can serve as a trigger for your metabolism:

  • It’s like hitting the refresh key on your computer when it's acting sluggish.
  • Suddenly, all those processes and applications start running smoothly again.

Similarly, by blocking the production of this overactive enzyme, your metabolic processes are given a fresh start:

  1. The chemical breakdown of the food you eat becomes more efficient.
  2. Your body starts converting the food you ea into energy (instead of storing it as fat).
  3. This metabolic trigger amplifies your body's ability to burn calories, even when you're at rest.
  4. In this way, you will start burning fat automatically, without dieting or exercising.

According to Dr. Hudson intense research, COMT levels rise in part due to aging.

Thus is why it can become such a problem for women in their 40s and beyond.

In fact, leading up to menopause and after, levels of C-O-M-T begin to almost double. [5]

And as its levels increase, it causes the body to store more fat (by muting communication between your cells).

It’s almost as if this enzyme flips the breaker on, thus shutting down power to your metabolism. [6]

But there's some amazing news for people over the age of 40!

That's because the same doctor also discovered a way to reduce your COMT levels easily, thus starting to lose weight naturally!


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4. How To Balance COMT Enzyme

COMT Enzyme (For Weight Loss) - What It Does, Where It's Found & How To Balance It

Basically, Dr. Hudson’s research ultimately led him to discover a way to tame this enzyme's over-activity for good.

In this way, it would ultimately reset your metabolism and melt away years of unwanted fat. 

In fact, it’s a simple 2-step process that is practically effortless. 

First, you need to halt the runaway production of the C-O-M-T enzyme:

  1. This is responsible for pushing your “metabolism mute button”.
  2. Also, it manages to suppress the fat-burning chemicals in the body.
  3. So it make sense that you need to stop its production.

Second, you need to reawaken those critical metabolic signals that have been drowned out by enzyme overactivity through the years:

  • This would reboot your body’s ability to burn fat.
  • It would also help you lose weight as easily as in your 20s.

The best part (according to Dr. Hudson) is that both steps can be achieved by using a simple mix of natural ingredients that block C-O-M-Ts influence.

This mix is so powerful that many people report losing up to 6 pounds of fat a week.

So if you want to block COMT enzyme’s activity and finally lose weight fast, here's how to do this!


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My Verdict – Does COMT Boost Weight Loss?

Short answer: Absolutely!

And trust me, COMT enzyme's weight loss benefits are here to stay, that's for sure!

Like this new research suggests, balancing your COMT levels can make you lost weight fast, without struggling.

In fact – it seems like this enzyme is the actual reason why you're still struggling with excess fat:

  • high levels block your metabolism
  • in this way, your body start storing fat (instead of using it for energy)
  • besides, losing weight becomes almost impossible

The bad news is that this enzyme naturally increases with age.

So there isn't much you can do to prevent it from raising – just like you can't prevent getting older.

But there is something you can do to bring its level back to normal.

Or if you're still under 40, you can actually use the same strategy to keep it on the lower end.

I'm talking about a simple mix of ingredients that lowers COMT production naturally.

But don't worry – it won't block your COMT completely, it will only bring it among its normal value.

Can you guess the immediate consequence?

You will start burning fat as easily as in your 20s, without dieting or exercising (unless you actually want to)!

You're actually very lucky to come across this discovery so early, because not many people know about it so far…

But I'm pretty sure than a month from now, everyone will start lowering their COMT in order to lose weight.

Still, you're already one step ahead!

So if you want to try these natural ingredients that lower COMT naturally, you can check them out here!


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