Top 3 Turmeric Supplements (2024 Review)

Are you looking for a quality turmeric product? It's not that simple, trust me.

Most supplements out there can't give you all the benefits of this herb.

But that's exactly why I'm here. 

I looked over 50 different brands, so that I can find the most effective ones.

So here are the top 3 turmeric supplements that are really worth buying in 2024 (+ review).

Note: The 4 criteria I used in my analysis are quality, price, formula and effect.

#1 Recommendation – CurcuminMD Plus ($36.99)

1. Producer: 1MD

2. Ingredients:

  • Longvida® Optimized Curcumin Extract
  • Boswellia Serrata Extract

3. Best For: Any type of inflammation.

It's the #1 product you can use for for health problems like:

  • arthritis and any kind of chronic pain
  • immunity issues and autoimmune diseases
  • memory, brain fog and depression
  • aging signs

Plus – it's one of the strongest antioxidants, so it's helpful for general health as well.

4. Standard VS Lowest Price:

  • $44.99/bottle normally
  • $26.99/bottle (if you go for the largest supply with subscription)

If you want a product that works in 99% of cases, CurcuminMD Plus is everything you need.

That's because it's definitely the best existing turmeric supplement from the market.

It's not just me saying this – it's over 900 users who rated 4-5/5 stars.

But what makes it so superior?

Well, it has a 285x stronger absorption than regular turmeric or any other supplement:

  1. Based on the most superior form of curcumin (Longvida®).
  2. Excellent formula and high dosages.
  3. Combines turmeric with Boswellia (the second most powerful anti-inflammatory).
  4. No need for BioPerine as an absorption booster.
  5. Extremely cheap for its superior quality.
  6. Works for both pain relief and health support.
  7. Back-up by a real-life specialist.
  8. Lots of satisfied users that swear by its effect.

In fact – CurcminMD is unique.

In terms of formula, I couldn't find any other product with such an amazing composition.

And you probably know that 85% of all turmeric products contain the exact same ingredients.

But 1MD's product has a superior formula that is also very effective (in terms of results).

And you can see this from the feedback it received from previous users:

Now, the most surprising part about it is its price.

That's because high quality turmeric supplements tend to cost well over $70.

And most of them can't even compare to CurcuminMD.

That's why this supplement is incredibly affordable:

  • standard price is $45/bottle
  • lowest price is around $27/bottle

However – its price is much higher on retailers. That's why I recommend purchasing it from its official website only.

Plus, you also get the original version and various future discounts.

If you ask me, even it standard price of $45 is excellent for the actual value.

Not to mention that getting it for $27 would be more than a bargain.

Given all the benefits and unique features it has – you should be blind to choose another product instead.

That's why it's my top recommendation.

I just couldn't find a better turmeric supplement, even after looking over 50 other products.

PS: CurcuminMD is also sold on different retailers, but THE PRICE IS MUCH HIGHER. So I strongly recommend purchasing it from its official website.

  • Based on the strongest form of curcumin available (Longvida®)
  • Best formula I have seen in a turmeric supplement
  • Combines the effect of turmeric with Boswellia
  • Has a 285x stronger absorption than the turmeric from most products
  • No need for BioPerine as an absorption booster
  • Works for both health problems and general health
  • Huge amount of satisfied users and authentic reviews
  • Strong antioxidant proprieties (prevents aging)
  • Price is more than affordable for its actual value
  • Extremely popular
  • Price is much higher if you buy it from retailers
  • Much cheaper only if you subscribe to auto-shipping (which is safe in this case, by the way)




#2 – Curafen ($49.95)

1. Producer: Curafen

2. Ingredients:

  • Curcumin Powder (C3 Complex), Organic Ginger Root Powder
  • BioPerine®

3. Best For: Pain and inflammation.

It's works great for any kind of swelling:

  • joint pain and arthritis
  • memory and aging signs
  • poor immunity

Plus – it brings in all the benefits of turmeric.

4. Standard VS Lowest Price: $49/bottle normally VS $33/bottle (if you go for the largest supply)

Curafen is definitely an excellent turmeric supplement.

Its #1 advantage is that it contains a very bioavailable form of curcumin. 

What exactly does this mean?

That is has a very strong absorption – not as strong as CurcuminMD, but stronger than most other supplements:

  1. Based on a superior form of curcumin (C3 Complex).
  2. Great formula overall.
  3. The only product that combines turmeric with ginger.
  4. Increased absorption (due to BioPerine).
  5. Really affordable for its superior quality.
  6. Works for both pain relief and health support.

In terms of relieving pain, this product is excellent.

Again – it's not me saying this, it's other people who tried it:

So I totally advise you to check it its official website here.

It's true that it's not the cheapest alternative from the market – but:

  • supplements that contain superior versions of curcumin are much pricier
  • some cost well over $70/bottle

As for this product – it contains a really strong form of curcumin in a very high dose.

So its standard price of $50/bottle is really affordable for its actual value.

Still – there is a way to get it for less:

  • you get a significant discount for larger quantities
  • so you can get this product for about $33/bottle

Honestly – besides CurcuminMD, I haven't found any other turmeric product of this quality at $33/bottle.

That's why I totally recommend Curafen as well.

Now, if I were you, I would probably go for CurcuminMD – as it's cheaper and a lot better.

But Curafen makes a great option as well – it's the next one in line, among my choices.

PS: Like CurcuminMD, Curafen is also sold on different retailers, but it's NOT THE ORIGINAL VERSION. So I strongly recommend going for the official website.

  • Based on an excellent type of curcumin (C3 Complex)
  • Excellent formula with high-quality ingredients
  • Increased absorption due to BioPerine
  • Works for both health problems and general health
  • Lots of satisfied users behind
  • Strong antioxidant proprieties (prevents aging)
  • Quite cheap for its actual value
  • Version sold outside its official website is not the original one
  • Not the cheapest turmeric supplement (though its quality/price is excellent)




#3 – Turmeric Curcumin Plus ($23.95)

1. Producer: Vita Balance

2. Ingredients:

  • Turmeric Root, Turmeric 95% Curcuminoides
  • BioPerine

3. Best For: Inflammatory and chronic pain:

  • rheumatoid/psoriatic or other forms of auto-immune arthritis 
  • chronic joint pain
  • immunity problems

4. Standard VS Lowest Price: $24/bottle normally VS $16/bottle with the strategy below

Vita Balance's product is definitely a really potent turmeric supplement.

Plus, its biggest advantage is that it's really affordable.

In fact – it's probably the cheapest product from this list.

And despite this, its value is still very high:

  1. Really good formula and ingredients
  2. Contains BioPerine (for a faster absorption).
  3. Lowest price among all turmeric products.
  4. Really effective for both general health and pain.

Now – its biggest downside is that it's not a unique supplement.

In terms of formula, it has the exact same ingredients as many other products.

However – it's the price that makes the difference:

  • cheaper than many other competitors
  • much lower price than products with the exact same formula
  • significant discounts

Basically – this supplement costs about $24/bottle normally.

But if you go for a larger quantity, you will get it for $16/bottle.

That's why it's among my top recommendations right now.

It's an excellent choice for people who are on a tighter budget.

  • Classic ingredients with really high doses
  • Works for both health problems and general health
  • Strong antioxidant proprieties
  • One of the lowest price on the market (among turmeric supplements)
  • Increasing popularity lately
  • Doesn't ship in every country (only in about 25)
  • Shipping fees are around $5 (US) and $14 (internationally)
  • Mostly sold on its official website
  • Very few authentic reviews online



My Verdict – What's The Best Turmeric Supplement?

Short answer:CurcuminMD – that's for sure.

Of all products I looked into – it has the best features overall:

  1. Incredible absorption that is visible in its effect.
  2. Unique formula that cannot be found in any other supplement.
  3. Excellent composition with high-quality ingredients.
  4. Super cheap for its actual value.
  5. Effective for both general health and many other issues.

Now – all of the 3 supplements from this list are worth checking out.

But if you want the best existing turmeric supplement, I recommend CurcuminMD, it's simply the best.

So it's totally up to you whatever you decide.


Written by 

Oltea Roman is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in the health field. She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology and several others. She has a 2 years experience as a retail pharmacist. You can connect with her via Linkedin or email.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

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