My BistroMD Review (Foods, Menu & Cost) – Does It Really Work?

Here's my BistroMD review – a weight-loss program that delivers ready-made meals:

  • helps with weight loss
  • designed by doctors & dietitians
  • rather expensive

So, is this service as promising as it looks?

Their website is full of information regarding their products and mission…

However, in the end – does it really work for weight loss?

This article will tell you everything about its foods, menu, cost and more.

Note: This review is based on my own research + analysis of BistroMD.

Review Summary

Full Name: BistroMD by BistroMDBistroMD

Product Type: Weight Loss Food

Best Actual Price: Starts at $10.99 per serving. ($8.24 with first week's discount)

Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website

Designed For: Helping you stay in shape or lose weight.

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended?: Not exactly – it's far from impressive:

  • unsafe for many dietary restrictions
  • many complaints regarding customer service
  • high and unjustified price

All things considered, I wouldn't go for BistroMD when I know there are much better alternatives.

If you're curious, you can take a look at the best option available right now.


What I Liked About It

  • Pretty suitable for losing weight
  • Very convenient, as it saves you a lot of time
  • Decent customization
  • Good enough menu variety
  • Brings a different approach to weight loss


What I Didn't Like About It

  • Menu lacks inclusivity
  • Unsuitable for vegans, vegetarians, and people with certain allergies
  • People complaining about the lack of flavor in meals
  • Adjusting your menu is a slow process
  • Company has a habit of sending dishes customers never asked for
  • Customer service is not that friendly
  • Way too expensive



BistroMD In A Nutshell

Knowing how popular BistroMD is, you might have heard about it already.BistroMD

If you didn't know already, this is a diet meal delivery service that puts out frozen meals.

Due to this, customers like the convenient aspect it confers to weight loss.

Now – you might be wondering who this program is for, specifically:

  • people with high insulin resistance
  • those allergic to gluten
  • busy folk

As you can see, insulin resistance plays an important role in this weight-loss program.

So if you know for a fact that this is not an issue for you, BistroMD may not be worth it.

Additionally, if you have more dietary restrictions, this service is not safe for you.

For example, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you are better off staying away from this program.

Likewise, if you are lactose intolerant, BistroMD puts you at risk.

Keeping this in mind, this is not the most inclusive option, all things considered.

Customers also bring up some other issues regarding this service:

  • food can often be flavorless
  • customer service is not ideal
  • making changes to your menu takes a while

These aspects are not really helping BistroMD.

The food's taste being potentially dull is easily the worst thing about this.

Obviously, with a service of this nature, it is essential that the food is tasty.

The cherry on top is the fact that BistroMD is also very expensive.

Honestly, given everything I have found, I wouldn't say it is worth it.

If you have that kind of money to spend, rest assured that you can find much better alternatives.

Therefore, I advise you to explore other options.




#1 – What Is BistroMD?

In essence, BistroMD is a diet meal delivery service that helps you shed extra pounds:

  • provides healthy dishes
  • allegedly delicious
  • quite convenient

These are the main selling points of BistroMD, but let's get to more details.

BistroMD emphasizes that they use fresh ingredients in their meals.

On top of that, you are looking at a diet that is high in protein and low in calories.

This is quite beneficial for weight loss, but we'll get explore this in the following section.

An important aspect is that this program delivers frozen meals, much like other competitors.

In this sense, nothing peculiar so far.

What's more – expect to have to deal with a subscription.

According to their website, however, it's a very flexible program, and canceling is always an option.

It's also worth noting that they offer a significant degree of customization upon signing up.

Here are the options you are given in this sense:

  • only opt for lunches + dinners or get all three main meals
  • receive food for 5 days/week or 7 days/week

As such, depending on your expectations, this might pleasantly surprise you.

If you are okay with having to cook a few times a week, rest assured that BistroMD supports that.

Likewise, if you prefer to be served every day, there's nothing to worry about. 

On this note, it's nice that they are offering this sort of option.

Additionally, they also let you choose between multiple programs:

  1. Signature – the program you should select if none of the other options apply to your situation
  2. Gluten-Free – dishes that don't contain gluten, barley, rye, and wheat
  3. Heart Healthy – ensures you only get meals low in sodium and saturated fats to support your heart
  4. Diabetic – meant to promote healthy blood sugar levels
  5. Menopause – focuses on balancing your insulin levels and the sugar in your blood

As you can see, BistroMD caters to quite a few concerns that the customers may have.

Naturally, if none of the addressed issues represent your reality…

The Signature program should be the most suitable.

Now – this is not the most inclusive selection I have come across.

But it is general enough to pull people in.

Anyway – let's return to the efficacy of BistroMD.

How can their frozen meals aid in your weight-loss journey?

Let me give you more details in the following lines.



#2 – How It Works & History

It's time to see what BistroMD has to offer in more pragmatic terms:

  • how it takes action
  • whether or not it's for you
  • its history
1. How It Works

The official website states that “BistroMD diet delivery is weight loss without the sacrifice”.

In other words, they believe that healthy eating should not be dull in flavor.

Instead, it should be delicious-looking enough to make your mouth water.

But let's get a bit more specific, shall we?

I previously mentioned that BistroMD meals are high in protein and low in calories, right?

Well, this makes it so that you get about 1200 to 1400 calories daily.

Almost half of that actually consists of lean proteins like eggs, fish, and meat. 

Focusing on proteins is a good method of losing weight:

  • keep you full for longer [1]
  • boost metabolism
  • reduce cravings

Not to mention that consuming fewer calories than you normally would, would result in a calorie deficit [2].

This means that your body will naturally shed extra pounds as you stick to your diet.

On top of that, BistroMD tackles weight loss from an additional angle.

Namely, they want to regulate your insulin resistance.

If you're wondering why this is relevant for losing weight, allow me to enlighten you:

  • high insulin resistance means you can't convert glucose into energy
  • the glucose in your blood is ultimately stored as fat (over time)

Thus, your level of insulin can be quite influential on your weight [3].

That being said, here's a summary of how this service plans to work:

  1. Boosts your metabolism through lean proteins.
  2. Keeps your blood sugar in check by feeding you low glycemic carbohydrates.
  3. Satiates your hunger through fiber.
  4. Promotes heart health with foods that contain healthy fats and sodium in moderate amounts.

That wraps up the technical aspects of this program.

In other words, if you think you're struggling with your levels of insulin…

Then BistroMD may be a good choice for your situation.

2. History

There is not that much information when it comes to this topic.

The website's FAQ section has a question regarding how BistroMD started, however.

Thanks to that, we can find out that this company was created by a physician in 2005.

Caroline J Cederquist, who was an M.D. back then, noticed that many patients voiced their struggles with dieting.

This led to her creating a meal plan designed to help people “take control of their health in a simple & convenient way”.

This is pretty much the gist of what kickstarted this entire program.




#3 – Weight Loss Plans (6 out of 10)

I briefly mentioned what each meal plan from BistroMD is about.

In this section, we will go into more detail about all of them.

That way, you can safely decide which one works best for you.

1. Signature Plan

The first thing you should know about this one is that it's the company's best-seller:

  • no specific health concerns
  • offers sustainable weight loss
  • has a menu of more than 150 meals

You should also know that this program offers an option for men and women.

Depending on your choices, you are delivered all the main meals, along with some snacks.

In essence, this program is ideal for people looking to maintain a healthy weight…

But also for those looking to get thinner.

Of course, it comes with great convenience.

2. Gluten-Free Plan

This plan is pretty straightforward – the meals are all free of gluten.

As such, if you have this type of allergy, rest assured that BistroMD has an option for you.

It's also worth considering this plan if you just want to limit your gluten intake.

If you are on a gluten-free diet, you likely know the struggle of finding meals that fit into this category.

Well, BistroMD created an entire menu to give you as much variety as possible.

The company has over 100 gluten-free dishes to choose from.

However, take note that BistroMD is not certified gluten-free.

Despite this, they fit the standard of gluten-free in accordance with the FDA, at least according to BistroMD.

3. Heart Healthy Plan

Much like the name suggests, this plan is supposed to promote heart health:

  • respects the recommendations for calories and total fat
  • less than 600 mg of sodium per serving
  • no more than 3.5 g of saturated fat

This is all in theme with what the American Heart Association recommends.

Of course, this is also good for people who are just looking to make their diet healthier for the heart.

Additionally, it is perfect for those of you who have been diagnosed with heart conditions.

If you don't yet suffer from heart disease but find yourself at risk…

This plan is also particularly beneficial for you.

4. Diabetic-Friendly Plan

Not much ado is needed for this one – it's all about diabetes:

  • regulates your blood sugar levels
  • no more than 25 g of net carbs to maintain healthy glucose levels
  • lean protein to facilitate reliable weight loss

The website claims that this is designed by doctors to manage the blood sugar level of diabetics.

As such, BistroMD took it upon itself to save you the stress of counting calories.

You can choose from more than 100 meals, so you don't have to worry about repeating meals.

In short, this plan is meant to satiate you while keeping your diabetes in check.

5. Keto Flex Plan

If you don't know about it already, here's the gist of a ketogenic diet:

  • manages you appetite
  • low-carb, high fat
  • facilitates quick weight loss

Now, it's important to know that this plan does not really fit the standard definition of keto.

This is mainly because it seems that BistroMD allows rice, bagels, and pasta.

However, the traditional keto diet does not allow you to have such foods.

Also, the claim that this Keto Flex can reset your metabolism is strange – there's no such thing.

Not to mention that BistroMD claims there is a way to go keto without giving up on carbs.

This is the very essence of keto – you either give up carbs or you don't.

Regardless, it's up to you if you're interested in this plan.

6. Menopause Plan

Naturally, this plan is catered towards older women:

  • no more than 25 g of net carbs
  • lean protein

For the most part, this plan is pretty similar to some of the others.

As I mentioned above, it distinguishes itself by focusing on lean protein…

As well as providing very few net carbs.

This makes it so that you can navigate hormonal changes with ease.

Also, it should be easier to lose weight, as well as to keep it off.


In all honesty, it doesn't seem like the differences between these meal plans are that significant.

BistroMD could have done better in this department.

It would have been better to avoid so many similarities between their diet plans, but alas.

The options they offer are rather generalistic, but some can be a little tricky (Keto Flex plan).

In theory, their meal plans appear to be decent enough.

But they are nowhere near as polished as they could have been.

I believe there are alternatives that are much more organized from this perspective.




#4 – Meals & Menu (7 out of 10)

Let's talk more in-depth about what BistroMD offers in terms of dishes.

Also, let's examine their menu in more detail.

1. The Menu

The first thing to know about BistroMD's menu is that it allows for quite a bit of flexibility.

This service allows you to choose between receiving food for the entire week or just 5 days per week.

Additionally, you can get all the main meals of the day, or opt for lunch & dinner.

That way, people can customize their experience to a larger degree.

Plus, BistroMD encourages snacking, so rest assured that you're not going to starve in between meals.

In fact, this program comes with its own snacks.

Here's what a snack should include if you're trying to lose weight:

  • around 150 calories
  • 10-15 grams of proteins per serving

That being said, in order to help you choose the right snacking options, BistroMD has EATS.

EATS stands for Essential and Tasty Snacks, designed specifically for this program.

They are supposed to maintain the health of your metabolism and regulate blood sugar.

That being said, they are created with the main mission of BistroMD in mind.

In addition, this service also comes with its own special user interface.

Once you become a subscriber, you have access to My bistroMD.

This is a customization tool that allows you to select your favorite meals so that the company knows what you like best.

That way, you can make changes to your menu and get access to information from dietitians.

Overall, it looks quite convenient.

That wraps up the logistics of the frozen meals that BistroMD delivers to you.

2. The Meals

For the sake of consistency, we are going to look at the lunch/dinner options of every meal plan.

That being said, here's what the Signature Plan has in store for your lunch and/or dinner:

  1. Jerk Spiced Tilapia with Mango Pineapple Salsa
  2. Shepherd's Pie
  3. Pork Tenderloin with Plum Ginger Sauce
  4. Smoked Chipotle Pork with Salsa Verde

Let's move on to some Gluten-Free options:

  1. Barramundi Seabass with Mango Coconut Salsa
  2. Stuffed Grape Leaves with Tomato Sauce
  3. Grilled Salmon with Creamy Pesto
  4. Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf with Yuca Fries

If you're looking for something Heart Healthy, here it is:

  1. Chicken, Rice and Cheddar Casserole
  2. Turkey Breast with Herbed Brown Gravy
  3. Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork with Broccoli
  4. Turkey Breast with Cranberry Apple Chutney

In case Keto Flex interests you, here's what you can expect:

  1. Salmon Provencal
  2. Grilled Chicken with Buffalo Sauce
  3. Southwest Taco Bowl
  4. Chicken Cacciatore

If you're in need of Diabetic-Friendly meals, there are options for you:

  1. Grilled Salmon with Champagne Sauce
  2. Tilapia with Orange Parsley Sauce
  3. Jerk Spiced Chicken with Mango Chutney
  4. Sloppy Joe with Cabbage Slaw

Lastly, if you're looking for meals that help you deal with Menopause, here they are:

  1. Tilapia with White Wine Cream Sauce
  2. Eggplant Lasagna Casserole
  3. Merlot Meatballs with Grits
  4. Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce

Honestly, these meals sound pretty good.

Don't forget that you can check all sorts of useful information regarding the meal on the website.

That includes nutritional facts as well.

That way, you can check whether the meal is right for you or not.

Considering that they are ready-made meals, the convenience factor is quite considerable.

You only need to heat them up before you can enjoy them.

However, it is true that the meal selection from BistroMD is not the most inclusive.




#5 – Results (7 out of 10)

BistroMD has been around for quite a while.

This means that there is already a consensus as to how good this program actually is.

As such, it would be a good idea to look at the user feedback.

Let's see what people are saying about BistroMD.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. Positive Reviews

It's time to see what people enjoy when it comes to this service.

Although the official website offers some user reviews, we are not going to look at those.

That's because it's highly likely that they are biased.

Instead, we are going to look at the reviews on 3rd party websites.

Here's what people liked about BistroMD:

  1. People say that they are losing weight thanks to this diet plan.
  2. Quite a few people praise the taste of the food.
  3. Customers also say they don't get hungry throughout the day.
  4. They also praise the high quality of the food.
  5. On top of that, people are also happy with the customer service.

One customer was particularly surprised by how good the food tasted:

If anything, these reviews are reassuring because they confirm that BistroMD works to some degree.

It's especially good to know that it yields good results in terms of weight loss.

After all, that is the main topic of this review and the reason why you're here, right?

However, this is not everything you should know about this program.

2. Negative Reviews

As with many things, BistroMD also had to deal with some criticism.

That is to be expected, but there is always the possibility that negative reviews might bring up relevant issues.

This is why it's important to also take into account unfavorable reviews.

Let's see what people disliked about this service:

  1. Quite a few people described the taste of the food as bland.
  2. Many people complain about the state of customer service.
  3. A lot of people were unhappy with the high price.
  4. A few customers also complained about the lack of inclusivity in their menu.
  5. Allegedly, BistroMD has a habit of sending you food you didn't ask for.

Another customer was charged despite trying to cancel their subscription:

Now, I already mentioned in this review that BistroMD is not for everybody.

More specifically, if you are lactose intolerant, vegetarian, or vegan, there is no way to enjoy this program.

If customer service is rude to you because of that, something is definitely amiss.

Regardless, this is why it's good to look into the program before committing to it.


It seems like the user feedback is pretty contradictive.

While some people might like some aspects, there are others who feel the opposite.

To a certain degree, that's just how it is sometimes, as everyone has different tastes.

But complaints regarding customer service and the food's flavor are quite significant.

Not to mention that it is obvious that BistroMD is not exactly the most affordable option.

That being said, you should definitely have higher expectations from something like this.




#6 – Side Effects (8 out of 10)

When it comes to the topic of side reactions, it is difficult to assess just how safe BistroMD is.BistroMD

That's because not many of the user reviews focused on this subject.

Regardless, here are a few symptoms to keep in mind when changing your diet:

  • feeling bloated
  • exhaustion
  • very little energy

In general, the body can experience these side effects whenever your diet goes through a major shift.

If you notice any of these coming up, be sure to keep an eye on the situation.

You definitely want to prevent things from getting out of control.

In more serious cases, you may even experience diarrhea and/or abdominal cramping.

Don't forget that eating spoiled food can potentially lead to food poisoning.

This is especially relevant for ready-made meals because if they arrive in a questionable state…

It is safer to avoid eating them.



#7 – Price (5 out of 10)

It is a known fact that meal delivery programs are generally not exactly affordable.

Most of them tend to be pretty up there in price.

Is this also the case for BistroMD? Let's look at the details.

1. The Exact Price

Just like some of the user complaints were saying…

BistroMD is not easy on the wallet.

But let's get a bit more specific.

Here is what we are dealing with:

  • $164.85 for 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 6 dinners
  • you save $74.90 on the first week
  • you pay the full price starting from the second week

You can see that people were right to complain about the price tag.

Indeed, it is quite high for just one week.

Not to mention that it can get even more expensive if you include snacks.

Given the high price, I'm not sure BistroMD is special enough to justify the money spent.

2. Competitor's Price

If you really want to sign up for a meal delivery service, I think you should look into more options.

In fact, I can suggest my top recommendation for a weight-loss meal plan – Nutrisystem:

  1. If you want to get thinner, Nutrisystem is much better for consistent results.
  2. My recommendation is more inclusive when it comes to its diet plans.
  3. It also offers a much more customizable experience.
  4. If you value diversity in your meals, rest assured that Nutrisystem won't disappoint.
  5. Not to mention that it is also much more affordable than BistroMD, starting at $9.99 per day.

Keeping all these facts in mind, trust that Nutrisystem is far superior.

Its diet plans are much better organized.

Plus, you get a more diverse menu to choose from.

All of this for a much lower price as well! Isn't that great?


Much like most meal delivery services, looks like BistroMD is quite up there in terms of price.

Given the high standard that such a price tag entails…

I can't say that this service is deserving of your money.

It is also impossible to ignore the complaints regarding the food…

Or customer service, for that matter.

Because of this, I believe the huge amount of money that BistroMD demands of you is merely the cherry on top.

I would definitely suggest looking into other options.




#8 – Final Conclusions

Now that we have reached the end of the review, let me summarize what we talked about.

1. Unsafe For Dietary Restrictions

It's important to note that BistroMD is not suited for those of you with allergies.

While there may be a menu that is specifically catered toward people with a gluten allergy…

There is not much you can do if you're a vegetarian or vegan.

Not to mention that you are also at risk if you are lactose intolerant.

As such, BistroMD is not the most inclusive when it comes to all these dietary restrictions.

So definitely be careful when making the decision to give this program a shot.

2. Making Changes Takes Time

According to customer feedback, BistroMD is not the fastest when it comes to accommodating changes to one's menu.

This can be quite annoying if you need to make a change immediately.

Allegedly, if you don't meet a certain deadline for your adjustments…

The next batch of food will not include the difference you're after.

Take this into account when considering BistroMD.

3. Very Expensive

Lastly, it is not necessarily surprising that BistroMD is very up there in price.

Now – this would not be that much of a problem if the quality of their services was flawless.

However, based on the user reviews I analyzed, this is not the case.

Thus, it is safe to say that the price is not justified.

Because of this, you're better off looking for something different.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: No – there are better options out there.BistroMD

While BistroMD is not outright bad, it simply fails to distinguish itself enough:

  1. Delivers meals that are ready-made.
  2. Dishes are frozen.
  3. Relatively customizable.
  4. Meal plans don't accommodate many dietary restrictions.
  5. Approaches weight loss from a different angle.
  6. Many complaints regarding the food's taste.
  7. Customer service is allegedly not stellar.
  8. Unreasonably expensive.

Due to all these reasons, I would say that BistroMD is not worth the price point.

For that kind of money, you should definitely expect much more.

On that note, there are alternatives that are much more accessible and offer better quality.

For example, I believe you would love Nutrisystem.

After all, it's my top recommendation for a weight-loss meal plan:

  • very good results when it comes to shedding pounds
  • much more customizable
  • better for many dietary restrictions
  • more affordable while offering superior quality

Taking all this into account, rest assured that Nutrisystem is a much better deal than lots of other options on the market.

Have faith that you won't be disappointed.


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