My Review: Mastering Diabetes Book – Scam? (2024)

It’s time to review Mastering Diabetes Book – a product that looks interesting at first sight.

But is it actually helpful for lowering blood sugar?:

  • pretty affordable
  • many people have tried it
  • some misleading tips

And are there any chances that it can worsen your diabetes?

In other words – could it be a scam?

Let's find out the real deal behind this book.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Mastering Diabetes Book.

Review Summary

review mastering diabetes bookFull Name: Mastering Diabetes by Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro

Product Type: Diabetes/Blood Sugar Book

Best Actual Prize: Around $12.99 (for the softcopy)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Reversing insulin resistance – it promises to:

  • control blood glucose levels
  • remove excess weight
  • reduce the risks of diabetes

My Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Recommended?: Not quite – there are some disadvantages:

  • its approach is not suitable for everyone
  • lacks supportive studies
  • not effective in most cases

If you want to improve your diabetes for real, better go for an internal product

Its results are way better than those of any course.


What I Liked About It

  • Its main content is decent
  • Has several versions to choose from (softcopy, hardcopy or audiobook)
  • Comes with a professional website
  • Pretty affordable price tag
  • A lot of authentic reviews available


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Not effective in many cases (intermittent fasting or plant-based diet)
  • Most of its tips don't have any studies behind
  • Not be applicable to everyone who has diabetes



Mastering Diabetes In A Nutshell

review mastering diabetes bookNow – Mastering Diabetes is a decent diabetes course.

It offers 15 chapters of discussions and coaching.

But there are lots of things that aren't right:

  • most tips can't be followed by everyone
  • needs more supporting studies to back it up
  • not very helpful overall

For example – one of its main strategies is an intermittent fasting/plant-based diet.

In reality, this routine is not suitable for all diabetes cases.

It can be pretty dangerous for lots of people.

So I wouldn't recommend it to everyone.

Now – the good thing about it is that it offers different versions.

You can buy a softcopy, hardcopy or audiobook.

Anyway, the lowest pricing of this book is $12.99 (which is not bad).

But as I said, it's not very specific.

I'm not a big fan of book diabetes books myself – but this one isn't even among the best ones.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Firstly – we will focus on some basic info about Mastering Diabetes:

  • the creator of the book
  • how it works
  • what methods it promotes
1. How It Works

If you ask me, there isn't a lot of info about this Mastering Diabetes course.

It main promises is to “reverse insulin resistance permanently.”

Now, this claim applies to the following cases:

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Prediabetes
  • Type 1.5 Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes

So if you're curious about how it works, here's what its description says:

  • promotes intermittent fasting
  • reduces excess weight
  • controls blood sugar levels
  • teaches the science behind insulin resistance

In my opinion, these claims are pretty big.

As I said, intermittent fasting is not suitable for everyone.

So it's definitely not a way to improve diabetes – simply because many people cannot follow it.

Not to mention that it's not even effective in a lot of cases.

2. Producer

So far, here's what I found out about the 2 founders of Mastering Diabetes:

  • Cyrus Khambatta has a PhD in nutrition
  • he is also a fitness coach
  • Robby Barbaro has an an MPH
  • he is a diabetes coach and educator
  • both have type 1 diabetes

Obviously – they have a good background.

Also, it looks like they speak from their own personal experiences.

But in my view, their coaching will not be effective in lots of cases.

I'm talking about people with different forms and intensities.

But overall, they are credible people with some good educational backgrounds.

So you can trust them in terms of credibility.


#2 – Course Content (7 out of 10)

Now – Mastering Diabetes Book has 15 chapters (400 pages).

But I will only focus on the first 3, which bring in the basics.

I want to avoid making this review long – so I will only briefly mention the other ones.

Also – the course is designed as a single book. 

It's not a set and it doesn't have any other volumes.

So if you're curious, here are the main goals of all chapters.

1. Chapter 1

Its title is “This Book Can Save Your Life.”

Now, this title is more of an introductory one and it focuses on:

  • the target audience of the book
  • inspiration of the authors
  • overview of the methods

Overall – it's a good start to understand why Mastering Diabetes Book was created.

2. Chapter 2

The second chapter's title is “The Mastering Diabetes Approach.”

This part of the book will explain their approach to reversing insulin resistance.

In my view, this part is pretty different from other courses/books:

  • shows the exact strategy of this program
  • points out why it's not like the others
  • allows you to understand their approach

I believe that each creator has different implementations.

So this course is definitely unique.

3. Chapter 3

“What Really Causes Insulin Resistance” is the title of the 3rd chapter.

Now – this is the part that will make you understand the root cause of your insulin resistance.

  • why it appears
  • what to do to avoid it

In my view, being aware of the culprit of these issues is essential.

That's the easiest way to target it correctly.

4. Other Chapters

Here are the titles of the rest of the chapters:

  • 4 – All Fat Is Not Created Equal
  • 5 – Contributing Culprits: Animal Foods
  • 6 – Your Carbohydrate Master Class
  • 7 – The Ketogenic Diet VS A Low-Fat Plant-Based Whole-Food Diet
  • 8 – Getting Started with the Mastering Diabetes Method
  • 9 – Getting to Know Your New Needs: Diagnostic Blood Tests & Managing Oral Medications
  • 10 – Starting Strong: Breakfast
  • 11 – Gaining Momentum: Lunch
  • 12 – Developing A Routine: Dinner
  • 13 – Intermittent Fasting for Increased Insulin Sensitivity & Weight Loss
  • 14 – Exercising for Maximum Insulin Resistance
  • 15 – Meal Plans & Recipes

Now, these next chapters are more of a coaching part.

They will help you change your meal and physical routines.

So I would say that Mastering Diabetes Book is complete.

It allows you to understand the root cause and it also teaches you the right approach.


Overall, Mastering Diabetes Book is a pretty complete course.

However – I don't think that it's a legendary book that will give you some huge changes.

Honestly – it's always better to take a supplement for the best results.

But if you necessarily want a course, I wouldn't really recommend this one.




#3 – Results (7 out of 10)

Mastering Diabetes is available in different online marketplaces.

So far, there are a lot of authentic reviews for it.

That's great, since it will give us an idea of how it works for previous people who tried it.

Note: I only analyzed real reviews, not fake/promotional ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Now – I choose to feature the reviews on Amazon. 

There are some high chances that those opinions are authentic.

So if you're curious, here's what people loved about it:

  1. Many previous buyers liked the fact that it's easy to understand.
  2. Some said that it changed their life and how they view diabetes.
  3. Others noticed changes in their body and they've been healthier.
  4. The rest recommend this book because it's backed by some studies.

The only thing I don't really agree with are those praises about studies.

This course doesn't have any clinical trial behind – that's all I can count on.

Now, Mastering Diabetes has an overall rating of 4.6/5 stars.

This goes to show that it helped a lot of people, because it's a great ranking, honestly.

But somehow, some comments look a little bit promotional.

So it's up to you to assess if they are worth your trust or not.

2. Negative Opinions

Again – there are always two sides of the reviews.

Here are the complaints of other previous buyers:

  1. Some users said that it recommends a not-so-healthy balanced diet.
  2. Others mentioned that there's not enough data/studies to prove its claims.
  3. There are people who said that it applies only to those who want to lose weight.
  4. The rest said that it didn't really reverse insulin resistance.

If you ask me, it goes to show that these tips are not applicable to everyone.

There's also not enough info to know if they are safe enough.

Also – there are parts that go against the normal human system.

So that's why I'm not a huge fan of this course.


Overall – Mastering Diabetes garnered a lot of honest reviews.

A lot of people seemed to like it, since it helped them.

But there are also buyers who mentioned that it's not suitable for everyone.

Given its strategy and approach, I wouldn't really recommend it either.



#4 – Side Effects (7 out of 10)

review mastering diabetes book

So far – I only found a few complaints about Mastering Diabetes.

One customer mentioned that it caused the opposite effect:

  • his blood sugar level went high
  • so did his cholesterol

Now, this complaint came from a type 2 diabetic patient.

This condition is on Mastering Diabetes' list, so it should have improved it.

But in this case – it did quite the opposite.

As I said before, it promotes intermittent fasting and a plant-based diet.

Honestly, these aren't helpful in all cases of diabetes.

Some people have a very strict diet, so they can't follow intermittent fasting whenever they want.

That's the main reason why I don't consider this course as the safest out there.


#5 – Price (7 out of 10)

In my view, Mastering Diabetes Book is not expensive.

However – don't expect it to be very intensive.

1. The Exact Price

Now – Mastering Diabetes Book is available in different marketplaces.

But to be uniform, I will feature its price ranges from Amazon:

  • Softcopy version (Kindle) costs $12.99
  • Hardcover version costs $17.99
  • The audiobook is free via trial (Audible Trial)
  • Used books range from $13-$21
  • Free shipping on selected dates

Honestly – it's a pretty affordable book, compared to others.

But it doesn't offer any discounts or bonuses (as others do).

Even so, it's not expensive – but its price isn't the best one out there.

It's a decent one, I would say.

2. Competitors’ Price

If I were you, I would try a better option – it's my #1 recommended supplement book.

It's called Diabetes Masterclass:

  1. Diabetes Masterclass has a 6-part video courses focusing on reversing diabetes.
  2. It is made of 3 phases and comes with 4 diabetes e-books as a bonus.
  3. Mastering Diabetes has 15 chapters in total.
  4. Its goal is to promote a method to reverse insulin resistance.
  5. Diabetes Masterclass costs $19.97 and you get lifetime access to the course.
  6. Mastering Diabetes Book's price is $12.99 (for softcopy) and $17.99 (for hardcover).

In my view, Diabetes Masterclass is the better option.

It comes with a lot of coaching materials and bonuses.

Also – its price is a good deal for the quality it offers.

That especially if you pair it with a supplement like Gluco Cleanse Tea.

So overall – I recommend Diabetes Masterclass as a much better option to Mastering Diabetes.


In my opinion, Mastering Diabetes Book is pretty affordable.

But then again – don't be surprised with the content you get.

It's pretty decent, but there are more better deals in the market.




#6 – Final Conclusion

Here's a summary of views on Mastering Diabetes.

1. Decent Content

If you ask me, Mastering Diabetes Book offers some decent lessons.

It has 15 chapters that talk about:

  • causes of insulin resistance
  • proper routine to handle it

However – the content itself isn't very specific.

That especially when it comes to teaching you all of its aspects.

2. Not for Everyone

Now – Mastering Diabetes received some very positive feedback.

But there are enough people who are against it.

They said that intermittent fasting and plant-based diets are not for everyone.

And I totally agree.

Si if you have a sensitive diabetic situation, these strategies are surely not suitable for your case.

3. Quite Affordable

Lastly – Mastering Diabetes Book is not expensive.

In fact, it offers the following versions:

  • Softcopy ($12.99)
  • Hardcover ($17.99)
  • Audiobook(Free via Audible Trial)

You have several choices, depending on your preference.

However – I still think there are better deals on the market.



My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

review mastering diabetes bookShort answer: Not quite – there are some red flags about it:

  1. Its strategy is not applicable to everyone
  2. Some claims still need supporting studies
  3. The approach is not effective in some cases 

If you ask me, Mastering Diabetes Book is a decent product.

But in my view, it doesn't offer a lot.

I still think there are better and more intensive books/courses out there.

Also – don't rely so much on it, because it won't work wonders.

It's better to take a good diabetes/blood sugar supplement (like Gluco Cleanse Tea).

Now – what do I recommend instead?

A product called Diabetes Masterclass:

  • Provides some original methods
  • A lot of customers recommend it
  • It's proven to improve diabetes
  • Affordable and offers some more effective materials

So in my view, it's the best option as a diabetes/blood sugar book.

The price you pay will give you intensive coaching and lessons.

As I said, I recommend pairing it with Gluco Cleanse Tea.

This combination will surely bring you some back-to-back benefits.


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

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