My Review: Gluco20 Supplement (2024) – Is It A Scam?

It’s time to review Gluco20 supplement – a diabetes product that is quite questionable:

  • no official website
  • unavailable list of ingredients
  • pretty pricey 

I have seen this type of product before and it turned out to be a scam.

So what's the case for Gluco20?

If you're still curious about it, let's take a look at its features.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Gluco20.

Review Summary

Full Name: Gluco20 by Thrive Health Labs

Product Type: Diabetes/Blood Sugar Supplement

Best Actual Prize: Around $70/bottle

Cheapest Place To Buy: Website that promotes it

Designed For: Supporting healthy blood sugar levels

My Rating: 2 out of 10

Recommended?: No – I surely don't advise you to buy it:

  • no official list of ingredients
  • very high price tag
  • doesn't have a solid background info

How about trying the best diabetes/blood sugar supplement I know instead?

It's 100 times better overall.


What I Liked About It

  • Has some herbal compounds (on paper)
  • Available in bundles/packages


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Full ingredients list is unavailable
  • No solid product info behind
  • Hard to find anywhere
  • Very limited customer reviews
  • Pretty expensive for its value
  • Can be very dangerous (if it's actually fake)
  • Details available only on 3rd party websites



Gluco20 In A Nutshell

Gluco20 claims to support healthy blood sugar levels.

But to be honest, it's far from being a reputable product.

In fact – my opinion is that it has huge chances to be a scam:

  • no list of ingredients given out
  • very hard to find
  • almost no user reviews
  • pricey for its real quality

Besides – its producer doesn't even have an official page or website.

Honestly, I have seen products like this one before.

And guess what?

Most of them turned out to be some real scams.

So for the price of $69 per bottle, it's surely really worth it.

There are simply some much better products out there (that also cost less).



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Now – Gluco20 has me very limited product info.

So let's try our best to give you  the details about it:

  • how it works
  • who is the company behind it
  • what health issues it solves
1. How It Works

Honestly – Gluco20 doesn't have a solid product description behind.

That's also behind its producer doesn't even have an official website.

Based on some 3rd party websites, here's what it claims to do:

  • controls blood glucose
  • reduces insulin resistance
  • helps lose weight
  • is 100% natural

If you ask me, I don't believe the points mentioned above.

Also – I find these promises extremely exaggerated.

That's simply because it claims to be so miraculous, but it doesn't even offer some basic info about its product.

All its details only come from several websites promoting the product.

So honestly – it's a very questionable supplement as early as now.

2. Company Behind

According to its product label, Gluco20 is made by Thrive Health Labs.

After looking for it online, I only found a gym connected to the name.

Other than that, I haven't seen any essential info:

  • no official website
  • unavailable contact info
  • lacks legit user experiences

If you ask me – it has a very familiar pattern.

Also, products that come from these kinds of companies are sketchy.

There's a high chance of it being a scam.

So if you ask me, I surely don't recommend it.


#2 – Ingredients (2 out of 10)

Unfortunately, I didn't find Gluco20's ingredients list anywhere.

That's why I can't really tell what's inside it.

Still – I did find some compounds on various 3rd party websites.

But don't expect to see their doses, since there isn't any.

Anyway – I cannot guarantee that these are the real ingredients or the entire ones.

But here are the compounds that are probably in Gluco20:

  1. Vitamine E – improves insulin action [1]
  2. Vanadium – lowers blood sugar levels
  3. Cinnamon Bark – helps fights diabetes [2]
  4. Bitter Melon – supports glucose entering the cells
  5. Gymnema Sylvestre – fights sugar cravings [3]
  6. Banaba Leaf – has the ability to lower blood sugar levels
  7. Guggul – contains anti-inflammatory properties
  8. Cayenne Pepper – exhibits antiobesity, antidiabetic and anticancer [4]
  9. Alpha Lipoic Acid – reduces symptoms of neuropathy [5]
  10. Chromium – improves blood sugar for those with diabetes
  11. Magnesium – helps with proper blood sugar regulation
  12. Zinc – lowers glucose and fasting blood glucose [6]
  13. Biotin – reduces blood sugar control
  14. Manganese – regulates the flow of blood sugar 
  15. White Mulberry Leaf – slows the breakdown of sugar in the stomach [7]
  16. Vitamin C -lowers elevated blood sugar levels
  17. Licorice Extract – helps with weight loss and alleviates blood sugar levels
  18. Yarrow – provides support for the immune system
  19. Juniper Berries – reduces bad cholesterol, fats and blood sugar [8]
  20. L-Taurine – provides benefits to diabetic complications

Honestly – all of these compounds look very promising.

But only if they were on an official supplement fact.

So I can't really praise Gluco20's formulation, since it's not (officially) given out anywhere.


Overall – Gluco20 should have a very promising formula.

But there's absolutely no trace of its full composition.

So I can't assure you that the compounds above are its real ingredients.

That's why I can't recommend it.



#3 – Consistency & Dosage (2 out of 10)

Again – the details from Gluco20 come from 3rd party websites.

I didn't find any info about how its pills actually look like.

But here's what I'm guessing:

  • white/beige colored capsules
  • normal size
  • probably herbal scent

As expected, there's also no trace of directions.

So from what I read, it's recommended to take it 2 times every day.

Now – the number of pills per serving is not very specific.

So I assume that the total number would be 2 capsules daily.

But then again, I might be wrong – since there are no official instructions.

Honestly – that's a really big red flag for me.



#4 – Results (2 out of 10)

Honestly, I didn't expect to see a lot of reviews for Gluco20.

That's simply because it already had a lot of question signs.

And as you can guess when it comes to Gluco20, there wasn't anything available.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.

1. What People Say

Again – Gluco20 has some very limited info in it.

So the only opinions I could find about it are from 3rd party websites.

However – those reviews aren't written by previous users.

Instead, they are very general and they only try to promote the product.

But since I have no other options, here's what those reviews state:

  1. Some mentioned that Gluco20 is best at controlling blood sugar.
  2. Others said that it's worth the investment of your money.
  3. There are also statements about how it doesn't cause any side effects.
  4. Few comments praised its all-natural formula.

If you ask me, I couldn't trust any of these opinions.

They are all written by people who have no experience with the actual product.

You can actually tell that there are personal details in any of those reviews.

So to be honest, I couldn't really trust this product.


To sum it up, Gluco20 doesn't have any previous customer reviews.

The only comments available are from biased 3rd party websites.

So there's no way you can see if it really works or not.

If you really want a good blood sugar supplement, don't go for it.




#5 – Side Effects (4 out of 10)

If you're going to think about it, Gluco20 can be risky to use:

  • you don't know what's really inside it
  • full composition is hidden
  • serving size is also not given out

Now, it's true I didn't find any complaints about it.

But again, I couldn't find any real user opinions about it.

Since it looks very questionable – I couldn't guarantee it's the safest product out there.

So its lack of credibility won't allow me to trust it completely.

That's why I couldn't really recommend it.


#6 – Price (2 out of 10)

I consider Gluco20 as very expensive, no matter what its price was.

So if you ask me, it's not worth buying at any time.

1. The Exact Price

Again – there's no official website connected to Gluco20.

But I did a checkout page for it (I don't know if it's the official one or not).

So if you're curious, here's the price range:

  • Standard bottle costs $69
  • 2 bottles cost $59/each
  • 4 bottles cost $44/each
  • 180-day guarantee available
  • Free shipping offered

In my view, these prices are really expensive.

I'm mostly speaking when it comes to Gluco20's real value.

Again – I'm not sure if that's the real checkout page of this product.

So you might be spending money on a scam, in reality.

That's why I advise you to be careful and only buy from official stores.

But in this case, there isn't any – so it's better to avoid Gluco20.

2. Competitors’ Price

If I were you, I would go for a product that makes my top recommendation among diabetes supplements.

I'm talking about Gluco Cleanse Tea:

  1. Gluco Cleanse Tea has a formula that helps manage blood sugar levels.
  2. All of its ingredients are in the best form possible.
  3. Gluco20 doesn't have an official list of ingredients.
  4. Its details are only found on 3rd party websites.
  5. The price of Gluco Cleanse Tea is originally $69, but it can be bought for only $49.
  6. Gluco20's price starts at $49 per bottle

If you ask me, Gluco Cleanse Tea is the smart option.

It offers some superior features that will surely help you with your high blood sugar.

Not to mention that it's price is almost the same – despite being better.

So honestly, you would be spending your money wisely.


In my view, Gluco20 is not worth buying at all.

It has a lot of question signs and it doesn't have an official website.

So be careful with it – since it's sold on several pages.




#7 – FAQs

Let me share with you the most asked inquiries about Gluco20.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. Where do you use this product?

Some information about Gluco20 was gathered from several third-party sources.

They suggested that it can provide the following benefits:

  • regulates blood sugar
  • lowers insulin resistance
  • supports weight loss

In addition to that, the product claims that it's 100% natural.

2. How do you take this product?

Honestly – Gluco20 lacks clear instructions so we can't really get a proper guidance.

So based on what I read, the product is suggested to be consumed twice daily.

However – the exact number of pills daily is not specified.

With that, we can only assume that it follows the typical serving size which is 2 capsules per day.

3. Is it safe to use for the health issues it addresses?

Considering the available information, Gluco20 poses potential risks.

This is due to its undisclosed formula and unspecified serving size.

Additionally – the absence of genuine user reviews adds to the product's questionable nature.

Even though there are no specific side effect complaints associated with it.

So given its lack of transparency and credibility, I cannot assure its safety for addressing health issues.

4. Does it come with a reliable background?

Gluco20 claims to be produced by Thrive Health Labs.

But upon checking the said company, Gluco20 was not listed among its products.

Moreover, vital details such as an official website, contact info or genuine user experiences couldn't be found.

This pattern raises significant concerns which often exhibit doubtful credibility and a potential risk for scams.

5. What is the price of this supplement?

There's no official website linked to Gluco20 but there's a checkout page with the following price options:

  • single bottle for $69
  • two bottles at $59 each
  • four bottles costs $44 each
  • comes with a 180-day guarantee
  • offers free shipping

In reality, Gluco20's actual value doesn't justify its significantly high price tag.

Lastly – the legitimacy of the checkout page that I found is uncertain so please be cautious.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Let me give you my overall views on Gluco20.

1. No Official Ingredients

Firstly, the compounds in Gluco20 are only given out on random websites.

So even though its formula looks very promising, it's not the official one.

If you're curious, it claims to have 2 types of compounds:

  • herbal extracts
  • vitamins and minerals

But then again, it's not the official composition – so I don't trust it.

2. Lacks Important Details

In my view, Gluco20 has a lot of missing info:

  • no website
  • not easy to find
  • producing brand cannot be found
  • no real customer reviews

In order for a product to be trusted, it should give out all these details.

But Gluco20 doesn't have any, which is a huge red flag for me.

3. High Price Tag

Lastly – Gluco20 is not the smartest choice.

If you recall all of its undesirable features, it's not worth it.

Again – one bottle costs $69, but I'm not even sure it's the real product.

So overall, I urge you to not buy it at all and just to look for other options.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: No – there are a lot of weird things about it:

  1. Hidden list of ingredients
  2. No solid info about its producer
  3. Very few reviews from previous buyers
  4. Expensive for its value
  5. No official page
  6. Not really easy to find

Honestly – Gluco20 is not a very good choice in terms of diabetes supplements.

There are a lot of red flags about it – thus making it hard to trust.

So I can't possibly advise you to get it.

It can be really dangerous, if some of the things it claims aren't really so.

What do I recommend instead? A product called Gluco Cleanse Tea:

  • Its ingredients are by far the best
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Many customers recommend it
  • Great results for diabetes and blood sugar

If you ask me, Gluco Cleanse Tea by far the best blood sugar supplement.

It comes from a trusted brand and it is known to be very effective.

So if you want the best investment for your health and money, that's what you should go for.


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